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Please help with a good build of heroic levels. Beginning with the first level, to be more precise.

The problem is the following limitations:
The minimum amount of material from other sources
(I mean non-PHB material. The material can be added in small amounts, if it contains no complex mechanic. The engine that we use as a gaming table is somewhat limited.)
The high difficulty in finding magic items.
No multi-classes and hybrids.
If possible, fabric or leather armor.

The levels are rising very slowly, respectively, need a good playability and ability to survive in combat from the first level. The party is not constant, every fight is different composition, so that the tactics should be self-sufficient.

If it is possible to use some useful trick, like damage during teleportation or vulnerability to cold, it will be just fine.

I think it's a real challenge to the community of optimizers?
Usually I'm the leader. But as the party will be constantly changing, the problems to be solved quickly and harshly. Striker or defender. Control may be secondary to support self survival.
Defender: Fighter
Leader: Warlord
Striker: Ranger
Controller: Wizard

Thats about all I can say without more info. 
Is not a warlock more self-sufficient than a ranger?
What kind of
information is needed? The campaign ... constant series of short modules aggressive. Between them a peaceful existence in the dangerous city. Possible conflicts with other players.

Oh, yes. PHB 2 and 3 totally possible.
Access to all basic types of armor and weapons is pretty necessary for many classes to function properly. I suggest you don't go with this houserule.

But yeah if you're limited to PHB1 then Ranger is a pretty good choice. Keep in mind that if everyone builds for "survivability," in terms of healing yourself and playing defensively, they will be much more likely to be overrun by the enemies due to lack of a decent offense. If everyone is playing their role correctly, you can kill the monsters before they can do enough damage to truly threaten you. That's how you survive in 4e.
PHB 2 and 3 fully posssible too.

Some essentials too, but "The material can be added in small amounts, if it contains no complex mechanic."
By "possible conflict with other players" do you mean PvP?

Because that is a very bad idea in 4e.
Yeah, i know. Very bad, but it happens. Well... It seems there is nothing to optimize.
Considering you're playing pretty far outside of the basic assumptions of 4e, it would make any normal optimization advice fairly useless.

Convince everyone you can to play Elf Archer Rangers. It'll increase you odds of not being insta-gibbed by the initiative lottery that PvP is in 4e and 4-5 of them can trivially deal with most encounters.
PVP is not the goal. Typically this group against group, and a rare case.
PVP is not the goal. Typically this group against group, and a rare case.

Um, if that is "PC group" against "PC group" that is still PvP. And it is a universally bad idea in 4e.

If it was even a remote possibility, I'd say a different system will suit you much better.
It is impossible. It's constantly running game. In light of this ... Yes, I think I'll try a monk with a dagger. I will be able to escape in the first turn.Wink
I stand with the "Tell everyone to make Elf Archery Rangers so you can win initiative, heal yourself, and kill things really fast"
"Invokers are probably better round after round but Wizard dailies are devastating. Actually, devastating is too light a word. Wizard daily powers are soul crushing, encounter ending, havoc causing pieces of awesome." -AirPower25 Sear the Flesh, Purify the Soul; Harden the Heart, and Improve the Mind; Born of Blood, but Forged by Fire; The MECH warrior reaches perfection.
This isn't an archer as mentioned above, but lord duskblade's spiked chain ranger is quite self sufficient and not very magic item dependant at heroic levels. Can pump out some crazy damage if you're forced into pvp, has good mobility, and can take a bit of a beating if needed. 
What a great build. Clear and simple. As a brick flying in the face. But I have already created a monk. However, I will be happy to play this ranger into another party.

I always try to convince people to try out Avenger. It is very self sufficient. As a dwarf avenger, you have good damage output, dwarven survivability with the better then average HP of avengers. Plus Dwarves get wisdom extra. Then get unarmored agility for extra AC. Perferably grab the battle Ax as it does a D12 and is a high crit. Avengers dont often have to worry bout accuracy due to the double damage rolls. Make sure to grab the level one daily Argent Surge as it allows you to reroll damage rolls for the rest of the encounter, because nothing is worse than rolling a natural one on a D12 damage roll.


I know you already choose monk then ranger backup, but it's a pretty good character.