Speaking with a Thousand Voices: The Vestigelock's Handbook

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Speaking with a Thousand Voices: The Vestige Warlocks Handbook


Behold the signs! The mark is made! The name is called! The Pact is bound! Speak to the fallen, the forgotten, the lost and the abandoned... and they will speak back to you! Have you heard their call? Do their soft voices appear to you in dreams; do their demands shatter the walls of reality? Let them in! They wait on the doorstep! Let them in!

This is my first guide so feedback is welcome. I want to extend humble thanks to Malkonnen and Eharper256 for their excellent warlock guides, but as a fan of the 3.5 Binder and the 4th edition Vestige Warlock i wanted to expand heavily on a sub-class that is often overshadowed by its more iconic brethren.

Ratings Found Within This Handbook

Poor: Bad, poor, or simply useless. Only take this power if you hate your party and want to see them cry.
Fair: A power that is too situational. Unless your campaign features this situation constantly leave it at the door.
Average: Pretty good! But you could probably find something better.
Good: This is what you'll be taking unless you find a ...
Excellent: Excellent. If you aren't taking one of these its only because you've made a bad Pact.

This Handbook covers the following sources:
AV - Adventurer's Vault
D XXX - Dragon Magazine, issue XXX
FRPG - Forgotten Realms Player's Guide
MM - Monster Manual
MM2- Monster Manual 2
MOTP - Manual of the Planes
AP - Arcane Power
PHB - Player's Handbook
PHB 2 - Player's Handbook 2

lordduskblade: for layout and terminology.
Malkonnen and Eharper: for their excellent work on Warlock guides.
Overview: Draw the Circle

Choosing to play a Vestigelock (aka Binderlock) means that you've chosen the path of the fallen legends, forgotten gods, and ancient tales... and that they have also chosen you. It also means that you are a Warlock who has chosen to form a Vestige Pact- an idea first introduced in the 3.5 supplement Tome of Magic under the title of Binder and revived in the 4th edition supplement Arcane Power.

The Vestige Warlock is different from the other little Warlocks because his powers are changing and malleable, over the course of any given battle you can channel a variety of spirits to aid allies, hinder enemies, boost your own powers and of course deal damage. As a striker Damage, and the swift removal of threats, will always be your goal- but as a Vestigelock the method in which you do so will often be more akin to a controller or a leader than a pure DPR machine.

Vestige Warlocks require planning, status management, and a solid understanding of the rules- they are not a good option for those new to the game or those without a clear understanding of the rules. In any given combat you need to keep track of your current vestige, evaluate the appropriate time in which to bring a new one into play, manage cursed foes (which all Warlocks have to do- but you have more tools to do it), and keep yourself alive.

Vestige Warlock Strengths:

* High Hitpoints and Fortitude Defense.
* Excellent Curse Utility.
* Versatile Dailies with Encounter Long Buffs.
* Access to all Damage Types.
* Excellent Feats.

Vestige Warlock Weaknesses:

* Poor Will Defense.
* Low Skill Synergies.
* Poor Multiclass Options.
* Low Striker Damage (which is not to say poor damage- just low for a striker)

Filling the Single Striker Role

Compared to some Strikers a Vestigelock (like many Warlocks) may feel that his/her damage is lacking or trailing behind- and for the most part this is true. If you find yourself as the only Striker in a party you should be aware that fights will likely continue longer than if the striker roll was filled by a Ranger, Avenger, or Sorcerer. However the versatility, utility, and control that you bring to the table will ensure that your party is more likely to not only survive these encounters, but thrive in them. Striker builds that can pump out gigantic "Nova" turns are excellent, but often fail to continue their "burst" damage in following rounds. You, on the other hand, grow stronger as more enemies fall and your impressive Pact Boons are triggered repeatedly.

Controller Role
If you want to fill the Controller slot, then you can do so with careful planning. You lack the At-Will AOE powers that often define the Controller, but you make up for it with your virulent curses which can be combined with a Rod of Reaving to swiftly destroy minions. You also have a variety of control oriented encounters and dailies which allow you to hinder large monsters and ALL of your powers can carry riders- some harmful to your enemies and others helpful to your allies.

Vestige Mechanics
For the sake of clarity...
A Vestige Pact Warlock has the option to choose between Multiple Pact Boons and "Augments" depending on his level and choice of feats. Like all Warlock Pact Boons, the ability granted by a Vestige triggers when an enemy under the effect of your Warlocks Curse drops to 0 hitpoints. The Augments are special effects added to your At-Will attack "Eyes of the Vestige". The Augments and Pact Boons last for the entire encounter- making Vestige Daily Spells similar to Warden Forms or Barbarian Rages in their longstanding effects.

You can change your vestiges after each short or extended rest, or after using a "Vestige" Daily Spell- which grants you specific new abilities. The feat "Vestige Adept" will allow you to swap between Vestiges whenever your Pact Boon Triggers. At level 1 you will have access to Two Vestiges "Zutwa" and "King Elidyr" (See below for details). At Paragon Tier you can choose the feat "Vestige Versatility" granting you access to two Vestiges at any time, and at Epic Tier you can choose "Vestige Mastery" a feat that allows you to choose a daily power's vestige boon/augment and make it your Active Vestige without expending the use of the power.

Class Features, Statistics, and Skills: The Bargain

HP, Healing Surges, and Proficiencies

Hit Points - 12 + Con at first level and 5 for each level. Normally this would be Average, but remember that your primary score is Constitution- your hitpoints will likely be higher than your defenders in Heroic, and may match them well into Paragon.

Healing Surges - 6 + Con per day. As a first level character you are likely to have 10 surges or more and each of those surges will quickly outpace equivalent level healing potions.

Proficiencies and Implements - Leather armor, simple melee, simple ranged, rods and wands. Its not great, but its not terrible. Magic Rods have a variety of excellent enchantments even if wands are underwhelming. You won't be swinging a weapon to often anyways (unless its a Pactblade).

- 4 skills of your choice with no required picks. Sadly Endurance and Stealth are not two of them (though backgrounds can fix this). Insight as a class skill is always a good choice and 3 know ledges make you a fountain of lore. There's also social skills and thievery, both of which are useful if your party is lacking those fronts... or you don't want to be terrible.

Class Features

Vestige Pact
The Vestige Pact grants you access to the incredible Eyes of the Vestige at will power, and your choice of two starting vestiges (see below for details) and thus two pact boons.

Prime Shot
Prime Shot is an excellent source of accuracy- especially combined with Zutwa, one of your first vestiges. Even if you aren't channeling Zutwa its a powerful class feature for a Constitution based damage dealer- getting close to the action is less likely to be a serious consequence for you.

Shadow Walk
Free Concealment for moving three spaces. Thats a +2 bonus to all defenses for a turn and the ability to hide if you choose to take it.

Warlocks Curse
It requires a minor action, there is no feat to boost its damage, and you can only curse the closest enemy. Compared to the Sorcerers constant damage bonus or the Rogues Sneak attack it seems lacking- but it's far from terrible. Extra damage is extra damage, and the curse is the means by which the Vestiges will empower you and your party- additionally proper selection of items can quickly turn your minor actions into minion killing.

Races: Hosts

PHB Races

- Nothing about this race is a good use for your actions, resources, or bonuses.

Dwarf– Constitution is your most important score, and Wisdom will boost that terrible Will defense that will plague you throughout your carrier. The Minor Action second wind is incredible and access to the Hex Hammer pushes it over the line from dark blue into turquoise.

Eladrin - Intelligence is your secondary statistic and a free skill is never terrible, especially if you chose a background that gives you access to hide or endurance. Pactswords and the built in will defense are excellent additions. The saving throw vs. charms is great for you since they are almost universally will attacks and those eat you up. The Teleport is a good escape utility, but the lack of Constitution keeps this race from reaching the top.

Elf– Racial bonuses are terrible, you don't need dexterity and you don't need wisdom- but the Wild Step and Elven Accuracy are better than the options Dragonborn give you.

Half Elf- "What? But its Half Elf! Its got Versatile Mastery! Hell its even got a bonus to your primary score! How can it be worse than Eladrin?" you say. Well- lets go over the details really quickly. Yes you get a +2 Con and access to Human Feats, but the charisma boost is meaningless, the skill boost is trivial, and while Dilettante is great for many other classes NO CLASS other than Warlock gets Constitution based attacks- because of this you're going to be looking for Int based attacks, and without a bonus to those (since you know... half elf) you will be whiffing half the time. This is the very definition of an Average Race- you can take it, itll be "Ok", but you can do better.

Halfling – The little guys get second chance, but if I were you i wouldn't bother giving them one.

Human – +2 Con, an Extra feat, an extra skill, extra defenses, and the ability to start the game with Eldritch Strike, Dire Radiance, or Hellfire Rebuke.

Tiefling – Int secondary is nice and fire resistance is great, but the utility is as wash.

PHB 2 Races

Deva – Double Resistances and a bonus to the secondary are nice. Useful Racial power that scales well thanks to feats. Really there's nothing wrong with the Deva, but they don't get a con boost and it takes a gigantic push to get past black without that.

Gnome – Its like Tiefling Mark 2- except instead of fire resistance you get reactive stealth. The only reason this makes black is because in most instances of combat you can argue that you have concealment to start the battle- which allows you to hide instantly.

Goliath – +2 Constitution is wonderful and the strength bonus can get you into heavier armor if that's your concern. Stones Endurance is a fantastic Racial Power, especially on turns you decide to plunge into the thick of it to let loose with a close burst or blast (or if you are chasing prime shot). Sadly the Goliath's skill based abilities dont line up for light blue- otherwise a solid contender.

Half-Orc – No stat bonuses you want and a bonus to charging which you'll probably never use. Half Orc resilience is ok, as is Furious Assault, but this is a really odd pick.

Shifter, Longtooth - Only its Shifting power stops this Wolverine fanboy from getting the red. Nothing lines up here- but +2 Damage and Regen 2 are solid for anyone.

Shifter, Razorclaw - Please dont pick the cat-girl. Just... dont.

Other Races

Drow – The Dark Elves don't offer much here- but they have useful racials.

Genasei – +2 to INT is good, Resists are Good, manifestations are ok.

Gnoll – Con bonus is nice, dex bonus is ok. The Feat support is... kinky. Sadly you won't be charging anytime soon and that stops these gassers from ever getting off the ground.

– Where Goliath had amazing defensive potential, the Minotaur gets a lot of Melee Toys that you probably wont have a chance to use.

Shadar-kai (Dragon 372) – Similar to the Eladrin, but where the fey elves lined up with great serendipity- the Shadar-Kai are just another race that has a secondary stat bonus.

Warforged (Dragon 364/Eberron Players Guide) – Temporary Hitpoints, Unique Bodyslots, Excellent Feats, Bonus to Con, Racial Skill boost to Intimidate, easy to get Armor... Warforged are fantastic in almost every way. Thats before you consider all the Living Construct bonus which really pushes them from 'very good' into "Almost impossible to beat."

(Dragon 376)- Without its ability to count as another race- the Revenant is a strong Contender. Con and Dexterity are solid racial scores, extra damage when a creature dies (something you capitalize off already), hard to kill, and a bevy of good racial feats make Revenants impressive. When you add in its ability to take any other races paragon paths, tricks, or racial abilities push it straight into the Light Blue territory.

Monster Races

I'm not going over all the Monster Races, just the ones Dark Blue and up.

Githyanki- The only race currently in the game with a bonus to our primary and secondary, the Githyanki are fantastic. They get a bonus to initiative, bonus will power, and an encounter fly that can save allies. Essentially they are everything I like about the Eladrin, but better. If you can play one, go for it- the flavor even works (Astral Voyager finding dead gods and siphoning their power).

Hobgoblin- Hobgoblins get a fantastic racial encounter, a bonus to initiative, and a bonus to our primary score... but they don't have any support whatsoever. (Though thanks to Dragons "Playing..." that's always subject to change.)

Duergar(Monster Manuel 2)- Dark Dwarves get an amazing minor action attack Encounter power, easily equivalent to an actual encounter power. Sadly that's all they get which stops them from getting top marks- if they ever get an extended write up expect them to charge to the top of the list for any Con based class.

The Short Version: Top 5 Vestigelock Races
1. Githyanki
2. Revenant
3. Warforged
4. Human
5. Dwarf
6. Eladrin
Ability Scores: Shape the Flesh

Strength - Strength is going to be mostly useless for you- which is a shame because many races combine Str/Con. However there is an upside to this- a 13 strength opens up Heavy Armor if you want to spend the feats.(Recommended Starting Value: 8-10 before racial bonuses OR 13 after racial bonuses).

Constitution - This is my Constitution. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Constitution is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My Constitution, without me, is useless. Without my Constitution, I am useless. (Recommended Starting Value: 16 or 18 before racial bonuses.)

Dexterity – Although it helps your initiative most of its functions will be fulfilled by Intelligence. If you chose Dexterity based skills (Hide or Thievery) this becomes more important. (Recommended Starting Value: 10 to 12 before racial bonuses.)

Intelligence – Secondary stat for us and thats a good thing. A High Int gives bonuses to 3 different lore skills (all of which are available to you) a high reflex AC, and useful multi-class options. (Recommended Starting Value: 14 to 16 before racial bonuses.)

Wisdom - One of the two dump stats. The Warlock has a lot more Social Options than perceptive ones, but its pretty much a tossup. (Recommended Starting Value: 8-10 before racial bonuses)

Charisma - The only use is for social skills and you have several of those available to you. (Recommended Starting Value: 8-10 before racial bonuses).

Skills: Walking the Forgotten Path

Class Skills

Arcana - Keys off INT, alllows you to detect magic and know magical things. If you are choosing to learn rituals its a solid pick. I should note that if you are planning on multi-classing into any of the other ARCANE based classes you can skip training in Arcana because the multi-class feat will train you.

Bluff- If you were a charisma beast, this would be excellent. You are not. Train one social skill and use that one in the skill challenges.

History – Good for knowing things in game, keys off your secondary stat.

Insight -Wisdom which is often a dump stat, but it'll let you know when somebody is lying or being tricky.

Intimidate- One of the possible social picks.

Religion – Keys off of Int, useful when your fighting undead. Just like Arcana there are multi-class options that will give this to you for free... but they aren't as synergistic picks. Still if you plan on grabbing one of them, leave this skill alone and get it for free with that feat.

Streetwise- The Third "Social" skill, and probably the best for training since its a relatively rare pick among leaders and controllers (the usual skill monkeys).

Thievery- Strange that they gave us this instead of Stealth, but Thievery is a solid option if you feel the need to take from the living as well as the dead.

Multiclassing: Straying from the Path

Artificer (EPHB)- Int based, grants a healing surge free heal, opens up some interesting and diverse options. Entertaining if its allowed.

Avenger (PHB 2) – No synergy whatsoever.

- Damage boost is nice but getting a rage forfeits a Vestige- so it better be a fantastic Rage.

Bard- If you qualify for Bard it can give you a daily healing power and access to some excellent utilities. But... so does Artificer and Warlord, both classes that are much easier for you to capitalize on.

Cleric (PHB) – The heal is nice, but you serve more interesting forces than the gods.

Druid (PHB 2) – Dump stat is primary, turning into animals to fight up close should probably be the last thing on your mind.

Fighter (PHB) – If you invested in Strength for the armor you can parlay it here as well for the occasional stance or utility. Better if your using a Pactweapon.

Invoker (PHB 2) – Divine classes are not your friend.

Ranger (PHB) – If you take this it will only be for Spitting Cobra Stance or the occasional "run away" utility. But spitting Cobra stance is reaaaaallly good.

- Slow summoned spirits and wisdom based attacks should not be your focus unless your desperate to grab one of the Shaman's amazing utilities.

Sorcerer- Its primary attack stat is one of your dump stats and you don't have the X Soul feature to make up for the base numbers a Sorcerer often throws around. The only thing saving this from a Red Rating are Sorcerer's excellent utilities and a multiclass feat that can give you 5 Resistance to your choice of element.

Swordmage (PHB 2) – Int is prime stat. If you wanted a bit more AC, some stickiness, or a close quarters boom you should be fine. Avoid the Implement powers and stick to the weapons. Better for Eladrin and Dwarves who have bigger weapons.

Rogue- Unless you happen to be stabbing someone with your pact blade its unlikely you'll ever get a chance to use that sneak attack. However Rogue does offer you the chance to get Chameleon, a utility power that can make you invisible in combat (assuming you trained in stealth).

Warden (PHB 2) – Requires investment in strength but is surprisingly good. The Form attacks can give you some nice bonuses, especially if paired with a Vestige that capitalizes on it. Same problem as Barbarian though- getting a form gives up a Vestige (which is either acceptable or painful see Vestige Theory below)

Warlord (PHB) – Pretty damn good for us actually- Grab Endurance and you'll never fail another check again + a healing power.

Wizard (PHB) – Int is prime stat, access to wizard implements and an extra boom- though i prefer the multi-class feat that grants you ritual casting. Solid choice and it opens up some good prestige options.

Powers: Heroic Tier- Small Voices, Forgotten Friends, and Lost Loves.

*Rather than waste your time, or mine, the only Warlock powers that will be Evaluated are those based on Constitution, Intelligence, or do not require a roll.

Level 1: At Will Powers

Eyes of the Vestige:
(AP) This is the power that defines you as a Vestigelock. It is customizable, each Vestige grants you different effects with this power, but standing on its own its still powerful. It targets Will, the easiest of the defenses to hit- and deals psychic damage; allowing you to use Psychic Lock on your primary attack to cripple an enemies accuracy. Additionally it allows you to curse the target whenever you attack which frees up vital Minor Actions or allowing you to curse additional targets.


You can also Curse any enemy within 15ft of the target- which makes it incredibly easy to place your curse on an enemy leader or artillery who's been clever about never being the closest enemy. It also means that we get to curse two foes a turn long before those other Warlocks do!


On top of all of that you can choose to deal the Warlocks curse damage to your secondary target if they are cursed! Which means that you can choose to blast a minion (who you curse with your normal minor action to reap the rewards of your Pact Boon) and curse his boss. Next turn you can blast another minion (Pact Boon again), then target the boss who then takes your curse damage! This is of course ignoring whatever rider is currently running.

Speaking of... time for our first Vestige Review.

King Elidyr: His Majesty grants some situational bonuses- which stops him from being our Primary Vestige of choice.

Pact Boon: This Pact Boon grants Defenses to an ally... but only an ally adjacent to you. If you plan it properly, and are surrounded by friends when you cause a chain reaction of death, you can boost all of their Defenses for a turn. More likely you'll be lucky if you hand out that boost once per encounter.
Augment: This allows a friend who attacks your target to get a saving throw... sadly half the time this wont matter. The vast majority of (Save Ends) effects either strip you of your accuracy or your ability to attack (blindness, daze, immobilize, stun, dominate). To make things worse Ongoing damage happens at the start of their turn, so unless they get to make an op attack, they'll have taken the damage once already- and without a saving throw bonus built in there's no guarantee they'll make this new one. The only thing that stops Elidyr from getting the Red rating is that THERE ARE situations in which his abilities will be useful- monsters that petrify or kill over the course of several turns for instance, giving one of their victims an extra save makes all the difference.


Pact Boon: +3 bonus to Prime Shot. Lets take a look at that again. +3 Bonus (that's a 300% boost) on an ability that people allready consider one of hte best tools for a Vestige-lock. Yeah. Enjoy that.
Augment:Zutwa augments our Eyes of the Vestige by allowing us the benefit of our Prime Shot against the target on our next turn. That alone would be a delightful combo with the feat Called Shot before you factor in her amazingly useful Pact Boon! Accuracy as we all know- is king. And leading off a turn with a guaranteed +1 to hit on your Actoin Point heavy turns, combined with Action Surge/Pact Boon can get some really silly bonuses to hit.

Dire Radiance(PHB): It deals Radiant Damage. That's a plus. It targets Fort and is a Fear Effect. Thats a Minus. It also keeps your enemy from coming closer- which is actually really solid if you can land it. I should note that the only way your getting this power is with Twofold Pact or by Being a Human. You can't retrain Eldritch Blast or Eyes of the Vestige.

Eldritch Blast (PHB): This is your other staple power...and compared to everything that Eyes offers its rather meh. It does higher damage than Eyes and counts as a Ranged Basic attack which makes for a few combos- but mostly you'll only be using this against the occasional Will heavy monster or on the occasions in which you get a free attack.

Eldritch Strike: (Mini's) If your DM allows you to swap this for Eldritch Blast i would highly recommend it- this power will get a lot more use since you can use it on Op Attacks. (Which actually makes your Op Attacks dangerous as opposed to laughable) It also offers some nice mobility and obviously scales well with Hexweapons. Otherwise this is a great 3rd pick for Human's.

Hellfire Rebuke (PHB): It targets reflex and deals fire damage, it also serves as a damage shield of sorts. The Fire damage is both good and bad, because for every monster who resists fire there's usually an opposite equivalent who's vulnerable to it... or at least it seems that way.

Level 1 Encounter Powers

[b]Arms of Hadar (AP)- This friendly fire prone power seems like it would be ideal for those of you who like to be in the midst of a battle... until you hurt your friends and push them into an early grave. Low Damage doesn't help its case- it has its uses if you get surrounded, but on most occasions this will end up attacking a friend of yours.

Chains of Levistus (AP)- If only it didn't target Fortitude... Chains is an ok power, it does wonderful damage and has the potential to do so much more (forced movement triggers its additional damage as easily as any).

Clarion Call (AP)- A close blast 3 that does good damage, sets up your stealthy friends for a sneak attack, and gives you a healthy bit of temporary hitpoints? Of course it has a downside in that it targets Fortitude, but you may be willing to overlook that in favor of all its positive aspects.

[color=Red]Diabolic Grasp
[/color] (PHB)- Has a size limitation, targets fortitude, and only moves the target a slight distance. Just stay away from it and be happy you did.

Life Bind (AP)- Turn off your opponents ability to heal for a turn and toss in a healthy -2 to all saves, the controller in your party will love it. Add in the fact that it adds your secondary score as a bonus to damage ontop of its already significant 2d8 and happens to target reflex... well we can just ignore the fact that it does Necrotic Damage.

Vampiric Embrace (PHB)- Since you don't swim in temporary hitpoints like your Infernal friends, this Will targeting attack is fairly useful. Its short range and necrotic damage stop it from taking the top spot.

Level 1 Daily Powers

Armor of Agathys (PHB)-The Armor is an acceptable buff, assuming it will be granting you between 12-14 Hitpoints and dealing somewhat acceptable damage... but really why are you considering this when you could be taking Vestiges?

Flames of Phlegethos (PHB)- This is the Pure Damage option. If you take this i once again am forced to question your choice of pacts.

Tyranny of Flame
[/color] (AP)-This is the only non-vestige option available to you that i can understand taking at this level. It does superb damage, offers excellent control, and targets will. If Neither Vestige appeals to you i can't fault you for choosing this option.

Vestige of Khaeleth(AP)-

Attack: If this is the first attack of the fight and you're still surrounded by allies... then its ok. Otherwise its completely disappointing.
Pact Boon: Its not a lot of temporary hitpoints... but its temporary hitpoints.
Augment: This is the Meat and Potatoes of the Vestige. When you draw upon Khaeleth your allowed to take any amount of damage for your friends, as long as you continue to hammer away at the target hurting them. This means that this power is somewhat akin to Divine Bodyguard from the Paladin class- but its far more controllable. Since you can reduce the damage, and then take it, by any amount you dont have to worry about taking more than you want. Additionally you can negate the damage from this source, so Goliath's can use Stone's Embrace and other Damage Resistances/Temporary hitpoints can be used similarly to split your targets damage so that is as infective as possible.

That being said some people don't like Divine Bodyguard esque effects, and handing out Temporary Hitpoints equal to your int modifier is only ok for a Pact Boon. Additionally the protective effect only works on the First attack the target makes, and as with all Eyes of the Vestige riders only works if you land the attack (and continue to use Eyes of the Vestige for that matter). Oh and if the enemy you've been targeting should turn his attacks towards you its going to be up to your defender to save you since you'll be carrying a good amount of his damage.

Vestige of Mount Vaelis

Attack: Perfectly in line with a first level daily- this does ok damage and prohibits your opponent from walking or running until they make the save. At this level you've essentially limited the target to shifting (Great fun when they are adjacent to a Fighter). Even on a miss you do some damage and get a turn of control.
Pact Boon: Handing out Vulnerability to cursed targets... that's pretty awesome. Especially when you consider that Thunder Damage is pretty common for Gensai, Bards, Swordmages, and of course You.
Augment: Have a free D6 Damage that triggers the vulnerability you just handed out! Essentially you just transformed your level 1 at will into its 21st level equivalent. That's great for an encounter.

Level 2 Utility Powers

Beguiling Tongue (PHB) - Better for you than a Charisma Lock, this utility will help you in many a skill challenge. That being said it will almost never have combat usage so keep that in mind when making your choice.

Caiphon's Leap (AP) - For you there's better escape tools- middling damage reduction and a small leap won't save you if this is the best you can come up with.

Devil's Trade (AP) - I hate "Make a save" powers that require actions from the savee- because the majority of save effects don't let you take those actions! On top of this you take vulnerability AND it doesn't happen till the end of the turn? This must be a joke.

Ethereal Stride
(PHB) - Most likely this is your best bet- a teleport that triggers your shadow walk AND gives you +2 all defenses? Mobility, defense... its all here.

Eyes of the Spider Queen (AP) - If this was an encounter power it wouldn't even make Light Blue- so having it as a daily almost sunk it to red. That being said... in the few situations where this comes up you'll be glad you took it.

Fevered Certainty of Caiphon
(D 366) - Your will defense is allready shot... but unless your doing nothing but making intimidate and spot checks i can't see a reason to waste the slot.

Fey Bargain
(AP) - Solid power- accuracy is always a good thing and you'll have fights in which there are no status effects (or the status effects are relatively harmless).

Fiendish Resilience (PHB) - Unless you are starving for temporary hitpoints please leave this alone. Even at level 30 with a 20 con you'll only gain 15 hitpoints from it... this is the very incarnation of "poor scaling/poor usage".

Shadow Veil (PHB)- This will let you fake training in stealth once per encounter- which isn't terrible. It would be better to just get yourself training through a background though.

Spider Scuttle (FRPG)- Very very nice power- lots of mobility in this one. This competes with Ethereal Stride in terms of defensive power- since scuttling up a wall for a turn is equivalent if not better than a +2 bonus to those defenses.

Level 3 Encounter Powers

Cloud of Flies (AP) - Automatic Combat Advantage is great if you have a rogue in the party, otherwise its just a +2 to hit that many of your party might have gotten anyways. Combine that with a vs. Fort Attack and low damage for an encounter makes this a tad lukewarm.

Fiery Bolt (PHB)- A big blast- but what a blast! This is one of those rare Warlock powers that make you really turn your head with the numbers that can come up. This is also excellent for wiping out large numbers of enemies when you have a powerful vestige running and want to hand out its pact boon to as many friends (or enemies) as possible.

Fortune Binding (AP) - This spell is so close to Sky Blue it can taste it. Solid Damage, Psychic Keyword, and it adds Int to damage make it a contender on its ownsome. Add in that you IMMEDIATLY end an effect onyourself and hand it over... well thats just silly fun. Daze your foes, toss a petrifying slow back towards its owner, immobilize that net wielder- you might even get lucky and blind someone in the dark. Sadly it targets Con- and if you took Clarion Call at level 1 this limits you pretty badly.

Frigid Darkness (PHB) - Take Cloud of Flies instead, the difference of damage is pretty meaningless compared to the automatic Combat Advantage- without the Rider this power doesnt offer too much.

Vestige's Calamity (AP) - Now this is where we get to have some fun! Decent damage with a splash effect equal to your int mod! Also note that its primary damage is untyped, the splash is the Elemental damage- making this a great power for picking on an enemy who is vulnerable to ... just about anything.

Level 5 Daily Powers

Avernian Eruption (PHB) - The only thing that saves this underwhelming burst from the Red Rating is that its ongoing damage is independent of accuracy but doesn't count as a miss effect. No reason to take this unless your desperate for an AOE but didnt want Ulgar in your head.

Fury of Gibbeth(D 366) - A strange, wonderful, and honestly just freaky spell. Start off the fact that its Int based, move onto its acceptable damage, and end with its save ends skill based prone check... well- its certainly complex. But its almost guaranteed to keep an opponent on the floor for a turn.

Tyrannical Threat (AP) -
Very good, but sadly overshadowed by our Vestiges at this level. Auto cursing is great, damage is poor but made up by the ongoing damage shield. In another time we may have been friends...

Vestige of Ulgar (AP)

Attack: A low damage burst that creates a zone that hurts your friends? Um... we can do better.
Pact Boon: Move that hurtful zone! Move it! This is what your friends will be screaming as they burn. The fact that you can't move the zone without activating your pact boon... that's just terrible.
Augment: Fire Damage and the removal of concealment. This is probably the best part of this Vestige. Sadly its not extra fire damage... its just a transformation of your incredibly difficult to resist power into a very easily resisted one. *sigh* Oh Ulgar.

Vestige of Xandor (AP) -
Attack: Psychic attack vs. will for low damage... meh. But ongoing damage or a daze? also meh. But when you realize that you loose no damage on a miss and automatically get the daze... well thats just gravy.
Pact Boon: A free save or temporary hitpoints? And you get whichever one helps you most at the time? That's top marks.
Augment:. 1d8 extra Psychic damage. This just transformed your basic attack into a 2d6+1d8+Con damage attack as an at will (counting the curse of course). Can you really complain about that at level 5?

Level 6 Utility Powers

Dark One's Own Luck (PHB) - Once per day Reroll anything on the d20. That's fantastic.

Fey Switch (PHB) - This is a solid escape spell... but unless you've made plans around it your likely putting one of your friends into the hot seat instead. If it was a Minor instead of a Move it would be fantastic.

Life Siphon (AP) - A turn that goes by when none of your allies take damage... thats a rare thing, so don't worry too much about getting this spell off. +2 accuracy is Solid and its an Encounter power, so if your looking for quantity instead of quality you may consider this instead of Dark Ones Own Luck.

Mercurial Form
(AP) - I want to like this power- marking is a relatively common effect on Guard Style monsters and immunity to it is really nice. If it made you immune to grabbing instead of making you automatically succeed i would consider it, but as is its just too situational.

Racing Fire of Ulban (AP) - Moving double your speed is good- but the most useful aspect of this spell would be either a) getting away (in which you'll want teleports) or b) getting close to an enemy for a curse (in which case you can use your Eyes of the Vestige instead). Additionally it has really stiff competition at this level.

Red Leeches of Nihal
(D 366) - An excellent defensive utility that will trigger often.

Rending Fear of Khirad (D 366) - If this was a ritual it would be great- but its a daily utility based on Charisma. So... in exchange for having a combatless utility power you get the answer to 1-2 questions... questions that you could probably have gotten the answer to anyways with Intimidate, Insight, or you know... Roleplaying.

Shadowslip (FRPG) - Very nice for a charisma-lock... but not for you.

Shroud of Black Steel (PHB) - Fortitude is going to be your highest defense, and giving it a bonus is never a bad thing- same with AC. The -2 speed wont cripple your ability to get shadow walk either, but again the stiff competition stops this from getting a higher rating.

Spider Climb (PHB) - If you took Ethereal Stride but want a climb speed... i suppose you could take this. Or you could just take Spider Scuttle instead and have two turns of this.

Spider Queen's Caress (AP) - During fights against elite controllers this power is worth its weight in gold, but those fights are pretty few and far between. On the other hand if your DM looooves to toss out "Save Ends" effects as at-wills on his monsters you wont want to skip this power.

Level 7 Encounter Powers

Acrid Decay (AP) - A solid power in a rather underwhelming bunch. Essentially this is a two target Rattling power with a bit of damage thrown in (and since the damage is based on d12's it can range from impressive to underwhelming). Its not amazing but its not terrible and it has its uses since its one of our only "Multi-Target" abilities.

Hero's Arrow (AP) - The ability to heal is good... but at most your going to be replenishing 3-5 hitpoints. Additionally this doesn't scale well and it will only help your friends adjacent to the target- making timing this difficult if your looking to help anyone other than your tank or melee striker friends.

Howl of Doom (PHB) - Ahhh the classical conundrum of Fort attack Push Powers. Essentially the enemies that you're going to want to use this power on (most of the time) are the ones your most likely to miss.

Infernal Moon Curse (PHB) - Awesome imagery, but that levitating immobilize isn't going to stop anything from making melee attacks which seems like it was the entire point of the power.

Mordant Rains of Dis (AP) - The damage on this power is very low- but its utility against most monsters is incredibly high. Ask any Fey Lock how much they like Mire the Mind.

Level 9 Daily Powers

Brood of Hadar (D 366) - A highely accurate attack power with good damage and the ability to spread around to a second target. Its solid choice if single target damage is your goal and neither vestige appeals to you at this level.

Feast of Souls (AP) - A Zone vs. Will Power that dazes as part of its primary attack- that's excellent since it forces your opponent to either run out of the zone and make no attacks, or make the attack and take the zone damage twice. The ongoing effect of difficult terrain, the cold damage and the ability to move the zone- this is an amazing power.

Iron Spike of Dis (PHB) - The damage is nothing to write home about and you can do better than immobilization by level 9. Brood of Hadar does equivalent damage and has more potential.

Summons of Khirad (PHB) - As others have pointed out this power is either amazing (if you can teleport enemies into the air) or rather terrible (if you can't)- My biggest problem with this power is that it has no effect on a miss. Fortunatly it attacks will and you should probably have a way to gain accuracy bonus by this point. In a campaign where you can teleport into the air this power is light blue in a campaign where you can't its purple.

Vestige of Ilmeth (AP)

Attack: The damage on this attack is low and the damage shield is nothing to write home about- especially since it only applies to the one person who attacked you. That being said both of those will stack with Psychic Lock which is available to you very soon.
Pact Boon Ilmeth's pact boon is ok- it's essentially a shorter range version of Fey Swap that you can activate by killing rather than with move actions, it certainly has the possibility of saving your life if your friends think to take advantage of it- but it wont come up everytime something drops which makes it somewhat wasteful.
Augment Her Augment makes your Eyes of the Vestige a Rattling attack (without the keyword), which is actually fantastic since it will stack with Psychic Lock and other attack penalties. If you're interested in locking down an opponents accuracy... then this is a fantastic vestige but most of its appeal doesn't start for two more levels.

Vestige of Shax (AP)
Attack: The Shax Attack is... poor to middling because it suffers from the "Push vs. Fort" problem. If it hits though your going to be sending a whole bunch of prone enemies quite a few squares away from you- which is nice.
Pact Boon:The ability to automatically end the effect of all but the nastiest effect in the game (Dominate) is fantastic. Especially if you consider the fact that if YOU are stunned your friends can free you by dropping an enemy you've cursed. When using Shax you may want to consider leaving at least one minion with your curse alive just incase such a situation occurs.
Augment: A free push on your primary attack? Nothing wrong with that.

Level 10 Utility Powers

Accursed Souls (D 372) - Extra Necrotic Damage for a Pact Boon?! Consider that you can add this to a vestige of your choice for a bit of Corpse Exploding fun.

Ambassador Imp
(PHB) - Druids get this for free- its called Animal Messenger. Ask them how often they use it before you take this DAILY version.

Bond of Brotherhood (AP) -This will trigger and you will enjoy it.

Curse of Nessus (AP) - When you consider how many of your Vestige Attack's include Save Ends effects you'll salivate all over this attack since it essentially increases the effect of those powers for at least a turn- and turns some of those abilities into something quite useful where before they were a toss up.

Darkest Mirror
(FRPG) - How often will you fight invisible enemies? If the answer is "every day" then maybe you should get this. Otherwise leave it at the door and hold your actions like everyone else.

Destiny Inversion (AP) - One of my favorite powers in the game. If you have the Vestige of Xandor going when you activate this you can almost guarantee immunity to an attack. Similarly if anyone in your party is capable of granting a save. That being said you could get fantastically unlucky and take not only the full damage of the power... but even more.

Ethereal Sidestep (PHH 1) - There's a lot of combo's that work with this. I am not familiar enough with them to give advice though. Otherwise this functions like a Shift that ignores difficult terrain, and those Elves seem to dig that quite a bit.

Shadowform (PHB) - Flight and Insubstantial are awesome, and you can still curse enemies while in Shadow Mode. But loosing the ability to make your attacks is pretty crippling. This isn't a terrible power- you just have to work hard to make it useful in combat.

Shielding Shades (PHB) - Not a fan since the power doesn't stop any secondary effects of the attack- it just reduces the damage to 0. Also Destiny Inversion does the same thing as an encounter (though it has its own dangers)- but if you have a gigantic target on your forehead for Crits you might consider this.

Transcendant Dance (AP) - If this was based on Int it would be Blue. But its based on Dex... and that's just... weird. But if you chose one of the Con/Dex races or have a 14 or higher in Dexterity this is a surprisingly good power, extra speed and resistances to saves are fantastic... just make sure your getting at least a +2 bonus out of it.

Troublesome Aid of Caiphon (D 366) - Living on the edge! Double a healing surge! When you do the math on this power you'll realize that this essentially pushes you from 0 to bloodied- and from anywhere else to above bloodied. Considering how tough you are as a Con Based character, and how many hitpoints that's going to be... well that makes the risk worth it.

Warlock's Leap (PHB) - There will be moments when you want to take the leap of faith... like being blinded and needing a teleport. Thats when this power will save your life. But these moments are pretty few and far between, which is why the Purple Rating exists.

Powers: Paragon Tier- Lost Angels, Fallen Exarchs, Shattered Primordials

Level 13 Encounter Powers

Coldfire Vortex (PHB) - Compared to Fiery Bolt this is weaker in every way- and Fiery Bolt came out 10 levels ago. If you want AoE Damage, there are better options.

Harrowstorm[/COLOR] (PHB) - A power that moves asingle target 5 squares isn't terrible- but unless you have a combo or a plan for this i would recommend finding something a bit stronger.

Killing Flames (AP) - Delightful, easily the best choice for this level. This power will trigger every fight, does good damage out of turn, and is incredibly useful against the targets that you're going to want to burn down fastest (Skirmishers and Artillery). Downsides... on the brutes and tougher hitters you may not connect- and the fire damage is fire damage. If you grabbed a Twofold Pact with Infernal than this power is solid gold.

Skirmisher's Volley (AP) - Up to 4 squares shifted if you're lucky... but the damage is mediocre. Attacking three targets doesn't help too much in your role as a striker and you probably have a better way to kill minions. Ultimately this power should be left in the gutter.

Soul Flaying (PHB) - Pretty mediocre- low damage and weakened are sadly ineffectual at this point. You would probably be better off with your Eyes.

Level 15 Daily Powers

Caution of Dispater (AP) - With some planning, this power can be a fantastic source of long-term damage and control against Skirmishers, Artillery, and Enemies who are using terrain/escape effects to their advantage. Combined with Psychic Lock you can fire this power off onto an enemy who is skirting the edge of battle to deal some nasty damage and cripple its accuracy.

Fireswarm (PHB) - This is the damage spell you have been looking for- sadly it suffers the tragic "No Miss Effect on a Daily" clause. If you are willing to overlook that this power can deal a gigantic amount of damage over the course of several rounds to your target and anyone foolish enough to stray near them- and dealing both fire and poison is a combination not found on most monsters.

Hellfire Soul (D 372) - Ten points for being awesome... but significantly less than that for being so very situational. If your DM doesn't mind you doing math- and you've managed to figure out roughly how many hitpoints the enemy has- and they are worth the trouble to pop a daily on that late in a fight... then this power has merit. Otherwise it doesn't offer much.

Tendrils of Thuban (PHB) - The greatest complaint about this power has always been that once escape from- it was very unlikely that you would ever get a chance to use it for the remainder of the fight- however as a Vestige Warlock you will have access to Two Vestiges (Shax and Amaan and a third if you are a Sea Tyrant Oracle) that allow you to move your victims- placing them directly back into the squirming black tentacles of doom. Excellent control, excellent sustained damage, excellent use of your actions, excellent pick (especially at this level). Additionally Warlocks have a large number of forced movement encounter powers that gain new life under this Zone.

Thirsting Maw (PHB) - Short range and targets Fortitude. If you are already terribly wounded then being in that close is fine... as long as your using this power as part of your plan to escape. Its Rider doesn't even have the guarantee that it will go off once, since by the time you get your first chance to sustain it they will have allready had a chance to save. If you are looking for methods to stay alive longer there are better options than this.

Vestige of Leraje (AP) -
*Just want to make note that from a purely fluff point of view it appears that Wizards swapped the powers for Leraje and Zutwa- the story of an Archer fits much better with the Point Blank powers Zutwa gives you, while the Primordial of Life seems to match this set of abilities quite well.

Attack: You are guaranteed ongoing damage- sadly its poison and minimal. The attack itself is low damage- At lower levels this didn't matter as much because HP were lower and the damage difference between Strikers and other classes were less noticable. By level 15 YOU should be able to deal out a serious amount of pain- especially when using a daily attack or be crippling the monster with control effects... this doesn't do either.
Boon: Thanks to Richmud for pointing this out- the Boon provides Cover, not Concealment, so whenever you kill something you are essentially getting +2 to your defenses against anyone non-adjacent. Useful in certain situations, and it combines well with the Pact Augment.
Very good. Immobilize at will on a will based attack is excellent control that can lock down melee (no save allowed on this), skirmishers, and make it impossible for people to run away. Also combines well with the Pact Boon making it easier to get a combination of Cover and Concealment.

Vestige of Solis (AP)

Attack: A Control Based attack that can serve as an AOE Daze and Deafen. That's pretty good- especially when you consider that you are guaranteed the 2d8+ Con Damage from the start and that your main target will be taking ongoing 10 Thunder. Sadly the Control Effect is vs. Fort and its a relatively small boom.
Boon: If you have a rogue or other stealthy character in the party then this becomes excellent. Sadly Deafened is one of those status effects that only comes in handy once in a blue moon.
Augment: Hard to resist automatic damage based on your primary score? Doesn't matter if you have line of site? Helps make hard choices even worse for marked targets? Yeah this is solid stuff- and it can help that Rogue Friend you've been deafening people for.

This is the one of the First Level's that i can support skipping a Vestige in Favor for a straight attack power- the abilities that they grant are only "OK" and there are some much more powerful options available to you at this level instead.

Level 16 Utility Powers

Amaan's Continuance (AP) - This is the Revenant Racial feature as a Daily Power. When the power is built into a race and cost no resources- that's a good thing. When it takes up a slot that could very well be an actual life saver or trick that gets you out of this problem in the first place... not so much.

Caiphon's Disquieting Liberty
(D 366) - Before Painful Transference i would have said that this power was blue or black- removing status effects at a minimal cost is great. But Painful Transference makes its obsolete.

Cloak of Shadow (PHB) - An escape power that takes you out of the fight for a turn... and not even a good escape power at that.

Eye of the Warlock (PHB) - Very good power- but who knows how many times you'll get to use it before they save? As Malkonnen points out, tossing this on your allies is a good option as well.

Hero's Defense
(AP) - Wizard's Shield + Weaken + they attack your highest defense. This turns nasty damage into a laugh- and makes those nasty will attacks less likely to hit. Keeping this around for Recharge/Encounter powers that can really mess you up is a good idea. The first of three great options for level 16.

Infuriating Elusiveness (PHB) - An excellent mobility option combined with intense offensive potential. One of the three amazing options for this level.

Painful Transference
(AP) - Instantly, and for no action (even if dominated) remove a terrible condition from yourself. This can save you from Petrification, Dominate, Stun, Daze, or anything else that is stopping you from taking your turn or threatens to take you down. Additionally the damage you'll be dealing to yourself or your friends is minimal (0-6).

Ruinous Resistance (FRPG) - This is useful one time in a million- but the times that it is useful is rather entertaining.

Warp Space (AP) - If it wasn't a standard action this might actually be useful- as it is you spend your actions moving your friends around and look silly for doing it. Leave this to the Warlords.

Level 17 Encounter Powers

Depsair of Zhudun
(AP) - Low damage with a conditional modifier and the fear keyword- all of these things combine to make a truly spectacular mess of a power. Also keep in mind that if you use this and your target doesn't stand up you'll have a -2 to hit him on your next turn since he'll be prone. I suppose if you took the Star Pact as a second pact and want to cripple an enemies accuracy this power has some merit- but that's the only reason it gets a Purple rating instead of a black.

Life Force Reclaimed (AP) - A power so good i don't care that it targets Fort! No Damage type means no resistances, solid damage (3d8! That's almost strikerish!) and a HUGE temporary hitpoint gain- Ranging from 25 and up! Fantastic power.

Sea Tyrant's Fury (AP) - Finally- a blast that gets melee off of you and keeps it off. Deals ok damage, grants a bonus to saving throws (which is situational, but never unwelcome) and targets Reflex. If you refuse to take Life Force Reclaimed or just want more AOE this is pretty damn good.

Warlock's Bargain
(PHB) - Short range, poor accuracy, and it hurts you. But the sheer amount of damage that this can deal... well- thats just kinda scary enough to keep it in the running. When you consider that on average you'll be dealing 3d10+2d6+Implement+Con+8 (scaling) all for less than (or equal to) a surge... Keep it in mind if you've always been jealous of some damage that a Ranger/Barbarian/Fighter did.

Level 19 Daily Powers

Minions of Malbolge (PHB) - I want to like this power- i really do... but its just so terrible. It only hurts people adjacent to you- so enemies that have reach or ranged powers will never trigger it. A lucky hit ends your level 19 effect. It deals fire damage. It only triggers once per enemy per round- and you can't trigger it, its a purely reactive mechanism.

Vestige of Amaan (AP)

Attack: Not the best opening salvo- but it still immobilizes on a miss and the Vulnerability 10 to all damage can be a real treat if you are patient and align your initiative with a multi-attacker in your party. The damage is still lacking- but we've gotten used to that as a Warlock.
Boon: Board Control. Huge range on this (10 square burst?!) that allows you to Push or Pull equal to your Int Mod. Get melee off of you, drag artillery closer in, knock people prone or into environmental hazards, save a friend who's in over his head... and this will trigger quite often- also in two levels Vestige Mastery comes into play, and this is a prime contender for it.
Augment: More Board Control- but now its on Command. Only works on enemies- but once again it makes it nearly impossible for your enemies to keep formations, utilize cover or traps, or make plans on their own footing.

Vestige of the Burned Emperors (AP)

*I just want to say that if this Vestige was available in Heroic Tier or Early Paragon it would probably be much higher ranked- but its available on the Verge of Epic, and its intensely underwhelming because of it. There is nothing specifically Wrong with this- but it just doesn't have the flash, the glamor, or the OOMPH of other powers- ultimately it just feels like you were handed a bunch of low level Warlord Powers and you're supposed to be thankful for that.

In a melee heavy party this can actually deal some surprisingly good damage. Assuming you have a 18-20 Int (or higher) that means 4/8/12/16 extra damage- so if your party is equipped to help you in this way (and it can happen- Battle Clerics, Fighter, Rogue, and Ranger with you in the Controller Slot is not a bad option) this attack goes from "Meh" to "Hey!" Sadly all that extra damage goes away if you miss...
Boon: Its Misty Step for a Friend. That's hardly terrible but for a level 19 power its not really impressive either.
Augment: A free shift for anyone adjacent to your target... so this can set up flanks or let your friends get away if they need to. Once again this isn't terrible, but it is very underwhelming.

Void Star (AP) - Situational healing with mild damage- consider that Charisma Locks get this same power except rather than stealing its health it removes it from the game and deal additional damage (Wrath of Acamar). *Shrug* Once again this isn't good, it isn't bad, its just situational.

Paragon Paths: The Road of Mastery

Warlock Paths and Magicians of no Distinction

One of the distinct features of the Warlock Class is that a vast majority of its Paragon Paths are available only to a specific pact- and since there is no way to gain a second pact before you must choose you paragon path, i'm afraid that a vast majority of Warlock Specific paths are cut off from you forever. But do not despair! There are several... generic paths, as well as a Warlock Path of ill repute, available to all comers.

Academy Master: Academy Master is one of the best available Paragon Paths available to you- due to the strength of Eyes of the Vestige. This paragon path focuses mostly on increasing the "fundamentals" of your character- including giving you an improved version of Eyes, increasing its accuracy, and ultimately pushing its damage higher. Nothing in this class is wasted, none of it is bad- it will improve your accuracy all around, retain your powers even if you fail to use them properly (without invoking that damnable Star of Caiphon) and ultimatly transform your most average and dependable attacks into truly monstrous spells. The only reason not to take this Path is that it will permanently reduce the number of Vestiges you have by 1 in Epic Tier.

Familiar Keeper: If you have a familiar, and you love your familiar- and i do mean love it, you may be tempted to take this class. Its not terrible- but it will force you to use your Intelligence for two of its attacks. Familiars are discussed in the Strange Happenings section of this guide.

God Fragment:
God Fragment is a subtle, but powerful, class that adds a substantial amount of Utility in all forms to your character. The automatic healing when spending an actionpoint is often going to be roughly equivilant to a no action/no surge second wind (or slightly lower depending on your con). The +3 bonus to death saving throws can be combined with any number of similar bonuses to help construct the "Unkillable" builds that offer excellent options to players (especially Revenants). The +2d10 on crits is mildly suspect, but additional damage is additional damage. Deific Decay, the Encounter Power, is a straight damage power- but sadly relies on Necrotic Damage. Deific Doom is a powerful aura that combines well with many of your other debuffing powers- but it will also help you keep your Vestige Attack powers with a (Save Ends) effect on enemies longer. Finally a Daily Dominate that deals additional damage, or dazes, and grants you an excellent Pact Boon and Augment is no laughing matter. If Deific Decay was slightly stronger this path would easily be Light Blue- as it is it hovers at the edge.

The Hexer and the Vestigelock have a strange relationship- namely that your Pact Boon (and thus the point of your curses) can change over the course of the fight altering your tactics. When you have a powerful boon, or a particularly aplicable one to a fight at hand (free saves, movement, aoe damage etc.) the Hexer becomes a terrifying class that allows you to cover the board with curses that will inevitably lead to your enemies demise. On the other hand- when you are relying on your basic Vestiges or find yourself in a situation where the Vestige's boon is only partially useful- you'll find that your boon is manifesting often... but you aren't taking advantage of it properly. Also choosing the Hexer will permanently reduce the number of Vestiges available to you by 1 (since you don't get a level 20 vestige- and you can't retrain the power), so keep that in mind.

Sea Tyrant Oracle: The Sea Tyrant Oracle is similar in many ways to the Harbinger of Doom epic destiny- it doesn't so much improve your character as much for making up for the flaws of the dice, and ultimatly that makes it hard to judge. Your passive powers help you when you fail to do something, not so much in your planning, but based on luck. Your minor evade power allows you to momentarily get away from a foe if they caught you off guard. +20 Initiative Once per day as a utility is quite powerful and will almost always assure you go quickly in combat, and Doomsday Portent is an excellent control spell for Solo Monsters- but it lacks damage and that is one of your jobs as a Striker. Sadly the Vestige of the Sea Tyrant is one of the more boring vestiges- its Attack is essentially a rehash of Shax (except worse). Its Boon and Augment are excellent- but they were already available to you twice over with Shax and Amaan (and yes I'm aware that Slide is better than Push/Pull- but i dont think its worth taking an entire PP over.)

Racial Paths

First thing of note- choosing these Racial Paragon Paths will ultimately limit the total number of Vestiges you can have. Second thing of note- I am only listing the Paragon Paths that i feel have a Black Rating or above, purple and red paths will not be discussed. Third item of note- Revenants can access many of these paragon paths without being associated with their races- an advantage i strongly suggest if you want these classes but don't want the associated race.

Adroit Explorer- This is probably one of those classes that is amazing for any build, of any type, at any time. Sure you can focus and be super specific and find builds that have it "Better", but i challenge you to find a build in which this is a BAD choice.

Scion of Arkhosia- If you choose to be a Dragonborn Vestigelock, and more power to you, then you are going to need to take advantage of the benefits that you have been given. Namely your incredibly potent dragon-breath... and this class will let you do that by granting it additional damage types and versatile uses. Additionally, the actionpoint power Draconic Outburst will allow you to deal some damage to anything thats trying to corner you. Flight Speed, two kinds of it, are excellent maneuverability- even if they are slightly less useful in combat. However because (and i admit i may be wrong on this) using the daily excludes use of the encounter, using the encounter excludes use of the daily, and using the minor action excludes use of both- but the breath itself is going to be so potent that you may well be ok with that.

Shiere Knight- Most of your powers will be based of of Int with this path- fortunately for you as an Eladrin you're likely to be blessed with anywhere between a 16-18 Int by the time you've reached paragon, if not higher. Shiere Knight has a very powerful level 11 ability, namely that 90% of the dominates in the game become 75% less effective on you. Combine that with extra mobility, defense when using your utilities, a minor dominate of your own and an AOE control power- this is a great way to add a dearth of control into an already excellent control based Striker.

Turathi Highborn- Sadly this class isn't nearly as good for you as it is for your Charisma Lock buddies. Not saying its bad- its far from it- but you wont reach the level of ridiculous power that a Fey or Charisma Based Star Lock will off of it. A bonus to damage, a useful effect on your racial, and constitution based attacks all mark this as a useful, but Niche class. It gets better if you have a higher charisma or have taken twofold pact with a Charisma Pact.

Avenging Haunt- Revenant continues to get some serious love. At level 16 this class essentially gives you an extra Bloodied Value hitpoints- because you aren't going down until you GO DOWN. Combine that with a long range retort of equal damage (sadly its necrotic), a Shadow Form Utility power that lets you continue to attack, and a powerful damage + control effect that makes enemies think twice about attacking until they make a save? Yes its necrotic focused- but unless you're in a super undead heavy campaign that's only going to be an issue some of the time- and the utility and survivability of this class make up for it. Oh and you get to use your Constitution for all attacks and your daily power keys off of it for Damage.

Drow Wanderer-Similar to the Dragonborn, the Drow Wanderer is one of those classes that lets you take advantage of your racials to a large degree. When you consider that your racials (and by Paragon you can probably use them each once per encounter) are fantastic- that actually makes this a very potent class. Thanks to Shadow Walk its easier to start combat with enemies unaware of your existence. Just had it pointed out to me that despite its picture being a Drow Holding a Bow- none of the powers can be used with anything but Melee. So... if you are a Drow Gish-Vestigelock using a Pact Blade and you want to take a melee oriented class that takes advantage of your stealth and gives you some solid choices- SKY BLUE! Everyone else- STAY AWAY!

Other Paths

Blood Mage (PHB) - As many have pointed out- this probably should have just been a Con-lock path from the start. Extra Damage on an AP, Hurt Yourself (and you have the hitpoints to do so) to cause gigantic pain, and your Second Wind becomes an AOE. Thats before we get to the powers- which if you upped your Int Enough are terrifying in everyway (especially when you consider the push/pull/slide effects you can get on your own or through Duel Pacting into Infernal). All around excellent- its only weakness is the reliance in INT which, except for Githyanki, has no Racial synergy with Constitution.

Clockwork Engineer (EPG) -If you dipped into Artificer you may have noticed all the cute little Summoning Powers they get- and perhaps you wanted to add some of those in for yourself. This path makes those summoned creatures tick (hahahaha!). The encounter power is difficult terrain + damage, the utility will keep a minion around a bit longer, and the Daily Summons a fairly nasty piece of work that offers healing, damage and marking. All in all its a nice choice if you wanted to grab minions.

Daggermaster (PHB) - Of course it makes the list. Crit Range Increase alone makes this path somewhat worthwhile- you can feat around to make the melee options possible or just swap the encounter out. It gets better if you took Eldritch Strike because it gives you another reason to be in melee.

Iron Vanguard (PHB) - I want to extend thanks to ChaosMage for opening my eyes on this one. There is some amazing synergy between the Push + con damage features, the auto healing whenever you drop someone, and the Stat Free Defense + Stay up a round feature. The Utility is magical, though i dont recomend keeping the Encounter power. The Daily offers you a healing surge and some mild damage if nothing else. An excellent defensive pick or Gish Option.

(PHB) - Kensei and Strikers are like Salt and Pepper; You always have to consider adding it to the pot. +1 to hit and +4 damage with a pact blade is solid- Masterstroke isn't terrible due to its accuracy bonus and you might be slightly gishy allready. Ultimate Parry is an acceptable defensive utility. Weapon Soul dance lets you make all the attacks even if you do nothing but miss. Another Excellent Gish Build.

Lyrander Wind Rider (EPG) - Mark of Storms is allready pretty damn good- there's enough fly powers in a warlocks repetour to get some real mobility out of it. There's also a decent number of Thunder powers (though we do skimp a bit on the Lightning- though Arcane Adamixture can deal with that). The real treat here is getting your con Damage twice over on your thunder attack powers- if you can have thunder on your eyes of the vestige from level 1 on. The attacks are solid damage with good push and control- all around an excellent choice and solid GOLD if you are taking Storm Sovereign as your epic destiny.

Self Forged (EPG) - This is another Gishy Option- more tough than damage though. The defensive options mesh up nicely with our Toughness though- and if you were jealous of the Warforged but took another race than this can give you all of their good stuff.

Simbarch of Algarond (FRPG) - If all you want is toughness- you cant go wrong with the Simbarch. Free Durable Feat, Free Healing when you AP, Extra Healing when Bloodied- a powerful encounter attack that will usually hit (+8 extra modifier!) and adds some nice damage to your repeated attacks after. A way to heal if your healer goes down and a Big old Blast that only hurts enemies but fixes the hell out of you. Sadly the big blast relies on Int- otherwise this class is great.

Epic Destinies: Master of the Thousand Voices

Feats: The Tricks and the Trade

Rods, Wands, and Tools of Binding

Tactics for the Mad: How to take those silly voices and make them dangerous.

Vestige Theory: How many voices should i have in my head?

Strange Happenings: Combo's, tricks, and minutia.

sweet Binders were among my favorite classes in 3.5 and I am so glad to see them in 4th as a part of the warlock class and to see a handbook devoted to them.
Not bad so far, but I disagree with your Half-Elf rating for several reasons:

1.) Constitution boost. Anything with a boost in the primary stat deserves nothing less than a blue rating.

2.) Charisma isn't worthless. It boosts Will Defense, lets you get by with social skills, and with a minor 3 points of investment at character creation, a Half-Elf Vestigelock can be rocking with a 19-20 Crit range at Epic Tier.

3.) Dilettante isn't super-useful to a Conlock, I'll admit. But still, you can pull out one of the Wizard's AOE bursts and have decent accuracy with it. You get it At-Will in Paragon Tier as well.

Sure, Half-Elves get a lot of hype on the CharOp boards, but they do live up to some of it. So, anyway, at a least a blue rating for Half-Elves is what I'm saying here.

Keep it up.
Yea half elves are blue for all of the above reasons in my opinion.

In terms of dilettante I think there are a few good choices using just int...

Wizard-scorching burst, illusory terrain, storm pillar, etc pick powers that help you control the battlefield or debuff as an alternative to EotV or eldritch blast. You can also use wands to avoid multiple implements.

swordmage- swordburst though I am unsure if this works with a pact dagger without the multiclass feats.

Artificier- Magic Weapon- you can use this when you are forced into mellee in addition it boosts everybody around you and with your high con you can boost them a lot. It would require you to use a pact weapon of some sort. Lastly there is a shocking power that is implement based (I think they can use rods) that is an int attack and deals d8 damage and if you hit it reduces the damage they deal by your con mod. This can be used in both mellee and ranged so it is even versatile.

EDIT: As an example take a half elf warlock who takes the shocking attack from the artificer (sorry still can not remember the name). Stats: Str-11 Con-18 10-Dex Int-16 Wis-8 Cha-15

This warlock will have fine attacking power with rods and can use the shocking power in paragon when he is engaged in mellee or when he wants to reduce the damage of the enemy. he will also get imp. crit in the epic tier with no problems. All he gives up are extra armor until epic, a 20 attack stat, and other races cool stuff. I think this sort of build would require a blue rating and I think this is just a basic build. I think with implement expertise (rods) a 16 attack stat for your extra power will be fine especially since it shares the same implement.
Hybridization looks like an interesting prospect, either as a Con Swordmage "Chicken" or a Con Artificier.
Have to disagree on Dragonborn. They may not have stat boosts to either the primary or secondary, but the CHA boost means that putting 13 in CHA will make you ready for Implement mastery at Epic Tier. Also you can key Dragonbreath off of CON, and you can apply your curse damage off of a Breath attack if you miss with your regular attack. Add that Dragon Breath damage keys off CON, you'll have a much more damaging Breath attack than the average Dragonborn.

Also the boosted healing will help out if you do get smacked around, and the STR boost does mean you can invest in heavier armours.

Now, admittedly, Dragonborn make better Infernal Pact warlocks due to the Draconic Spellcaster feat, but it's still possible to make a solid Vestige Pact Warlock with one.
As far as Charisma is concerned: there are a couple of Vestige dailies which key off of Charisma for some reason. You might want to mid-line CHA in case you want one of those powers.

As far as Half-Elf Dilettante with an implement power, just take Arcane Implement Proficiency at level one and pick the light blade group (or Dagger) and then you can use that implement type for your Warlock powers *and* for the Dilettante implement power. It's really nice if you decide you want some synergy with being a Swordmage since you can now use a rapier as your implement (or a scimitar!) and you don't even need Weapon Prof. with it (unless you happen to take Weapon powers instead of implement powers.)

I am kind of up in the air about the Vestige pact. It seems overly complicated to try to keep up with everything but I guess if I play one I may think differently. I'm currently working on a Changeling Artificer and I don't think my Genasi Feylock would forgive me for trying another Warlock just yet. ;)
Iron vanguard can be an even better PP for a vestigelock than for a helllock; there are several vestiges that let you push with either your pact boon or Eyes. It mostly comes into its own in late paragon, though. It can be done as a hexhammer or you can ignore strength and give up on the encounter power (daily is still awesome on a miss).

Also, you didn't rate the sorcerer or bard multiclass. Granted, as cha based classes you probably won't get much out of them besides utilities.
Finished Heroic Tier, did some editing, and put up a format for the Vestiges that makes them easier to read than my ramblings. I may put up some "Theory" "Strategy" posts before i finish evaluating powers.

@Crimsondawn: I also loved the Binder which is why I'm doing this- also because i feel like nobody loves the Vestige Lock... and i want more support from it for Wizards. I would hate to see an end to Vestige Powers just because nobody paid attention. Also since you've noticed- Artificer is easily the best Multiclass option i've discovered for the Vestige-Lock... which is a rather interesting and weird combo.

@ Lord Ventnor: While i respect your opinion (and i really do) I still don't agree with you that Half Elves deserve a Blue Rating. There are a lot of races with Con bonuses (monster races are especially prevalent with them) and I don't think that it qualifies Half Elves for blue status based on that alone (see Orcs, Minotaurs, Gnolls...) . As for boosting the will defense with Charisma... yes. The more I've been thinking about it the more i realize that Charisma is a better stat for Vestige-Locks than Wisdom is. So i suppose Charisma has its uses- even if its just a 12/15 for the Crit at epic. My main problem with the Half Elf is that Dilettante gets so much focus- and that there's much less to take advantage of as a Vestige-Lock. Personally i think they fall somewhere between Blue and Black- but I'm willing to raise them up since that's the general consensus.

@Akhorahil: I haven't looked closely at the Hybridization rules since they aren't RPGA legal, and that's where i currently do the majority of my playing. I did see the "Chicken" Build on the boards and was impressed by it- though i think it works slightly better for the Infernal Lock build since there are fewer reactive Vestige Powers.

@Undrhil: I didn't see any of those Charisma based Vestiges when i went to find them. Can you cite one for me? Also, since i haven't started on the feats yet, you haven't gotten a chance to see my opinion on Rapier Pact blades (short version: I like them).

@Chaosmage: Thanks for pointing that out- i fixed it. Also Iron Vanguard is something i'll have to take a closer look at.
Generally looks good, here are some notes:
Half-Elves are extremely good Vestige Warlocks. Basically, they're identical to humans in many respects. I really don't see how Eladrin are better than them. Compared to humans:
Cons: 1 less feat, skill, -1 Fort/Ref(neither of which are problem areas), and one less at-will(probably Eldritch Strike, which is really nice)
Pros: able to pick up a key at-will as a dilettante(swordburst, static shock, magic weapon(Int+1 vs AC to hit, give Con-bonus to damage to adjacent allies on a hit, not just to the target, works in melee or at range), and gain a bonus to two useful skills. 15 starting Cha means you qualify for Warlock Implement Mastery without sacrificing an 18 Con or 16 Int.

Bard: Lifesinger Paragon Path is excellent given that it gives you 2 chances to hit with Will Attacks. Not quite the same as Divine Oracle - no 2 rolls automatically, but no daze either.

Invoker: Flame of Hope Paragon Path. Yow. +Int to many things and decent powers, even with a relatively low wisdom. Righteous Resurgence is amazing for a Dwarf who raises Con/Int...basically an additional close burst 5 encounter power that heals yourself, boosts your defenses, does auto-hit damage, grants decent temp hit points to allies and is a minor action. This alone should make it purple.

God Fragment: This one sounds better than it is. If you're going to spend an action point, you want to spend it at the start of combat(at least in theory) when you won't need the healing, not the 2nd+ round of combat where you likely will need the healing.

Sea Tyrant Oracle: Slide Int as a pact boon and Slide Int as an augment means you're basically in control of the terrain. Given the next level after getting this, you can get it as an automatic Vestige, this paragon path should be blue. There's just so much you can do with that power, especially if you have access to zones.

With the new RPGA legal background of Windrise(Dragon 376), there's a lot of strong options there. Eladrin Warlock/Wizard/Bard who goes Resourceful Magician(Dragon 376, also) and only takes Wizard encounter powers after 15th as an example.
Thanks for this great effort.
I am currently playing a vestige lock and loving every minute of it.

Brave move to put the half-elf on black, and I can see why. Implements and being CON-based reduces the usefullness of dilettant to...storm pillar. The accuracy with other powers will be so low that they will a waste of an action. The Cha is useful for gaining the crit boost feat at epic!

I am not in love with the God Fragment Path: Deific Decay is about the worst paragon encounter power around (low damage, necrotic damage, targets Fort). Deific Doom requires you to be within 2 squares of your enemies (that is not a place you want to be)
Brave move to put the half-elf on black, and I can see why. Implements and being CON-based reduces the usefullness of dilettant to...storm pillar. The accuracy with other powers will be so low that they will a waste of an action. The Cha is useful for gaining the crit boost feat at epic!

It might seem like that, but the truth is that Warlocks don't have a lot of area burst options. And the dilettante powers I listed can be really amazing for a Vestigelock...

Magic Weapon has a +1 to hit built-in, and if you attack and hit while adjacent to other party members, you give them a power bonus of +1 to hit/+Con to damage. It isn't specific to your target, either - they can attack whoever they choose. It targets AC and uses a weapon and is melee/ranged. One target only. You curse the minion, attack the minion, get your pact boon, and give a +6 power bonus to damage...

Static Shock reduces damage by Con if you hit on the opponent's next attack, targets reflex, and is melee/ranged(so no provoking). One target only.

Chilling Cloud has an automatic -2 penalty to hit if you're still in the burst 1 radius. Enemies only. Great for forcing the opponent marked by the Fighter to either take a -2 penalty to hit or cause an AO. Sure, you might miss a little more often. But think about what happens after a Fighter uses Come and Get It. You can also increase the burst radius to 3.

Swordburst is pretty easy to boost with feats to be close burst 3. Enemies only again. If you're dealing with opponents who can stick to you in melee, that's a melee option in any case.
And don't forget Storm Pillar doesn't require an attack roll. You've got the INT in any case, but you don't really need much of it.
And don't forget Storm Pillar doesn't require an attack roll. You've got the INT in any case, but you don't really need much of it.

That's actually a problem - no roll, no curse damage...
Vestige of Ulgar (AP)

Attack: A low damage burst that creates a zone that hurts your friends? Um... we can do better.
Pact Boon: Move that hurtful zone! Move it! This is what your friends will be screaming as they burn. The fact that you can't move the zone without activating your pact boon... that's just terrible.
Augment: Fire Damage and the removal of concealment. This is probably the best part of this Vestige. Sadly its not extra fire damage... its just a transformation of your incredibly difficult to resist power into a very easily resisted one. *sigh* Oh Ulgar.

I disagree with your rating on the Vestige of Ugar. The Initial Damage might be weak, but it creates a hurtful zone. You say that you will hurt your allies too much, but you can choose where you place the zone and your allies can be tactically intelligent. When your Pact Boon triggers, you can intelligently move the zone to burn as many enemies as possible. The augment is rather weak, but is good against those lurkers that want to stay in the shadows.
Overall, I think this power deserves a Blue rating.
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I have to agree on the low rating of this power.
The damage is not good enough and the fact that it can only move as a pact boon (= out of your direct control) does not make it better.
The augment is very situational and imposes a worse damage type.
I have to agree on the low rating of this power.
The damage is not good enough and the fact that it can only move as a pact boon (= out of your direct control) does not make it better.
The augment is very situational and imposes a worse damage type.

"out of your direct control"? Since when is killing cursed enemies out of your direct control. Get out there and kill the bad guys. When you kill a cursed enemy, you get your pact boon. Hardly out of your direct control.

Edit: Storm Pillar does allow for the user to roll damage (1d6 + INT modifier, if I remember right) so you would still get to apply curse damage, wouldn't you? Or do you have to attack the target before you can get that extra damage?

As to the multiclass options, if you can qualify for Bard, I would recommend Bardic Ritualist over Bardic Dilettante, especially if you think you will want to be casting rituals. Bardic Ritualist gives you the Bardic Training class feature, which lets you take two free 1st level rituals, one of which requires the 'bard' prerequisite and that one can be cast once per day with no component cost.

I wish Learned Spellcaster gave you the Wizard's ritual gaining class feature, but they rolled that into the Spellbook feature, so you won't be getting that so easily. And, I'm hoping Arcane Power 2 lets you get the Artificer's ritual class feature: getting the magic item rituals for free and being able to use disenchant magic item without component costs is a good thing.
What I mean is that you cannot move it when you want to. You have to wait until your pact boon triggers. I'm completely with you on killing the bad guys, but If an ally is immobilised or slowed or stunned or otherwise trapped inside my zone, I want to move my zone ASAP or dismiss it. I can't do either with this power.

And alas, you have to hit with a power to trigger your curse damage.
Just moved from one point in the country to another- but i will continue to update this guide. Expect to see Tactics and Paragon Powers tomorrow.

As for a few other things...

a) I moved Half Elf up a step to blue, although i personally feel that its a Race that you need to take extremely specific stats and powers for it to do so- namely you need to grab Artificer at-wills and push your Charisma to a 15 to make it at all worth while. Storm Pillar, as has been pointed out, is an acceptable control option- but when you compare the standard action you took to cast it to the power of any other races Encounter Power- i ask you to evaluate if that was a good move.

b) Ugar is not a blue power, it is not a black power. It is a power that does low damage on an AOE, harms your friends, and gives an unstable buff to an excellent spell. It doesn't move unless you kill something, its easy to get away from, and its control is situational. All these things are the very definition of a Purple or Red power. Feel free to take it and love it, thats one of the best things about DND, you are free to make your own choices.

c) God Fragment- i understand people may question me on this one, but let me explain my experiences with it. I am currently playing a Revenant Vestige Warlock- the necrotic damage works with many of my other abilities and while its damage is potentially low- i have also rolled titanically huge numbers on the d12's, combined with the multiple d6's of curse to do a fantastic amount of pain to a target. Necrotic Resistance does exist, but if you aren't fighting undead regularly you'd be surprised how little it comes up.

The aura is short range- fortunately as a Constitution based character it is not lethal for you to get that close- especially when chasing +3 Point Blank Shots (Thanks Zutwa!) also it only takes a little planning to charge in after activating the aura and other control powers to lock down the accuracy of an enemy to -6 (if you have Psychic Lock and Illmeth going) + another -2 if someone else marked them- and keeping their saves low. Especially if you consider that you can swap places to get into/out of range of using the aura on enemies (once again assuming you have Illmeth going). Later on you can consider the power an extra +2 AC against melee attacks- which is a power i would gladly take.

As a Revenant who has also taken some of the other "Die Hard" Feats- the +3 bonus to death saves is amazing. The healing when spending an action point is part of my "I don't go down" trick- since you aren't unconscious you can spend the action point- heal and then take two standards when enemies expected you to be lying face down. As for opening the fight with an action point- that is a play style that i dont follow (mostly because my GM is tricky and rarely gives us a straightforward "What you see is what your fighting" kind of encounter) but if you have the opportunity to do so i can see why you might see the feature as less useful.

Also Dormant Power continues to grow on me - extra damage is never a bad thing - as my Fighter friend noted to me recently "Huh, you basically have a Vicious Weapon built into that rod." which is pretty solid considering that the main complaint about Warlocks has always been the low base damage.

As always i welcome criticism and discussion and if i agree with you will gladly change parts of the guide- thanks for reading.
b) Ugar is not a blue power, it is not a black power. It is a power that does low damage on an AOE, harms your friends, and gives an unstable buff to an excellent spell. It doesn't move unless you kill something, its easy to get away from, and its control is situational. All these things are the very definition of a Purple or Red power. Feel free to take it and love it, thats one of the best things about DND, you are free to make your own choices.

I think that's being extremely harsh to it. It is a burst 2 zone that if your target doesn't have fire resistance essentially does 2d10+Con, 1d10 damage of which is automatic. That's reasonably decent damage.

And if your party knows how to work with a zone, it certainly helps out. I'd call it Black. Blue is if its augment wasn't so situational.
I'm with Soyim on Ugar. An enemy controller can too easily use the zone against the party. And the augment is too situational.

I see your point about the God Fragment. Great synergy with revenant. I give you that!;)

For what it's worth, I never use an action point before I'm sure there are no surprises and other stuff in the encounter.
Looks like a good guide so far. Minor note on Leraje that might or might not effect your opinion. Shadow walk provides concealment not cover and cover and concealment stack so the boon isn't useless

I haven't lost my mind I've simply misplaced it

Nice catch!
There is some discussion on the Vestige Adept feat. It is a badly worded feat.
I think it is possible to burn a daily vestige in the first encounter of the day and than switch to that vestiges pact boon and augment every time your pact boon triggers.
What do you guys think?
Currently as written that is a valid argument. Customer service seems to be answering "no comment" so expect table variation, just like the pact hammer before it was errata'ed
Please change the Good color to blue. Having trouble reading it.
Constitution - This is my Constitution. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Constitution is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. My Constitution, without me, is useless. Without my Constitution, I am useless. (Recommended Starting Value: 16 or 18 before racial bonuses.)

lol, I like the Jarhead reference.
Shadow Walk
Free Concealment for moving three spaces. Thats a +2 bonus to all defenses for a turn and the ability to hide if you choose to take it.

The stealth rules have been updated, so you need total cover or total concealment to hide. This means you cannot hide by means of the concealment obtained from Shadow walk.
Stupidity should be painful!
Great thread.. the Binderlock is among my favorite lock pacts to date.. i hope to see more soon..

again, good stuff...
What would be some good feats for a Human Vestige Lock, say up to level 11, and then a PP to take?

I'm guessing since this guide hasn't been updated in a long while, we're never going to see epic tier or the feats section filled out?
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