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Bunko's Bargain Basement 4E: Magic Items Worth Your Time

Welcome to Bunko's Bargain Basement,we apologise for our absence from the 4E forums but we lost the address!! But we are here and bringing the best items this world has to offer. Feel free to browse and let us know what you think. If you don't find something,let us know and we'll have it on our shelves in no time at all. If you think something is poorly rated,or given too much credit we will rectify it quickly. Also just to keep the clutter down we will only have items of at least a [b]Black[/b] rating. Otherwise,happy shopping!

-Just a note,please feel free to toss items out from any source. However let it be known I do not have any of the Dragon's,nor do I have the Eberron Player's Guide (yet anyway). So I will post them as black until a majority agrees that it should be something else. Thanks for understanding

[b]Agile Armor[/b]: (AV,lvl 5) For Heavy Armors; Add your Dex mod up to +3 to your AC when not bloodied,so baiscally an AC boost half the time solid enough.

[b]Armor of Durability[/b]: (AV,lvl 5) For Hide,Chain,Scale,Plate; Add the enhancement bonus to the amount healed anytime you spend a healing surge,a good property indeed for frontliners.

[b]Armor of Resistance[/b]: (AV,lvl 2) For Any; Provides a sizable resistance to one damage type chosen at the armors creation. Good for those common resistances such as fire,or acid.

[b]Armor of Sacrifice[/b]: (AV,lvl 5) For All Heavy Armors; This is included for the tanks out there,the At-Will power is solid,and the power is dcent as well as it helps keeps your softer friends alive longer. However this should be at least [b]BlueBlue[/b] for Dreadnaughts as they can steal the effect,and then use their ability to immediately save against it as they don't make saving throws,they just save.

[b]Assassin Bane Armor[/b]: (AV,lvl 15) For Any Armor; Never being surprised is a property that is worth looking at as some monsters do very bad things to you if they can get the jump on you.

[b]Black Iron Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 4) While only for Scale/Plate users it does provide resistance to 2 of the most common damage types. Fire & Necrotic as a static property.

[b]Bloodiron Armor[/b]: (AV,lvl 8) For Scale,Plate; A +2 item bonus to AC for doing what you should be doing anyway,hitting things upon the head.

[b]Bonegrim Armor[/b]: (AV,lvl 14) For Plate only; Provides scaling resistance to necrotic & poison,as well as some nifty extra effects as you level. However taking it off is a bit of a problem. However being able to stay awake during an extended rest,and not needing to eat are decentproperies themselves.

[b]Curseforged Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 3) For Chain/Scale users this armors Daily power applies a nice scaling attack negative for something that hits you. It's save ends,and they have to save for every penalty point so the negative will last a good while.

[b]Deathcut Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 5) For Leather/Hide armor,resist 5 necrotic/poison as a static property and the daily power tosses out a decent chunk of damage. A nice pick for any Cha based class.

[b]Delver's Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 3) For any armor;Once per day give yourself a +2 power bonus to a saving throw. Nothing fancy but it works as sometimes you need that just enough to end that nasty effect.

[b]Displacer Armor[/b]: (AV,lvl 14) For All Light Armors; For the rest of the encounter enemies must roll twice and take the lower result. Nuff said.

[b]Dwarven Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 2) For Chain,Scale,Plate; The bonus to Endurance checks is nice,as several bad things force you to use this skill to resist,however it's the power that makes this shine. Free action healing that doesn't use a surge is simply too good to pass up. For anyone using these types of armor this is almost always your best choice.

[b]Eladrin Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 3) For Chain only;Not quite as useful as it could be,however Warlocks who want to go the heavy armor route this is the pick as with the new lvl 10 Ethereal Sidestep,this armor went up a notch to say the least.

[b]Exalted Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 5) For Chain only; for dedicated healer's this armor really cranks up your healing abilites for the turn. However that being said if the effect lasted longer this armor would be alot better.

[b]Magic Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 1) For any type of armor; Nothing special but it gets the job done in keeping you alive so it deserves a spot right here,even if it is bordering on Purple.

[b]Repulsion Armor[/b]: (AV,lvl 2) For Cloth,Leather; Until the end of the encounter as an immediate reaction if something moves next to you pus it 1 square.Combine with push extenders to give yourself some breathing room.

[b]Sylvan Armor[/b]PHB,lvl 3) For all light armors; Very good item for those who actually enjoy scouting ahead of the party.

[b]Trollskin Armor[/b]: (PHB,lvl 15) For Hide & Scale; Encounter long regen is certainly something we have to concider.

[b]Veteren's Armor[/b]: (AV,lvl 1) For Any; Depends on whether or not
your DM uses the errata for the item, if he does the armor is all but worthless. However if he doesn't, this item is amazing[b] DeepSkyBlue [/b] period as the power is insane.
reserved 2

[b]Adamantine Weapon[/b]: Any melee; Resistance's are rather common,so the scaling property of this item will definitely come in handy more often than not.

[b]Battlecrazed Weapon[/b]: Axe,Heavy Blade; Extra damage is always nice,and you'll be bloodied a time or two in your career so this is an ok choice.

[b]Battlemaster's Weapon[/b]: Any; Regaining an encounter power of any level is simply cheesy.

[b]Bloodclaw[/b]: Any melee; If you know anything about these forums you know about this weapon and what it does. Simple put a great way to increase your damage output.

Bloodiron[b][/b]: Vorpal makes your crits bigger,this makes you 'crit' again for free by dealing extra damage the next round. There's a debate as to whether or not it's the crit damage you dealt last turn,or if you need to roll it again. Either way this makes your crits something to be feared.

[b]Brilliant Energy[/b]: Any; A Radiant weapon for high lvls. Aside from that it gets a decent encounter power but Radiant is simply better.

[b]Controlling[/b]: Polearms; A great choice for Polearm users as the property gives them excellent battlefield control.

[b]Crusader's[/b]: Hammer,Mace; The property is solid as radiant is a common vulnerability and a rarely resisted type. It can be used as a holy symbol,and the power is wonderful for those looking to abuse RRoT.

Footpad's Friend[b][/b]: Light Blade; A solid weapon for Artful Dodger rogues as the property adds a good bit of damage to your SA. Combine with Sly flourish for some hard hits.

[b]Forceful[/b]: Bow; A great way to spill out some battlefield control,especially for Ranger who have a lot of multi-hit powers.

[b]Frost[/b]: Any; Cheaper than flaming,and the synergy with Lasting Frost/Wintertouched is just plain wrong.

[b]Grasping[/b]:Polearm,Spear; An oddball enchantment that can be used with surprising results,especially if you pick up the improved grab feat.

[b]Holy Avenger[/b]:Axe,Hammer,Heavy Blade; Being able to wield your weapon as an implement has it's uses,mostly for saving cash. However that being said this weapon certainly is not lacking. The property is good,the power is great,and it can be slapped onto the best weapon types.

Mace of Healing[b][/b]: Mace; A great way to boost your healing powers. It's no Healer's weapon but it's still a good pick for those who actually don't mind maxing their healing.

[b]Moradin's[/b]: Hammer; If you worship Moradin,this weapon is very good,the power happens on a hit so you're almost guaranteed to land the effect.

[b]Pact Hammer[/b]:Hammer; This weapon is only worth if for being a Hexhammer, and even then that's only if your DM will let you keep the second property which was errata'd.

[b]Magic Weapon[/b]: Any; While nothing special it get's the job done,abd being dirt cheap helps too.

Prime Shot[b][/b]: any ranged; useful for those archery rangers that enjoy getting close enough to gain their prime shot bonus.

[b]Radiant[/b]: Any;One of the best weapons out there as the property can be triggered by the power of the item,resulting in a decent bit of extra damage.

[b]Reckless[/b]: Any melee accept reach; Same situation as Bloodclaw,cheesy,but effective.

[b]Staggering[/b]: Axe,Flail,Hammer,Heavy Blade,Mace; Combined with sliding powers,using one of these can sending something halfway across the board. Combine with Eldritch Strike At-Will for some cheesy battlefield maneuvers.

[b]Sunblade[/b]: Heavy Blade; The poor man's Radiant weapon. That being said it does a good job at mimicking it's higher level cousin.

[b]Thundergod[/b]: Any melee; For builds such as the SuperCharger,or just those who like to charge,this weapon will add a nice bit of damage to your attacks.

Tigerclaw Gauntlets[b][/b]: Spiked Gauntlets; An interesting item that was totally nerfed by errata. However if your DM allows this as is in the book,then it goes up a notch as the power turns back into per encounter.

[b]Wounding[/b]: Axe,Bow,Crossbow,Heavy Blade,Light Blade,Spear; There are many powers that tack on ongoing damage,which includes the daily of this weapon. that being said this can impose a simple massive penalty for the enemy to try and shrug off that ongoing pain.

Vicious[b][/b]: Any; Nothing fancy but the crits coming from these weapons hurt a lot,a decent enough substitute until you can get Vorpal.

[b]Vorpal[/b]: Axe,Heavy Blade; It's the highest lvl weapon in the game,it's expensive,and everything about it still makes all of that look under priced and well within reach. Your crits deal obscene amounts of damage,and the item power packs quite a wallop. If you're wielding an axe/heavy blade,this is likely your weapon of choice.

[b]Black Feather of the Raven Queen[/b]: Holy Symbol; Smaking something with out of turn immobilization isn't bad.

[b]Cog of Erathis[/b]: Holy Symbol;Move an ally to the initiative right below you,great if your tank or striker is stuck being dead last.

[b]Magic[/b]: Any; Once again nothing fancy but these are needed more for the casters who don't get the nice to hit from WP that melee characters do.

[b]Star of Corellon[/b]: Holy Symbol; Great for those who have MC'd,or even PMC'd as you get a 2-for-1 deal.

[b]Sun Disk of Pelor[/b]: Holy Symbol;Making all your attacks with your symbol radiant damage is something to look at.

[b]Symbol of Divine Reach[/b]: Holy Symbol; Great for those laser clerics who really don't like getting into melee.

[b]Symbol of Divinity[/b]: Holy Symbol;Gain an extra use of RRoT this encounter,or any other CD feat.

[b]Symbol of Radiant Vengeance[/b]: Holy Symbol; Considering that most of the time the enemy is going to be attacking an ally of yours,the property of this item is nothing short of gold.

[b]Symbol of Victory[/b]: Holy Symbol; The power on this item is all you care about,very effective with paths that let you spend action points to do other things,and great synergy with RRoT.

[b]Symbol of the Warpriest[/b]: Holy Symbol;Everytime you hit an ally regains HP,great in combination with healing boosters.

[b]Orb of Arcane Generosity.[/b]: Orb; Free mass healing is a power worth looking at for anyone.

[b]Orb of Coercive Dementia[/b]: Orb; Causing the BBE to lose his biggest power screams control. And if it doesn't have a qualifying target you keep the power to boot.

[b]Orb of Impenetrable Escape[/b]: Orb; Orb wizards are nasty,this just makes them even worse.

[b][/b]: Orb; Orb wizards can do mean things,and now they don't need to hit to do them.

[b] [/b]: Orb;Once again keeping your enemy from making that saving throw can be crucial,even if it means you fail your next,but it's worth the gamble. Oh and you can help your ally out too if you must.

[b]Orb of Ultimate Imposition[/b]: Orb; Yet another strong option for the Orb Wizard,whom likely carry a few of these if they have the cash handy.

[b]Orb of Invasive Fortune[/b]: Orb; Monsters,especially at higher levels tend to recharge powers a lot. This keeps them from getting it that round and gives you an encounter back. Solid.

[b]Bloodcurse Rod[/b]: Rod; Getting your pact boon sooner is usually a good thing.

[b]Lifesapper Rod[/b]: Rod; Healing yourself or allies for damaging an enemy is great,especially if you can screw the enemy out of his saving throw.

[b]Mercurial Rod[/b]: Rod; The property on this item is pretty sweet considering you can just curse the target again and again,to keep getting the damage again and again.

[b]Quick Curse Rod[/b]: Rod; Cursing as a free action any enemy you can see is nice.

[b]Rod of Brutality[/b]: Rod; Brutal 1 for your Warlock's Curse,and eventually Brutal 3.

[b]Rod of the Bloodthorn[/b]: Rod; Chances are after a 1-2 rounds you'll be getting this bonus without much of a problem.

[b]Rod of Corruption[/b]: Rod; Mass cursing is fun as a static property.

Rod of the Feywild[b][/b]: Rod; Greatly enhances the teleport boon of the Fey Pact.

[b]Rod of Harvest[/b]: Rod; Save your pact boon for when you really need it,and it's an encounter to boot.

[b]Rod of the Infernal[/b]: Rod; Can boost your THP to actually useful levels.

[b]Rod of Reaving[/b]: Rod; By itself not that great,but with the Rod of Corruption can clear a room full of minions instantly.

[b]Rod of the Star Spawn[/b]: Rod; Critting on a 19-20 is never a bad thing.

[b]Staff of Power[/b]: Staff; Keeping your dailies is great,even if it doesn't happen too often.

[b]Pure Spirit Totem[/b]: Totem; A rather potent minor action heal for one of your allies.

[b]Spring Renewal Totem[/b]: Totem; Provides a nice scaling regeneration effect on a hit for one of your allies.

[b]Book of Undeniable Fire[/b]: Tome; The property is great for stripping down one of if not the most common resistance,and the power allows you to change your daily into something else entirely

[b]Bracers of Archery[/b]: The archer ranger's way to boost their damage.

[b]Bracers of Mighty Striking[/b]: A solid way to boost damage on basic melee attacks,or things that count as basic melee attacks such as Eldritch Strike.

[b]Bracers of the Perfect Shot[/b]: A good way to boost those powers that also count as a ranged basic attack.

[b]Bracers of Tactical Blows[/b]: Beefing up your OA's is a good thing,and this does a great job of it.

[b]Floating Shield[/b]: Not sinking on any liquid can be useful,even though you still suffer the effects of whatever it is you're walking on.

[b]Iron Armbands of Power[/b]: A solid way for anyone to boost their melee damage capacity.

[b]Quickhit Bracers[/b]: Tempest fighters,and TWF rangers love this item as it really cranks up the damage.

[b]Throwing Shield[/b]: A great item for anyone who can use a shield,and has limited ranged abilities,or just doesn't feel like switching weapons. The power is at will,with a nice to hit bonus,and the power is good,and scales well too.

[b]Trollhide Bracers[/b]: Encounter long regen is a good thing to have for anyone.

[b]Shield of Deflection[/b]: Resist 5 vs all ranged attacks is good for melee characters,especially Battleragers as it really increases their durability.

[b]Battlestrider Greaves[/b]: Extra speed for those slowed by heavy armor is a nice thing to have.

[b]Boots of Speed[/b]: Not as good as they were in 3.5,but still solid enough to consider.

[b]Boots of Teleportation[/b]: Gain a teleport speed equal to your speed. Likely the best feet slot item for 98% of characters.

[b]Rushing Cleats[/b]: Extending your push/slide effects can be handy.

[b]Sandals of Avandra[/b]: Shifting half your speed is nice,and the encounter power is solid as well.

[b]Zephyr Boots[/b]:Gain a fly speed equal to your land speed when in light or no armor,great mobility.

[b]Gauntlets of Destruction[/b]: The original Brutal 1,and it doesn't disappoint.

[b]Gauntlets of the Ram[/b]: Push effect extenders are common,and this another one in the pot.

[b]Gloves of the Healer[/b]: Great way to maximize your healing abilities.

[b]Greatreach Gauntlets[/b]:Extra reach is always good to have around the house.

[b]Strikebacks[/b]: Smack something in the face that just did the same to you once an encounter.

[b]Bronze Serpent[/b]: Massive poison resist and a big bonus to Endurance & Heal checks.

[b]Cap of Water Breathing[/b]: For those times when you just don't feel like drowning.

[b]Circlet of Second Chances[/b]: Extra saving throws can certainly be helpful.

[b]Crown of the World Tree[/b]: Some rituals are very useful,especially when using builds to exploit them as standard actions. This item helps get it rolling.

[b]Eagle Eye Goggles[/b]: Scaling attack bonus that is usable on many At-wills for most casters.

[b]Eye of Awareness[/b]: Two solid properties that are always nice to have.

[b]Eye of Discernment[/b]: Bonus to two of the most useful,if not the most useful skills in the game,and you are no longer bothered by being blinded. Something worth looking at.

[b]Eye of the Earthmother[/b]: Considering many powers,or weapons key off of what a creature is this item can be very helpful. It can also spot minions without fail.

[b]Goggles of the Hawk[/b]: You can now literally see things coming a mile away.

[b]Goggles if Night[/b]: Gain darkvision,something that is severely lacking for player races.

[b]Horned Helm[/b]: Great for those who enjoy charging around the battlefield like Barbarians. Wait a minute....

[b]Helm of Opportunity[/b]:Some people like making those OA builds,this will help them right along.

[b][/b]: Gain regen 10 as long as you are bloodied for the rest of the encounter. Definitely worth picking up.

[b]Ioun Stone of True Sight[/b]: Darkvision,and a MASSIVE bonus to Perception,& Insight. The power is pretty good as well.

[b]Iuon Stone of Spite[/b]: The bonus to Arcana & Intimidate checks is large,but it's the second property that makes this item shine.

[b]Quickening Diadem[/b]: Stunning and dazing happens often,especially at high levels. So the property of this item is useful to say the least.
reserved 8

[b]Amulet of Resolution[/b]AV,lvl 1) Extra saving throws,gotta love them.

[b]Amulet of the Unbroken[/b]: (AV,lvl 29) Once per day,toss out all your healing surges at once for some mega healing.

[b]Amulet of Protection[/b]: (PHB,lvl 1) Cheap,and effective, nothing more to report here.

[b]Brooch of Vitality[/b]: (AV,lvl 15) Extra HP is always good,and considering it adds indirectly to your healing surge value as well that simply makes it better.

[b]Cloak of Distortion [/b]: (AV,lvl 4) Controllers,and artillery will have a hard time hitting you with this item. Great for Battleragers as with this and a Shield of Deflection shore up their only real vulnerability.

[b]Cloak of Invisibility[/b]: (PHB,lvl23) Encounter long invisibility is good,just don't take a hit or it all goes away.

[b]Cloak of the Phoenix[/b]: (AV,lvl 30) You lose all your remaining healing surges,to come back at full HP,after blowing up in the enemies face for revenge. A small price to pay for basically a restart on the encounter.

[b]Cloak of the Walking Wounded[/b]: (AV,lvl 4) If you're bloodied this ensures you won't be for long.

[b]Collar of Recovery[/b]: (AV,lvl 4) Heals the enhancement bonus every time you spend a healing surge to the HP gained.

[b]Gorget of Reciprocity[/b]: (AV,lvl 30) Useful for when you suffer a critical hit,let them know how it feels.

[b]Healer's Brooch[/b]: (AV,lvl 4) Increasing the amount you can heal your allies for at one time is a great thing to have.

[b]Life Charm[/b]: (AV,lvl 25) I will not die,at least as long as you leave me here on the ground alone.

[b]Cloak of Survival[/b]: (PHB,lvl 9) Resist 5 cold & fire,and a bonus to Endurance checks.

[b]Safewing Amulet[/b]: (PHB,lvl 3) Now falling way down really ain't so bad.

[b]Pariapt of Cascading Health[/b]:No info on tis item and I cannot seem to find it but people have been saying it rocks so it is here.

[b]Scarab of Invulnerability[/b]: (PHB,lvl 30) Immune to damage for a round is simply amazing.

[b]Stormwalker's Cloak[/b]: (PHB,lvl 15) A large resistance to lightening & thunder,with a nice power too.

[b]Luminary Ring[/b]: Helps you heal your friends without having to risk your own hide,great for Bards.

[b]Opal Ring of Remembrance[/b]: An item bonus to Intelligence attack rolls is a good thing to have around, and the power is so-so as well.

[b]Ring of Calling[/b]: Great synergy with Boots of Teleportation,get the whole party two of these and the boots and you can cross maps at a time.

[b]Ring of Ramming[/b]: There are many push effects,from the lowly Bull Rush, to things like Tide of Iron. This knocks things around quite well.

[b]Ring of Retreat[/b]: Great for anyone who's picked up Ethereal Stride,Boots of Teleportation,or anyone who has any teleport effects really.

[b]Ring of Tenacious Will[/b]: This ring can replace the Con score for those who take the right background.

[b]Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor[/b]: A good item for anyone,but simply amazing for Dragonborn. Who'da guessed?

[b]Ring of the Phoenix[/b]: Another item that makes you hard to finish off, and punishes the fool who just tried to drop you.

[b]Shadow Band[/b]: Permanent concealment is great for everyone,but really good for anyone with Sneak Attack. And the power is absolutely amazing once you hit a milestone.

[b]War Ring[/b]: By itself a powerful item,if combined with RRoT,a high crit,vorpal weapon, it will absolutely devastate anything hit by it.

[b]Belt of Vigor[/b]: Increasing your healing surges is most certainly a good thing.


[b]Revenant Ankh[/b]: Bring an ally back to lay the beat down for a turn or two.

[b]Salve of Power[/b]: Recharge any power of 5th lvl or lower is simply insane. Rain of Blows,Spitting Cobra stance are just two great powers that this is usually used for.


[b]Companion's Defender[/b]: A solid scaling boost your your companion's defenses.

[b]Guardian's Collar[/b]: Give your buddy a nice bonus to perception checks,and double the chance to not be surprised.


[b]Impenetrable Barding[/b]: Turns your mount into a veritable super tank with an absolutely massive resistance to all damage.

[b]Skystrider Horseshoes[/b]: Don't let the name fool you they aren't just for horses,and that being said having a fly speed for any mount is something to look at.
reserved 11
reserved 12
Nice start, though you have a lot of gaps to expand on. Some immediate thoughts:

Verve Armor deserves mention for Revenants wearing heavy armor. Death save bonuses are becoming increasingly important.

Nice catch on the Grasping Weapon, which hands down is your best "flat rate" enchantment. (And there should be something to be said for leading the pack in upgrading one's bonuses.) The encounter pull effect doesn't limit range, so throw that Grasping spear and pull the ranged targets into a world of hurt ...

Rod of the Infernal in black type? Um, it's almost worth a Warlock MC just to trigger one of these at the start of each fight. Sky blue, I would argue.
Please put level on each item, so I can filter out what I can't afford. Keeping with the tradition of bargains, they need to be first affordable.

If you could, in a later version, please indicate if the item's main star power is a daily or encounter or property/at-will. Those kind of things highly determine if I get the item.

I hope you're done reserving slots cause I've got some good offereings

Tigerclaw gauntlets(7): If you have lots of +'s to melee attacks and as an opening attack. Warlock can use them for all 3 MBA's and by the time you can afford them mounted combat and a giant riding lizard(attacks when you do, ie 3 times) make for a devastating attack

Healer's sash(11): A free healing surge for an ally at no cost. Turns you into a 1/2 healer as there are few good waist options. Also good for the artillery's healing surges to contribute to the battle.

Battle harness(?): Draw an item as a free action.

Mage's dagger(2): Check with your DM. Get an awesome martial power(Fighter level 3) and expend a utility(6, 10, 12...) and turn it into something useful. May require Battle harness or hand familiar to use effeciently.

Bloodclaw(2) and reckless(3) are obvious wins

Lamp of Discerning(5): once it's cheap it gives allies +1 insight/perception, and always welcome. Even a good party investment as it takes no slot.

Lens of Discernment(10): +10 on monster checks as encounter power minor action means you know what's up.

Ruby Scabbard(5): pull out that mage's katana(free prof) for that opportunity attack for free

Staff of Missile Mastery(2): if magic missile is your thing(wizard's fury) a +1 to attack and damage is welcome.

Staff of Ruin(3): enhancement bonus damage, most-likely even your off-hand.

Agile Armor(5): more expensive on the enhancement side, but getting more AC is always worth it.

Eternal chalk(1): mark up that labyrinth that is bound to be in that temple/pyramid/fortress...., "Order of the stick was here"

Hedge wizard's gloves(4): get the 2 more powerful cantrips for great fun and utility outside of combat. Perhaps mage hand can be useful in combat.

Strikebacks(10): free encounter retributive MBA. Mix with Battle Awareness for a catch 22. Unless this has had an errata. like swiftshot crossbow

iron armbands of power for the win

Eagle eye goggles(2) + bracers of the perfect shot(3) for MM, Eldritch blast...

Bracers of Mental Might(6): sometimes you keep them on for that seldom OA, or use them when the wizard needs to help pull something down. this item exemplifies the phrase, "Use your head"

Repulsion armor(2): good use of a daily item usage for good protection all encounter.

Salve of Power(10): Expensive(Daily item usage with a level 10 item and a healing surge) but can potentially give great returns with the proper daily 1/5, ie needs to last all encounter is the standard equivalence for the aforementioned cost

Cloak of Distortion(5): effective +5 AC if you're artillery.

Jagged(12): get that 19-20 crit range early. Only works on axes and H/L blades.

Vanguard(3): +1d8 on all charges

Boots of the fencing master(7): +1 reflex, and +1 AC for shifting, which most of us do anyways.

Boots of eagerness(9): Free move action. Helpful to pull off that nova in 2 rounds.

Feystep lacings(12): 5 teleports / day (5 charges @ 1sqr/charge with move action) but still for bypassing that lock is nice
DPR King Candidates 3.0
How much damage should I shoot for?
You're fired : 1 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .2 KPR Fair Striker : 2 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .4 KPR Highly Optimized : 3 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .6 KPR Nerfbat please : 4 Kills Per 5 Rounds = .8 KPR It's OVER 9000!!!!!: 5 Kills Per 5 Rounds = 1+ KPR
DPR? KPR? KP4R? Bless you
DPR = Damage Per round ~= Chance to hit * damage on a hit KPR = Kills Per Round. 1 Kill = 8*Level+24 damage = DPR/(8*level+24) KPNR = Kills Per N Rounds. How many standards can you kill in N rounds?
Thanks for the info,and I totally spaced on the item level,and I have no idea where the rest of my belt slots are. I will be updating this but I am done for tonight I'm afraid gotta get some sleep and besides my eyes are killing me.
Agile Armor (AV): Heavy Armor(?); Add your DEX mod to your AC, up to a max of +3. Simply incredible.

Battle Harness (AV): Any Armor; Quick Draw Weapons, and add the Enhancement Bonus of the Armor to your Initiative.

Jagged Weapon (AV): Axes, Heavy and Light Blades; Improves Crit Range for the Weapon to 19-20, and deals Ongoing Damage on a Crit. Also very useful for Casters.

Warlock's Bracers (AV): Arms; +1 Item Bonus to all Defenses against targets you've Cursed. Take Reckless Curse and abuse accordingly. :D

Eladrin Boots (AV): Feet; Cheap, with a good Daily Power, and adds 2 to any Teleport Powers you might use. Abuse with Ethereal Sidestep.

Belt of Mountain Endurance (Dragon ???): Waist; Add your STR Mod to the HP healed when you use a Surge, plus a nifty Daily!

Probably more later!
Resident Logic Cannon
Skald's Armor provides inexpensive item bonuses to two relevant skills at low levels, and enormous bonuses at higher, while offering a limited but potentially devastating daily.

Pinning WeaponOnly offers a Daily power, but the fact is that some monsters are literally incapable of escaping the immobilization that this weapon offers.

Grasping Weapon Mediocre, but put it on a Tratnyr to pull enemy artillery up to 20 squares...

Rod of Dark Reward and Rod of Cursed Honor If you're not blowing up the room with Reaving/Corruption, and you're not using Dual Implement Mastery, then you might as well pick up a level 1 version of one of these rods for your warlock for a free defense boost.

Acrobat Boots Dirt cheap item that stays useful all the way to level 30.

Laurel CircletItem bonuses to attack are few and far between; this one is great on bards and Fewlocks, especially gnomes using GNome Illusionist.

Cloak of Distortion Totally disagree with this being black; situational as it may be, -5 to attacks against you is crippling.

Periapt of Cascading Health Auto-save as a minor action, as an encounter power? Yes Please.
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I would like to nominate:
Distance Weapon (Any ranged/level 1+/from AV) on thrown weapons, especially on a javelin.

Not as encounter changing as a Grasping weapon, but it works more than once an encounter, covers a distance only outdone by bows, and is as cheap as a normal magic item. Mostly good as a backup weapon on STR dependent classes without very many ranged attack powers.
Please source every item. Such as:

Agile Armor (AV): Heavy Armor(?); Add your DEX mod to your AC, up to a max of +3. Simply incredible.

Airstriders[AV] are 10x better than zephyr boots[AV]. And 1 level higher. Phrenic Crown[AV] and Cunning Weapon[AV] are also definitely worth mentioning for characters who focus on spells that have (save ends).
Torc of Power Preservation is pretty amazing of you have a really nice encounter power.

Idk if I agree that agile armor is sky blue. It's not that big an AC boost until much higher levels.
No way is Vorpal sky blue while Reckless isn't. Sure, Vorpal is good for a nova, but Reckless just thrashes it in consistency. The same goes for Bloodclaw, really. I'd suggest knocking vorpal down to blue. It's not as good as it was back when the PHB came out.
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No way is Vorpal sky blue while Reckless isn't. Sure, Vorpal is good for a noa, but Reckless just thrashes it in consistency. The same goes for Bloodclaw, really. I'd suggest knocking vorpal down to blue. It's not as good as it was back when the PHB came out.

I agree, unless you have a battle engineer in the party and someone with a vorpal 1d4 weapon. Then it's sky blue. But most of the time, I agree.
For cloth wearing ranged attackers I like Shimmering, you never provoke OA when you make ranged or area attacks...
I'd also agree on second though that Agile is only Blue. You have to have the Dex in the first place to benefit, as well.
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I believe there is an error. Salve of Power is nice, but you cannot get back Rain of Blows with it, it says Daily Power's only of 5th level or lower.
Rod of the Infernal in black type? Um, it's almost worth a Warlock MC just to trigger one of these at the start of each fight. Sky blue, I would argue.

Rod of the infernal has been errated to be a daily power not an encounter power making black about right
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This thread is a good idea!

Agree with putting in level and source.

Staff of Ruin is skyblue!

As a DM, I can tell you Black Iron armor is at least blue

Bloodthirsty is a good weapon property, probably blue. Rare +1 to hit and extra damage 1/2 the time, d10 crits, etc., is something I would not mind at all if DM doesn't let you shop.

In general I think "always on" properties >>>>>> Daily powers. That Daily better be damned sweet.
If you think that reckless and bloodclaw are cheese, then they're sky blue by definition. And yeah, staff of ruin is sky blue.
1 vote for Counterstrike Guards(arm slot) level 14. I don't like daily powers except for heroic, but the level 14 versions of these give you

Immediate Reaction. Make a MBA when an attack misses you (IE free attack 1/ encounter).

Not better than iron armbands, but for the few who have item boni from other things(staff of ruin) this is a great item for this slot.
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Not better than iron armbands, but for the few who have item boni from other things(staff of ruin) this is a great item for this slot.

That barely ever happens, thus making it not a great option overall.

Also, "boni" is possibly the most annoying word ever.
And you're supposed to say "bonuses", too. Sort of the reverse of quarterstaffs and quarterstaves, another common mistake here. :P
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I'd like to nominate the Flagon of Ale Procurement as a Bunko's Choice item. This savvy slotless flagon not only serves as a great way to down your favourite brew, but it gives you the unerring ability to detect the direction and rough distance of the nearest brew. Moreover, once a day you can activate its alternate function, which tells you exactly where any water is within 150 feet, and any brew within 300 feet- with further bonuses if you're a dwarf.

But how much is this hilarious and wondrous item, you ask? A cool price of only nine ninety nine, ninety nine (1k GP). Buy now, and we'll through in a flagon with dragon on it.

I'd also like to nominate the Bridle of Conjuration. Costing even less, at the price of 840 gp, this bridle will summon a riding horse for your own use for up to twelve hours, or until someone kills it, once a day. Whether you're a paladin from 3.5, or just a charger who doesn't want to leave his horse to the wiles of nature, this item's for you. Just hold it up, speak the incantation, and bamf! instant horse.
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I'd like to nominate Eladrin boots. They're probably purple to red for 90% of characters, but for characters who can teleport a lot (warlocks...) they can be solid blue, if not sky blue.

Ethereal sidestep, eladrin boots and slashing wake make for a nifty combo.
I personally really like Meliorating armor, but this is only good if your GM tends to throw, or your party likes to do, 8 encounters a day or more. I like how as the party starts to run out of healing, you take less damage through a higher AC.

I would like to nominate a more organized presentation. I would suggest:

Heroic Tier
[logical distinction like melee/ranged or light armor/heavy armor]
Paragon Tier
[logical distinction like melee/ranged or light armor/heavy armor]
Epic Tier
[logical distinction like melee/ranged or light armor/heavy armor]

That would at least make things a little easier if someone comes to this thread to find a suggestion for a particular character.

I'll nominate some real items in a bit when I have more time to see what you do and don't have up.
Also, I'd like to point out that the original Bunko's was to list items that would continue to be good throughout your career. You might want to indicate items that continue to rock well after you've left the tier. For example, gauntlets of destruction, rushing cleats, and the healer's sash all rock well past their respective tier.

I'd second the meliorating armor, which is as good or better than Agile armor at heroic and perhaps paragon tier as well, especially if you get some other item bonuses to AC.

Also, the cloak of distortion is probably over valued, as it is expensive and it only is a -5 to ranged attacks from 5 squares or more. Thus it doesn't affect area blasts or bursts, which are more likely.

Another thing is that, in true Bunko spirit, grasping should be blue or sky blue, because every melee character will want a backup ranged weapon and it would be hard to get a better backup ranged weapon than a grasping javelin +2 (level 6).
What, no Healer's Sash?
For the 'prime value for your buck' I'd like to suggest the wavestrider boots. They let you walk on water- and as a daily, stand on water between turns. That's gold, well into the higher tiers.
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...When you could just fly? Nah, not really. For comparison purposes, an Ornithopter costs only a few thousand GP and gives you full flight. If you HAVE to fight on water, chances are you did something wrong.
Mountain Cleave Rule: You can have any sort of fun, including broken, silly fun, so long as I get to have that fun too (e. g., if you can warp reality with your spells, I can cleave mountains with my blade).