MultiClass Synergies Tool

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Great tool I wanted to share. Reposted from ENWorld via this thread

Asmor wrote:
Here's an untitled tool designed to help you find synergistic multiclassing in 4th edition. It takes into account which weapons/implements are used by the classes and what stats are important to them. It rates them on a scale from 0 (no synergy at all) to 5 (ideal match, meaning the classes share a primary and secondary ability and an implement/weapon).

Worth noting that for the weapons I didn't actually list all of them, just the ones which could be used as implements. It's all good, though, there are enough of them and enough variety that any weapon-using classes will show up as matching in that respect.

Tested to work in Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you like it you can save it to your local computer for offline use. Just press control+s. It's all javascript, all self-contained.

Multiclassing synergy thingamobob

With 18 classes, there are over 300 potential multiclass combinations. Hopefully this will help you find some cool synergies you hadn't thought of or noticed before.