Fear the Gods: The Invoker Handbook

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Divine Abilities: Class Features


Role: Controller,not quite as damaging as the Wizard,but almost all your powers have some type of effect on

Power Source: Divine

Key Abilities:Wisdom,Constitution,Intelligence

[b]Armor Proficiencies[/b]:Cloth,Leather,Hide,Chainmail. Same as the cleric,so no matter what kind of invoker you'll have a decent AC.

[b]Weapon Proficiencies[/b]:Simple melee,Simple Ranged. Not that great but you don't
need to hit stuff on the head,if you do,well pick another class.

Implements: Rods,Staffs. There are some gems here such as the Rod of Dual Invocation and the Staff of Ruin.

[b]Defense Bonus[/b]: +1 to Fort,Ref,and Will. High non-AC defenses are great,as an Invoker you'll have at least two good saves and maybe even a decent third.

[b]Hit Points[/b]:10+Con. Well,you're a divine wizard. Didn't expect to be a powerhouse did you? Not too much of a problem for Wrathful/Malediction Invokers.

[b]Hit Points Per Level[/b]:4,do not,I repeat do not step in front of the fighter.

[b]Healing Surges[/b]:6+Con mod. Bad if you're a Preserver, negotiable for Wrathfuls/Maledictors.


Trained Skills: Religion,and 3 others from your class list. Sadly you lack Perception.

Class skills
-Arcana: Great if your a Protector,otherwise pass.
-Diplomacy: You don't need Cha for anything,skip entirely.
-Endurance: Great for anyone,but especially so if your Wrathful. Pick this up for sure.
-History: Once again,great for Protectors,otherwise skip it.
-Insight: Wis is your main stat,you have no reason not to train in this,ever.
-Intimidate: You shouldn't have a Cha score,so don't even worry.
-Religion: You get this for free so you're stuck with it.

Other Skills
Acrobatics: Meh,not really your sort of thing to be jumping and twisting across the battlefield.
Athletics: You don't really need Str at all,so you might want to skip this.
Bluff:No,just simply no.
Dungeoneering: You're good Wis score could put this too good use,not the best but not the worst either.
Heal:You'll be beating most Heal DC's without needed to be trained,skip.
Nature: See Dungeoneering,same thing different name.
Perception:You want this,you need this,you get this,in any way you can. Spend a feat,take the right background,but
you need to be trained in this skill if nothing else.
Stealth: Yes because you are so very sneaky. Skip.
Streetwise: Leave this to the Rogues and Warlocks.
Thievery: Rogues and Rangers are there for a reason you know.

Class Features
-Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead,self exclamatory don't you think.
-Divine Covenant: Covenant of Protection/Covenant of Wrath/Covenant of Malediction

Covenant of Protection: Gives you the Preserver's Rebuke power,and anytime you use a divine encounter or daily power,you can slide an ally within 10 squares 1 square.

Covenant of Wrath[/b]: Gain the Armor of Wrath power,and anytime you use a divine encounter or daily power,gain a +1 to damage rolls for each enemy you attack.

Covenant of Malediction: Gain the Maledictor's Doom power,and anytime you use a divine encounter or daily attack power you can push one target of the power 1 square.

Ritual Casting: You gain the Hand of Fate and one 1st lvl ritual of your choosing. Once per day you can use Hand
of Fate with no components.

Deities: Take your pick,just remember that your alignment MUST match your gods.

The Devout: Races of Piety


-[b]Dragonborn[/b]: Wow,these guys rock,elsewhere. For invokers there stat bonuses don't even matter.
-[b]Dwarf[/b]: As usual the dwarf can be squeezed in,but especially more so here. The Wis bonus is what you want and the extra hp is nice. A solid choice for either build,but they are the top choice for Wrathful/Maledictor
-[b]Eladrin[/b]: Dex is so so,and the Int is good for Preservers,but not a top tier choice.
-[b]Elf[/b]:The Dex is only useful if you're going for Chain specialization,exc,but the Wis is greatly needed. Not to mention they have the amazing Elven Accuracy racial.
-[b]Half-Elf[/b]:Con is useful for Wrathful,but otherwise you might want to skip. However Versatile Mastery makes them a blue choice at least.
-[b]Halfling[/b]: Dex and Cha,no thank you,skip them entirely.
-[b]Human[/b]:+2 to Wis or your secondary stat,extra feat,extra skill,extra defense,and awesome racials mean humans are always a blue,maybe even sky blue.
-[b]Tieflings[/b]: A bonus to a secondary and a dump stat.


-[b]Gensai[/b]:+2 to Str doesn't matter unless you're wanting heavier armor,and the Int bonus is good for preservers. A decent second teir choice but not a front runner at all.
-[b]Drow[/b]: Same reasons as the halfing need not apply as invokers.


-Deva[b] [/b]:+2 to Int and Wis,the best choice for a Preserver,and the racial is made of win.
-[b]Gnome[/b]: Small,and annoying at least you get the +2 to Int. They march side by side with Tieflings,but their racial is rather strong.
-[b]Goliath[/b]: They could make decent Wrathful's,and the racial would ensure you're the toughest invoker around,but otherwise just move on.
-[b]Half-Orc[/b]:The racial is decent,but the stat bonuses suck. They are ment to beat face,not cast.
-[b]Shifter[/b]: Both types have a bonus to Wis,and a stat you shouldn't care about really.But the racials are strong,all in all a decent choice.


-[b]Changeling[/b]: Multiple useless stat boosts,even for Preservers this is a horrible pick.
-[b]Kalashtar[/b]: Wis bonus means you're good at what you do,and the Cha isn't entirely wasted as several powers have Cha based riders.
-[b]Warforged[/b]: Being the toughest controller really isn't the best stratagy,however if you must go for either the Wrathful or Malediction paths.


-[b]Minotuar[/b]: Same problem as the goliath,and just pick up a stick and swing it.
-[b]Githzeri[/b]: A decent choice if it's on the table,but there are better out there.
-[b]Shadar Kai[/b]: After the dragon article these guys might make the cut with some careful planning,but definitely should only be a flavor choice.

Paths of the diety: Paragon Paths & Epic Destinies

Paragon Paths
-[b]Angellic Aspect[/b]:The features are pretty good,but the powers mean you have to get up close,not something you should be doing
-[b]Blightspeaker[/b]: The features and the powers are somewhat lacking,especially since
they all focus on necrotic keyword,which is a strongly resisted type.
-[b]Flame of Hope[/b]:Now this path is worth it for Preserving Invokers,as the to hit,and
saving throw bonuses are golden. And the minion clearing level 20 feature could come in handy. The powers are pretty solid as well.
-[b]Hammer of Vengeance[/b]:A great path for Wrathful-vokers,the lvl 20 power is simply great.
-[b]Adpet of Whispers[/b]: Being able to score crits on a 19-20 just for dazing yourself is not a bad thing and the powers and abilities are solid.
-[b]Crimson Arbiter[/b]: Gives you brutal 1 with your powers against hte first enemy you hit,however the powers and abilities are lacking behind a bit,save for the utility power which is strong.
-[b]Devoted Orator[/b]: A strong focus on thunder powers,however that being said this path is great for those who enjoy close attacks of any kind as you can add some serious damage with the lvl 16 ability,and the lvl 20 power is just dumb.
-[b]Divine Hand[/b]: Focused on fear based powers,however the abilties and the powers of this path are just plain garbage.
-[b]Divine Philosipher[/b]: This path tosses out high accuracy,great powers,and you gain a free encounter power.
-[b]Keeper of the Nine[/b]: This path is for Preservers mostly but anyone can get use out of the powers and abilties of this class which is focused around tossing out status effects like mad.
-[b]Speaker of the Word[/b]: This paths powers and features are just all very weak regardless of your build.
-[b]Stonecaller[/b]: Turn yourself into a Dwarf with this path,lol. that being said all of the featurse are solid,which include gaining temorsense,and all of the powers are powerful as well,especially the capstone power the lvl 20 daily.
-[b]Theurge of the Compact[/b]: Wrthfuls only,and ofcuses on fire abilites and modifying your Wrathful class abilities. On top of that be powers are all made of suck.
-[b]Vessel of Ichor[/b]: Focused on giving you strong effects while bloodied such as extra damage for your armor of wrath,and even resist 5 all while you are bloodied this path is only for the Wrathful builds. And the powers are all strong,and the lvl 20 daily is simply amazing.
-[b]Divine Oracle[/b]You have many vs Will powers,and the class is Wis based to begin
with. For everyone else it's good,for you it might just be the best.
-[b]Radiant Servant[/b]Radiant Servant: You have a lot of radiant powers so this is a good choice for you for the whole critting on a 19-20.

Epic Destinies
[b]Demi-God[/b]: Everything that has been said about this ED,applies here.
[b]Harbinger Of Doom[/b]:While not the best you can pick it has some nice features that
can help keep you in the game rather well.
[b]Lorekeeper[/b]: You can meet the requirements easily enough and all the features of this class,as well as the power are great.
[b]Revered One[/b]: Many creatures at this level are immortal types,and the other features are solid as well.
[b]Avatar of Death[/b]: A decent choice for Preservers,giving a boost to Wis and Int,and it makes you increadibly deadly to be next to for minions who die instantly according to RAW.
[b]Avatar of Justice[/b]: Another option for Preservers boosting both Wis and Int,and the features are also geared towards what you're supposed to be doing. Preserving your allies.
[b]Avatar of Life[/b]: Boosts primary and secondary stats of Wrathful/Maledictor's,and offers some solid abilities,and the power is strong as well.
[b]Chosen[/b]: A fluff version of Demigod that offers solid options for your utility power choice.
[b]Saint[/b]: An oddball choice,the initial effects of massive resistance and a +2 untyped bonus to ALL NAD's is worth looking at.

Whispers of the Divine: Heroic Powers


Avenging Light
-Potentially great damage,but it targets Fort,so not your best choice for aiming at something.
Divine Bolts
-Being able to target an extra target with no penalty is something worth looking into.
Grasping Shards
-While the effect is decent,it targets Fort for piddly damage so you might want to look elsewhere.
Sun Strike
-A solid power,radiant,decent damage,and a move here element make this a good choice.
Vanguards Lightening
-A great burst power,but for Preserver's it's even better.
-[b]Hand of Radiance[/b]: The I will target half of the enemies in this encounter ability of this power makes it golden,especially if you pick up the Moon domain for a massive debuff.
-[b]Mantel of the Infidel[/b]: Targets Will,massive range,and if the target is marked it takes a nice decrease in the attack department.
-[b]Visions of Blood[/b]: A nice close in option for any Invoker that finds themselves in or near melee combat.
--[b]Astral Wind[/b]: The Invokers Thunderwave,and it doesn't dissapoint. This is one of those At-Wills you should always concider having. Humans eye this for your third At-will.

Level 1 Encounter

Astral Terror
-A good power for keeping things away from you,but if you have to use this then your defenders need retiring.
Blades of Astral Fire
-A burst with a solid AC boost for a turn,especially so for Preservers as it scales rather well.
Spear of the Inquisitor
-Good damage,and good effect,but the fact it only effects one target keeps it from being really good. That said it's definitely a decent pick.
Thunder of Judgement
Tsk,if only it didn't target Fort. however this is still a great power,either you hit for big damage on one enemy or make up to three feel the pain. And if you're Wrathful,you shove them further away.
[b]Forceful Denuciation[/b]
-There are better options,but for Preservers you can really send stuff flying away.
[b]Lightening's Revalation[/b]
-A solid power with a small debuff attached,but Wrathfuls can really put a dent in enemy defenses with this power.
[b]Summons of Justice[/b]
-The first Maledictor power,and it really dissappoints. Close burst that draws enemies towards you? Umm,no thanks,and you're dazed whether or not you hit with the power until the end of your next turn. Maledictor's can knock prone after the pull but that is not enough.
[b]Whispers of Defeat[/b]
-Now this power more than makes up for the last one. No damage but only targeting enemies in a Close Burst 5 is great,tack on the debuff and the massive incentive to not attack. Maledictor's make that missing part hurt alot more.

Level 1 Daily

Angelic Echelon
-A good power,but the fact it's a burst 3 means you have to get in close. Not something you want to do that often.
Binding Invocation of Chains
-Slowing almost everything within sight has it's uses.
Purging Flame
-Ongoing fire to the face on a hit or miss is a great way to make someone not happy.
Summon Angel of Fire
-Your first summon,and it doesn't disappoint, as having a spare body to soak up damage away from the party is a good thing,especially since it can toss out damage as well.
[b]Crown of Retaliation[/b]
-This power carries ok damage,and the effect isn't bad either,ensuring at least for one round it's going to take more damage. And since this power can trigger multiple times in a single turn it's a great power to open up combat with to quickly rakc up the damage.
-This power would be ok,but why would I want to inflict ongoing damage on myself for such a meager effect eve if I do only target one creature.
[b]Invocation of Ice and Fire[/b]
-A rather big boom,that leaves a hazardous zone that deals solid damage and it can be sustained. However since both you and your allies are subecjt to the pain it's not as good as it could be.
[b]Silent Malediction[/b]
-Having the word Malediction you'd think that Maledictor's would get more out of this but they don't strangely enough. That being said however this power is freaking amazing for a Level 1 power,and likely worth keeping for the rest of your days. A close blast that STUNS (save ends)!!!!? Are you kidding me? Even if you miss you get half damage and daze all targets until the end of your next turn. The drawback,you'r dazed until the end of your next turn. A small price to pay for such a stupidly strong power. You take this power unless you have an extremely compelling reason.
[b]Storm Call[/b]
-Not the best power,especially concidering the other options but it's not bad. Dazing is a solid effect at low levels and ongoing damage is nice and you even get some stuff on a miss.

Level 2 Utility

Divine Call
-Pulling up to two allies out of the fire can have it's uses,and since it's a minor you can blast the enemy still to slow them so they can't hurt your buddies.
Emissary of the Gods
-If only this wasn't a daily. That being said it's not a bad pick, especially if you're going to be in a lot of skill challenges, too bad it pumps two things you really have no business doing.
Shroud of Awe
-Now this almost makes training in Intimidate worth it for Wrathfuls.
Shroud of Warning
-Chances are all allies are within 10 at the start of combat and winning initiative is always good,but this power is really only for Preservers who might want to keep this as they level. Once per day add a HUGE un typed bonus to initiative,or more once you have access to Salves of Power.
Wall of Light
- For a minor action this power is pretty good. Your defenders will love you for this,as will anyone else able to get within the effect really.
[b]Divine Protection[/b]
-As a minor action don't provoke OA's until end of next turn. Situational,but still strong enough to warrent picking as it's an encounter power.
[b]Encouraging Chant[/b]
-Invokers get alot of powers that seem out of place for their role,and this is one of them. That being said it's much like Divine Protection as it's situational but strong enough to warrent a pick as an encounter. Preservers are really the only ones that need apply though.
[b]Know Weakness[/b]
-A strong minor action power here,knowing what your enemy is strong and weak against is a nice thing to have.
[b]Lore of Shom[/b]
-While not completely useless to Preservers as a Daily it is bordering on useless. Decent though if you have alot of skill challenges.
[b]Miraculous Fortune[/b]
-This power is sweet for those specializing in Close Blasts/Bursts,or even for everyone else. Chances are you're going to get hit,this goes a long way towards keeping you alive,oh and give an ally a boost to hit the bugger that just hit you. Oh and this is an encounter as well.

Level 3 Encounter

Chains of Carceri
-Apparently slowing things is what invokers do best,another slowing power but this one has good damage.
Glyph of Imprisonment
-use this to effectively anchor enemies into one spot,especially if they have vunerability to radiant.
Offering of Justice
-They must be kidding,with no attack roll your enemy either gets whacked for a decent chunk of damage,or gains a measly 5 THP for waisting it's turn.
Sun Hammer
-Another vs Fort,well unlike the other Fort targeters,this power isn't that great,especially for aiming for the usually highest defense. It would be red if it didn't only hit enemies.
[b]Knives of the Soul[/b]
-This power looks more like a striker power than a controller one,this belongs on the Warlock's list of things to have. That being said this power is strong enough to warrent the 5 damage you take for using it as you can target more than one creature so your chances of missing and being sad are alot less. Maledictor's can really pack a punch with this power.
[b]Pennance Compelled[/b]
-A solid vs Will attack that gives an enemy a bit of thinking to do as to whether or not to attack as you can blow up one of his buddies for hurting someone. Wrathful's can really get some mileage out of the secondary effect of this power.
[b]Symbol of the Broken Sword[/b]
-Now this is a controller power,forcing an enemy out of it's best attacks for a turn is great,and for Preserver's they likely won't even land those basic attacks. Great for any enemy with debilitating effects such as controllers.
[b]Word of Ruin[/b]
-Getting autodazed isn't a great thing,but the effects you can dish out in the burst are solid,and it targets Will.

Level 5 Daily

Blade of Vengeance
-You have no other uses for immediate interrupts,so this will make solid use of them. It's sustainable,and give a free move action for it,so it will likely always be in range.
Grasping Chains of the Justicar
-A big burst at range to use to root enemies to the spot. Even on a miss they are slowed so this power is worth thinking over.
Icon of Terror
-The Invoker's Thunderwave impression and it doesn't disappoint. Ok damage for your roll,and for Wrathful's a massive push effect. Great for keep things away.
Searing Orb
-Ok,we're still aiming at Fort,but this power is great. The effect is nasty,and if you're a Preserver it's also got a tasty bonus for you. This would be Blue it it didn't target Fort.
[b]Deluge of Blood[/b]
-I'm sorry,this power as a daily simply just does not make the cut,but it would be passible as an encounter so it's rating is correct. Dazing yourself to target the strong NAD you can attack is not a good thing for the effect.
[b]Lamentation of the Wicked[/b]
-No we're talking,this power is amazing on a hit giving your allies CA and reducing the enemies mobility (save ends). The effect is an amazing rider as well that lasts the whole encounter. Wrathful's and Maledictor's should look into this as it puts their high Con to good use.
[b]Malediction of Blindness[/b]
-This is another solid power as blinding in a close blast 3 is something to look into even if it does target Fort. Even on a miss it's effect is strong enough to warrent looking at.
[b]Sun Shard[/b]
-A nice area dazing power,and if you only hit one then they get hit w/(save ends). Even does a little damage on a miss.
[b]Trumpet the Star's Fall[/b]
-This power has one purpose to absolutely screw over artillery and ranged controllers that like to stay out at range. And it has a wide area effect that means they have to move closer to the party to do something,which is always a good thing.

Level 6 Utility

Astral Step
-A great way to manuever around the battlefield,and you can bring the whole party along too!
Demand Justice
-Either help ensure a lockdown on an enemy,or give a party member another saving throw as an encounter power. Simply put a great choice.
Shared Endurance
-Could potentially save an ally from a severe beating,you might even take the hit if you're in good enough health. All in all a solid power,but is seems a bit misplaced on the invokers list.
Shield of Light
-Helps keep the beating down on a squishy friend,and even if it lands you move that ally out of harms reach.
Symbol of Hope: An ok pick as the range for the THP is great,and it is easy to get within range of the saving throw bonus as well. However there are better choices at this level.
[b]Brilliant Cloak[/b]
-Whether you like to be ranged,or get in close this power is solid. Untyped bonus to two defenses that can be sustained until the end of the ecnouter. Especially great if you hide just behind your defenders and cast from saftey.
[b]Guardian Angel[/b]
-Not as good as one can hope for it to be,but the AC bonus and the ability to half a single attack makes it solid enough to concider.
[b]Prayer For Victory[/b]
-Gain a sizable amount of THP,and a defense bonus when something makes an attack roll against you,so you get the benifits before everything is resolved. Useful to say the least....now if this wasn't a daily we'd be in business.
[b]Solid Fog[/b]
-Useful if you need to get out of the thick of things or if you're back with the other controllers who need some help getting away. But there really are better options across the board.

Level 7 Encounter

Baleful Eye of Judgement
-Damage is not your department at all,however Invokers toss out negatives like no one else and this power rings true to form.
Bolt of the Rising Sun
-A great blanket power. Perfect to ranged lurkers and such that tend to be a pain to lock down on and rain death from afar.
Invoke Obedience
-This power is great for any Invoker due to the massive bonus to hit with the primary attack. But for Wrathful's you'll rattle their brains even if they duck for cover.
Thunderbolt of the Heavens
-Why oh why do we keep have Fort hitting powers? That being said it really isn't all that good,even for Preservers.
[b]Rain of Blood[/b]
-Who cares if it targets Fort this power is awesome,the effect is strong and Wrathful's can act like Clerics for a round if they use this.
[b]Tide of the First Storm[/b]
-A wide effect slow is ok,but for Preservers they can slide allies around like crazy. A great tactical power to say the least.
[b]Trumpets of Celestia[/b]
-Invokers have a stiffy for Fort defense apparently but at least this power is decent. But really only Preservers should look at this.
[b]Word of Firey Condemnation[/b]
-For most Invokers not something to look at but Maledictor's can get some mileage out of this,but the self-daze is really just annoying.
[b]Written in Fire[/b]
-Holy freaking balls this power is so good. Drop this somewhere and watch enemies start heading for the hills,and since it doesn't target allies you can drop it in the middle of your allies to get them out of hot water or give your defender an OA as the damage is nothing to scoff at.

Level 9 Daily

Cerulean Flames
-Drop this on a group of enemies to make sure that they either stand there lookining at you,or come looking for you blindly when they leave.
Fourfold Invocation of Doom
-You can't under-rate a burst that can cover almost the whole map,and really mess with the enemies plans on hurting your party. Also after you use it anything coming after you is seriously not going to enjoy what comes next.
Summon Blade Angel
-The attack for this guy is now a minor,so feel free to reign down death from afar while he's beating face. However it does target Fort,but otherwise this is a solid daily for the same reasons as the last angel.
Visions of Paradise
-If you can impose a large enough penalty to the saving throw this power is insane,effectively taking a target out of the fight. Combine with Demand Justice for even more win.
[b]Baleful Admonishment[/b]
-Up to three targets for some decent damage,but the effect is risky,but if you like to gamble this power can really pay off for you. Even on a miss still some damage and a solid effect. Only Wrathfuls or Maledictors need apply though.
[b]Hall of Thunderous Battle[/b]
-Wow,this power rocks so much it's not even funny regardless of your build. Giving allies a defendsive boost as well as giving yourself some breathing room for the rest of the encounter. Preserver's though can really crank out the initial effects of this power.
[b]Herald the Storm Unleashed[/b]
-This is a great power to start combat out with as even on a miss the zone still gets up and running and can really crank out some damage as it hits twice for two different damage types. Combine with the fact you can move and sustain it the rest of the battle as icing on the cake.
[b]Malediction of Rigidity[/b]
-Not a bad power but the fact that it roots you to the ground whether or not you hit or miss with it. Maledictor's can wring some mileage out of this power. Being stuck in place as a low HP controller is not a good thing.
[b]Twist of Fate[/b]
-This is Trumpet the Star's Fall's big brother and it doesn't dissappoint either as the effect can really give your party some breathing time on those groups of pesky monsters that have really hard hitting effects on their attacks. Preserver's can also slap on a hefty penalty to attack rolls for a turn.

Level 10 Utility

Angelic Visage
-it may be out of place but this is certainly a strong effect as everything simply just happens when an enemy lays his sights on you.
Covenant of Endurance
-An out of place power once again,and really not all that good. Wrathful's can get some mileage out of this as they will likely have surges to burn.
Divine Renewa
-Healing surge replenishing,not enough to matter and as a daily it means it's completely useless.
Martyr's Ward
-You take a hit for an ally from a certain attack,could be useful to save your friends wounded hide. But not something you should be concidering doing often at all.
[b]Call of the Vanguard[/b]
-This power is solid as it's good for controllers to go first most of the time,and this even helps out a friend. This also ensures that at least once per day you and an ally aren't surprised either.
-This would be great if it could effect area bursts as well,but really I can't reccomend this power to even Close burst/blast based builds.
[b]Prayer of Vengeance[/b]
-As written this power is completely useless,who cares if you provide a bonus that lasts until the START of an allies turn. That means they don't get the freaking bonus at all! And out of turn attacks are simply not common enough to warrent this power. IF it get's errata'd to the end of an allies next turn then this sustainable power will be a solid pick until then avoid like the plauge.
[b]Word of Urgeancy[/b]
-Really only for Preserver's this encounter power allows you to let an ally get out of your attack area as a free action by shifting Int mod squares. This can and likely will be used every encounter and the range is great.

Words of the Divine: Paragon Tier Powers

Level 13 Encounter

Compel Attention
-Good damage and the target is dazed,not to shabby. The skill bonus is not really all that good though.
Pillar of Guardian Flame
-It has ok damage once again,but it's fire based and so is the effect,and by this time resist fire is very common.
Seal of the Heratic
-Good damage to multiple targets,or great to a single target and a saving throw is going down the toilet. If you're Wrathful,all saving throws are shot. A GREAT power.
Winds of Celestia
-Decent damage and a decent effect but you are aiming for Fort,so I'd recommend skipping this even if you're Preserving.
[b]Brillaint Revalation[/b]
-Now this is an amazing power as it slaps on solid effects,and provides a very strong incentive for the target to not attack until the effect is gone. Maledictor's can crank up the extra damage without sacrificing anything at all for once.
[b]Deadly Doubt[/b]
-Another solid close blast power that provides a dogpile incentive on the enemies hit by this power. For Wrathfuls it also provides a large to hit bonus against said targets.
[b]Earthen Reversal[/b]
-This is an odd power really,as none of the effects are strong enough to really make this power worth looking at at all,and it targets Fort.
[b]Thunderous Blast[/b]
-An out of turn massive close blast that can really rock the house pushing and deafening which grants CA until the end of next turn. However it can hit allies and targets Fort but if you enjoy using the blast powers then this might be a solid choice.
[b]Word of Blindness[/b]
-A nice power to have as blind is a solid status effect to be able to inflict in a burst,though you are dazed afterwards so beware. Maledictor's can increase the burst size so it might be better for them.

Level 15 Daily

God Hammer
-Sonic Boom indeed,this power packs a punch,and the effects is amazingly strong as likely you are not fighting Dwarfs all the time. And you can sustain the power as a minor so feel free to drop other things that hamper movement into the mix.
Mark of Anathema
-Targets fort but the effect is strong,good radiant damage and it shares the love in a large area.
Three Beacons of Twighlight
-Another solid power for this level with good damage,and being able to teleport anyone within the zone as a minor opens up some serious control options.
Wall of Blades
-Blade Barrior on the offensive plain and simple. If a target wants out he's in for a nasty surprise,and you can even chunk squares of the wall at enemies that make it around,meaning it is very hard to ignore this power.
[b]Deific Imprecation[/b]
-An odd power that tosses out ongoing damage even after the normal effect is gone. However you get smacked with ongoign,but on the bright side every time you do get hurt from it you hurt something else so it's not all bad.
[b]Dire Banishment[/b]
-This power blows as even though the effect is strong every time the enemy fails the saving throw you get hit with damage. Heck the miss effect is better than the hit effect which is sad.
[b]Shadowdark Invocation[/b]
-Now this is a good power for those that use alot of bursts and blasts. The attack is so-so but the zone it leaves behind is simply brutal as it's effects are nice and you're immune to them and can still move and sustain it as you choose.
[b]Storm of Punishment[/b]
-This power is great slapping on strong status effects which hand out CA like made. And the effects will even last awhile on am iss so enjoy.

Level 16 Utility

-Covenant of Life: I'm not exactly sure what they were thinking but this power does not belong here,and even beside that it sucks hard. Sure the defender might be needing that extra surge but I seriously doubt it.
-Icon of Life:A huge burst at an amazing range. This power means your allies won't be dying anytime soon. Aside from that though you have better options to look at this level.
-Shield Of Justice:Another interrupt that slaps a huge penalty onto the attack,and then your allies get a bonus to beat the unlucky fool down. Oh and it's encounter,so enjoy.
-Walk Between Worlds
-This power simply isn't that good,you have plenty og other options for moving things the heck out of the way when you want,so you don't need to be able to move through enemies spaces,nor do your allies. Pass up entirely.
[b]Confounding Utterance[/b]
-If you intend to get in close to the action then you will want this power as it greatly increases your survivablity. Heck this power will make almost every melee class MC and power swap just to pick this up.
[b]Pennance of Heaven's Armies[/b]
-This power is rediculously powerful and it's one of the best leader powers in the game and you're not even a leader! It hands out defensive bonuses and even some damage bonuses based on your Wis mod and it's sutainable as a minor action. Take this or I will find you and beat you with a stick until you retrain.
[b]Serene Visage[/b]
-Not a bad power,especially if you have alot of ranged types in your party or need to get everyone past to the BBG quickly. But it's totally eclipsed at this level.
[b]Walls of Hestavar[/b]
-This is a great way to screw over any ranged enemies in the game as with the right equipment you can completely box them in and they must then climb out,and it's sutainable.
[b]Word of Refuge[/b]
-Get the heck out of dodge powers are great,and this one does just that. However it does let the enemy take a different action,however using this power to get away from an OA means the enemy can't do anything anyway.

Level 17 Encounter

Blood Debt
-You lay the hurt,and give a nice attack bonus. Wrathfuls will put a large neon downward pointing arrow on the target they use this on.
Curse of Haemnathuun
-It targets Fort,and you have to get in close to use it,not something you'd enjoy. That being said dazing and immobilizing an entire 5x5 area has it's uses in combat.
Glyph of Radiance
-A solid power,blinding a group of enemies for a turn can often turn the tide of battle in your favor.
Glyph of Three Blades
-This power can really put the slow down on a group of enemies,especially if you're a Preserver.
[b]Astral Dust[/b]
-A great burst ower that only hits enemies and really screws them if they deside to not get away from you.
-Multi-attack powers are always good,and though this has no control riders built in it is a good way to clear a room out quickly.
[b]Daunting Blasphemy[/b]
-You want things to stay away from you and this power doesn't do that well at all,and it hurts you to boot.
[b]Sound of the Golden Clarion[/b]
-Not a bad power,and it does a solid job at keeping things away from you,and it can also hand out CA with is always a nice thing to have.
[b]Word of Pain[/b]
-SOOO much better than your other word,attacking Will to weaken a burst 1 is an ok thing to do,just make sure your allies aren't in the burst. Maledictor's can get a bigger burst out of this power.

Level 19 Daily

Astral Tempest
-Fort targeting,however shoving things far away and then knocking them down is useful,especially when trying to open up enemy ranks.
Malediction of Gartak
-Solid damage,and unless it takes a turn to do nothing it's taking damage every attack it makes.
Summon Angel of Light
-Once again the angel stands out as an oddball but solid power. This one however auto-marks adjacent enemies at the start of their turn. Also on a hit keeps the effected target from seeing anything more than 5 squares away.
Tomb of Magrym
-Umm,honestly I can't think of anyway this power would be good. At this level 60 points of damage is likely only 2 rounds for the monster to dig itself out.
[b]Forced Submission[/b]
-This power is freaking bonkers without a doubt. Dominating is one of the best status effects,and it's [b[RELIABLE[/b] so you will always hit with this power,and who cares if you grant CA while the target is dominated. Maledictor's make that saving throw a bit harder than usual.
[b]Mark of Forebearance[/b]
-A solid choice as it makes hitting your hurt friends alot harder,and if it does choose to attack it can't make a saving throw against this effect. On top of that it deals pretty decent damage and the effect happens even on a miss.
[b]Thunderous Shout[/b]
-This is the BOOM power of this level and it doesn't disappoint. A massive push effect as well as deafening in a massive blast is something to look at for certain. But you do take a nice chunk of damage,a not so bad chunk if your a Maledictor.
[b]Wrath of the Fallen God[/b]
-This power isn't completely useless,but really it's just overshadowed at every turn by the other otions you have at this level.

Messages of the Gods:Epic Tier Powers

Level 22 Utility

Covenant of Vengeance
-By giving up a mark,if something attacks the target you all gain a +4 to hit. Not too shabby but there are better options.
Invoke Angelic Form
-Give a fly speed that is actually useful in combat that lasts until the end of the encounter,pretty solid power. Especially if you use it on yourself to stay out of trouble.
Invoke Heroism
-As a daily,you give an ally an extra standard action. Amazing. The fact it's only a minor action,priceless. Take this unless you have a very,very good reason.
Ward of Divine Light
Spend 2 healing surges and become immune to ALL damage until the start of your next turn. This is pretty good,just make sure you don't attack or else you're boned.
[b]Call Angellic Shield[/b]
-A nice bonus to your defenses that will slowly chip away to nothingness,and only Preservers should apply.
[b]Herald of God[/b]
-Even if you dumped Cha this is worth looking at if you pump Intimidate as the bonus is huge and we all know what happens when you Intimidate a bloodied enemy.
[b]Invoke Sight[/b]
-Truesight means you see everything and negate those nasty cover/concealment penalties...even the worst examples of each. But the kicker is it kills the blinded condition and is persistbable. Certainly not a bad choice.

Level 23 Encounter

Cascade of Five Suns
-Good damage and you make a number of attack rolls and then assign them. So now hitting the little guy instead of the big one likely won't be much of a problem.
Storm of Celestia
-For controllers Invokers get a decent score in the attack department,and this power is no exception. But you're still targeting Fort,but perhaps the ability to slide a foe to where you want him could redeem this power.
Vindicating Flames
-Low damage,and you're dealing fire damage. Wrathful's that pick up Irresistible flame might get some mileage out of this. Otherwise skip.
Word of Rebuke
-Dazing is always a good status,and if you're Preserving even if they just attack it's with a rather hefty penalty.
[b]Fateful Foresight[/b]
-An immediate interupt that can really screw over an enemy attacking a friend and it targets will so it should land quite often. Preservers can slap on a hefty attack penalty as well.
[b]Fetters of Darkness[/b]
-A great way to remove enemies from where they should not be and hurt them for being there,and then make sure they don't come chasing you down next round.
[b]Final Reproach[/b]
-A sizable burst that makes enemies sad for hurting you or your allies by tossing out decent damage and dazing too.
[b]Plague of Poison[/b]
-The damage type is not all that great but this power can clear out minions without trying all that hard so long as you only nail a few baddies in the area,
[b]Word of Bewilderment[/b]
-A Clost Burst stunning power is simply amazing,and Maledictors can choose to stun themselves to increase the burst by a massive amount. This power can really lock down the battlefield for your allies to reek havoc on.

Level 25 Daily

Anthem of the First Dawn
-Behold the tactical nuke of mass heal. Great damage,and helps keep your allies in the fight. Misplaced but enjoyed none the less.
Invoke the Fallen
-The damage is low,but ongoing 10 and blinded is a neat little package and you can likely force them out of the saving throw. Other divine characters will love you when you use this power.
Racking Invocation of Pain
-Targets Fort but the save ends effect is strong. Even on a miss the effect is strong,a solid choice all in all.
Rain of Colorless Fire
-It's not a bad power,but it's still fire damage,which lowers it's results quite a bit,but other than that sustaining a burst 2 power as a minor for this kind of damage is not bad at all.
[b]Dispised of the Gods[/b]
-This power strips targets of the resistances and hands out a HUGE vunerabilty to all damage on a hit or miss. Maledictor's can take vunerability to impose a massive saving throw negative to the hit effect.
[b]Eye of the Sun[/b]
-A super flaming sphere,and just like it's low level cousin it's definitely something to look into. Auto-damage that only hits enemies,defense bonus for allies,and a high move speed. and a solid attack power that can be repeated whenever you sustain the power.
[b]Shackles of the Chained God[/b]
-If it didn't target Fort this power would be alot better but that being said it's solid enough as is. Also whenever the ongoing damage kicks in it makes enemies come closer just to let them feel the pain.
[b]Trumpet of Eight Dooms[/b]
-This power is amazingly power as all the effects than can be produced are strong enough on their own,and even on a miss you deal some massive damage. The best choice for close burst/blast specialists for this level.
[b]Word of Cessation[/b]
-A big damage power that slaps on a solid effect on a hit or a miss. However the CA you grant will really draw a target on your head after you use this power.

Level 27 Encounter

Invoke Terror
-It's cause fear that deals damage,not bad,but if you're Wrathful your allies OA's will be hurting much more than normal.
Offering of Peace
-If the enemy keeps swinging this power will eat them alive,but if they stop they gain measly THP,but a massive bonus to their next attack roll. However even with that sparing the party a turn of but kicking is often just enough to get things going in their favor again.
Swarm of Astral Stee
-Simply not worth it I'm sorry,skip this with extreme prejudice.
Word of Annihilation
-Even though you have to get in close this power is great,and that's all that needs to be said about it.
[b]Brand of Fire[/b]
-This power would be alot better if it said everytime the target is hit,but aside from that multi-attack powers are good to have and this is another one that I wouldn't be ashamed to have sitting on the sidelines,especially for Wrathful builds
[b]Compel Action[/b]
-They must be kidding me.....Dominating in a close blast 5 as an encounter power? Who cares if you grant CA,you can use this even if your allies are in the blast as they can still be helpful and it deals no damage to them. Preservers can add a tasty attack bonus as well. THE pick of this or any other level to be honest.
[b]Pall of the Shadowfell[/b]
-The fact you MUST target two creatures brings this down a notch on an already unimpressive power.
[b]Word of Death[/b]
-A high damage burst power with no riders,not bad but not great either. Maledictor's can get a little bit more against bloodied targets.

Level 29 Daily

Fires of the Silver Gate
-Good damage and the ongoing damage can be used to kill annoying minions that are nearby,and that is highly likely since it will probobly fail it's first saving throw.
Invoke the Absolute Dark
-Good damage to kick things off,and if you can manage to keep things in the burst until you expand it out to the maximum,you can likely chip away at almost anything until it dies.
Summon Angel of Victory
-Oh yeah,now we're talking. The standard action moves enemies and slows then so they stay in rage of the burst. And the minor action beat down is very much worth it.
Word of the Gods
-Finally a close blast that is worth it beyond measure. Dominated? Are you kidding,sure save ends but wow.Each creature is dominated and it takes damage. Otherwise on a miss you just hurt it...a lot,a great capstone power.
[b]Apocalypse From the Sky[/b]
-This is ismply a gimmicky power that you really shouldn't take unless your being funny.
[b]Invoked Devistation[/b]
-A long range,wide area attack that has the potential to hit three times per target,now this is something worth looking into. The area it makes will also provide a nice place for you to shove enemies into for the rest of the encounter.
[b]Malediction of Eternal Pyre[/b]
-Fire damage,which at this level really isn't a good thing and not even a good effect on the powre. Oh and you catch on fire as well,douse this thing and move along.
[b]Storm of Creation[/b]
-If there is a power that can challenge Word of the Gods it's this one. A huge stun area that will daze even on a miss the choice of those who like staying at the back and blasting away.

Path to the Gods: Heroic Feats


-Not granting CA on surprise rounds can save your skin,and the Perception bonus is nice.
Armor of Bahamut
-Crits can do bad things,this ensures they won't.
Armor Proficiency (Scale,Plate)
-Scale is better than chain,and arguably better than Plate. However Plate requires much strength,while scale is a

minimal investment.
Astral Fire
-Bonus damage is nice,but you're better off taking Weapon Focus (Implement).
Avandra's Rescue
-Can save an aly from an untimely death,but might spell your own doom.
Berrornar's Salve
-Allies dropping is never good,this makes sure you have at least one turn to keep the meatshield alive.
Blessing of Silvanus
-A good scaling heal effect,not that great but definitely not garbage.
Chauntea's Blessing
-Extra saving throws are nice,much less with a +4 bonus.
Corellon's Grace
-Action point spending is common,even for monsters. So this feat can get you outta dodge in a hurry.
Coordinated Explosion
-Boom b*tches,this feat can tack on a nice little bonus to hit more often than not..
Defensive Mobility
-Occassionaly you will provoke these so the bonus AC is nice to have.
Distant Advantage
-This will help you land those hits more often.
-Extra Surges never hurt anyone at all.
Echoes of Thunder
-You have thunder powers,the damage bonus is untyped. You take.
Expert Ritualist
-An untyped bonus to rituals,not a bad thing at all.
Eyes of Selune
-It's only yourself but failing that critcal throw is very bad.
Fast Runner
-You're squishy,therefore you might want to get out of the way of the BBG.
Fleetness of Mielikki
-This will definitely help get your backside out of the fire.
Glittergold's Gambit
-Helps land that critical blow,or make that success in the skill challenge.
Kelemvor's Judgement
-Great if you're running into alot of undead as the blast is huge and the damage is freat,and even does a little on a

Implement Expertise
-You take this,just like toughness,so just shut up and do it ASAP.
Improved Initiative
-It never hurts to go first,not in the least,but you'll be retraining this soon enough,
Insightful Preservation
-A good,scaling feat for Preservers.
Invoker's Defense
-Especially at this level this is going to happen alot,so this will come in handy.
Ioun's Poise
-A massive bonus to Will,marginally useful but can come in handy in the right situations.
Jack of All Trades
-You never know what you'll be doing,and a +2 can go a long way during skill challenges.
Kord's Favor
-Something that won't happen that often,and a not worth it effect. Pass.
Melee Training
-You can use a staff implement as a melee weapon. And even if you're not this will keep the monkey off your back

when it's in your face.
Melora's Tide
-Regeneration is always nice,and you can give this to an ally who might need it more than you.
Moradin's Resolve
-There are many large creatures in the D&D world,so this feat is great.
Mounted Combat
-Mounts offer some interesting choices in combat,and make you very moblie so this might just be a choice.
Oghma's Recall
-An absolutely massive bonus to Knowledge skills,a great feat.
Oncoming Storm
-Another thing you can pull off without much effort.
Pelor's Radiance
-You can already do this,pass plain and simple.
Power of Amauntor
-As everyone else will tell you this will spread alot of damage around on the field,makes Grasping Shards pack

quite a punch.
Quick Draw
-This is mostly for drawing potions to help allies,but it's not bad with the initiative bonus.
Raging Storm
-Same reason as Astral Fire,Burning Blizzard,and so on.
Raven Queen's Blessing
-This happens often,so this might come in handy every now and then.
Resonating Covenant
-Somewhat useful,or very useful if you have no big powers left to throw out.
Scouring Wrath
-This feat will make your party dive bomb the poor sap that just smacked you.
Sehanine's Reversal
-This doesn't happen nearly enough to be useful.
Sheela Peryoyl's Gift
-Once again,a saving throw is a good thing.
Shield Proficiency (Light,Heavy)
-Light shields are easy,heavy shields not so much but if you start with a Str 13 you can pick one up at Epic.
Skill Focus
-Perception and Insight are prime targets of this feat,and well worth it.
Skill Training
-Perception,and whatever else your heart desires.
Timely Respite
-Giving yourself a saving throw cannot be underestimated.
-You're taking this feat,no questions.
Tymora's Coin
-Helps either land another blow,or remove that pesky status.
Weapon Focus
-WF (Implement) is a cheesey way to add damage.

Home of the Gods:Paragon Feats


Armor Specialization (Any)
-Extra AC is always nice.
Danger Sense
-Rolling twice for initiative cannot be underrated.
Defensive Advantage
-Conbine with Distant Advantage for a free +2 to AC.
Devastating Critical
-Beefing your crits is a good idea.
-If you went the Armor Specialization (Hvy) route,this is easy to pick up.
-Extra speed is good,especially for heavy armor users.
Improved Second Wind
-Good for everyone,great for Dwarfs.
Lightening Arc
-You have lightening At-Wills,so this feat will come into play more than you'd think.
-You're taking this just like everyone else.
Moongleam Oath
-Shadow creatures already don't like you,this simply makes them hate you.
Overbearing Retribution
-A great effect on an already great power.
Paragon Defenses
-sure it's only a small bonus but it's 1 feat that goes to all your non-AC defenses. and it saves you feats.
Point-blank Shot
-Sure you have to get in close but ignoring cover and concealment comes in handy.
Preserver's Vengeance
-This is going to happen alot,so the damge bonus is almost always going to be on.
Quick Recovery
-Yet another feat in the catagory of must have.
Resounding Thunder
-You have area burst thunder powers,so this will spread the love.
Shield Specialization
-Maybe,but Paragon Defenses is strictly better.
Solid Sound
-You have many of these and Wrathfuls can easily meet the requirements.
Speaker of the Gods
-Channel Divinity is usually easy to get off,and this is just a great incentive. Crit on an 18-20 with my next power?!

Yes please!
Uncanny Dodge
-All invokers can pick this up without breaking a sweat.

Becoming One of the Gods:Epic Feats


-More useful for melee characters but you never know when something is trying to sneak up on you and you meet

the requirements so.
Epic Fortitude/Reflexes/Will
-A huge untyped bonus to your non-AC defenses,personally I think you need to snag all 3.
Epic Resurgence
-Regaining powers is always a strong effect,even if it is a bit rare.
Font of Radiance
-You take this and enjoy it as it turns many of your powers into tac-nukes.
Irresistable Flame
-You have several powers that are gimped by fire resistance,this nips that in the bud.
Invoked Devistation
-Combined with a few other things you'll have huge radius powers dropping onto the battlefield.
Robust Defenses
-You retrain Paragon Defenses to this,end of story.
Unfettered Stride
-This feat makes training in Acrobatics worth it.

Following the Path of the Unrightous:Multiclass Feats


Berserker's Fury
-Strangely enough Wrathful's going for scale can get this without a problem at all,and it's not a bad feat.
Initiate of the Faith
-A great feat for you,especially for those aiming for Divine Oracle or Radiant Servant.
Arcane Initiate
-A good choice for Preservers,as now you can gain an Implement Mastery feature if you're wanting enough.

Equipment of the Rightous


Rapidstrike Bracers
-The property is decent,and the power can be combine with a Bravura warlord to devistating effect.

Razor Shield
-Wrathfuls can get some decent damage out of this,but it's not that high on my list to be honest.

Shield of Deflection
-You'll be taking alot of ranged attacks in your career,more than melee at least. This helps keep you alive quite well.

Skull Bracers
-The damage applies to all attacks,so these can be useful to a point.

Trollhide Bracers
-Regeneration is a nice thing to have,especially for someone who will be at the back not getting hit much,lessening the effect of the few hits you do take.


Battlestrider Greaves
-A bonus to speed is nice for the heavy armor guys.

Boots of Equilibrium
-Slippery services are common,so this property is very useful.

Boots of the Infinite Stride
-Speed is good,and teleporting up to one mile means your enemy will not get away,and you will always get where you need to be.

Boots of Speed[/b]
-Probobly the best thing you can get to increase your speed. And the power is awesome indeed.

Boots of Striding
-Bonus to speed,once again it's simply priceless.

Boots of Striding and Sprinting
-Good for the same reasons as above.

Boots of Teleportation[/b]
-These are the best feet slot items anyone could ever ask for. Grab these and like it.

Butterfly Sandals
-If you have a fly speed nab these.

Sandals of Avandra
-Elves in particular can abuse this item concidering they ignore difficult terrain when they shift.


Belt of Blood
-Even though it is only while you are bloodied you really should be healing unless you are. Dwarves with this and Dwarven resiliencey,and dragonborn will likely be just fine after just a plain second wind.

Belt of the Brawler
-You're fists are now clubs,great for when something get's in your face. Combine with Melee training for hard hitting smacks.

Belt of Vigor[/b]
-Great item for everyone,which includes you.

Survivor's Belt
-Death saving throws can get hairy,this makes them a little less so.


Gauntlets of the Ram
-Wrathfuls especially will make things go halfway across the map when they start adding items like this.

Gloves of Accuracy
-Cover and concelment happen alot,so these things will pay for themselves before too long.

Gloves of Transference
-Range increases are great,and the power isn't too bad either.

Holy Gauntlets
-You have many radiant powers,so this can add up for your damage totals without much of an effort.

Spell Anchors[/b]
-Free sustaining,which only applies to your dailies is pretty fun. Combine with the summons for real fun. Multiple attacks anyone?


Basilisk Helm
-Combine this with Armor of Wrath and whatever just hit you will likely not be getting back towards you for awhile.

Cap of Water Breathing
-Breathing water is always handy.

Circlet of Mental Onslaught
-A bonus to all your attacks,you have to love it.

Clockwork Cowl
-Use your minor to gain two standards that can't be used to make attacks,however you can use them to get away,help an ally,or other heelpful things. Oh,and get a nice inititaive bonus.

Crown of Eyes
-You should rarely be flanked but thise item says p*ss off to those few who will get that close.

Crown of the World Tree
-Only useful when you're doing rituals,but hey every bit helps in those few times you'll use them.

Diadem of Aquity
-Boosts two good skills at once,gotta love it.

Eye of Awareness
-Will defense,check,massive initiative bonus check.

Eye of Discernment
-Insight and Perception are two skills you should have,and this boosts them well,oh and now you cannot be blinded.

Eye of the Earthmother
-Dominate a monster,potentially for the whole encounter. Divine Oracle PP people can use this to roll twice and likely take one enemy out of the fight.

Goggles of the Hawk
-Now you can literally see things coming a mile away.

Goggles of Night
-Darkvision is rare now,enjoy.

Headband of Psychic Attack
-Minor action dazing. That's pretty sweet.

Helm of the Eagle
-Boosts perception,and the power is decent enough.

Ioun Stone of Regeneration
-You shouldn't be bloodied often,but when you are this item will make sure you won't be for long.

Ioun Stone of Sustanence
-Congrats,you're now a Warforged,enjoy.

Ioun Stone of True Sight
-An absolutely massive bonus to Insight and Perception,and the power is pretty solid.

Phoenix Helm
-Boosts perception and the power is very strong.


Amulet of Elusive Prey
-An easy way to boost your two most commonly attacked defenses.

Amulet of Material Darkness
-Carry a smoke bottle for permanent cover.

Amulet of Protection
-Basic defensive item,but a solid one at that.

Amulet of Resolution
-Extra saving throws are always good,especially when it takes no action,so you can do it on the fly.

Amulet of the Unbroken[/b]
-Another one of those once per day do not die things,great indeed.

Brooch of Shielding[/b]
-resist all once per day when you get hit,solid plain and simple.

Brooch of Vitality[/b]
-Extra HP is always a good thing,esepcially when it's this massive.

Clasp of Noble Sacrifice
-You should have extra surges due to not getting hit so the fighters and whatnot can gain n edge,and since you gain temp HP you're basically getting your surge as well.

Cloak of Distortion[/b]
-Most of your powers are ranged 10,so it's basically a permanent +5 AC against ranged attacks.

Cloak of Invisibility[/b]
-Umm,freaking rediculous. Get this item and love it,as the enemy will never be able to find you if you're any sort of smart person.

Cloak of the Phoenix[/b]
-This item is nothing short of awesome,once per day punish something for killing you,and at full health.

Cloak of the Walking Wounded
-Makes sure you don't stay bloodied for long.

Collar of Recovery
-Helps when you spend that surge.

Gorget of Reciprocity[/b]
-An item that gives you the Paladin lvl 29 daily Even Hand of Justice,only better as you don't need to roll.

Life Charm
-A nice effect,you won't get back up as if you rolled a 20 but you still are stable. A solid choice.

Moonlight Lavaliere
-A bonus to your defense and a strong effect to punish those things that hit you.

Ornament of Alertness
-Anything that boosts perception is at least blue,and lessening CA from enemies is always good.

Resilience Amulet
-A once per day guaranteed save against ongoing damge.

Steadfast Amulet
-Same as above but against dazed and stunned conditions.

Talisman of Repulsion
-An almost guaranteed hit that sends them flying and then roots them to the ground.

Tattered Cloak
-For those enemies that get in close,now they can't do anything but stare at you until the save.

Torc of Power Preservation
-Once per day get a you have a good chance of getting an encounter back.

Scarab of Invunerablility[/b]
-This item is just rediculously strong for anyone.


Premonition Ring
-Initiative bonus and perception bonus. Oh and once per day do not be surpirsed.

Ring of Aquatic Ability
-Swim speed and water breathing in one handy package,nice.

Ring of Personal Gravity
-Turn mini dwarf,or just superdwarf and the power is great.

Ring of Regeneration
-Solid property,and solid power,nuff said.

Ring of the Phoenix[/b]
-Combine with Cloak of the Phoenix for twice per day your death=nuke effect.

Ritualist Ring
-The bonus is small,but the power is great.

Shadow Band
-Concealment is good,the power is good,hit a milestone and the power says you will not find me.

Star of Opal Ring
-Extra speed is good,and the power gets you out of the way once per day.

War Ring[/b]
-Extra damage gallor once per day when you crit.


Bridle of Rapid Action
-Roll twice for initiative effectively,combine with Divine Oracle Danger Sense cheese for even more fun.

Horseshoes of Speed
-Once again extra speed is nice,especially concidering that mounts are generally faster than you.

Impenetrable Barding[/b]
-Especially at higher levels turns your mount into super tank,this item is broken plain and simple.

Skystrider Horseshoes
-Flying is always hot. Go flying Giant Ant!


Bridle of conjuration
-A free mount once per day is always handy.

Charm of Abundant Action[/b]
-Spend an extra action point in an encounter,worth every freaking penny if you ask me.

Dust of Banishment
-Get rid of a guy knocking you around for at least one round. Not to oshabby.

Endless Canteen
-Eternal water is always nice to have on those long lost party adventures.

Foe Stone
-Knowing what your opponent is capable of and weak against is handy indeed.

Keoghtom's Ointment
-Once per day end disease or poison,which can do nasty things to you.

Mummified Hand[/b]
-An extra ring slot is always handy,especially concidering some of the awesome daily abilities of some rings. Ring of the Phoenix anyone.

Power Jewel[/b]
-Extra encounter powers are always useful.

Revnant Ankh[/b]
-Once per day get the big bad fighter up to wreak havoc until he's gone again,so what if he's dazed he's still useful.

Salve of Power[/b]
-Same reason as the power jewel,ony you can use multiples of these in a day.

Solitaire (Violet)[/b]
-Extra action point on a crit that you use with abandon,yes please.

Talisman of Fortune[/b]
-Can really pull you out of a bind,and renewing an item daily is pretty nice too with the Phoenix items in your possession.
Good work so far. Personally, I think you need to be more judicious with your use of [sblock]s -- I think you've used too many. It would be handier if you'd group most of the races together into one or two blocks, rather than giving the races from each book their own block. A wise way to do it would be to sort them by build. Finally, don't forget to add the Monster Manual-style races, but separate from the player races; PCs and NPCs aren't the same thing.

Oh, and the coloured text is easier to read if you bold it. I hope that helps!
Good work so far. Personally, I think you need to be more judicious with your use of [sblock]s -- I think you've used too many. It would be handier if you'd group most of the races together into one or two blocks, rather than giving the races from each book their own block. A wise way to do it would be to sort them by build. Finally, don't forget to add the Monster Manual-style races, but separate from the player races; PCs and NPCs aren't the same thing.

Oh, and the coloured text is easier to read if you bold it. I hope that helps!

Thanks alot,I did this after staying up all night and will be making it look alot better in the near future.
Hopefully, you will get more time to play it and not have your character be killed, DS. ;)
Hopefully, you will get more time to play it and not have your character be killed, DS. ;)

Hey you were coming right along with me my friend. We were all doomed in that encounter. But what did you think of the handbook?
Hey you were coming right along with me my friend. We were all doomed in that encounter. But what did you think of the handbook?

What? There's a handbook? :: Looks back up ::

Oh! What do you know!! ...

(Just kidding, by the way.)

Yes, there is a lot of work to be done to make it up to par with the other handbooks out there. Since this is your first handbook, I think it's ok for now. I don't like having the class listed in an sblock though. Why did you do that?
Just a couple small formatting suggestions: bolding entry names (in particular black ones, but other colors too) makes them stand out a little more and makes it easier to read down the list. Also, Cyan is a little bit hard to read against the default forum background; I'd recommend Deep Sky Blue instead.
Just a couple small formatting suggestions: bolding entry names (in particular black ones, but other colors too) makes them stand out a little more and makes it easier to read down the list. Also, Cyan is a little bit hard to read against the default forum background; I'd recommend Deep Sky Blue instead.

It's a work in progress and I haven't had the time to pretty it up much lately,but thanks for the advise about the colors.
I think you are underrating Divine Bolts. This power is more likely to hit two guys than any other At-Will.
If you have time to produce a swordmage guide you have time to complete this guide too. Please follow through!
Any forthcoming updates?

a quick nit - History is listed both as a class skill and a non-class skill, and bluff is, for some reason, listed with its last 'f' black.
DwarvenSparten! Where are you?
DwarvenSparten! Where are you?
DwarvenSparten! Where are you?

This guide needs updating, especially with Divine Power coming out in a few days.

And I can't help but feel that your Minotaur rating is a direct stab against Codrus, my Minotaur Avenger.
DwarvenSparten! Where are you?
DwarvenSparten! Where are you?
DwarvenSparten! Where are you?

This guide needs updating, especially with Divine Power coming out in a few days.

And I can't help but feel that your Minotaur rating is a direct stab against Codrus, my Minotaur Avenger.

This guide has al the information that I can obtain at this point,and as for the DP update coming,that will simply be a long time running as I am unable to get a copy of the book.

And this is an Invoker Handbook,so how am I stabbing at an Avenger build?
This is the worst class handbook I've seen. Someone come rescue this.
Dave Kay LFR Writing Director Retiree dkay807 [at] yahoo [dot] com
This guide has al the information that I can obtain at this point,and as for the DP update coming,that will simply be a long time running as I am unable to get a copy of the book.

And this is an Invoker Handbook,so how am I stabbing at an Avenger build?

I don't know.. I just wasn't sure if the echo-y calling of your name would get your attention. I was certain that making an obviously false statement would do it though.

Also, are you not going to update it with the races from Eberron? If not, then is there a way to let someone else take over a handbook? I guess someone else could start a new one ...
I don't know.. I just wasn't sure if the echo-y calling of your name would get your attention. I was certain that making an obviously false statement would do it though.

Also, are you not going to update it with the races from Eberron? If not, then is there a way to let someone else take over a handbook? I guess someone else could start a new one ...

I've been meaning to add the races and such from there for awhile,I've just been lazy is all .And there are already two of them so there is no need for a thrid to be honest,but I am also waiting on Divine Power to come out and what little bit of information I can get on it as I prefer to do everything in one big lump.
Updated the races section,as well as adding the Maledictor class build and all the powers and PP's. Will add the ED soon.
I think humans are solidly in sky blue territory. As if giving up Action Surge wasn't hard enough, now there are more broken powers to use it on. More robust At-Will and feat selection makes the human extras all the better.

There are some solid rider powers, like Rain of Blood, that make secondary stats better. However, almost all of those powers target lots of guys...which has synergy with Action Surge. At least with Wrathful, almost any reason I think to go Dwarf can't compare to the power of Action Surge. Did I mention Action Surge?

Sky blue please!
You may have noticed, but Rain of Blood's rider is not indented, meaning it's a guaranteed hit boost for allies. I think this makes it sky blue.

Lyrandar Wind-Rider is an awesome PP requiring Mark of Storm, an awesome feat. Check it out! Makes Divine Bolts insane and with the damage boost, Invokers can now make Sorcerers jealous as well as Wizards.

Staff Fighting is a heroic feat from DM368 that makes a staff defensive, pretty much makes dumping Strength a no brainer now.

For Mantle of the Infidel, Marks get superseded, so they don't stack.

For Hand of Radiance, I'm not sure what you mean by "reach". It has the same reach as the other ranged powers except Mantle of the Infidel.

Psychic Lock is a Paragon feat you should rate I think, especially with the synergy it has with Visions of Blood and Invoker Defense.
You've got Githzerai as Red, but I don't think Dex/Wis is bad at all. I'd say they should definitely be at least Black just from the sheer fact that they have a +Wis racial bonus. Dex isn't super helpful, but that +1 initiative is alright.

Bladelings from MotP are Dex/Wis too and I might assign them a black rating as well. There's absolutely no feat or paragon path support for them, but with Divine Power out there are more than enough worthwhile feats to take without needing any racial ones.
The world is a mess, I just need to... rule it.
You may have noticed, but Rain of Blood's rider is not indented, meaning it's a guaranteed hit boost for allies. I think this makes it sky blue.

Lyrandar Wind-Rider is an awesome PP requiring Mark of Storm, an awesome feat. Check it out! Makes Divine Bolts insane and with the damage boost, Invokers can now make Sorcerers jealous as well as Wizards.

Staff Fighting is a heroic feat from DM368 that makes a staff defensive, pretty much makes dumping Strength a no brainer now.

For Mantle of the Infidel, Marks get superseded, so they don't stack.

For Hand of Radiance, I'm not sure what you mean by "reach". It has the same reach as the other ranged powers except Mantle of the Infidel.

Psychic Lock is a Paragon feat you should rate I think, especially with the synergy it has with Visions of Blood and Invoker Defense.

Rain of Blood would be SkyBlue if it didn't attack Fort.

I excluded the EPG PP's because I try to stay away from things that are not RPGA legal,but if you're not playing RPGA then yes that PP rocks.

Staff Fighting does not boost reflex,only AC. And Dex is redundant really for Preservers,and Wrathfuls and Maledictor's get much better use out of Chain/Scale.

Last time I sent an e-mail about marks to CS,I got the response that a Fighter's mark,a Paladin's Divine Challenge,A swordmages Gaeas etc,are all different 'types' of marks therefore they all can be slapped onto a target. Even if not it's still a good power if you have alot of marking people in the party.

By reach I ment how many targets it can aim at,I should have worded it better I'm sorry.

I'll have to look into Psychich Lock as Invokers really aren't that feat starved as they don't need much to be effective.
I think Keeper of the Nine could be upgraded to blue. The encounter power is a great set up for an AP because you will(no attack roll) move pretty much every enemy you can see away(which means they take OA with a hefty bonus for allies, making it possible even the wizard hits) into a big clump and spend your AP and blast them with a big area of effect.

The encounter power can be used to retreat as well. Move all of the baddies away, AP to drop a slow/immobilze effect on them, and then everybody can move away.

The daily is great too. Burst 3 vs will, decent damage and a save ends stun. Sustain it for more damage and a daze.
You've done great work with this, though I do have one point of contention: I think you're underrating some of the vs. Fort powers. Yes, Fort is on average the hardest non-AC defense to hit, but the fact of the matter is you want to have choices when it comes to what defense to attack.

Artillery, lurkers, skirmishers and controllers (even Elite and Solo versions) often don't have high Fort. In quite a few cases, their Reflex and/or Will are higher. You're going to face these creatures, and if you've done nothing but stack Reflex attacks, you'll come to regret the decision.

More importantly, however, some vs. Fort powers are just absurdly powerful, and several don't even need to hit to create very solid control effects. For example, a Preserver's Searing Orb is better for status effects than Sun Shard (and it's certainly better than Malediction of Blindness), yet you rate the latter two higher. Rain of Blood absolutely dominates Invoke Obedience--even if you miss, all your allies are going to hit with their big powers. In addition to those, I would also list Thunder of Judgment, Winds of Celestia, Curse of Haemnathuun, Shadowdark Invocation, and Astral Tempest as powers you perhaps underrate simply due to the defense they target. I'm not sure you gave any Fort attack a sky blue rating--if that's an automatic downgrade in your book, regardless of the power it's attached to, then I think you're being unreasonable. Just my two cents.

On another note, I think you have the color wrong on Forced Submission (Daily 19), given that you call it "freaking bonkers" (an assessment I certainly agree with :P).

You also say Mantle of the Infidel (At-Will) "might be SkyBlue if the power effects every mark on the target making multi-marking a single target a nice way to ensure they never hit," yet creatures can only be subject to one mark at a time. Is there a way around this?
The PHB mentions several times that marks override each other. PHB2 page 218 makes this absurdly explicit - "A creature can be subject to only one mark at a time, and a new mark supersedes a mark that was already in place. The effect you use to mark a creature determines how long the creature remains marked by you. Regardless of the mark’s duration, it ends if somone else marks that creature, unless an effect says otherwise."
Dwarves invented beer so they could toast to their axes. Dwarves invented axes to kill people and take their beer. Swanmay Syndrome: Despite the percentages given in the Monster Manual, in reality 100% of groups of swans contain a Swanmay, because otherwise the DM would not have put any swans in the game.
The new Divine multiclass feats in Divine Power are really nice.

The new one for the Avenger allows you to use Oath of Enmity once per encounter but the target remains your oath until they are killed/subdued. Also, allows you to use Avenger implements.

The new Paladin MC feat gives you the new Paladin class feature virtue's touch which allows you to remove certain conditions from an ally a number of times per day equal to your WIS modifier. Also, allows you to use Paladin implements (Holy Symbol.)

The new Cleric MC feat (Divine Healer, I believe) gives you the Cleric's Healer's Lore class feature, which won't do much good unless you PMC Cleric, since Healer's Lore only gives the WIS mod. bonus to Cleric powers with the Healing keyword. Also, allows you to use Cleric implements.

The cleric one is really nice if you follow-up with the new MC feat called Divine Channeller.

This feat allows you to pick a divine class which is not your base class and pick a Channel Divinity class feature from that class. You can then use it as a Channel Divinity power (meaning only one CD per encounter, as per normal) or, if you don't have Channel Divinty already, then you can now say that you *do* have it but can only use one Channel Divinity power per day.

So, back to the Cleric. Take the Cleric's new Channel Divinty class feature option "Healer's Mercy" and you have a Close Burst 3 power which allows all bloodied allies in the burst to spend a healing surge at the cost of you being weakened until the end of your next turn. Couple this with the Healer's Lore Cleric class feature and they gain an additional amount equal to your WIS mod. Use a Symbol of Life's daily power to allow an additional 1d6 of healing.

I think this combo works best for an Invoker (I'm currently working on getting it going on an Avenger, but being a Striker makes it kind of odd to do the healing thing.)
The PHB mentions several times that marks override each other. PHB2 page 218 makes this absurdly explicit - "A creature can be subject to only one mark at a time, and a new mark supersedes a mark that was already in place. The effect you use to mark a creature determines how long the creature remains marked by you. Regardless of the mark’s duration, it ends if somone else marks that creature, unless an effect says otherwise."

I've already sent this question off..again..and unsurprisngly I got a completely different answer than I did last time. Last time it was if the mark comes from a different class. IE you have a Fighter mark,a Paladin's Divine Challenge,a Swordmage gaes were seperate things from eachother.

This time I got basically the same answer you have given,which while annoying,isn't that big of a deal. Even though it doesn't make sense fluff wise? You mean to tell me a Paladin's Divine challenge,that is powered by a god,is on the same wavelength as a Fighters mark...ummm...wtf?

In either case I'll be updating later tonight.

And to another poster above you. Fort is generally the strongest NAD,not saying they are bad powers just most of the others have better riders on them whether or not you hit or miss. Most of them are black because most of the time you'll run into things with high Fort defense,and lower Ref.

And yes that power should be [b]SkyBlue[/b],and have no idea why it messed up like that. It could target only hit on a nat 20 and it would still be awesome.

But,just a quick question. Has anyone else noticed the massive about of Leader like powers Inovkers get?
Pardon my ignorance, but where do you find the At-Will Astral Wind? Can't find it in Divine Power or PHB2.
An interesting corner case can be made for the Changeling with Fickle Servant. The idea is to take Visions of Blood and modify it with War, Madness, and Earth + Psychic Lock etc.

The only other way you can do this is to custom-make your own pantheon.
You can't modify a power with more than one Domain feat at a time. If you want to use Lance of Faith with Luck (for instance) then you cannot use it with any other Domain on that round.
You can't modify a power with more than one Domain feat at a time. If you want to use Lance of Faith with Luck (for instance) then you cannot use it with any other Domain on that round.

Where does it say that?
Where does it say that?

Divine Power p. 108. 2nd paragraph under the heading "Domain Feats."
Pardon my ignorance, but where do you find the At-Will Astral Wind? Can't find it in Divine Power or PHB2.

I have no idea. I can't find it either. I think he made it up. LOL
I have no idea. I can't find it either. I think he made it up. LOL

It's in the new DDM Miniatures Power Cards 2 set,suppose I made all of those up too? :D
Thanks for the guide-- it's been most helpful with my CoW build.  This character is built at level 6 to replace my invincible druid (who proved not to be invincible); that dictated the race, level, and tribal feat. 

I chose specifically for primary controller powers, avoiding slow because it's been only marginally effective in our encounters to date.  I'm considering switching Daily 5 to Trumpet the Stars Fall because prone has proved devastating vs. flying enemies.

Torkar, level 6
Razorclaw Shifter, Invoker
Build: Wrathful Invoker
Divine Covenant: Covenant of Wrath

Str 10, Con 16, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 9.

AC: 22 Fort: 19 Reflex: 18 Will: 21
HP: 46 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 11

Religion +8, Intimidate +7, Diplomacy +7, Insight +13

Invoker: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Tribe of the Enduring Mountain
Level 2: Implement Expertise (staff)
Level 4: Melee Training (Wisdom)
Level 6: Invoker Defense

At Will 1: Astral Wind  (Control: Push, Keep away)
At Will 1: Divine Bolts (no Control)
Encounter 1: Lightning's Revelation (Debuff)
Daily 1: Silent Malediction (Stun)
Utility 2: Wall of Light (Buff)
Encounter 3: Offering of Justice (damage without attack)
Daily 5: Grasping Chains of the Justicar (Immobilize)
Utility 6: Astral Step (Teleport allies)

Ritual Book, Staff of Expansion +2, Imposter's Finemail +2, Amulet of Protection +2
I don't see what's so bad about the Theurge of the Compact. If you can keep even a solo pinned between your Fiery Companions, you can rapidly obliterate the poor bastard with four attacks/round, +1 from a summoned angel's minor actions. And the flavor of commanding both angels and devils is great.

Here are some items I am outfitting my Maledictor with.

Feet - Boots of Dancing +1 Ref and you do not grant CA when Dazed. Now that is a Maledicotr's friend.

Waist - Diamond Cincture +1 Fort and a minor action for a daily healing surge.

Hands - Antipathy Gloves Enemies have to spend extra square of movement to move adj to you.  Prevents the bad guys from shifting right next to you after hitting em with all the close powers

Head - Carcanet of Psychic Schism  Ignore Stunned, dazed, or dominated for a small penalty - Daily

Neck - Periapt of Cascading Health minor to autosave against anything that can be saved against, and it is an encounter. Steadfast and Resillience Amulets are immediate reactions that are equivelant to reliable, but are dailies.

Dragonshard Augments - Siberys Shard of the Mage +1 dmg with implement attacks. For 680 gold, you can't go wrong.

This is one of the more useful guides, and it happens to be for one of my favorite classes, so here is a bump.  
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