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The Complete Collection of Character Build Links





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This thread is dedicated to easily referencing the best builds for whatever type of character you want to play. Simply find your main class and secondary class, if any, and take a look at some of the best the Character Optimization Board has to offer for what you have in mind!

A Word on Format: Links should have the complete name of the actual thread followed with the name of the author in parentheses or italics. Also, please add the the last date of activity after the link.








Table of Contents







Helpful Threads and Resources


General Discussion
General Optimization


Non-Class Guides

General Combat
Class-Independent Power Sources
Build Collections
WotC Helpful Resources




General Discussion


Ultimate Defenders (December 2010) - AlphatheGreat
The Art of Defending (July 2009) - mkill
4e, Defenders and the MMO mentality (March 2009) - Unmaker
Defending can be a Two-Person Job - The "Off-Tank" (September 2009) - psk20
Night at the Roxbury: Tricks for Multiple Defender Parties (November 2011) - GelatinousOctahedron








Beyond Bodily Brutality: The Basics of Building Battleminds (January 2012) - Dedekine

Example Builds
Achilles (August 2010) full Defender, full Striker using Brutal Barrage - langeweile
Ronin (August 2010) Polearm build with big battlefield control and mobility - langeweile









Holy Riders: The Cavalier's Guide (January 2011) - Litigation







Death Before Dishonor: A Knight's Guide (May 2011) - lordduskblade








Harder than a Rock: The Fighter's Handbook (June 2012) - lordduskblade

Example Builds

The Wall (July 2010) - warrl
Beowulf, Master of Grabs (December 2010) - lordduskblade
Mr. Smith (January 2011) - lordduskblade
The Taskmaster (November 2010) - lordduskblade
Wolfpack Guardian (October 2010) - lordduskblade
Super-Scrag: Fighter/Pit Fighter/Demigod (June 2010) - Herid_Fel
The Iron Curtain Fighter (April 2010) - langeweile
Tank (v3.0): When Push Comes to Daze (April 2010) - Gnoob
Sir Marks-a-Lot (v2.0): The Penaly-to-Hit Imposition Machine (June 2011) - Valenkosh
How to Build a Black Hole 4e Style (November 2010) - Valenkosh
Charging Bull: A Minotaur Fighter/Beastblooded Minotaur/Demigod - ls612
Ned the Netman: Brawler Fighter/Adroit Explorer/Destined Scion - Lord_Ventnor









Pillars of Faith (and Facestabs): The Paladin's Handbook (January 2012) - Litigation








Masters of Blade Magic: A Swordmage Handbook (March 2012) - Herid_Fel








A Rock and A Hard Place: A Warden Handbook (January 2012) - AlphaAnt

Example Builds

Kildok the Primal Tank (August 2010) - Koval
Gorgeous George: The Irresistible Defender (November 2010) - MC-DrowBane








General Discussion


The Art of Striking (August 2009) - mkill
Axioms of Striker Construction (April 2009) - ophite









All along the crooked Way: An Assassins Handbook (August 2011) - erleni
Look Very Carefully: The Shroud Assassins Handbook (May 2012) - erachima








Righteous Wrath: The Avenger's Handbook(Forum copy of previous Wiki) (January 2013) - kilpatds
Righteous Wrath: The Avenger's Handbook(Forum) (January 2012) - kilpatds
Swift & without Mercy: A Guide to Pursuit Avengers (November 2010) - Auspex7

Build Handbooks
Auspex7's Avenger Builds Thread (December 2010) - Auspex7
At the Table - Avenger Tactics, Tricks and Combos (May 2010) - Auspex7








Appetite for Destruction: The Barbarian's Handbook (July 2011) - lordduskblade

Example Builds

The Oracle of Death (October 2010) - Nova Barbarian and general party support - langeweile
Barbarian Bruiser (September 2010) - lordduskblade
Chain Reaction - Barbarian/Shock Trooper/FuryoftheWild Whirling Slayer (July 2010) - Grey Warden
I Like em Big - Barbarian/Kensai/Reincarnate Champion Hammer Wielder (July 2010) - Grey Warden
Eladrin Barbarian: The most dangerous barbarian build in epic (May 2010) - Elwynadas
The San Diego Super Charger (216 DPR) (April 2010) - ShakaUVM








Live for the Kill: A Berserker's Handbook (January 2012) - Dragvandil13








Tainted Faith: The Blackguard's Guide (December 2011) - Litigation







Death Incarnate: The Executioner's Guide (August 2011) - Litigation






Blades of Cursed Midnight - A Hexblade's Guide (January 2012) - Lord_Ventnor







The Book of Five Traditions: A Monk Handbook (June 2013) - MwaO

outdated handbooks archive

(outdated) No Paper Tigers!!!: The Monk Handbook (January 2012) - Furious_Kender
(outdated) House of the 30 Chambers - A Monk Guide (April 2010) - canamrock
(outdated) I Know Kung Fu: A Guide to Monks (April 2010) - olfactatron








Thrill of the Hunt: The Ranger's Handbook (June 2012)- lordduskblade

Build Handbooks

Example Builds

*Shoot to Thrill (January 2011) - lordduskblade
*The Trailblazer (December 2010) - lordduskblade
*The Hurricane (November 2010) - lordduskblade
*The Time Bomb (November 2010) - lordduskblade
*Battlefield Archer (November 2010) - lordduskblade
*Damage Inc. - An Exercise in Brutality (October 2010) - MC-DrowBane
*Da Bleeder - 96 ongoing damage without needing to-hit (May 2010) - ShakaUVM
*Ziana's Archer - Ziana
*Undying Ranger - Jay_Ibero_911
*Ranger + Warpriest (the Sticky Striker) - Nifft
*Storm Stormtrooper: MC Fighter/Swordmage, Stormwarden, Eternal Defender - upho
*Eladrin "Arcane Archer" - lordduskblade

outdated handbooks archive

(outdated) Exemplars of the Hunt: The Ranger's Build Handbook (June 2011) - lordduskblade
(outdated) Thrill of the Hunt: The Ranger's Handbook (Wiki) (June 2010)- lordduskblade
(outdated)The Ranger Handbook: How to strike them where it hurts - GeorgeFHarris
(outdated)Catharsis, or The Ranger Handbook (incomplete) - NoldorForce
(outdated) The Art of Shredding: The Ranger Build Handbook - lordduskblade








Han Shot First: A Scoundrel's Guide (June 2012) - RenZhe 

Build Handbooks
Dagger 101: In depth analysis of Rogue damage, the Dagger and general build advice (September 2010) - langeweile
The Silent Death - A Handbook to Sniper Rogues (May 2010) - Faytte








Wherever I May Roam: A Scout's Guide (July 2011) - lordduskblade
Two Weapons and a Field Guide: The Scout's Handbook (April 2011) - undergroundplayer







Kill 'Em All: A Slayer's Guide (July 2011) - lordduskblade







The Demiurge Molecule: A Sorcerer's (And Elementalist's) Handbook -DuelistDelSol (April 2012)

outdated handbooks archive

(outdated)Ultimate Power: The Sorcerer's Handbook (Wiki) (November 2010) - Based on Reg06's handbook
(outdated)Ultimate Power: The Sorcerer's Handbook (Discussion only) - Reg06
(outdated)Joe's Sorcerer Guide (April 2010) - joemama1512
(outdated)Joseph Silver's Mini-Guide to Sorcerer Damage Types - Joseph_Silver
(outdated)How to be a Gishy Squishy: A Sorcerer Handbook - Ytterbium_Dragon
(outdated)Pure Power: The Sorcerer's Handbook - Sven_Stryker
(outdated) Sorcerer Optimization Notes - Joseph_Silver
(outdated) Shock and Awe: A Storm Sorcerer's Guide (July 2009) - LordYawgmoth








What Is Yours Can Be Mine: A Thief's Handbook (October 2011) - tsuyoshikentsu








Walk With Me in Hell: The Warlock's Guide (January 2012) - DuelistDelSol






General Discussion


Controlling 101 (December 2009) - alien270







Masters of Sword and Spell: The Bladesinger's Handbook (November 2011) - AdamClare








Call of the Wild - A Druid Handbook* (January 2012) - alien270
*including Sentinel Druid

Example Builds

[thread=1168155]The Predator - Druid Controller/Striker[/thread] - Belile
[thread=1165587]Elven Druid Twilight Guardian[/thread] - Prism

outdated handbooks archive

(outdated)Master of Forms and Master of Storms: A Druid Handbook (November 2010) - alien270
(outdated) Heart of the Wild: A Druid Handbook (May 2010) - Molecule
(outdated)[thread=1164125]Clawing your way to the top: The Intelligent Druid's Guide[/thread] - Kiaia







Harrying Your Prey, the Easy Way: A Hunter's Handbook (January 2012) - thespaceInvader










The Art of the Covenant: A Guide to Invokers (November 2011) - Cazzeo
The Whole Duty of Man: A Guide to Invokers (Wiki) (May 2011)

outdated handbooks archive

(outdated)The Whole Duty of Man: A guide to Invokers (March 2010) - A Man in Black
(outdated)[thread=1164483]Fear the Gods: The Invoker Handbook[/thread] - DwarvenSparten
(outdated)[thread=1164298]Judgement Has Arrived: The Invoker's Handbook[/thread] - DaButcher







The Mind's Eye: a Psion Handbook - (June 2012) - svendj

Example Builds
Ms. No (August 2010) hard mob control with multi-target action denial - langeweile
The Doombringer - Tiefling Psion(Bard)/Life Singer/Sage of Ages - Belile
The Mind Trickster - Gnome Psion/Master Summoner/Topaz Crusader - Belile
The Stormbringer - Shardmind Psion/Dreamwalker/Planeshaper - Belile

outdated handbooks archive
I Can Kill You With My Brain: The Psion's Handbook - Wiki | Discussion Thread - (September 2011) - Belile







To Strive, To Seek, to Find, and Not to Yield: The Seeker's Handbook (January 2012) WEContact

outdated handbook archive

(outdated) Follow My Way - A Seekers Guide (June 2010) - MilkyWhey
(outdated) Primal Artillery Barrage: A Guide to Seekers (March 2010) - olfactatron







Archmage's Ascension: The Wizard's Handbook (January 2012) - RuinsFate

Example Builds

Lucid, Star of Mourning: Prince of Hell (September 2010) - MC-DrowBane
Orbizard (December 2009) - lordduskblade

[thread=1210434]Mike's Netizard[/thread] - mdonais
[thread=1216035]Kerrus' Whiplement caster[/thread] - Kerrus
[thread=1227462]Stunning Thunder-glaive Immo-bola-zer[/thread] - Valenkosh
*[thread=1185555]The Frozen Summoner[/thread] - Xzylvador
*[thread=1170160]Weaponizing a Ritual and a Harmless Utility[/thread] - Valenkosh
* [thread=1098189]How to Build a Nuclear Bomb[/thread] - Xantos000
*[thread=1068455]Prismatic tricksters- Elf/Wizard/Divine Oracle/Deadly Trickster[/thread] - Goumindong
*[thread=1040218]The Defender-Mage[/thread] - IIRaTe
*[thread=1174711]"Thunderglaive"[/thread] - runreallyfast

outdated handbook archive

Cantrip Uses:
[thread=1053228]101 creative uses for cantrips[/thread] (January 2011) - BGracian + many others
Power Cantrippery - Light, Ghost Sound and Mage Hand (January 2011) - Stealthscout2
[thread=1196900]Tactical Cantrip Usage 101: A Fey Trickster's Handbook[/thread] (June 2009)- AOXES

(outdated)The Power of Knowledge: The Wizard's Handbook (January 2012) - Nausicaa
(outdated)Miniguide to the Genesi Thunder Blaster Wizard (July 2010) - Joemama1512
(defunct)The True Magus: A Wizards Handbook (May 2010) - Ytterbium Dragon
(outdated)[thread=1221222]The War Mage: A Wizard Handbook[/thread] - ls612
(outdated)[thread=1039126]The Wizard Handbook[/thread] - Squirrelloid
(outdated)[thread=1041166]Treantmonk's Guide to Wizards: God 4E Style[/thread] - Treantmonklevel20
(outdated)[thread=1116781]Guide to the Utility Belt Wizard: Batman 4E-style[/thread] - Kurald_Galain
(outdated)[thread=1187903]Arcane Master: A Wizard's Handbook[/thread] - Half_Dragon_Infernal
(outdated)[thread=1186484]The Wizard Handbook II: Electric Boogaloo[/thread] - Klivian






General Discussion

Indestructible Parties - Ultimate Leaders (August 2010) - saigon
The Art of Leading (September 2009) - mkill






Ardent Admiration: An Ardent Handbook (January 2012) - Dedekine

Example Builds

Chargedent Barrage (February 2011) - mellored
Sir Slidesalot (May 2010) - Cazzeo
Accurate Ardent (May 2010) - Kryx








Potent Potables - The Artificer Manual (January 2012) - Zathris










Cruel Lullabies: The Bard Handbook (January 2012) - Litigation

Example Builds



The Dashing Swashbuckler (January 2011) - Thorvald Grimbjorn
Jerry the God Slaying Ninja Bard (November 2010) - MC-DrowBane
The Tenacious Troubadour (November 2009) - Parshias337



*[thread=1224282]The BardLord - 18+ Crits for Everyone[/thread] -Warlord - Grandmartoni
*[thread=1189038]Bardmage[/thread] - Sorcerer/Swordmage - Boffer
*[thread=1189233]Red Mage[/thread] - Fighter/Cleric - Lurdiak
*[thread=1199619]The Bardic Defender[/thread] - Fighter/Paladin/Cleric - Furious Kender

outdated handbook archive

(outdated) [thread=1152619]Oh! blame not the bard. - The Bard Handbook[/thread] (October 2009) - JWT









Holy Smoke! A Cleric's Handbook Forum (December 2011) - GelatinousOctahedron



Build Handbooks




Exemplars of the Faith: A Cleric Build Handbook (October 2011) - GelatinousOctahedron
Miniguide to Bow Clerics (May 2011) - GelatinousOctahedron
The White Mage - the healic guide (December 2010) - Nausicaa

Example Builds

[thread=1046708]Elf Cleric/Radiant Servant/Demigod[/thread] - Martag

[thread=1067856]Radiant Blaster Cleric[/thread] - EbenMcKay

[thread=1045554]The Ranged Cleric: A Diary[/thread] - porpentine
[thread=1127844]Holy Lumberjack: Cleric/Ranger/Divine Oracle/Demi[/thread] - JonnyFortune

outdated hanbook archive

(outdated)[thread=1205448]Holier Than Thou: A Cleric's Handbook[/thread] - Lochaber
(outdated)[thread=1046335]The Cleric's Bible (Making a 4e Cleric)[/thread] - ReaderOfPosts
(outdated)[thread=1059975]The Cleric's Handbook[/thread] (incomplete) - PaladinOnline
(outdated) [THREAD=1082033]Deus vult! The Battle Cleric's Handbook[/THREAD] - nittanytbone







That Rune Aimer: A Runepriest's Handbook (June 2013) - rayjeeliwan
Runepriest Wiki & Discussion Thread (December 2011) - MelloRed










Call of the Wild - A Druid Handbook (February 2011) -  alien270









Spirited Away: A Shaman Handbook (January 2012) - GelatinousOctahedron



Build Handbooks

Example Builds

[thread=1171129]Checkmate Shaman: Shaman/Druid/Disciple of the World Serpent/Glorious Spirit[/thread] - JonnyFortune

outdated handbook archive

(outdated)[thread=1165608]If the Spirit Moves You: A Shaman's Handbook[/thread] - Seifalmasy
(outdated) [thread=1173935]Gotta Protect 'Em All: A Bear Shaman's Handbook[/thread] (April 2009) - Wrylen
(outdated) [thread=1210216]The Scent of Blood: A Panther Shaman's Handbook[/thread] - (July 2009) baylor






The Warlord, Or How to Wield a Barbarian One-Handed (June 2012) - Zelink551

Build Handbooks
Optimising Basic Attacks in your Party (January 2010) - Erudo
Re-roll Optimisation for your Allies (April 2010) - 11235

Example Builds

Stormbringer (September 2010) - lordduskblade
Genasi Novalord (October 2010) - lordduskblade
Toppling Giants - a Warlord Concept (October 2010) aggressive build to prone mobs for control and leadership - langeweile
A Lazy, Lazy, Clever Commander (Mar 2010) - Adslahnit

outdated handbook archive

(outdated) Chasing Glory: The Warlord's Handbook (July 2011) - lordduskblade
(outdated) The Acme of Excellence - A Warlord Handbook (March 2010) - A Man in Black
(outdated)[thread=1055055]Warlords (Handbook) - How to make the grunts be the best they can be[/thread] - sCRuLooSe
(outdated) [thread=1115346]Mini-Guide: Bravura Warlord[/thread] (December 2009) - Elder_basilisk




Master of My Domain: A Miniguide to Warpriests (March 2012) -GelatinousOctahedron






Hybrid and Paragon Multiclass

Miscibility Table: A Hybrid Handbook (December 2011) - Mommy was an Orc 
Miscibility Table: Hybrid Builds (November 2011) - Mommy was an Orc


White Raven Crusader (paladin|warlord) (July 2010) - Litigation
Luke Skywalker  Swordmage-Warlord (November 2012) - Windgate


Violent Pacifist: Githzerai, ClericWizard, Zealous Demagogue, Archmage (September 2010) - GelatinousOctahedron
Mike's Netizard (wizard|cleric) - mdonais
Stunning Thunder-glaive Immo-bola-zer (wizard|cleric) - Valenkosh


(alphabetical by race name)

Heart of the Dragon: A Dragonborn's Handbook (January 2011)- Lord_Ventnor
Hammer and Stone 2.0: A Dwarf Handbook (September 2010) - DSCrankshaw
Crivens! A Pictsie's Guide (April 2012) - Mellored
The Ghost with the Most - Revenant Handbook (February 2011) - mellored
Infernal Wrath: A Tiefling's Handbook (November 2010) - Lord_Ventnor
Strength of Steel: A Warforged Handbook (February 2011) - Maevok

(for future use)

(for future use)

(for future use)

-Added a few more builds and handbooks. Is there a Warlock Handbook somewhere?
-Added a few more builds and handbooks. Is there a Warlock Handbook somewhere?

There are 2 warlock handbooks that I know of

Theres quite a few useful builds in the optimization library that aren't included in this database
Optimization library link
There are 2 warlock handbooks that I know of

Theres quite a few useful builds in the optimization library that aren't included in this database
Optimization library link

Added the Warlock Handbook. Thanks Haynen!
Hey, WizO's, can we get this stickied? This could be a very good potential resource.
I might point out that your links are misleading, because they use titles not used by the threads themselves. There is a Wizard Handbook thread (see my sig), TML20's thread is named Treantmonk's Guide to Wizards: God 4E Style. Its also intentionally not a complete handbook - it deals with only one style of Wizard (not a slight, its what TML20 is interested in, and its a good guide for that style).

You should link them with the complete name of the actual thread, and follow the link with the name of the author in parentheses or italics. That way there is no ambiguity. (Yeah, apparently I could log in and do this myself, but I felt that a general comment was needed so other people would pay attention and do so).
I wonder if it might be a better idea to do a Wiki instead? I am just worried about someone using the "community account" for nefarious reasons. Just create a Wiki and link it in here maybe? Just a thought...
-Updated a few classes. I'm looking for any Cleric Multiclass builds. There don't seem to be very many of them.
Added Sticky Halfing Paladin/Cleric
-Added Cleric/Paladin Blaster build-
Rangers Handbook

There's a new ranger handbook (or two) that are still being updated. The one that you have is incomplete, and not being updated.

There's a new ranger handbook (or two) that are still being updated. The one that you have is incomplete, and not being updated.


Noted and fixed. Feel free to make any changes you see to this thread yourself in the future!
-Ranger/Ranger added.
Check out my Arcane Archer!
The Optimized Rogue you have listed under 'Rogue' -> 'No Multiclass' is actually multiclassed with Ranger.
The Optimized Rogue you have listed under 'Rogue' -> 'No Multiclass' is actually multiclassed with Ranger.

Thanks for catching that!
-Updated a few classes. I'm looking for any Cleric Multiclass builds. There don't seem to be very many of them.

There are a few elf archer cleric builds out there that naturally gravitate towards a ranger multiclass.

There are a few elf archer cleric builds out there that naturally gravitate towards a ranger multiclass.


If you run across them feel free to update the thread or leave me a link and I'll get to it eventually!
-Wizard Cleric!
Nice Warlock/Cleric build here

Dr. Mindbender, Warlock/Divine Oracle (optimizing the "roll 2x vs. Will")

Thanks! I've been thinking about playing a Warlock/Cleric.
I added a Charisma focused 1/2 elf Starlock (THE "FACELOCK")in the Wararlock section. Hope its usefull for someone.:P
A wild fighter/rogue appears!
Added a new Paladin/Warlock 5th man build.

Also, could I incite anyone to create a Cleric/Fighter, Cleric/Ranger, Cleric/Rogue, Cleric/Warlock or Cleric/Wizard build? Or find links...

Those builds are at the top of my list.
Two fighter builds:

MC Hammer, a minotaur maul fighter optimized for DPR

Gambling Man, a glaive pit fighter optimized for OAs

Both builds technically multiclass at epic tier, but multiclassing is not integral to either build and both pretty much qualify as single-class fighters.
I just posted a pair of Pit Fighter builds: one is Ranger, the other is Paladin. At the very least the Paladin wasn't around before, methinks...

I added your two builds, Titanium. Fighter/Ranger & Fighter/Warlord (Though they both are more stand alone fighter builds.) Duskblade, I think your latest builds are fine, but I think it needs to be picked apart before I put it in here (though if someone disagrees feel free to log in and make the change yourself.)
I wish someone would, especially for the Ranger... that's the character I'm playing. :D
Rogue/Paladin added.
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