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Greetings everyone.

Currently im playing a monk at lv 18 and my party is in a stace of facing big dragons.

The problem is that big dragons have big AC and i just have +24 attack bonus.
(12 bab + 8 wis + 4 magic weapon)

My char uses WIS instead of STR to attack and currently i have 26 wisdom.

Is there any way to increse my attack bonus by spells?
On my party i have a sorcerer with lv 7 spells a cleric with lv 7 spells and a druid with lv 7 spells

thanks in advance.

(i searched the board but didnt find anything, or maybe i didnt search the right keywords)
Check out the forums here. The 3.5 Optimisation Forum was moved.
thanks. I'll check it
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