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Does it look like fighters are actually going to be good in 4e? In 3e wizards were just insane at high levels and I am hoping no one class will tower over the others in 4e. Anyone been able to take a sneak peak at 4e that thinks that fighters will be really good at high levels? By fighters I am kind of also including paladins.
We haven't actually seen the kinds of powers that fighters will get at high level so your question is a bit hard to answer. If we extrapolate out the type of powers that Fighters get, then they should have some pretty impressive stuff by the time they hit epic is just hard to know what that 'stuff' will look like. The Kensei Paragon Path is the furthest we've seen I think.

Perhaps the better indicator is what other classes are getting. The Fighter's problems in 3rd edition weren't so much based on what they lacked as on what Wizards and Clerics could do. From what we've seen, the Cleric shouldn't be stepping on the toes of the Fighter too much...but there's a definite Battle Cleric build in the works (see the Warpriest Paragon Path) that needs watching. Wizard spells, on the other hand, have taken a definite hit. Wizards won't be able to easily make their entire party fly until probably late Paragon or early Epic, if they can do it at all. Ridiculous stuff like Forcecage is probably out altogether. Mirror Image isn't even what it used to be. On the other hand, a Wizard is much closer to a Fighter in hit points and probably won't be obliterated in one round of melee combat either.

While I can't point to much in terms of actual evidence that will bring the Fighter closer in parity to the other classes, I can point to more general design philosophies. The fact that the Fighter is using the same at-will/encounter/daily resource model as every other class helps. The fact that the class roles are more explicit now helps, as it should help prevent other non-Defender classes from encroaching too much on the territory of Defenders. Going back to the Warpriest, we're seeing a Leader class that is granted a Defender-type ability through their Paragon Path, but that one ability will not stand up to the other powers that Defenders get alone. Warpriest's Challenge at level 16 is a fairly anemic mark in comparison to the level 1 marks of the Fighter and Paladin.

Altogether, I don't think that the Fighter will come out to be necessarily even with the other classes. It is hard to say which classes will come out on top, though, and the margin of victory should be a lot less than it was in 3rd edition. 4th edition should be a good one for Fighter-lovers.
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The 4e Fighter looks like a 3.5e Warblade focused on Iron Heart and Stone Dragon.

The 4e Wizard looks almost like a 3.5e Binder, but with better area-of-effects, better utility, less ability to emulate other classes, and completely different flavor.

So, yeah, Fighters will be fun and effective characters in 4e, and so will Wizards.
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