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OK, here goes...
Dragonborn fighter

Str 20
Int 9
Dex 10
Con 14
Wis 10
Cha 12

Healing surges: 11
HP: 17

Fort +4
Ref +0
Will +0

Athletics (+9)
Intimidate (+8)
Endurance (+7)
Streetwise (+6)
History (+2)

Dragonborn Frenzy

-Tide of Iron
-Passing Attack
-Brute Strike

...HP: 17...

Why are his hit points so low?

If you have to resort to making offensive comments instead of making logical arguments, you deserve to be ignored.

Why don't we wait until we have the actual rulebooks before we start trying to optimize? ;)
Sorry. I wanted to get the ball rolling with all the info we have to date. I'm not saying this is my final version, or that this is the be-all way I'll be playing him. There will be edits to come.

As for the HP issue, I was using the formula: (level
Given that we don't have a good handle the most basic elements of character creation like stat arrays, I would hold off for a bit.
I went to this site: http://dnd4.com/. It looks like a compilation of just about everything that's been leaked thus far. And, again, the forum's here, we might as well use it.
I went to this site: http://dnd4.com/. It looks like a compilation of just about everything that's been leaked thus far. And, again, the forum's here, we might as well use it.

It's just that you won't get very optimized builds until we get all of the information. Still there's no reason not to do it, but don't expect anything optimized.
I understand that, I just want to lay the groundwork that can be optimized and refined as more information becomes available. I'm sure you may have noticed that the power selection is just about the same as the sample Dwarf from the demos, so it's obviusly not made with the BEST choices that will be available.

*Notice the post says 'FIRST attempt', not 'BEST DRAGONBORN FIGHTER EVER!!!!!'
That's all well and good, but the HP formula is definitely wrong. It's definitely 15 + CON score. There was an actual Excerpt or Design & Development on it (I just can't find the link now).

If you really want to do this, you might look for the "4e Pre-Release Compilation". It has more up to date information it seems.
OK, so HP are 29. Got it.
Don't forget you have the encounter power Dragon Breath.

From the 4e_PrRC:

Dragon Breath Dragonborn Racial Power
Encounter ✦ Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning or Poison
Minor Action Close Blast 3
Target: All creatures in blast
Attack: Str, Con or Dex vs. Reflex
Effect: 1d6 + Con modifier of acid, cold, fire, lightning or
poison damage.
[? Type of damage and ability modifier used chosen at
character creation?] (I read somewhere that you do indeed choose it at character creation, but I would have to track down the source)
Yeah, I was thinking about taking Lightning for it.
Also just for reference I think your Healing Surge Amount is 9 HP, but someone can correct me if I'm wrong (Draconic Heritage)
Yeah, it's 9.
That feat which increases your breath area seems useful...
You really need the rulebooks. Besides, I always thought that the best aspect of the CharOp forums was helping those people that had effectively gimped their characters, something far, far too easy to do in 3e.

Quickly followed by theoretical excersises in game math and unlikely builds.

Both of which need the rules to achieve.
Tide of Iron requires a shield. So you'll have to rethink gear or powers.

Ed_Warlord, on what it takes to make a thread work: I think for it to be really constructive, everyone would have to be honest with each other, and with themselves.


iserith: The game doesn't profess to be "just like our world." What it is just like is the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Any semblance to reality is purely coincidental.


Areleth: How does this help the problems we have with Fighters? Do you think that every time I thought I was playing D&D what I was actually doing was slamming my head in a car door and that if you just explain how to play without doing that then I'll finally enjoy the game?


TD: That's why they put me on the front of every book. This is the dungeon, and I am the dragon. A word of warning though: I'm totally not a level appropriate encounter.

Healing surges: 11
HP: 17

Fort +4
Ref +0
Will +0


Oh yeah, I didn't even notice that.

It should be more like:

AC: ?
Fort: 14
Ref: 10
Will: 11

I'm not sure if those numbers are exactly right, though. I forgot what the formula was. But they're target numbers just like AC now.
Based upon what's known, I'd do something more like this...

Level 1 Dragonborn Fighter

INIT +0, Speed 5
AC 17, Fort 14, Ref 10, Will 11
HP 29
Bloodied 14
Healing surges: 11 (9 HP)

Athletics (+8)
Intimidate (+8)
Endurance (+5)
Streetwise (+6)
History (+1)

Dragonborn Frenzy


- Cleave
- Reaping Strike

- Passing Attack
- Brute Strike

STR +5 (20) CON +2 (14) DEX +0 (11) INT -1 (8) WIS +0 (10) CHA +1 (12)

Equipment: Scale Armor, Greataxe


Basically, INT is useless to you other than INT based skills. Might has well leave it at an 8. Better to place the extra gained point in DEX where you'll soon reap the benefits to Initiative and DEX skills. (Alternately, you could boost CON.)

Athletics and Endurance are subject to an armor penalty. Which for Scale is -2. You had Chain... which is a -1 armor check penalty, but is also 1 less point of AC. Fighters start with prof for up to Scale. Might as well make use of it.

History takes a -1 penalty due to your INT, whether you stay with an 9 or drop down to 8.

Without a shield, Tide of Iron is useless. Take Reaping Strike to hammer on the single targets, and use Cleave in case of multiple attackers.

Be sure to look at the KotS Fighter as it's a two-hander as well. Combat Challenge appears to vary based upon whether you're sword-and-board or two-handed.
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