Mr. Calvert, you're well aware...

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Ahoy! This is just a thread to type up a letter containing the mission for my character. I'm at work, so this is about the only way I'd be able to access it once I got home. Plus I wouldn't mind feedback on my work!


Mr. Calvert,


You're well aware of the issues we've been having with wanted criminal Logan Greer. For several weeks the cutpurse has been ambushing passing citizens and merchants for easy coin. Though some were injured, there have been thankfully no casualties up to this point, and that continues to be the case. However, the thief has recently made a grievous error in judgement. As of yesterday he has attacked my niece, and left her precious arm with a deep scar as well as injuring her two guards. He must have realized what he had done as he fled directly after the attack without taking anything.


We have witnesses that say he has fled into our neighboring kingdom of Roenia. Though we are on good terms with Roenia, we cannot simply send a bevy of troops armed to the teeth to track him down. This is where you come in. Track the thief down, apprehend him using the abilities bestowed upon you, and bring him back to await his sentence. This must be carried out with the utmost discression. Please avoid making your presence known. If it's found out that we have armed officials sent over it could be catastrophic for our relations with Roenia.


May your success be swift.



And there it is. He's a Sorcerer-King pact warlock, ever so slightly reflavored to work outside of Dark Sun. His king is a decent king, though caught up in some political drama, v.s. the absolute terrible evilness that went on in Dark Sun. All of the Warlocks in his kingdom (barring a few of course) are members of the police/military, and they are gifted with a piece of his power that has can grow with their own potential.


Well, comments? Critiques? Any ideas to make it a slight bit more solid?