What's Your Favorite Ten-Minute Background

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A few days ago, I was wading through @The_Jesters TMB thread looking for inspitation, when I came across a few entries that really stood out to me.  The characters in question seemed to jump right out of the page and take on a life of their own,  they were so well crafted.  


With 993 entries to read and counting, I therefore thought it might be a good idea to start a thread in which people would list their favorite entries within the Ten-Minute Background thread.  This could serve as a good cross-reference for people that don't to search through the entire thread, and could also provide some recognition to the people who created those entries.  The only thing I ask is that you pleasedon't list your own entries, because of course, everyone believes that their own entries are the best! 


I'll kick things off with a couple of my own favorite entries:


1. Gordik Nanikus by @cl_85:  This entry hits you like a mack truck.  I'll never think of dwarves the same way again!

2. Urantikkel Pin Slamminfools by @ymuckluck:  Another unique character, this time a gnome, with a lot of attitude.