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I have an idea for a character's background. His name is Heinrik. He is a human fighter. Heinrik is a knight who was cursed by a witch for smartmouthing her. The curse made him mute. Any ideas as to how one would roleplay him? I think it would make for humerous situations where he couldn't voice his opinion normaly. Or some situations could go bad, considering he can't utter the phrase "Hey, look out behind you!". So, any ideas? Think it's even doable? 


well, you could make use sign language, and he could bang his weapon to gain attention too. Typically, you have to focus more on his movements for communication. Or you could use a magic sign.

a friend of mine played a self loathing tiefling who vowed to never speak till every tiefling was killed. only then could she be human again, and speak. it was disaterous. taking 5 min to write a note every time the player wanted to talk to anyone, NPC's always thinking she was dumb or rude, etc.... i cant really think of a way to make it work unless the character has telepathy, and that kinda defeats the purose, eh?

Don't talk in first-person. Describe the character's actions and reactions in third-person instead.

Challenging your ways of communication is really hard.

To make it doable you'd need to include the other players, as they have to find a way to interpret the signals you send.


My experience is from the other side of the spectrum: I played an always angry, foulmouthed, hotblooded sorceress that would yell at everyone in sight. Not only did it offend the other characters, it bewildered the other players. I had problems finding new expletives. In the end it got in the way of roleplaying her other aspects and I toned it down.




I played with a guy whose character was deaf once, a dwarf berserker I think he was. Anyway, he carried around a silver bell to get attention from the party, and to communicate he played sherades. It was humourous for a time, but quickly he became frustrated with the whole deal. Pranks on him were fun though, "What's that, boy? Timmy fell down the well?"  Every time. Or at least it was until he went into a rage.

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