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I have reskinned a warforged fighter as a fine-tuned, yet horribly programmed killbot. That is to say, something that's really good at killing, but about as socially well-functioned as an ill-tempered squirrel. I am looking for additional ideas as to what his prime function is, or what his backstory was.


My current idea is that he was designed by a mad wizard who, during the final process of activating the killbot, woefully cursed his fate for "not having more time" as the adventurers raiding his lair killed him. And so, upon activation, this killbot seeks out any and all objects relating to time - watches, clocks, hourglasses, sundials, etc.


I would prefer something that is wacky, but not just flat out weird, so that it could be a point of comedy in a mostly serious world.


Thanks in advance.

Maybe his overall goal is to kill the god of time? Maybe he rejects the concept of time and everything? Maybe he uses Clocks as a weapon( refulffed as a war ax)? I assume he is a barbarian, so maybe he acts like a pacifist untill he hears anyting relating to time?







    Well, a slightly less over-the-top motivation would be that the warforged has been subjected to a "Tin Man" - stuck in the wizard's tower for a couple hundred years after the adventurers "deactivated" him by dropping the ceiling on him, pinned under the massive weight of stone, the warforged sat there quietly ticking off the centuries and scratching away at the stones on top of him until he managed to grind through enough of the huge chunk of rubble that it cracked in half under its own weight, only to find that the wizard he was created to serve was now dust - and is now completely obsessed with time...

 Pychologically, he has a love/hate relationship with time - there's always too much of it or never enough. Play him as somewhat antsy, almost ridiculously impatient, hating to wait for anything, and almost incapable of standing still. He carries multiple wind-up time pieces and is constantly checking them - when he's not habitually sharpening his weapons down into toothpicks as a nervous tic. He may get petulant and sulky if patience and forebearance are required for a significant length of time. He's also prone to overreacting wildly to anything or anyone he perceives as trying to stop him from accomplishing his goals - if he's having a bad day and goes to open a door that's locked, when it doesn't open he may fly into a rage and break it down with an axe before someone has time to hand him the key...


 (Of course, the key to playing a character like that without pissing everyone off is timing, lol. Pick the moments to roleplay his idiosyncrasies and don't do it too often or too stridently, a little goes a long way. While his first suggestion will nearly always be to take immediate and direct action, he can easily be "talked down from the ledge" by the first rational statement  or stern look the rest of the party offers.)


  As a defender, a fighter would probably have served in the role of a bodyguard or possibly an enforcer. Which would fit with the character being very goal/mission-oriented, and why he's so impatient and obsessed with time now, having failed to escape in time to protect his former charge, his creator.




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