Dragonborn Paladin, Tymanther, god(s) Worshiped?

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What god would a Dragonborn Paladin from Tymanther worship? Barring Bahamut (as only crazy dragon worshippers in Tymanther worship a dragon) what faiths are recognized? Didn't see this addressed anywhere, but I admit to probably missing it.


Thanks in advance!



Whichever god you want her to worhip.


I know I'm not being very helpful here, but seriously, your preference as a (presumed) player is much more important than what has been written in some generic books and magazines, by authors so far removed from your campaign they might as well be extraterrestrials.


Anyway, the Forgotten Realms wiki mentions Chauntea being worshipped in the village of Arush Vayem in Tymanther, so there's one suggestion.