Need role play ideas for heresy(ish)

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My character is a high Int Artificer that worships Ioun.
Study and acquisition of knowledge is very important to this character.

The person playing a wizard in my party was unhappy with the class (wanted striker, got controller) and the DM allowed a change to warlock. My character is aware of the change (due to his high arcana check).

Wizards are about study and knowledge and Warlocks are about pacts with demons for quick power.

It seems like this would be practically heresy for my character and he would struggle to make peace with this. I want to role play this a bit, but I really don't want to harm group dynamic or make the other player/other player's character feel picked on.


Any ideas how my character can struggle with accepting this, without going too far?

Which pact did he take?  if it isn't the demon one, then I don't think conflict would be nessicary. Maybe the Artificer can show concern for the warlock, and try to veer him off in subtle ways. Or do a bunch of reaserch on whatever he made a pact with and try to save his soul in secret. Honestly, I don't know much about both characters at this point.

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