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I'm currently playing a female Razorclaw Shifter Ranger(Hunter) with a charisma of 8 and a high wisdom, and average intelligence. I'm unsure of how to role play the character. Any advice?

With Shifters you always have a chance to play with the duality of their civilized and beastial nature.


You can be as calm and collected as a wild elf one moment, and then when the need arrises, you unleashed you inner beast, roaring into battle.

You can be the expert tracker of the woods when you need to be, carefully looking out for your pack (or party) and then let out a ferosity that would make a Barbarian proud.


They are, perhaps, one of my favorite races because of this duality.

You can also choose to make the taming of your beastial nature something your character struggles with (or has repressed, or compeltely under control).


Remember, Shifters are naturally tribal and look out for their company. Think about a lion pride when you think about Razorclaw Shifters.


So try going with something like that. Explore the dual-nature of the Shifter. Allow yourself to be the calm and silent sage of the wilds, perhaps the experienced Ranger who keeps others safe in hostile lands. And you can later toss that cool-head right out the window when you need to let out the beast within.





Thanks for the advice I'll keep that in mind.

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