A Primordial 'Cleric' is that possible?

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I have a character which serves Bazim-Gorag, a Primordial from the Elemental Chaos. Since the Primordials and the Elemental power source are in direct opposition to the Divine power source of the Gods of the Astral Sea, I don't think he can technically be called a 'Cleric' (game mechanics aside). He would be a cultist, correct? And his power source should in theory be elemental, and not divine, right?


Of course I won't mess around with game mechanics, just want to make it consistant with the setting.


    There's not really an "Elemental" power source, as far as character classes go. That's something to talk over with your DM - if you're not actually using any non-divine mechanics, it may just be easier to reconcile the narrative fluff by allowing him to be a "cleric" of something other than a god, and accessing his Divine power directly through his personal faith rather than by divine investiture. Sort of like how a paladin in 4e gets their connection to the Divine power source through the ritual that makes them a paladin, rather than through their god's direct intervention.

 Get with your DM and talk about how your character (and his elemental master) managed to hook himself into the Divine power source, and how the gods (and the elementals) feel about it.



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If you want to grab some Elemental powers right out of the box, find an appropriate Theme that gives you lots of replacement powers to work with.


There's no reason why your Cleric couldn't devote himself to a Primordial. Call him a "Cultist" if you want. that could help. If anything, just find the Cleric powers that fit best and refluff as necessary.


You can even go with "He draws power from the Astral Sea directly, without the intervention of any gods" for an explanation of his more "divine looking" powers.

Heck, with the Theme, you could be drawing power from both sources. He might be "that" good at what he does. And thus his power wouldn't be granted by the Primordials but rather your Cleric is looking to better align himself with them and using any means necessary to do so.


Have fun with this concept, it looks interesting.

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