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Ok here we go,first if this thread needs moved please and ty. 


Its really easy I'am trying to give my compain a little 8 year old girl they need to keep safe alot,however i want her to be able to run and hide and be crafty,without having alot of powers. I thought about a assassin since they can steal and hide well....but I also wanted her to use like rocks to throw at people. plus i wanted to give her like 1 special kinda power nothing big,but a spell that lets her pretty much get away from her target. So any help be awesome she also gets a plus 2 level 1 items, so any ideas that are good, keep in mind shes gonna run away alot. lol

Don't use a class.  Build with a monster stat block and just give her the powers you want.  Give her move powers that let her shift several squares or move without provoking.  Give her an encounter that lets here become invisible or get restistance when in partial cover.  Stealth to become hidden.


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