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I have been working on a Rouge/Ranger Hybrid. He deals mostly in ranged attacks, and can wield a hand crossbow in his off hand and can reload it with one hand as a free action. We are starting at lvl 2 and I'm using a human so I can have the extra at-will and feet. At-wills: Duelist's Fury, Twin Strike, Deft Strike. Encounter: Shadow Strike. Daily: Trick Strike. Utility:Stalkers Mist Feets:Two-Fisted Shooter, Backstabber, Lethal Hunter.

I made him to do massive damage when sneaking, and to hang around the back of the battlefield and picking off enemies. Also I picked the animal master theme, and have a pet money. I plan on using him to extingish light sources so I can become hidden easier. Also does commanding the money to do something count as a minnor or standard action?

Any comments or CONSTRUCTIVE critizim is welcomed.


  I addressed the mechanical elements of the character in the other thread you made.

(BTW, creating identical threads in different forums is frowned upon here...)

 The Character Development forum is more about the story elements of the characters - their in-character history, where they came from, their personalities,etc, details such as how your character acquired the pet monkey or became an Animal Master (if they'd even recognize such a mechanical concept as something that exists within the game world)...

 So, where did your character get the monkey?

(And just as an aside, it'd make for a great in-character gag to always tell a different story about it every time someone asks, or to just reply "Don't ask..." like it's not something you really want to talk about for either good, bad or embarrassing reasons...)

 Things to think about, character-wise...

 - What events in their life led them to pick up their class or classes?

(Is your set of classes and skills a "family business" (trained by your father) or a cultural thing (taught to all the hunters or warriors in your tribe)? Are they something unrelated to most of your previous life that you either picked up after some particular event or life change (conscripted into the arny, or parents killed by thieves so you became a thief to find their murderers) or picked up out of boredom/happenstance/because-you-discovered-you're-good-at-it (the noble who takes up thievery out of boredom or idealism, the mathematical scholar who studies fencing after discovering its use of geometry...)?)

 - Are their class abilities and skills who they are or more of just a set of job skills they happen to have?

(Did the Guild use you as an enforcer or assassin or did you pick up your stealth and combat skills as a military scout or special forces-type?)

 - Does their personality and philosophy tend to match what most people would think of as a "typical" member of their class, or are they surprisingly different from the average X?

 (A scholarly dwarf who doesn't care much about wealth or gold, the outgoing and gregarious assassin, the soldier who prefers thinking to fighting and spends his time between battles studying books...)

 - And finally, what is there about them that has absolutely not a damn thing to do with their class, goegraphical origin, their main backstory or their personality type?

  (Favorite color, things they like to eat, habits of other people that annoy them, any random bits of personal trivia such as they always carry a whistle that their grandfather made them, etc.)



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