Warforged Paladin of RQ,need advice

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So I am playing a Warforged paladin of the Raven Queen, and have a few questions.


First, how does a RQ paladin feel about lying, cheating, theft, etc? When I think typical paladin, I think lawful good kind of behavior, but is there more ethical 'freedom' from due to the neutral nature of death? 

Second, my character, Gearheart, is on a quest to earn the favor of RQ and thereby earn a soul. Do warforged typically already have souls? Is Gearheart unusual for lacking one, or is it a standard warforged trait?


I know Warforged are from Eberron, which lacks the RQ I believe, but Gearheart is warforged in template only. I think of him as a clockwork contraption, imbued with animus but without a soul, similar to certain undead creatures. Any advice on how I should play something that is powered by animus but lacking a soul?

Maybe you could play like the geth Leigion from the Mass Effect series, acting logical in terms of the RQ's ideology while trying to uplift his race to become more individuaized with his new-founded soul. I could see the RQ investing him, hoping to gain more souls in the process.Heck, maybe she sees him as the son she always wanted. As far as aligment goes, he should probably be lawful neutral, following in RQ's morality of death is good and undead is bad type of deal, because you shouldn't play as a evil character and good would be hard to play around with. as far as the " lying, cheating, theft, ect." I don't think he would care unless it involved a necromacer or death things returning to life.