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So I really like battlemages.  I know the swordmage fits well into the mold but I want to run with a sorcerer, thier flavor and battle tactics lean heavily toward my play style.  Are there any feats that would aid this? I know that I can use the Arcane Implement Proficiency, would it work to name a heavy blade such as a full blade, a glaive, or a similar weapon since the Swordmage can name those?  I also want to use armor, at least chainmail at some point. 


So im looking for assistance for what path to take, I'm leaning towards either Dragon or elementalist.  I'm not dedicated to making melee basics so much if its not possible but if it is that would fit the motiff very well. 

Also looking for some race assistance.  willing to play about anything but i would rather not play an elf or a dragonborn (I know it works great). 

Goblin Vampire

This sounds more like a question for the "Character optimization board" than development. However, if I could suggest an alternative, what you are describing sounds more like a hexblade then a sorcerer, all hexlbades get chainmail from day one and elemental hexblades get scale armor, and they also automatically get a ranged and mele basic attack unique to their class and sub-type. Finally, as they are an essentials class, they focus primarily upon at-will melee attacks but use ranged dailies

What EricDerRote said, use a Hexblade. One thing to keep in mind is that they don't learn any ranged encounters until 11th level, where they get a PP. Besides that, they are perfect for this kind of charater. 

Actually, Hexblade is definitely unneccessary. Dragon Sorcerers are great at being in the thick of things and sending out devastating blasts and bursts. For race, I would suggest using dragonborn stats but flavoring it as a human with some dragon blood in you. Or, if refluffing makes you uncomfortable (Which it really shouldnt) you would still be just fine as a human dragon sorcerer. (although with both options you are a human with some dragon blood in you so I'd take the first). While a dragon sorcerer's AC might not seem impressive by looking at just the number on your character sheet, dragon sorcerers are VERY tanky.


Just by being a dragon sorcerer, they can get +2 AC every combat once they're bloodied. So, you get AC when it matters! If you're not bloodied, then you can obviously stand to take a couple hits. And if you are, that's when you're harder to hit. Your dragon sorcerer at-will also punishes enemies for hitting you. The level two utility Dragonflame Mantle is another way to have better defenses than meets the eye. In addition, the extra damage it deals gets your STR mod added to it like your other arcane powers. The level six utility Sudden Scales makes you essentially unhittable for a turn. Now THAT'S a great boost. Also, your skin erupting into thick plates of dragonscale is just awesome. And, lastly, the level 9 (or 8 or something. whatever level you get your third daily power) daily power Adamantine Echo lets you add your strength modifier to your AC for the entire rest of the encounter! Dragon Sorcerers are definitely one of the best classes to make a battle mage out of. Meanwhile a hexblade is ususally stuck using just a melee basic attack or ranged basic attack. Sorcerers really blends the two together with its blasts and bursts.

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