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I have been struggling to stick with a character for a long term campaign and I was hoping to get some assistance from the wizards community to help solve my problem. I have been wanting to make a martial power source character who uses light armor but I don't care for the rogue or ranger flavor. I really like the idea of a tempest fighter, but using a shield instead of two weapons, is that even possible? Ultimately, I like the idea of a lightly armored fighter using a sword and light shield, wielding the shield as a weapon to remain a striker more than a defender. I don't need to be optimized, but I don't want to be useless. Thanks for any info.

If this helps any, I imagine my character concept much like achilles from the movie Troy. Not the backstory, but simply the way he fights in light armor with a sword and shield, using both the shield and sword on the offensive.

if you really want to be more of a striker than defender with both sword and shield, go with a twin-striking ranger and use magic item shields. the enchantments for shields that turn them into weapons are: fighting shield (1), dragontooth shield (7), sun shield (13), soul shield (18). no enchantments for epic tier play sadly. you should take the weapon master expertise feat since those shield enchantments treat them as different weapons.

or you could go with an arena training fighter which allows you to treat any one-handed improvised weapon (such as your shield) with +2 proficiency and 1d8 damage. you also gain a scaling AC bonus when not wearing heavy armor, so your build will best work with STR as a primary, DEX as a secondary, and hide armor. arena training also gives you proficiency with any 2 weapons, so pick some fun superior one handed weapons.

Does the spiked shield in the offhand count as a weapon for two weapon defense?


Possibly, but Two-Weapon Defense provides a Shield bonus, so it wouldn't stack with any shield bonus provided by your shield.

Have you considered the berserker?  It would give you some flexibility between defender and striker, give you light armor and a shield.  Bonus to AC when in "defender mode", bonus to damage when in "striker mode".  Full AEDU class.