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So I started a campaign @ level 3 with the following character:


Bugbear, Berserker (Arid desert Subtype)

Weapon: Oversized Mordencrad

Armor: Cloth (Fur = unarmored agility feat...)

Ability Scores: 18 Str, 13 Con, 18 Dex, 08 Int, 11 Wis, 10 Cha

RP critical magic item (dragon cincture belt, STR added to intimidate chercks)

RP Style:

Bugbears doent really exist in the campaign setting. The characters origin was that of an escaped labratary experiment. He later got captured and put into a zoo (escaped from that too) When the character was created I RP'ed him with an intelligence equivalent to a 6 (eating everything and anything in sight was a common theme)

Plot elements laster raised his intelligence to an 8 where he gained the ability to speak. At that point he went from acting like a total idiot to a semi-drunk redneck.

Combat (and mechanics) wise he was designed to be both the parties tank and pimrary damage source. He was extremly aggressive and charged down whatver the biggest threat on the field was with little regard for tatcics or planning (Feat choices gave him a huge boost to his life pool) The other players are an artificer and a wizard.


We have now hit level 12:

I have selected "dreadnaught" as the PP (requires multiclassing as a fighter). and aquired a frog as a pet.


Theres the backround info, now onto why I am here....


Last session resulted in some drastic changes as a result of the players delving into a "deck of many things". I got really unlucky (and the dm got a curveball when I had the frog play)


End result:

Thrug: Race changed to eladrin (race abilitiy score changes get applied), Additional +2 Dex, Mandatory Class change (no barbarian)

Frog: Becomes a familiar (Int raised to minimum of 4), Race changed to Female Eladrin (+2 Int/Cha)

Another player at the table commented "The next time we go to a party people will see one elf eating from the trash and a second sitting in the punchbowl eating flies"


This just sounds hilarious to me and the complete identity crises has some major RP potential. However beyond picking up hide armor (trying to regain his fur....) I am clueless as to what to change the class to. Beyond a small boost to inteligence, I dont want his stereotypical playstyle and personality to change. I also dont want to give up the two handed hammer.

Here are the things I am looking at right now, looking for advice

I am now looking at an aray of 19 Str, 14 COn, 23 Dex, 11 Int, 10 Cha

Weapon Mordencrad,  Armor: Hide or Leather


I need to be either a striker or defender role.


Looking at the Fighter, Warden or slayer classes. Not sure if there is a better choice... Combat is rarely very tough, the build just needs to functional. I come heere because yall are good at figuring out thematic elements.


I can swap out the feats (maybee the weapon later on) but the ability socres are stuck.





I think the warden fits best.  It keeps you primal, and wardens I would say are more instinctual, like your bugbear.  A fighter or slayer seems too civilized compared to a beserker.

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