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Hello everyone, My name is Flozz. And I've been wanting to play a session of dnd with some friends lately. But I just dont know how to make a good character. SO far I've decided to be a Gnoll Shaman. could somebody help me with that?
I'd suggest reposting to Character Optimization, this forum is for character development in terms of story telling, not mechanics. Also, there are a bunch of handbooks for basically all of the classes, so you could start by going through them for design tips. 
Basically, what Eric said. This is the shaman handbook:

Having never played one, I don't know much about shamans, but I do know that they are fantastic at granting all party members combat advantage. You do this by taking the feat Tome Expertise and then summoning your spirit companion adjacent to the enemy you want to attack. The best spot is probably right above the enemy's head, if your DM allows you to summon it in mid air (if you describe it as a vulture you might have a better chance).

Unfortunately you don't have proficiency with tomes and therefore don't get the attack bonus from Tome Expertise, so you'll need to either take another expertise feat later or find some way to get proficient with tomes. I recommend the Occultist theme, you can always retrain it away later. Just beware of the attack you get from that theme, it's not very good.
Hi again, a friend has helped me and I am now a female gnoll druid. I only need a good background. Shes raised by goblins :3

It is always nice to see other Gnoll players, they can be such interesting characters. I certainly have a lot of fun with mine, he is a ranger, and has a great many stories under his belt now. When I was first creating my character this board was helpful in fleshing out details that helped him get a good start. 

You are welcome to look at my characters background that I posted 5 years ago for ideas if you want:



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