Is the Black guard limited in it's choices?

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I just started playing D&D 4th ed and have created a halfdragon (dragomborn stats) Black guard of Tiamat. I am quite pleased with my character but...
Are the Black guard realy as limited as it seems in terms of choices?
Yes, I can choose vice and skills+feats. But do I have to wait untill (I tthink) level 5 to get a choice when it comes to powers?
Afraid so the Blackguard follows the simplified class structure of the essentials line.
At least they get dailly powers essentals fighters/rogues/rangers  don't. 
The E-cleric also has it's at wills and encounters locked in.
The vampire from the same book as the blackguard  gets all of 3 choices of class powers from 1-30.
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Ah. I see. Oh well. Im still fairly pleased with my choice. Especially since I won't be looking to be OP.
You could make a paladin and theme it like a blackguard. Not only would you have more options but it would be mechanically better.

Keep in mind that with the PHB/AEDU classes that even though you get a lot more choices for powers when you level up, this choice is limited by your "buiild". For example, if you are a dual wielding Fighter you'll want to pick powers made for dual wielders which significantly limits your choices. And at the end of the day you'll end up with basically the same amount of powers anyway, you'll just have more class features to make up for your lack of choice.

Basically avoid Essentails-style classes if your're the following kind of player:

a. You love having tons of choices at every level even if many of them are useless for your character.

b. You have a specific build or character concept in mind which doesn't work with any of the Essentials classes.

Otherwise, Essentials classes are just fine.

Some Essentials classes are considered underpowered, however this is kind of a wash since if you choose bad powers and feats when leveling up your PHB-style class will be underpowered as well.


Hey - you could also make a Hybrid.  Suddenly, the Blackguard is a much better option.  Some of the features of the Blackguard that are lovely, while still having a lot more freedom of the original Paladin's powers.

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If you took the blackguard only for flavour, consider doing an ordinary blackguard (perhaps with Hauted Blade theme or similar). If you do stick with the Blackguard then consider charging a lot (with magic items increasing the damage of a charge) to keep up the damage output. It will probably help you doing your job as a striker.

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