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It's no secret that the warforged are my favorite race, and not just because they can have bags of holding embedded in their chests. Playing as a free-willed magical combat android opens up a whole new world of roleplaying opportunities: you can be a literal killing machine who simply wishes to fulfill your primary function, or you can be a ponderous philosopher seeking a definition of life that justifies your existence. And those are just two extremes! So let's see those warforged characters.

1. Steadfast was assigned to protect a bustling town during the last days of Nerath's rule. Though the empire fell, Steadfast continued to carry out his duty, dealing with monsters and bandits in his own straightforward fashion for decades on end. The inhabitants appreciate his help, but are annoyed by his refusal to aid them with threats from within the town itself.

2. Forty-Seven is a talented swordmage, but he seeks power beyond what mere arcane skill can bring him. He believes that by attaching and embedding as many magical items to him as possible, he can achieve some sort of "oneness" with magic itself. His ultimate ambition is to become a living magical artifact, though most people believe that this is impossible.

3. During a fierce battle, a warforged became critically wounded. Stumbling into a nearby forest, he collapsed against a small tree and lost consciousness. The tree, which housed a primal spirit, grew up and around him in a matter of years. The spirit communed the construct's mind, teaching him about the spirits of nature and the enemies they faced. He agreed to become a warden, and was imbued with primal energy. Given the name Heartwood, he emerged from the tree with hide-like bark in place of metal plates, and he set out to become a champion of the forest.
4. Strongdor, a warforged fighter, is so paranoid of destruction and death that he attaches as many protection oriented items upon himself as possible. He is a hulking figure, with huge plating all over his body, and multiple protective magical items as well.
5. War Story

Many warforged were on the front lines of combat. The slightly naive War Story was kind of sitting on the front porch of combat in a rattan chair, enjoying a mint julep and watching the fuss. He was no coward, he simply was never stuck into the middle of the action. He had been in very few major battles, and even then he was usually in a relatively safe area where fighting was light to moderate. He had a great view of the heroes, though. He watched as many of his fellows charged bravely into the fight. Many never came back. War Story awaited his turn with the discipline of a soldier, but just never got sent in. He was "at" many great battles, but never actually fought in them.

Towards the end of the war, War Story was working in a warehouse. A pair of warforged carrying some unused battering rams came around a corner too quickly and hit War Story square in the throat, destroying his voice box. It was his one and only wound during the war. He now speaks with a monotone voice, which has compromised his habit of humming tunes when he's bored. (OOG, the other players try to guess what song he's humming: "hm-hm-hm-hmmmmmmm, hm-hm-hm-hmmmmmmm," could be Beethoven's Fifth, for example.)

Practically every situation reminds War Story of something he saw or heard during the war. "That reminds me of when..." is a good indication that the party should stop and rest awhile, because it's probably going to be a long story. During one episode, while the party took shelter in a cave while hiding from a goblin mobster, War Story "entertained" the group with the loss of the 4th Regiment. During fighting in the area, the 4th Regiment, reeling from heavy losses, holed up in a cave very much like the one the party was in. When help finally arrived, the rescuers found nothing of the 24 members of the 4th regiment, and nothing in the cave but signs of a dishevelled camp and scorch marks on the floor in the shape of a magic circle with necromantic runes. The mystery had puzzled military researchers ever since. The tale was interrupted by the sounds of moaning and the shuffling of undead feet emerging from the back of the cave.

"Oh good," said the delighted War Story. "We've found the 4th Regiment..."
6: The Curious Doctor

This warforged wants to know why the other races seem so much frailer then the warforged. Detached from others, he inspects the fatal wounds of fallen enemies, compares organs of different species, and carries a large tome of his medical findings. Though he currently favors Ioun his thirst for knowledge may lead him down a darker path, bargaining his soul for secrets from Vecna. Will he end up being a heartless scientist, vivisecting kobolds in his hidden laboratory, or will he become a renowned researcher whose treatise on the mortal condition broadens understanding? How do his companions react when he gets out a scalpel and begins dissecting the recently slain and taking notes? More importantly, what happens when one of them dies and his curious eyes looks upon their corpse?
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7. N1K C9R is a prototype warforged fighter, developed and deactivated at some unknown time in the past. He was discovered, covered in rust, in a crate in a warehouse by his current companions. When they oiled and polished him, he "woke up". Because his weapon is a greataxe, he has been nicknamed "Nik Chopper". He has no memories of his former life, but knows he was created to fight. Outside of combat, he is very literal-minded, and knows nothing about social interaction, or any other aspects of life.
He believes that his former rusty state was what deactivated him, and he is obsessive about keeping himself oiled and rust-free. This was only reinforced after his first combat, when a kobold slinger's gluepot immobilized him before he had a chance to act, and he was unable to break free for the rest of the combat. Unable to move, he threw his handaxe, which missed, then was reduced to impotently throwing rocks, which also missed. He has since outfitted himself with a harness covered in handaxes, and carries an unwise amount of oil.

This was the first character I created for 4e, right after launch, and I was still thinking in the 3.x box, so I maximized damage, rather than the things a 4e defender should be doing. When I finally got an opportunity to play, a year later, I decided to keep him as he was, unoptimized and lacking anything from MP, hence his description as a prototype. I'm playing him here on the PbP Haven, (link in my sig), and so far I've been having fun with the RP. I've worked in elements of the Tin Woodman of Oz, Data, Teal'c and Chance the Gardener from Being There.
8. Rauschen was created as a disciplined soldier, a bulky warforged sold to Karrnath as a pike breaker. But in his first battle against Cyran forces something went wrong - - or right, depending on which side you were on. A strange light shone from his eyes and mouth, and a sublime rage sent Rauschen crashing into the front line, breaching the Cyran ranks and leading to a decisive victory. The barbarian warforged was dubbed "The Hammer of Karrnath", one of the few Karrnathi warforged to be honored by their commanders. Eventually he was captured and reassigned as a bodyguard to a Cyran merchant and his family, where he learned to interact with humans outside of combat. In time, Rauschen concluded that humanoids were weak, squishy meat things who desperately needed protection. After ushering his charges to safety on the Day of Mourning, he set out to find his own destiny. Now the Hammer of Karrnath is an adventurer, protecting the puny meat creatures by seeking out threats to civilization and crushing them with his awesome adamantine wrath.
9: Remnant is a (Revenant) Warforged Fighter, formerly part of the army of an ancient nation, long forgotten. He fought well in the service of his country, but could not stand when the enemy used powerul magic and an ancient necrotic artifact to anihilate the entire force, infusing the land with necrotic energy. Ages later, Remnant awoke, not remembering anything beyond the cataclysm. He now wanders the world in search of a history and his true name.

10: HK-47 is a.... wait a second.
Shaman: "Why doesn't the squirrel shoot the wizard?" DM: "Because the last squirrel who tried to shoot the wizard missed, then was pulled out of his tree and incinerated." Wizard: "He has a point."
10: HK-47 is a.... wait a second.

Hmm....I feel like I'm missing something...
11. Fluffy. A warforged who believes the best method of defense is to attach as many sharp, intimidating spikes as possible to onself. Fluffy is not one for hugs, unless of course you feel like being torn apart. He is a grouchy warforged who only uses those spikes when its necessar, but he's become so scary that people rarely say a word to him. Maybe thats what he wants, but maybe he really wants some love in his life...
From a Star Wars wiki:
HK-47 was a Hunter-Killer assassin droid and Jedi hunter constructed by Revan shortly after the beginning of the Jedi Civil War to assassinate those who Revan believed would destabilize the galaxy. After the significant loss of life at the Battle of Malachor V, Revan constructed HK-47 as an alternative as he no longer felt destruction of such a scale necessary for his goals. HK-47 was captured on a mission in Mandalorian space shortly before Revan's capture by the Jedi, and HK-47 went from owner to owner, many of whom he slew himself, before being unwittingly reunited with his master. The droid went on to help Revan find the Star Forge once more. The droid would accompany Revan to the edge of the Unknown Regions along with T3-M4 before being left behind in the Ebon Hawk as Revan journeyed on to face an unknown threat.

Sometime later, HK-47 was damaged and left aboard the Ebon Hawk, which eventually ended up in the hands of the Jedi Exile. During this period, HK-50 assassin droids, a newer version Revan constructed for similar purposes, were found by GO-TO and used for his purposes. The Exile finally repaired HK-47, who went on to defeat G0-T0 with help from HK-50 droids he persuaded to join the Exile. HK-47 would also aid the Exile in her search for the surviving Jedi Masters, and even passed on techniques on how to kill Jedi in order for the Exile to learn how to better defend herself.

Four millennia later, HK-47 was found on the planet Mustafar and given a new body. HK-47 turned on those that had created it for him, who were forced to disable HK-47's new droid army and the factory producing them. This battle climaxed in a showdown between these spacers and HK-47's droids; the spacers won, though HK-47 escaped.

HK-47's programming resulted in his enjoyment of bloodshed, and he took pleasure in any sort of violence, even describing his work as a form of art. He had a relatively condescending opinion towards organics, and made a habit of branding all organic lifeforms meatbags.

12. 4 is a Warforged Warlock whose crystalline brain has been synchronized with that of a mysterious, unnamed star. Originally intended to be the vessel of reincarnation for a powerful Tiefling Arch-Warlock, the ritual was botched when the ever inquisitive 4 knocked over a candle present at the ceremony. The hideous prescence of the star suddenly appeared and consumed the Arch-Warlock's soul instead of preserving it. Before the stars' manifestation slinked back into the void that was its home, 4 asked why it did not consume him. The manifestation tritely answered that it was because as a creation of a mortal, the Warforged did not possess a True Soul, and was therefore of no sustenance to the star. Shaken by the star's revelation, 4 now constantly searches for a means to acquire a True Soul, which can only be granted by the most supreme divine powers.
EDIT: Wow... these are kinda dark, aren't they? I think the tone of the ECG is rubbing off on me....

13. Thirteen is the sole survivor of his unit. Purchased as part of a complimentary set of soldiers intended to function as a single special operations unit, he and his brothers served Cyre in many theatres throughout the war, fighting with distinction in a dozen of Cyre's greater moments before its doom. However, Thirteen believes he is cursed; In every one of those operations, he was the only one of his brothers not injured or destroyed. Slowly his unit dwindled, until he and his three remaining brothers were called to spearhead an attack into Breland on the Day of Mourning. When the mists blanketed the country, he alone of the vanguard survived.

In the time since then, Thirteen has struggled to find himself in the strange new world. He desperately longs for the companionship his brothers-in-arms gave him, but desperately fears being the undoing of more friends and comrades who trust him. Whether he is simply unfortunate or truly cursed, however, remains to be seen.

14. Mercy is a killer without remorse and without peer. A prodigy when it comes to violence, he was used extensively by his owner throughout the end of the war and beyond. His patron, however, did little to educate him in the ways of the world, and nothing to encourage creative thought and personality beyond what was needed for the mission. He took his name from the cries and pleas of those he killed, and while in his new-found emancipation he has learned more about himself and the world and discovered that he does not particularly enjoy his proficiency with killing, understands how good he is at it, and continues to use those skills, though now for the highest bidder.

15. Osse (elvish, "terror") is equal parts fact, legend and nightmare to the Elves. Despite his home country's destruction, he still continues to wage the Last War against the Valenar. He is an infiltrator, an assassin and a skirmisher without equal, adept at turning the elves' own tactics and weapons against them. On extended search-and-destroy when Cyre died, Osse has not stopped fighting the war he was built to fight and believes wholeheartedly in.

Civil and articulate with anyone else, but coldly murderous when elves are involved, Osse could prove a powerful ally to anyone able to get on his good side. Of course, his head is also worth a very large reward from certain Taer Valaes Warlords...

16. Scramasax (Scram to his friends) is an Artificer of some skill who travels with a Cannith Tinker's Guild Caravan around western Breland and the southern portions of Thrane and Aundair. He his fascinated with artifice and how it relates to his own existence, and has dedicated himself to collecting as much obscure knowledge about the art as he can.

...Which he promptly reports all of back to his master, the Lord of Blades. One of the many field agent the warforged tyrant has spread throughout the world, Scramasax is on the lookout for anything that could help put the working Creation Forge in the Mournland back in proper order, as well as anything that will help the Warforged when the Lord of Blades' prophesied "tide of steel" washes across Khorvaire to cleanse the Five Nations of weak flesh and allow the Warforged to assume their rightful place as the continent's masters.
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17.) Salvo (Warforged Pyrokineticist 3.5/ Sorceror 4th.) - Designed to clear the battlefield of infantry with blasts of flame or reducing larger targets to cinders and slag. Salvo never had a chance to work in the field. Instead, the Warforged found himself still in the testing grounds of Metrol's House Cannith facilities. Many of the House Cannith engineers declared his design and weaponry inhumane. Others claimed the blend of an adamantine body and the crystalline structure of a psiforged wouldn't be compatible and he might very well become a bomb or a dud. But, like most Warforged he was eager to accept orders and did as was told to sit quiet and await orders. He didn't object when one of the developers herded him into a crate and onto an airship.

What seemed like weeks passed as the Warforged rested in the dark. It was then he heard a voice telling him to gain his freedom. "What was freedom?" he thought. Then the voice told him that freedom was the choice to do what he desired and to be unrestrained. All he had to do was burn his way out of that box and destroy the developer. It was that day, Salvo realized how strong he was and that flame was his weapon. The crystal embedded in his body glowing crimson as he shot torrents of white flame. The little developer burnt away to ashes in the same instant the Warforged came crashing through his room on the small ship. Life snuffed out as leatherbound books and scrolls curled and broke apart into glowing orange cinders.
I like the idea of a warforged who was once a normal person, doesn't really care what the race is. But probably be an artificer type character who began tinkering with his body, or replacing failed limbs, and eventually just gave in and made himself into a warforged. The problem is it's been many decades since the change, and he's having trouble remembering his past flesh/blood life.

So now he's having to deal with trying to remember if the fading memories of his past life were real, or just made up in his desire to feel as if he was really alive at some point.
I had come up with this idea back in the original Eberron campaign setting for 3rd edition. But go figure, Alitain would steal my thunder the day I found this forum to talk about it. ;)

19. Essence is a new Warforged, fresh from the forge. He was created by Valsor D'Cannith. Essence is unaware of this fact. Essence is also unaware that he is Valsor D'Cannith. Valsor D'Cannit was an old Artificer for House Cannith, and as he felt the death calling, he became scared of what lay beyond. Valsor started doing research in soul transfers and Warforged technology. Switching souls with an unliving, albeit, unaging construct seemed to cross no moral boundaries. Using his fairly impressive ability, he mastered a necromantic ritual to swap souls. However, once he began the ritual Valsor immediately fell lifeless, disconnecting several of the transferrence cords, primarily, "Knowledge", "Memory", and "Individuality." The Warforged woke up with a vague sense of being alive. As he sat up, he saw several of the cords attached, the biggest one simply labeled "Essence." Thinking that to be his name, he stood up and saw his old body. Essence contemplated for a while what to do. Having no recollection or mourning for this unkown corpse, he walked off, unsure of what to do. Essence since then ventures the wide world seeing what it has to offer.
20. Jiam was once a half-orc guardsman in a massive city state. After a battle gone horrible wrong, his friend Tesla, a tielfling artificer, rebuilt his friend using the only parts at hand: the remains of the construct Jiam had died to keep from harming the party. Jiam woke up as a revenant warforged, his body misshapen and mangled from the shoddy workmanship of his well meaning artificer companion. He now searches for a new place in the world that no longer accepts him.
21. [From our Keep on the Shadowfell campaign] Relic was once a warrior for the empire of Rath Dolaren. When Nerrath fell, two hundred years ago, the empire saw this as a chance to start expanding. Relic was part of a strike team sent to attack the Shadowfell Keep. But the raid failed, and many of his companions were slain. He himself was taken prisoner by the paladins of the keep and thrown into one of their jail cells. There he remained. For the next two hundred years. He went into a shut-down state, still chained in his cell, until he was rescued by the party. His muscles atrophied (I took a penalty for quite a while) and his gear rusted away (penalty to AC, had to borrow the ranger's longsword), he swore to assist the party in their quest to close the Rift.
22. Machine (pronounced MaShawn, thank you very much) is a Warforged Inspiring Warlord who rattles when he nods his head. Something isn't quite right about a sentient compost heap that can stare in the mirror all day flexing for himself. He knows his presence on the battlefield inspires his allies to greatness, he inspires himself even. He loves to lure an enemy in with Brash Assault saying, "You have choshen, wisely," as his Halfling friend sweeps in to finish them off.

He has the horrible habit of finding the tallest thing to climb on so he can better "address my audiensh". Be it glory on the battlefield or in the bedroom, "you should shee my other component". Machine, we salute you.
23. Rowan was found deactivated and rusting in a forest by some curious gnomes. They put him together and gave him the task of protecting the nearby woods, naming him after his favorite kind of tree. Rowan's best gnome friend, Lyndra Shabiddle, went off adventuring and did not return. Rowan took leave of his friends in the woods to go and find her. (He's a warden, natch!)

24. BRITN-I (Bardic Robot In Training 'N Instruction) was found in Silverymoon by the College of Music and trained in singing, dancing and acting. She decided to strike out on her own and explore life as an adventurer. (Bard) Sadly, her erotic dance moves do not seem to work very well on sentients.
25. (Class: Any ) Erick is a unique Warforged, created by a vastly powerful and immortal, but very lonely Archmage who had been hurt and spurned by countless lovers. She sought to create the perfect man, sweet, charming, chivalrous and brave, and utterly in love with her, and so she created a handsome human body from living clay gathered in the deepest reaches of the elemental chaos, and imbued it with life. At first she was happy with her creation, but soon it became apparent that without a soul, her perfect man was little more than a puppet, and so she bargained with a powerful devil, trading something utterly irreplaceable and far more vauable (perhaps her own soul, or a portion of her power, or years off her life) for a bright, pure soul that she could place into her clay lover's body and finally give him a true spark of life.

This was more successful than her first attempt; the newly ensouled construct was everything she had hoped for: Kind, caring, handsome, and utterly in love with his creator. Despite all that, Erick was as innocent as a newborn child and his creator spent countless hours teaching him, thinking that once he had learned more and matured he would finally be the perfect companion during the endless ages.

Erick especially enjoyed the tales of his creators days as an adventurer. He paid rapt attention when she would speak of daring escapes, life or death battles, and exploring unknown places, and he resolved that someday he would see the world that he so loved to hear about in his creators tales. By now, the Archmage had grown to love Erick in the way that a mother loves her child, and with each day she saw that his desire to leave her enchanted tower grew greater and greater, and soon she would no longer be able to keep him hidden away.

Finally, when she had taught him all she could, the Archmage bid Erick a tearful goodbye and sent him out into the world, equipped with little more than the knowledge she had imparted to him, and hoping that when he returned he might be a grown man and the perfect lover she had sought to create.



Originally constructed as a war soldier, Cleave had a basic directive- to kill the enemy soldiers. However, his creators, hard pressed for time, and rather low on sleep, forgot to give any direction to this directive. Looking at his surroundings, the infantile Cleave determined multiple targets, and fuliffled his main directive rather promptly. The wizards- horrified at this turn of events, tried to shut him down. But they were tired, and lacked the focus to do so. Eventually one managed to lure the slow, prodding, advancing warforged onto a damaged teleport circle, and send him far, far away.

The journey was damaging- what little intellect Cleave possessed was shattered, and when the party discovered his ruined form, one of their number, hailing from the distant plane of Eberron himself, managed to repair the warforged. Cleave-ER915 remembers only seeing the party for the first time, and his primary directive. However, in repairing the warforged, Cleave latched on to that party memeber as a commander figure- a teacher and giver of orders. Moreover, while he knows his primary directive, he possesses all the knowledge of a newborn, and constantly asks if he can execute his primary directive.

Naturally, this translates into quite the humorous sort of thing, if run correctly, and the party can't go far without hearing the famous words: <>

Or for that matter, the more recent exchanges of:

"So Cleave, this here is a kitten. They're soft, and cute, and you should be careful with it-" says Cleaves teacher, a young theurge.
"CLEAVE SOLDIER?" says Cleave, his right arm holding the fluffy bundle of love, and his left arm morphing into a cleaving knife of significant size.
"NO CLEAVE NO!" shouts the theurge, and Cleave puts his knife away. "We don't cleave cute things- especially kittens. Unless they're evil."
"How will Cleave know?" asks Cleave. He then turns, hands the kitten to the theurge, and dashes off. "CLEAVE HAS FOUND CUTE THING!"

The theurge looks off in the distannce, sees a shadow, and strains his eyes as he tries to make out a distant figure in the sky. Cleave is chasing a red dragon. Cleave has found the red dragon. Cleave has proffessed his undying love to the red dragon. The red dragon has smacked Cleave. Cleave is flying through the air. Cleave lands in a heap at the theurge's feet.

"Cleave cleave Evil?"

"Got it in one," says the theurge, signalling for the rest of the party. "Cleave cleave Evil."
Oh Content, where art thou?
I like Cleave :D
I_Roll_20s @twitter. Not always SFW. I may prefer 4e, but I will play and enjoy almost any edition, and indeed almost any table top RPG, with my friends. Down with Edition Wars. Shut up and roll your dice. :P
27. War
War is a warforged warlock, taking the first parts of his designations he named himself and his master found it quite fitting. Mind you his master was a tiefling wizard who made a pact to imbune War with the powers of destruction in exchange that each cursed foe was ear-marked for damnation to this specific demon. War was imbuned with the powers of fire mostly, a safeguard the tiefling wizard was sure to emphasise against his own natural resistances in case War was ever turned on his master. Having been completed he was offered as a Dowry to his wife-to-be, a firesoul genesari and fellow wizard. What started as a burning career of adventring with War laying waste to all before him at his masters commands slowly grew over time into a family portrait of Fiery wrath the likes of which bards sing to frighten children into obediance. As a footnote, the one time he was ever given money to spen on himself, he took 100 GP and purchased 1000 flasks of oil, placed them into his imbeded bag of holding, and now had a nearly endless supply of extra fire to rain down from the sky.

28) Crabapple: Warforged Warden (Druid Multiclass) ( a character I play)

The first Ebarron Druid was Oalian an awakened Oak tree of immense age. upon his death, the druids of the Eldeen Reaches known as the Wardens of the Wood,
began cultivating Oalian's children, saplings of the Great Druid himself,
grafted onto saplings from one of each tree species. With powerful rituals and
Artificing magics, Crabapple and his sappling siblings were "born" Trained in
the skills they would need survive, the each set out to a climate appropriate to
its' species, each bearing a scared acorn "Olian's Seed containing a wee
fragment of Oalian's "Divine Spark"

Crabapple is a warforged "grown" entirely of wood/vines/leaves. His look is very
natural or organic. (I use the Wood Woad mini while in his Humanoid
warforged form) He might look to some like a carving or a figurehead. In fact
this one time, he snuck aboard a ship and prenteded to be... well it's a story
for another time.
In his Wild Shape form, he is a sturdy yet crooked Treant, easily mistaken for a
proper tree while motionless. (I use the Wizened Elder Watcher mini while
wild shaped). "This truly wild tree has thorns"

Crabapple's appearance is also governed by the climate a season. Is spring his
hair is filled with beautiful and fragrant flowers. In summer his hair (leaves)
are brilliant green with subtle hints of small fruits appearing. In Fall his
tart crab apples can be harvested and used to make preserves. In winter he is

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