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I was wondering what adventure hooks I might be able to suggest to the Dm out of my character's background? I'm thinking something to to with his father, or possibly something to do with his mother's business, but I'm open to whatever, hopefully something that might lead to a more urban adventure, my DM is way too fond of sending us trekking through the wilderness all the time. I tend to like more urban and socially themed adventures, with intrigue, and usually some good old fashioned monster slaying in the sewers or the undercity or something. though I'm open to suggestions of anything. Also opinions on my character concept? either questions, or comments.

Chey Song was born to Stacy Song, a wizard of notable power, and the owner of the Silverwind trading company, and Ali Kaur, better known as the dread pirate Ail, their relationship was one originally born out of business. Ali was doing business with the trading company when they grew passionate about each other. their trysts eventually gave them a child. Chey was given his mother's last name to protect him from association with the Dread Pirate Ali. Ali eventually grew restless and bored with the relationship and left when Chey was six years old. The end of this relationship meant that Stacy had to spend a lot more time away from home, leaving Chey much more in the hands of various nannies. As the Silverwind trading company was very successful Chey grew up never wanting, he was raised almost entirely by his mother and various hired nannies. His mother felt bad about not being able to spend more time with him, and gave him a considerable amount of money to make up for it, in addition as he got older she began to teach him the basics of magic. Growing up Chey hung out with other bored rich kids. One day Chey decided to break in to the shop of Adrie Folk, a local herbalist, and healer, looking for magical items. However he underestimated the magical defences of her shop, and she found him the next morning, frozen to the ceiling. Adrie was a nice person however, she agreed not to tell anyone, if he would work as her assistant in the shop for a while. Chey found that he liked working here, and quickly became somewhat of an expert on various herbs and their properties. He and Adrie became friends, he would always visit her, she even taught him a little magic, though she mostly practiced a different type of magic than him. she gave him his orb, a fist sized rose quartz crystal ball. When Chey was older his mother told him to take on some sort of business or help her with the trading company, he chose to open a herbalist’s shop. Adire referred him most of her mundane customer’s. He dealt in the more mundane end of herbalism, things such as beauty treatments, hangover cures, stimulants for people who needed to stay up all night, that sort of thing. The shop was very popular, as Chey had a flair for promotion, and always knew the latest gossip. He eventually got tired of the day to day running of the shop though, and sold it. He quickly spent the money he made from the sale on fancy clothes, partying, and generally living it up. When he had used up all this money he decided that he could probably make more money adventuring, and set out in whatever direction this might take him…
The most obvious connection here is with your father. Perhaps he didn't leave simply because he was bored. Maybe he left for the Chey's safety, was driven off by Stacy, was kidnapped and held for a ransom that Stacy either refuses to pay or cannot pay. Maybe Ali wasn't even ever a pirate per se, but was just a front for the pirate lords, etc.
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