Champions of Warfare (Where do I go from here? And what do you reccommend? striker?)

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I was wondering if my characters should be striker, leader, etc. I was also wondering where i could find a game on the site, I've looked but I'm a newbie (:embarrass ) lol, so I'm asking that too. Moreover I have the backrounds of my 2 characters from the D&D Character Creator©. Also, I was wondering a good place3 where an arena might be to start the characters off there- i have no clue where an arena might be at to roleplay...

Ilikan's backround: Ilikan was born in one of the many tribes of the mountains. Unknown to Ilikan, he and Torrent were both predected for great proficies. Are they bound by fate?? Who knows. Ilikan met torrent by a grand arena tourneyment. They were the last to battle as the grand champions but failed to each others grand power. With Ilikans great strength, and Torrents great magic poweress and knowledge- these 2 can do great things. Ilikan was a reject of his family, being the size he is. He stole his favorite sword given by the seer who profecized him, and ran far away, to the great adventure hes at today!

Torrent's backstory: Was once a prince, when profecized that he was a great warrior, his parents wouldn't belive it. They tossed him out of there home just after hatching. He was then raised by foster parents until he was 10, when they no longer could take care of him. He once lived on the street. He then saw openings for the arena and entered. He earned his flak and worked his way up the scale to earn the grand prize of 500 gp. He was housed and fed by the other gladiators, and arena. Many died and Torrent survived. He finnally tied with Iliklan and they both earned the blood-stained grand prize 500 gold. Now that Torrent had tied Ilikans' poweress and there was no place else to go, Ilikan found comfort in calling Torrent his "master". As these 2 start off there adventuring carreer, great things may happen.

Thank you for your time.
What was it that caused his parents to disbelieve the prophecy of him becoming a great warrior? Was he particularly frail or runtish at birth?
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