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I really appreciate the fact that Wizards left exactly how you acquire and initiate into the various pacts that Warlocks have available to them ambiguous and open. So in this thread let's discuss how characters might make them!

Lucan Pilletza, Half-Elf Starlock: In the Lovecraft tradition, Pilletza ended up becoming a Star-Pact Warlock whilst studying to become a Wizard. Lost in the library one day he happened upon a book that seemed to glitter at him, gemstones embedded in the cover. A few reference dictionaries later he had a few runes from it's pages translated, and that was already too much knowledge for him. He put the book away with fear and tried to put it out of his mind, but over the next few nights he kept having the strangest nightmares about black shapes moving in a starry void, things whispering in languages he'd never heard but could UNDERSTAND. And he answered back. A week later he burned with the cold power of the stars and left the academy, a new destiny already being carved out for him. Now he adventures in order to try and understand what exactly it was he agreed to when he gained his powers.

I always kind of liked the idea that some Warlocks ended up becoming what they were rather on accident, or without realizing the price attached.
I always kind of liked the idea that some Warlocks ended up becoming what they were rather on accident, or without realizing the price attached.

Wow. That's the same mindset I had for the Warlock I recently made for a game which started last month. Keep in mind that in our world, the Eladrin were banished from the Feywild in a civil war of sorts with the "Drow" (There are no "Elves" in our world.) about 2,000 years ago. The history passed down through the generations since speaks of the Utopia that world was.

Ayanna, Eladrin Fey Pack: When Ayanna was about 14-16 years old, she began to get visions during her Trances. When she explored a bit in her waking hours, she found that they were similar to art/stories about the Feywild. There were impressions she felt which she could somehow translate into a language of sorts. It was with this understand that, at 20 years of age, she collected the plants and herbs as instructed and slices open her palm, allowing the blood to drip upon the collection and seal her soul to her patron (the Primal Beast that Druids get their abilities from). It was during that night's Trance that the nightmares began of what had truly become of the Feywild and Ayanna's mind shattered. She left home soon after with her sister's robe and mother's sword to wander and work to prevent a similar war/collapse in the 'real world'.

I do have so say that I adore my crazy Eladrin. She's not quite sure of what is in her mind and what is before her eyes. Her "Second Winds" work as she retreats into the other world to the comfort of her patron, ignoring the injuries which have been inflicted upon her body.
I do enjoy the accidental warlocks, mine is cut from the same cloth. His pact was forced upon him.

Ratsel deColm, Human Dark Pact Warlock.

Ratsel's upbringing was as far from a normal child's as could be. His mother killed his father after discovering she was pregnant, all was going according to plan. This was all he knew of his father. He was to be the vassal for something...something evil. At the age of ten, the cultist marked him on his neck. The first of what was to be many symbols. It burned with power and quiet murmurings followed him. He did the only logical thing a ten year old boy could do: run. Now, on the run from the cult who empowered him, he seeks to keep moving.
Jaycen Shadowborn, Kalashtar Shadowcaster (Played much like a Shadar-kai Fey or Star pact warlock would if he were converted to 4e): The Shadows were always within Jaycen, from the day he was born. For many years he believed he had been born without a soul of his own, replaced by the whispering Shadows, but when he came to the Cloister of Deafening Silence, he learned differently. The monks taught him that the Shadows he heard were the whispering of Ixilat, the god of madness, who was born with knowledge but not form, a dream made manifest in the world, driven mad by the insights it held. Ixilat knew of reality, but could not understand it, so it sometimes chose to split off its essence and send pieces of itself into people, so that when they died the pieces would return and it would absorb the experiences of the person, and, now able to place its memories in context, understand reality. The priests trained to allow the pieces of Ixilat inside them, then to spend the rest of their natural lives teaching Ixilat about the world. They viewed what had occurred to Jaycen a miracle, but a dangerous one, for he did not have knowledge himself. And so they trained him, to allow him to be an effective teacher of the darkness inside him.

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

Gondolin Starsong, Half-elf Starlock (see my avatar):
Born a bastard, from a society where elves and men saw each other as rivals, lonely and unwanted. One night in his teens, during the new moon, one local trueblood gang picked on him until he could get away. Alone at last, and in an intense emotional state, he swore to the stars that - if he ever had the power - one day he would create a place where halfbreeds need not be outcast and alone. Later that evening, the other gang of truebloods set an ambush for him near his home. Both they and he were surprised when a needle of blueflame starlight lanced down, infusing him and laying the gang leader low.

He is an astrologer and horoscopist, able to tap into the powers of the stars to create people's fate, not just leave it to happen in the indefinite future.

P.S. This assumes that the stars are physical manifestations of otherworldly beings, somewhat like the book The Dosadi Experiment.

Best complements I have yet received

Making it up as I go along:

{BRJN} If I was writing the Tome of Lore, I would let Auppenser sleep. But I also would have him dream. In his dreaming he re-activates the innate powers of (some) mortal minds. Or his dreaming changes the nature of reality - currently very malleable thanks to Spellplague &c. Or whatever really cool flavor text and pseudo-science explanation people react positively to.

{Lord_Karsus} You know, I like that better than the explanations for the Spellplague.


{BRJN} If Bhaal approves of The Joker, does he approve of Jack Nicholson's portrayal or Heath Ledger's protrayal more?

{Stigger} That question is utterly classic, and completely on target.


Prepped ahead of time:

I started the 4e thread "1001 Failed Interrogation Results" (now lost in that great electronic goodnight, alas)

{ADHadh} These are all good and make sense! I just can't come up with something that's not covered here and is not completely ridiculous.


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My 5e characters


Erevyn Meliamne, Wood Elf Rogue1/Monk2, AL, inspired by "Radar O'Reilly" from M*A*S*H: Perception(max)

Alavos of Kirauma, Half-elf Ancients Paladin8, HotDQ / Tiamat, Warlord themed - now an NPC because I was voted DM for our group !

Characters Ready-to-go:

none at present; gotta work on somebody from below !

Concepts I'm kicking around:

Tiefling Bard - party "face", skillful, future business master (using 3e FRCS background material) and patron to beginning adventurers.

Barbarian w/Tough feat, to be nearly indestructible

"Truenamer" cleric - all spells are Verbal

"Buggy" Wizard - insect flavor on everything.  His DMPC / BBEG version is going to become a beetle version of a Worm That Walks.  (See the 4e MM picture of a Lamia.)  Because lichdom is so cliche.


Well, here is my warlock pact.

Jenn is a human warlock with a fey pact. She was the daughter of a miller and had no ambition besides to someone she could love and have a family. Then a group of fey went raiding through the mortal world and destroyed her village. She managed to escape the killing, but she ended up in the Feywild. When the rampaging fey returned, they chased her for days. Jenn managed to escape death and was noticed by a band of Summer Court warriors hunting the fey she was running from.

They brought her before Tiandra, and the Summer Queen was impressed by the bravery Jenn showed. Tiandra gifted Jenn with a bit of her power. Jenn now serves the Summer Queen as an emissary. She brings messages to the other courts and carries their replies back to her patron. She also watches the way the other courts are leaning and brings back news.
Harrow, eladrin feylock

Harrow didn't really sign a Pact, per se.
Harrow is his Pact.
And technically his own Patron, as well.

An eladrin raised by humans who had no idea of his fey heritage, the man who would become Harrow was shunned by the folk of his town for his strange appearance. With no knowledge of his true race, Harrow was slowly driven mad by visions of the Feywild as a child, and by teleporting through it when his fey step ability began to develop. He often found himself vanishing in response to stress or suddenly finding himself in a place he was just thinking about, and would regularly scare others by showing up behind them without warning.
A borderline psychotic, he was unable to deal with the day-to-day details of earning a living in his small community and lived in a ramshackle hut on the edge of town. Many rumors were whispered about him, including the possibility that he was possessed by demons.
Eventually leaving his village to become a wandering madman, Harrow was always one step ahead of the consequences of the last time he lost his temper or his mind.

One day, in a foul mood after wildly attacking a drunkard who'd spilled ale on him and being thrown out of yet another tavern for his outburst, Harrow was travelling through a forest on his way to the next town when a small faerie flew up to him and introduced herself. She was so annoyingly overly cheerful that Harrow snatched her out of the air and SWALLOWED her.

Although the faerie's body was digested the immortal fey's personality and power remained within Harrow, and her body reformed within his as sort of a second nervous system, allowing him to draw on her power. The two are now a symbiotic being, and Harrow hears her thoughts and voice within his head, often getting strange looks for arguing with someone that nobody else can see - even sometimes falling down into a foaming-at-the-mouth seizure as he and the now-completely-insane fairy (nicknamed "Alma" because her name is thirty-seven syllables long) fight over control of his body.

Malachaiah Hartsworn, human infernal-lock

Malachaiah was born into a small isolated society of hereditary warlocks, the descendants of a "lost" group of Pelorite heretics whose beliefs were corrupted by a demon several hundred years ago. Having fled into the wilderness to avoid persecution by the mainstream Church of Pelor, the group's faith was undermined by a demon who made a Pact with a young boy that would eventually become it's leader. Hundreds of years of isolation after that original Pact had twisted the group's faith until no one in the group had any inkling of it's original history.
Malachaiah had been born into a prestigious family noted for producing powerful warlocks, and was already a powerful warlock and respected Elder of the colony at the young age of 18.
At that time just recently married to the scion of another politically (although not magically) powerful family, Malachaiah was informed by the religious leaders of the community that their "Dark Lord" had decreed she would recieve the honor of bearing his child. Although Malachaiah was overjoyed to be so chosen, her husband was much less enthusiastic about having someone other than him sire her first child. Rather foolishly, he forbade her to accept.
No one was particularly surprised when the charred corpse of Malachaiah's husband came crashing through the upper-floor window of their house and landed in the street.
As part of the ceremony in which she was impregnated, Malachaiah forged her own personal Pact with her community's Patron, symbolized by the golden ring which the demon bestowed upon her. Although she hasn't heard from her Patron since that night eight years ago, or seen her cambion child since the other Elders took it from her the day she gave birth to it, she considers the ring to be a marriage vow, and often speaks of her Patron as though he'd just left the room.


I am the Magic Man.

(Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.)


I am the Lawnmower Man.



I am the Skull God.

(Koo Koo Ka Choo)


There are reasons they call me Mad...

Sidus Solitarius, the Lonely Star

Sidus found the means to form a Star Pact in one of the books his adventurer parents brought back as spoils from an old Wizard's library. After spending years learning the necessary languages to comprehend what he was reading, he found out too late the dark nature of the tome. He knew something was wrong when it took his sight.

However, all was not lost. He soon found that he could see people and things, not as they are, but as they will be. While it would often be no more than a second or two in advance, he might occasionally see someone years older. Further, he found that he could focus on an individual, and could see a linear representation of his or her Fate, which he came to call a "Fateline," and by looking along it, he could discern fuzzy, incomplete images of the future. That was how he saw the Cataclysm. He didn't know what it was (in fact, he still doesn't) but it was big, and it was bad. And when it came, it would end thousands, perhaps millions of lives.

Sidus fled his former life, taking his new name, devoted to studying the Fatelines. In time, he learned how to manipulate them, shortening them and drawing upon the untapped potential lost therein to form purple fire. And as he watched how the tiniest change to the most insignificant Fate can change the course of hundreds of Fatelines, an idea grew in his head. He could find a way to stop the Cataclysm. His meager powers could topple a king by showing kindness to a peasant; surely there must be some way to prevent such an apocalyptic event.

Sidus began to keep a book of notes, mainly concerning his studies of Fate manipulation. He has approached his goal with methodical study and careful action. His fear of changing the world in such a way to make it worse has nearly paralyzed him, and he dare not use the vast majority of his prodigious skill lest he cause irreversible harm upon the plane. He has grown obsessed with his task, and his obsession combined with his years of solitary travel to ensure a general malaise towards companions in general, viewing them more as experiments, or potential sources of information than comrades.

The cool thing about this is that his gaining new abilities is less "Oh hey, I leveled up and learned a new power." It's really "Okay, I've done enough study in this aspect of Fateline alteration to try this safely." And I thought it was pretty cool that he'd draw the energy for his Eldritch Blast from the untapped potential of his foe's premature deaths.
Sorry, double post.
Tea Telæsthesia is the granddaughter of a powerful duke of the Unseelie Court. Her family has a long history of passing its arcane power on to the next generation. When Tea was very young she went with her father and grandfather to the family barrows, where the powerful souls of her ancestors congregated in an eternal revelry. There she was imbued with and given access to their powers so long as she promotes the power of the family Telæsthesia.

Her pact-drawback is one she did not discover until traveling to Faerun. On the strange world of Abeir-Toril, Tea encountered the first cleric she had ever seen - a dwarf cleric of Moradin - and the first holy symbol she had ever smelled. It smelled divine (pardon the pun) to her. And after she had filched it she took a bite. And the taste was heavenly (gomen, the puns are just too easy). To Tea all holy symbols smell and taste delicious and, so long as they are not magically enchanted, can be consumed and digested.
Asmodean (dwarf Hellock) was just a typical dwarf. Distant cousin to the king, he was granted lands which he mined with typical dwarven fervor. He ran a crew of dozens, and produced some of the finest ores available for working. Asmodeans only real time off from his duties was his Friday night poker tourney.

The card game had about a half-dozen regulars, but visitors were not unusual. That friday Asmodean was particularly 'zoned' after a hard day in the mines. His workers had uncovered strange tunnels deeper than any should be. Within the tunnels were strong veins of iron and copper, but those weird altars and statues would have to be dumped somewhere. The tunnels semed endless, and went deeper and deeper than any dwarven records noted. Hopefully the ore went just as deep...

Contemplating his new wealth, and how to get at it, he didn't notice as the stranger entered and sat at the large table. Tieflings were not unusual at the tourney, but this one seemed somehow...more. As he lowered his tankard to scan his cards, he noticed that most of the other dwarfs were staring at him, having folded. Asmodean peered over his cigar at whom was left, a huge hairy horned tiefling grinning like a madman. His features inscrutable, Asmodean bid up the stranger, until his titles, mine, and even clothes were on the table. The tiefling checked all his pockets, frowned, and reached his hand...into his own chest. Drawing forth an insubstantial glowing bead he held it up for inspection. Asmodean nodded, and layed down his cards.

The next day, Asmodean spent in the library researching his winnings. The spark of infernal power was mighty, but would need proper training to utilize fully. Already he had manifested some basic powers, and with further study expected them to grow. Intense study would have to wait however, as his king had contacted him about an important mission outside of dwarven lands...
That...was just pure win and awesome.

When the Cat's a Stray, the Mice will Pray 

That...was just pure win and awesome.

And gamble! I was expecting the Dwarf to have lost his soul in the game, not to have won the power.
A regular farmboy ****** off the wrong traveling witch. She puts a curse on him, and he dies in a strange accident and is unjustly damned to hell. Farmboys don't give up! He stole his power and used it to sneak his butt out of there. It has left him changed.

NPC: Go to Hell.
Warlock: I've been to hell, boy. You couldn't imagine the enemies I made there.
Emain, Human feylock

A merchant's human scribe was separated from hist employer's caravan in the northern Dalelands. Without knowledge, he stumbled into an area that connected to the Feywild, and left the area still inside it, lost, and stranded, with roars of strange beasts behind him. He managed to find his way into the path of a minor courtier in the Seelie court. After a minor confrontation with the guards, and a short,private conversation with the courtier, the nameless fey, agreed to send him back to the PMP. When he returned, he found a cloth bag at the end of a braided leather chord around his neck. In it was a small stone disc inlaid with what appears to be liquid silver forming the words "Agreement made. Price paid." on one side, and on the other the human's new name, given to him by the fey courtier, "Emain Macha". He never lets the stone out of arm's reach.
Arith Caern, human starlock: Technically speaking, he's an astronomer. He found a scroll deep in his library that gave the stars' alignments and what command words to use when the constellations are right to produce the effects of his "pact".
Of course, the forbidden knowledge rather disturbs him...

Caile Lockbottle, hafling feylock, got lost. The circumstances are embarrassing, but he eventually wound up in the Feywild. Caile wandered for days, subsisting on native flora (he couldn't bring himself to eat the fauna). But something about the Feywild changed him. Whatever it was, he eventually found his way back to the real world, inexplicably linked to the Feywild and remembering its maddening beauty.
Morvannon, half-elf feylock.

Born to an eladrin wizard after a brief fling she had with a human warrior, showed strong arcane potential but was unable to harness it under her teachings. She went on a journey into the Feywild shortly before his sixteenth birthday to retrieve a gift for him, an object that would help him focus his spellweaving, and never returned.

Morvannon has spent years trying to discover his mother's fate. One effort involved a scrying ritual into the Feywild, which drew the attention of a nameless elemental. The fey being offered power to assist him in his search, in return for an unspecified future favor. Morvannon rashly accepted and can now channel the elemental's power.
Great responses, so far! I'm actually rolling up a Warlock right now for an online campaign with a friend 500 miles distant. I'm still not sure exactly HOW he signed up, but I do know why.

My Tiefling's family is still actively pursued by the devil their ancestors signed a pact with generations ago. Even other devils shy away from this guy; he's their equivalent of used car salesman. :D

Anyhow, most of his family has adopted a "better the devil you know" attitude and have used their powers to maintain, even extend, their merchant business. While few have the willpower to become a full-blown warlock, all enjoy some measure of infernal abilities. My as-yet-unnamed Tiefling is more the "lesser of two evils" kinda guy and was very quick to turn his arcane studies to sources of power that might shield him from this ancient and seemingly inescapable pact. Exactly one ancient ritual later, he'd signed on with the queen of the seelie fey. Of course, his dreams are still occasionally interrupted with infernal sales pitches and he fears that his patron might not be strong enough to protect him.
I had a halfing rogue (oblivious, eats a lot, perpetually cheerful, mockney accent) who got lost in the woods, joined a party, can't really remember it, but became a rogue/warlock with a Fey Pact.
My first character was born as half-elf. Needless to say it was an accident, the mother who was the elf, hating herself for succumbing to the charms of a human. She left the child with the father and ran back to the feywild, making a bargain with the creatures of the fey to restore her purity in return for the soul of her newly born child. The creatures of the fey accepted, binding the new child to a pact before he was even old enough understand it. Slowly he recognised his powers in both a curse and a boon, seeking to find the cause of the powers and the increasingly painful headaches everytime he used his powers as if he was being called to do something...
Galahad Springeme, Half-Elf Feylock: Galahad was saved from death by an Eladrin Patrol when he was young, after Drow destroyed his home village. He was raised in the home of the Eladrin Lord of Spring, Immerial Springeme. He eventually fell in love with Immerial's daughter, Astrianna, and requested Immerial for her hand in marriage. Immerial decided to send him to the material world to complete several trials to determine if he was worthy of marrying his daughter. Before leaving, Astrianna used an ancient fey ritual to imbue Galahad with the powers he would need to survive the challenges ahead, and return safely back to her.

So, I guess you could say that he gets his magic talents from the Power of Love.
Dorw: Dharc Dark Pact: He had a happy life, living with his parants in waterfront. They wern't the most popular people in the town, but they had roots there and they wern't totaly distrusted. One day however, Dharc returned home to see a bloody mess of the house, with his father and mother murdered and lieing on the floor. The Merderer was still there, and looked right at him. Dharc was pretrified. Not able to controle his body, he ran, and ran far. After he arived at the local Church of (diety) he yelled for help, and e was given shelter, and aid. He was raised by them, but he was haunted by the imegas of his parents.

He swar revenge on the people that killed his parantes, and feels he has support from his family. (this is acturaly a stroy I used, but it was a Multiclass feat I used with Cleric main. However, still couns, right?)
Quinvaldear Artanian, Human Wizard/Fey Pact Initiate: The Power of Love is an easy theme to pair with the Fey it seems, hehehe. Quin was a wizard at an academy affiliated with the Spiral Tower, as such he grew up with many Eladrin friends and one summer break he went home with them, as in to the Feywild. Whilst there he happened to fall for an Eladrin prince, and one afternoon whilst sharing kisses by the summery riverbank the prince's FATHER teleported in, declaring that any mortal who'd lay a hand on one of his children had better be prepared to accept certain responsibilities. So he initiated him into the Fey Pact on the spot so he could keep an eye on him and try to make Quin more "feylike." Now on top of his training as a wizard, Quinvaldear has these strange powers that he wasn't properly briefed on. Oh dear.
Of course, his dreams are still occasionally interrupted with infernal sales pitches and he fears that his patron might not be strong enough to protect him.

If you want a truely better warlock pact
My pact's the one for you and that's a fact
My price is low - I trimmed the fat,
Dark Blessing'll keep you commin' back,
Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal!
Thinking about creating a race for 4e? Make things a lil' easier on yourself by reading my Race Mechanic Creation Guide first.
If you want a truely better warlock pact
My pact's the one for you and that's a fact
My price is low - I trimmed the fat,
Dark Blessing'll keep you commin' back,
Go see Cal, go see Cal, go see Cal!

I'm currently working on building my first Warlock myself, (I posted an aid for help in the Striker's Forum if anyone is interested), but I have the character concept itself all thought out;

Warlock; An internally separated character suffering from dual-personality disorder, leading him to aspiring goals of conflicting nature within similar guidelines. On the one hand he is driven to survive and hoard (treasure, knowledge, ect.) and will do so by any means necessary. On the other hand, he is driven to sacrifice and defend/protect those whom he calls allies (and the 'entire Teifling race as well'), within the twisted logic that pain = protection. In this particular case, the use of infernal powers against himself in order to empower himself so that he may protect and defend his allies through self sacrifice by allowing himself to crush enemies at a greater speed, rate and level of destruction. Nice logic of protection on that one.

The pact Warlock made was with an ancient devil who long slumbered in the depths of the Nine Hells, imprisoned as it were by Asmodeus himself. This devil had long been an aid to the original devils that made a pact with the ancient Empire of Bael Turath, the birthplace of the Tieflings. By daring to explore the forbidden depths of this ancient knowledge, Warlock has made a pact with this devil to grant him power in exchange of his lifeforce to free the devil from his infernal, torturous prison.

With a small orb of lifeforce given as part of the Pact, this devil slowly consumes Warlock very soul as he grows stronger so that he may free himself. Warlock now lives a very shortened life, one in which he never knows when the ultimate answer of the rest of his lifeforce will be called upon, and fears that he may not complete his goals of freeing himself and his race from this ancient curse. Always the devious plotter though, Warlock is already plotting ways to break free of his devilish master, yet still maintain the power he wields.

Only time will tell if his goals succeed. ... Or if he die before they even begin.
Not my character, but a 1/2 elf Infernal pact lock I DM for. I helped him with his background, and he doesn't post here, so here he is:

Firanis, Half-Elf Helllock: Cyran is a relatively large human city, and the closest human settlement to the great forest within which is the elven city of Flanethria. As such, half-elves are common in both settlements. Firanis is part of a sect of worshippers of Sehanine. A few decades ago, a demon-worship cult was eradicated in their subterranean temple in the woods outside Cyran. The most powerful demon, however, was bound by the priests of Sehanine deep in the temple complex. Over the years, the members of this sect of Sehanine have learned to siphon off this fiend's power to use as they wish. As Sehanine is the goddess of secrets, this fact is not well known, even within the rest of the lay worshippers of Sehanine back in the city, not even most of the clergy know.

Firanis' pact with this demon is one-sided. He owes the demon nothing, and the demon has no power to assert any measure of control over him. What he does not know, however, is what would happen to his powers should that demon ever break itself free...
I haven't made a character for this yet, but someone here made this amazing background for me.

The Beginning

As a young man(or woman) growing up you always seemed odd to everyone. Not unpleasant, nor scary.... just different. You bobbed your head to music that no one could hear and when you walked you always seemed to be slightly dancing. You rarely looked people in the eyes, your own sliding around the surrounding in constantly roaming interest. When people talked to you they were surprised that you always knew what was going on. This didn't prevent the thought that you just didn't exist on the same level as everyone else.

The elders of the town worried briefly about you, but since the children and animals all loved you this faded with time. The fact that you clearly had a sense of right and wrong didn't hurt either. Many times townsfolk have been flabbergasted when in passing you pierced right to the hear of their problems, never slowing from your dancing little half-step.

The Truth and the Pact

No, you just weren't the same as other people. You moved all over the town at seemingly random intervals leaving behind little carvings and abstract wall paintings before you go.

But you know the truth! Life is music! Life is dance! You walk through the town and watch the people go about their lives, heedless of the overlying beat and rhythm their actions weave into one another. You smile the whole time, dancing to the sound of the simplistic beauty their lives create.

One night something amazing happened. As you walked through the woods overlooking the town you came across a grassy hill poking bare up through the trees with the exception of the large rock at it's crown. Shadows popped out from strange angles and light seemed to come from odd places. The mood of this image so moved you that you did something for the first time in your life.

You sang.

Singing, you danced across the field coming to circle the stone. And as you waved your arms in time with your song the stars shone brightly with weird light. Slowly at first, as though taking a while to hear you and respond, they sang back. Your music met and meshed and the dance took on new steps.

Out of this celestial chorus individual chords and voices could be heard. They sang to you, calling you. Some were loud with arrogant superiority, others cackled like blood burbling over smooth rocks. You danced away smiling from their sound, around the streams of light outstretched like grasping hands.

Another voice came then. Glowing out from an almost invisible star on the horizon it wove itself around and through your dance. Fire danced inside your veins as you jumped on top of the rock and began to spin around and around. Your voice grew strength and over time the other musics faded back into the night sky. For unknown hours you sang and danced on that lonely hill.

In the morning you slowly strolled into town. You knew not what had happened the night before. No one else could comprehend the melding of minds, the understanding that took place. You smiled softly.

The Pact was made.

Leaving Town

Several days later found you humming in the streets. The villagers went about their business with no thought for the future. But you knew something was going to happen. Later that day a group of adventurers came to town. You watched them from the alley ways, obsessed with their vitality. They shone like fire and the rhythm of the town changed to allow for their existence. The group stayed the night at the town inn and left early the next morning. No one was surprised to find you gone.

They would have been a lot more surprised if they had heard the soft, playful music coming from an unseen point on the horizon.
I posted this as a brief background in another thread asking for advice - but here we go.

Caithdein (Halfling Feylock) - Born to a trader family Caithdein grew up travelling from town to town and learning the arts of negotiation and trade from his parents, how to deal with people, to read them and get the better deal. They taught him about negotiating the byways of the towns and cities they visited. His parents weren't the most honest of traders however and didn't see anything wrong with 'acquiring' new trade goods from other merchants warehouses - one of the main reasons they were travelling traders. His father also taught him how to track and hunt game and move without being heard or spotted.

Caithdeins life irrevocably changed one day in his late teens, the family were camped near a forest and Caithdein went exploring whilst his parents cooked a meal. As he wandered the forest a mist began to form and Caithdein felt inexplicably tired. Finding somewhere to rest in a forest glade Caithdein fell asleep.

Whilst asleep Caithdein dreamt of strange, fey creatures and a powerful being that offered him power as a trade for an unspecified payment in the future, shrugging the dreams off he heads back to where his parents made camp only to find it abandoned - it appeared to have been weeks since someone was camped there.

Caithdein tried to find his parents but all the tracks were weeks old, he now wanders the land trying to track them down, as time passes he seems to be developing new powers that he doesn't quite understand - he thinks they must be related to the being from his dream and the deal that was made, if only he could remember what he offered in return........
My halfling feylock is a sailor who got his pact after washing ashore on an island after being blown overboard during a storm. The island was inhabited by a sea hag who made him a slave. At one point he realized that he would likely end up dead if he did not find a way to free himself. He was able to get a knife to the hag's throat and she agreed to let him leave if he would agree to serve her once off the island. He reluctantly agreed and she ended up teleporting him in mist form to the nearest port city, where he eventually met the other members of the party. He has no training in arcana since he did not seek out this power and is still learning the extent of his new found abilities.
The Truth and the Pact

Wow. Send my congrats to whomever wrote that up for you. I was particularly found of the imagery in the middle section, but it was all nice. (I certainly hope you wanted a Star Pack :P )
Aethelas is a Half-Elven warlock, of the (heavily reflavored) Dark Pact.

Aethelas grew up in the East Reach, and thus spent his childhood seeing the incursions of the Drow--and therefore both the importance of being able to fight, and the fact that it is sometimes necessary to defend people and things from outside threats. He also, despite being a hardy youth, was very knowledge-oriented. Rather than joining the raiding parties that sought the Drow, he was dedicated to his studies...but always wanted to, in his own way, be able to defend those that need defending, and fight those who must be stopped.
He often spent time exploring the ruins of the rift. During his exploring, he came upon an ancient temple: a temple of scholars who followed Kord. He had found the temple of the Battle Warlocks of Kord. He began studying their tomes of knowledge, as well as holy books of Kord. His power grew and his dedication remained firm; eventually, a manifestation of Kord appeared and offered him to grant him strength in return for his devotion; as shown through following Kord, through striving for victory in battle, and through always standing firm in defense of his own beliefs.
He has now wandered far from the East Reach, and has found a worthy foe (against whom he has not yet fought directly, but who he has opposed). He gains strength from Kord, continues to learn the ways of battle, and every time he defeats a foe, Kord grants a boon to Aethelas (of extra damage that he is able to do to other foes).
Passion Dualis- Tielfing Fey Pact

From an early age Passion found that she had a disposition towards primal magic. Passion therefore decided to trade a decade and a half of her servitude for powerful magics. Passion served her period of servitude to a small village of secluded pixies that exist deep in the forests of the feywild. Part of her 'apprenticeship' involved changing her whole perspective of reality. The pixies began by deconstructing her sense of self and replacing it with a fey creature with an intuitive knowledge of nature.

The feywild is a place of beauty beyond imagination and danger beyond your worst nightmare. Passion was taught that the only way to master her world was to become her worlds supplicant. There is a balance between light and dark in the world that must be mirrored in your soul. Passion therefore learnt the value of living in the moment as tomorrow would bring what it will bring. Trusting instinct as much as logical thought. Feeling the connection between all life; a connection that strives for balance. The sheer ferociousness of a tiger is balanced with the fey grace of its steps. The bee that produces the sweetest honey can still cause a painful sting. The one out of balance with the moment is depriving themself of the connection which brings enlightenment.

This enlightenment is where fey pact magic comes from. Fey pact magic allows the warlock to mould the connection in subtle ways in congurent with the connections nature. Passion found her natural disposition for these magics could be enhanced when fuelled by her moods. Her primal impulses increased her enlightenment of the 'true' nature of the world. In the same way, Passion must constantly restrain her tendencies to avoid falling too far into her beastial impulses or into her civilised cognition. Only when the 2 are in perfect balance can one become a force of the fey.

This knowledge comes intuitively to the pixies and thus embodies every aspect of her lives. The most mundane activities that Passion completed with the pixies increased her education on how to obtain and use this balance to her own benefit and the benefit of the village. Passion learnt the value of being elusive as a common game amongst the pixies was to play a hybrid of hide-and-seek and tag. Furthermore the pixies are a bright and free spirited people. Therefore Passion learnt the trade of working people through adaptive charismatic behaviour, ranging from the charming of a stranger to the intimidation of a potential enemy. A by-product of this trade is the knowledge in how to use illusionary and enchanting magics to gain an advantage. Even the most beautiful, care-free, of activities has a very dangerous application. This non-confrontational form of combat has allowed the small pixie race to survive the primal hardships of the feywild whilst still maintaining their care-free playful existence. Passion further learnt to obatin this delacate balance by assisting to defend the village. She must then be totally in the moment without loosing herself to the moment. Passion became very proficient at battling through the tactics of befuddling an enemies senses and thus distorting heir perception of reality. Her magics were further empowered through both her blithe and primal emotions to great effect.
Wow. Send my congrats to whomever wrote that up for you. I was particularly found of the imagery in the middle section, but it was all nice. (I certainly hope you wanted a Star Pack :P )

I can't remember which thread it was in, but it was somewhere in the Character Development board. And yes, I wanted a Star Pack. Stars are so handy to carry in packs like that.:P
I can't remember which thread it was in, but it was somewhere in the Character Development board. And yes, I wanted a Star Pack. Stars are so handy to carry in packs like that.:P


Geez, one letter you get wrong and they never let it slide. ;)
Drow: Dark Pact (I know I know, but hear me out)
Adin-iir was born to torment. His skin was pale, his hair like ebony. To the lower castes of Drow society, this was unheard of. Six short years passed, and still he appeared as though a ghost of the dark elven world. His family thought that perhaps the dark would appear in his flesh, but to no avail. Believing their house to be cursed by Lolth, they took him into a deep cavern, and left him as an offering to the Goddess, fearing reprisals from the priestesses should they bring him forth. In the darkness, he waited...wondering why he was alone. Days passed by and hunger and thirst began to take their toll on his young body. It was on the fourth day that he heard the call. Not in words, not in sound at all. But in feelings, in whispers of images. It asked if he wanted to live, and he did want it. So the darkness crept into his body, into his soul. Painfully, half of his soul was traded away...the resulting emptiness was filled with dark magicks. His eyes became as black orbs, and dark lines began to etch themselves across his back. The sigils and symbols worked across his flesh, and were oddly reminiscent of spiderwebs. Filled with the dark power, he returned home. The other drow shied away from this ghostly figure, whispering, pointing, some ran to the priestesses.

His family was shocked to see his return, even more shocked when the darkness overtook them. With unseen cruelty, he tore into the darkness of their hearts, and through it, their souls. The bodies fell, lifeless, unmoving. It was then that the black vanished from his eyes, revealing the crimson irises once more. He ran to the corpses of his family, and began to weep.

His arrest was immediate, people shouted for it. But the priestesses had something else in mind. They scooped him up, and taught him a new word. Szarkai. Pale drow were valuable to them, being able to walk in the world above and infiltrate enemy encampments without a second glance. He was trained in cruel fashions, but there was no cruelty in him to give in kind. While he could harness his powers into dark spells, he was hesitant to use them. It was then that his mentors learned the method necessary. If even a single life was snuffed out while under his curse, a darkness would emerge, and a bloodlust unheard of would arise. Black would begin to spread in his eyes the more death he absorbed. But if left unchecked, this new Adin-iir was dangerous to all...if he saw you as an enemy, he wouldn't stop until you were dead. His last instructor had attempted to knock him unconscious, but the dark responded...violently bursting forth from Adin-iir and impaling the woman. The cruelty vanished immediately, and Adin-iir could only remember fragments of what had taken place. But what he could recall scared him. Using what power he could, he fled the grounds, the city, the Underdark. His kinda heart was torn...he dared not use the powers again, but he knew that one day, they would be necessary

Sorry, kinda half-assed the last part. I'm tired
In story terms, my DM allowed me to have Dracarys' pact be with Tiamat, although it functions mechanically identical to the Infernal pact. She isn't a cleric in the sense of being devoted, it is more appropriate to say she has made a bargain with Tiamat in exchange for the power she seeks.

Dracarys the Despised Dragonborn Warlock:

Dracarys was hatched into a world that did not love her on a night of ill omen, as the constellation of Tiamat shone down beneath a black moon (new moon). She bore a strange malady that caused her scales to appear splotched and patchy, with strangely smooth skin wherever the scales do not grow. Also she is a strange grayish white color, with a burning red eye and a dark, pitch black one. Whether her affliction is genetic, environmental, or some evil curse is unknown for sure, but her tribe certainly believes the latter. Not long after her hatching, strange maladies began to afflict the other dragonborn of her small community, crops began to fail, and cattle began to die. It soon began to be whispered that Dracarys carried a curse, and that she caused all of the suffering. She was ill loved by the townsfolk, but her mother, Rhaenys was the community’s wise woman, and so the community whispered ill of the child, but did nothing else.

That all changed the day Rhaenys died. An early chill had fallen on the surrounding region, and Rhaenys appears to have contracted an illness from some of the townsfolk she was treating. However, she was unable to recover, and died a few weeks after first taking ill. Dracarys did not contract the illness, though she suffered greatly watching her mother slowly succumb to the disease; powerless to help the only person in the world who loved her. This was the final straw in the eyes of the elders, the last proof they needed to show that the two year old Dracarys was evil incarnate, and must be destroyed. They came with weapons and fire, a mob ready to kill the child. They set her mother’s cottage to flame, and left the building to burn around her. Dracarys fled, and was able to escape their blades and their flames. Although she was burned, she did not die. She escaped into the nearby Swamp of Desolation, the land said to have been the sight of a long ago battle between the Tiefling empire of Bael Turath and the dragonborn empire. Dracarys, though only two years old, somehow managed to survive in the swamp, and she had many years to grow and brood. She mourned her mother’s death, and cursed the villagers, those dragonborn who hated her so. Her anger was a slow burning fire, that stoked, growing hotter and brighter with every passing day. They thought she was a monster? She would show them a monster. She had heard the whispers, she knew what they believed. An evil child brought into this world by Tiamat. She would seek this being, force power from its hands, and she would return. The anger flared and turned to hatred. Through sheer force of will and determination she conjured foul creatures, and made pacts with them and their goddess Tiamat. And then, when she had learned all she could on her own, she ventured out into the wider world, seeking more power so that one day she could return to her village. They would pay for what they did to her...
Vishaelle Tourun - Drow/Dark Pact

I originally made this character when the DM outright said I was not allowed to play a drow. Mainly because it frightened him. So I decided to make one anyway, just for kicks, so I could scare him later. I tend to make characters when I'm bored, so its just 1/60 rattling away in a folder.

Vishaelle was born to be a sacrifice. She thought she was born to be a leader. Her mother however, would not clear the difference. Moving through the years of her life, the drow savored court and all its intrigue. Her mother on the other hand would plot with cultists of Vecna; for while Vishaelle was growing strong in court and coming to her own in the world, her mother did not wish for such temporary growth. Her mother wished for lichdom.

In an unfortunate turn of events, purely coincidence of course, Vishaelle found herself out of favor with the Church of Lolth. As all things are in drow culture, one is only as powerful as one's friends. Vishaelle would plead with her mother to get her out of here, to transport her away. That she would not die here, not like this. The mother would agree, that it was not Vishaelle's place to die at the hands of the Church of Lolth.

And so the plot was on, setting about the escape of Vishaelle from the scorned priestesses. However, when the daughter went from merely being worried about a dagger in her back to wasting in a dungeon cell, something was clearly and obviously wrong. Refused sustenance and freedom, the drow would curse her captors, and demand to be released, demand to see her mother. When such an audience was granted, Vishaelle was asked to be a good daughter, and wait for the ritual.

Fortune, or cruel fate, was on Vishaelle's side. Not all the components needed for extending the aged mother's life were at hand. So to speak, there would be a stay of execution. When Vishaelle would begin to waste away in her cell, the drow would begin to hear things in the dark. She would wake, screaming at times as it seemd her shadow were trying to throttle her in her sleep. Her captors, for Vishaelle's benefit perhaps, would ignore her. Finally, when the day of the ritual was at hand, Vishaelle had not allowed her eyes to rest in days.

In fear, she watched as the room began to move, and form into some creature, some thing. In her own mute recollection, the shadow formed into her, and placed a finger across its lips. The time was drawing short. This apparation, this abomination of shadow extended its hand, smiling cruely to Vishaelle. The drow could hear the steps of the cultists, and knew they were coming for her.

The drow escaped that day. There would be no sacrifice. Though where she is now, even under the light of Selune and Amauntor, the drow is scared of the dark. She would never sleep again. Not in the dark.
Charir, Kobold infernal pact warlock

Note: Takes place in calimshan

Charir was your average kobold, he mined and so forth just like the majority of every other kobold in his tribe. When the population grew big enough that the tribe had to split in two and one half had to leave to make a tribe elsewhere, Charir was part of that second half. During the long search for a new home along the deserts there was a raid by orcs one after the others. These became more frequent and slowly picked away at the traveling population. One took place during the cover of a furious sandstorm and charir along with a few others found themselves seperated from the rest of the group.

Days passed but this would turn into two weeks, his friends dropped to the ground one by one. Walking if not crawling with his last bits of strength, he heard a voice call to him. "Do you want to live?" Charir said yes and was instructed to read a book that he would find laying in the sand some yards from him. He was told before hand that this is not a decision to be taken lightly, but perhaps the delirium set on by thirst had gotten to him and in desperation he accepted the offer.

He opened the book but after reading one page, either by exhaustion or other forces he immediately passed out. Waking up some time later at the very edge of the desert and with provisions, he set out by himself and hitched rides with others before he found himself with a gang in luskan. Though he couldn't understand a lick of the language he read at first in that tome, along with it being gone, he could still now and then hear the echoing words "The more you learn, the more we are remembered". Somehow the entirety of the book was burned into his mind and as time would go on he would recall more and more (powers). He is starting to believe those that offered him this power were of the dark powers banished by asmodeus so long ago, trying to have their legacy be remembered and live on.
UMBRA DARKHOLME -A nameless street orphan living the harsh life of hard knocks on the street. she has only one frind, another street urchin. At the age of 14 her friend disappears throwing her life into choas and leads her to take a job with an elderly lecherous wizard as a spell-doxie.

For those of you not aware of spell doxies; its a term coined by Ed Greenwood & refers to a young girl (or boy) usually in their early teens who's taken into a wizards house as a form of indentured "ward." The term also refers to young women who use their good looks & womenly-mystique to gain entry to elderly wizards estates & by extension spell-book collections; where they then rob him blind.

The nameless child, who he named Umbra (for her jet black hair) was one of the unluck ones. She had been taken in by an old lech (not lich), who took advantage of the fact she had nobody else. All the while Umbra scrambelled to find something with which to strike back against the world with. One day while putting books back into the library she discovered a treaty called "Libram Zynarith: Treaties on summoning of THE SOURCE"

Umbra was no spellcaster, but she wasn't stupid, she read the book & using what limited knowledge she had, she summoned this "Source." The Source promised her power in exchange for her immortal soul, which he would collect in 10 years. She agreed, because to a 14 year old ten years in forever. The transfer of power from Source to Mortal caused a huge explosion & she escaped into the streets with her new power.

10 years pass & Umbra (now Umbra Darkholme) has had many changes in her life. After 5 years of running a street gang & being a petty thug, she ran into her only friend, the one who had vanished. Apparently she had been taken in by a wandering priest of Amaunator & taught the ways of the church. Now a priestess in her own right, she showed Umbra the power of compassion and hope again. Hoping to redeem her own sins & maybe save her enternal soul by paying off her karmic debt, Umbra set out to help others & using her powers against the forces of evil.

The source has sent out many creatures to collect the debt, but none have yet to accomplish it. Umbra hopes that that means she may still be saved. However the truth is just that the pact is working to her advantage. The pact said that in exchange for her soul, which would be forfit in 10 years time, she would have a life time of power. As such she keeps her powers until she dies, though her soul stays the property of The Source. She just has to die before he can have it.

The source on the other hand is giggling up his sleeves, because he knows that the soul is bound to come to him eventually (he owns it after all) & a soul of a person who has done much good in life is better then that of someone who has squandered their life, doing petty evil things. The longer she stays alive trying to avoid her fate by doing good the tastier she makes her soul. Occasionally he sends out a minion or two to "collect" her soul & urge her on more strongly.

Its an interesting if not overly original concept. I tried to push it in a slightly new direction making it a little more unique. As far as i see, Warlock should be a less common class, in-game. After all, you are dealing with creatures that are full comprehendable by mortal minds.
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Ooh, intresting character, saint-matthew.

Mine's a Planar character, but he's a Clueless (Planewalking newbie, so-called beacuse they usually have a very naive veiw of the world outside the Mortal Coil), so it matters not.

Joshu Tabris, Scion of Bael Turath-Human Starlock: Raised by tieflings, Joshu has always considered himself more half-fiend then human, although he knows perfectly well that he is biologically a member of H. sapiens. His adoptive father, Ammon, never thought of the legacy of Bael Turath as a thing to be ashamed of, beacuse while there were certainly moments in the empire's history that no one should be proud of, they left both a great race and a critical part of the warlock arts. Joshu, a precocious child, absorbed all of his father's knowlege of the empire, and he grew to share it.

Sadly, the racism against tieflings on his native world of Methurt was even greater then in most other places, and a group of racist paladins and clerics of Pelor, lead by the "self-righteous sunburn" (Joshu's discription) Brandis Diamondsun, drove them into the Underdark, where they were captured by drow slavers.

Desperate to save himself and his family, Joshu remembered the ritual used to call the beings with whom a warlock's pact was made. In desperation, he quickly drew the arcane seal, and called for something-anything-that could help him. And something answered.

Called only Udo (Oo-Doh), the sentient mind of another universe, it gave Joshu the power of the Star Pact in return for implanting a bit of it's alien essence within him, so that it may experience the alien sensations of the World Axis. Using the temporary rush of extreme power granted by Udo, Joshu was able to kill the slavers and save his family...with the exception of his adoptive mother, who they had killed in an attempt to torture Ammon.

Devastated by his loss, Joshu decided that it was ultimately racism against tieflings that was to blame for her death, and he entertained thoughts of revenge for a little while...but then he decided that was not the answer. Rather, he would travel among the heavens, and use the knowlege found there to create a new Bael Turath, a place where no tiefling would have to live in fear of perscution...And if he happens to be the new emperor, well, he can better guide his dream from a comfy throne.

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