1001 Fine Prints in Warlock Pacts

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We all know that Warlocks make Pacts with Devils (Infernal Pact), fairies (Fey Pact) and Elder Evils (Star Pact and Dark Pact) in exchange for power.

However, one thing that bothers me is that by the rules they aren't sacrificing anything. This is the effort to gather as many drawbacks to Warlock Pacts as possible.
Mind you, they should not have any mechanical effect so to not mess with game balance. Extremes (cannot accept divine healing and so on) should be worked out with the GM, if you insist, but (IMHO) does not belong here.

1) None! For whatever reason when you demanded power you received it and you haven't been asked for anything in return. Yet...

2) Sanity. Whether you became insane the moment you accepted the conditions or the powers are slowly taking their toll on you, you're fighting to maintain your sanity for as long as possible, but you know it's a losing battle.

3) Sickness. Ever since you signed the Pact, you've been wracked by disease. While the Pact ensures that the disease will never kill you, you are a lot weaker physically than you once were.

4) Soul. You signed away your soul to the Powers that Be. When you die you will not go to the Afterlife you once would, but to your Master.

5) Material sacrifice. You gave up your money, your home and your finest horse. Why your master would accept such things are a source of concern for you, but thus far he hasn't asked for more and you pray he never will.

6) Betrayal. You were ordered to betray your dearest loved one, whether by poisoning him/her or simply hurting them emotionally.

7) Tithe. Your pact wasn't paid for in full at once and every full moon you must tithe part of what your newfound power has granted you. This could be a monetary donation, the bones of your victims or something more intangible.

There, I started it off for y'all!
8) Plaything. Your fey patron is bored and reserves the right to mess with you at intervals, whether by changing your gender, stealing your important items (and then watch as you navigate his traps and devices to get them back), or unwittingly pitting you in the equivalent of a rooster fight against the forces of his peers.
9) Humanity (or the racial equivalent :P). Power corrupts, and this newfound power of yours is no different. You begin to become harsh, cold, unfeeling, violent, or experience any of a number of other personality changes. This may or may not make you all angsty about it.

10) Compulsions. You're compelled to do something, sensical or otherwise. This can manifest itself as some for of obsessive-compulsive tic, or a task you feel the need to do each day, and could be subtle or overt. Either way, it might attract attention, it might distract you from your quests, it might weird out your friends, etc.
11) Deformity. You patron has seen fit to mark you physically in exchange for your powers. You have an unusual physical trait that marks you as different. Perhaps you have a third eye, a hunched back, or a mishapen head.

12) Sinner. For some reason, your patron desires you to indulge in a particular vice whenever you have the opportunity. This could be something as simple as taking up chain-smoking or gaining weight, or as serious as accepting the...favors...of anyone who offers them to you or hoarding any money you come across and never spending it on anything, even essential things like food and equipment. These carry obvious social implications, as the toll your vice takes on you may repel other people, and may even cause problems for your health.
13.) A Limb: Your master took one of your limbs when you made the pact as "payment." Hand, leg, etc.

14.) Senses: You'll never be able to see your family/hear your favorite song/smell your favorite flower/taste chocolate ever again.
((What about sense of touch?))
15). Menstrual Blood - During your womanly cycles, you have dry menses. (This is the price for my feylock, that and ...

16). Pregnancy - nuff said
Along those lines....

17. Impotence.

18. Beacon for (insert something here): A particular type of creature follows you around. Cows, mosquitos, butterflies, rats. They do not attack, nor can they be commanded by you, they just follow you around, keeping a safe distance.

19. Allergy to certain substances: Silver, cold iron, wool, leather...for some reason whenever you come into contact with particular substances, you suffer a rash.
20) Reward: You gambled with a Fey Lord, chased through the Wild Hunt through cunning and trickery, and took a Pact for your prize for escaping until the condition to end the Hunt was met. Just what does the Fey Lord do now? Maybe instead you did a Favor for the Fey, and they granted a Pact in return.

21) Balance: You willingly took up the mantle of a Knight for a Court(Summer/Winter) of the Fey. Out there is another being who has done the same for the opposing Court as well, your equal and opposite who works against your actions and you must do the same when it deals with the Fey. No matter your morals, good or evil, or your friends, you must take up the opposing of your counterpart just as he must do the same.

22) Speech: Maybe your patron stole your ability to speak, in various ways. Whether it be your whole voice, the ability to speak Common, the ability to speak in anything but riddles, or the ability to speak the truth, you find that communicating can be challenging at times.

23) Wanderlust: You received the Pact at the cost of being able to stay in one place for more then two weeks without desperately wishing to travel again.

24) Divine Intervention: The god or goddess you worship has granted the Pact upon you(through a proxy which owed them a favor or another way), in which you go out to do acts in their steed similar to a Cleric. Can fit very well for Corellon, Sune, and Selune. Especially for a Warlock(Paladin/Cleric MC)/Heartwarder/Sune's Chosen.

25) Conditions to Sleep well: Maybe a Star Pact must sleep outdoors to prevent from having nightmares. Maybe a Fey Pact must sleep after placing 13 items around him in a circle to allow themselves to fall asleep. Maybe an Infernal Pact needs the comfort of cool air or the heat of a fire to allow themselves to fall rest well. Not meeting the requirements doesn't prevent them from sleeping well, but they are at minimum irritated beyond compare if they don't.

26) Parent's Sacrifice: Your parents paid the dues for your Pact willingly. But the Patron holds out a deal in which you can release them from the costs if you complete his task.

27) Back to Haunt just You: A direct ancestor from as early as your parents made a deal with a certain power, and it comes back to haunt you. At least that same power was nice enough to grant you a Pact to actually have a minuscule chance at success. Though the laughter as you fumble things up and try to survive, you could do without.

28) BBEG screwed up: The BBEG was trying to forge the Pact for himself, but screwed up in the minor details. It could have been that you shared a name, blood, physical description, or even nothing except the Patron was feeling spiteful and there was not a specific target. The Patron bestowed the powers upon you, and the BBEG took the costs himself, and is kinda mad.
29) Geas: by accepting the power you now have a quest placed on you.

30) Unwitting participant: (good for feypact) someone important has died (Such as the Queen of Light or Queen of Air and Darkness) and you are a valid contestant for the throne. Unfortunately you are also a valid mark for anyone else after the throne.
31) Burden: The agreement requires you to carry an artifact (non-magical use of the word) for your master. Engraved stones, a box of bones, a wooden beam... these are a few of my favorite things...

32) Strange Bedfellows: The requirement to with breed other pact members could be interesting, especially for pacts that use the term rather loosely.

33) Urine for a surprise!: Pain, odor, volume; those changes would have been acceptable. No, you didn't get off that easy. We're talking actual fire... too bad the range is so short.

34) Speaking of short... No, you can't blame the cold water in the pool. You should have read the fine print!

35) Parts Department: Ears, eyes, tongues, privates... what does your master need these for anyway?

36) Hairless: It's not like you need to shave anymore. It fell out and doesn't grow back.

37) Message in a Bottle: A ceremonial drink (Minor poison? Alcohol? Blood? V8?) allows you to hear your master... and he wants this to happen often.
38) I will be with you: Your patron needs you to be his hand in matters, and his eyes in distant lands. This means that you hear your patron talking about the situation, but no one else does. So when you debate with your patron, everyone else thinks you are insane. It could be a good way to roleplay the Insight or Perception skill as another intelligence muttering to you, "He is lying, make him tell the truth."

39) May I come in?: You are unable to enter a building unless given permission. It does not have to be the owner, so you could have fun having a buddy break down the door, stab an enemy with his sword, and then politely yell over his shoulder, "PLEASE GOOD SIR, COME INSIDE!" At which point you enter and begin to slaughter every foe in sight.

40) We--I mean I! I. Are fine: You decided to go out and see the world while you are still young. Your patron thought that was a good idea, and came with you. Maybe it takes over occasionally if it thinks you are doing badly, or if it is just curious what would happen if...

41) Not again!: Every time a certain set of circumstances happen, you must respond in a certain way. So if you are asked by a beautiful woman to do something for her, you have to proposition her, even if her husband and his buddies are right next to you. If someone tells you to do something, you have to spit in their face, even if they are yelling for you to kill the thing trying to chew off your arm.

42) I hate the taste, but...: You are forced to drink some blood every day, no matter how vile it is. It does not have to be a lot, just a few drops will do. If you can get a companion so suffer a nick every day, then so be it. Otherwise you are going to have to find something to kill, whether it be a small rodent, or a ferocious dire bear. As for the last time you abstained... Well, you are not going to do that again.
43) You are a jinx

People that you ally or associate with suffer from unusual and unfortunate luck. Every threatening or dangerous plot device which can be directed at a person is directed at one of your allies. Curiously enough, those plot devices are never directed at you -- you only have to deal with being a jinx and pariah.

44) Ashes in your mouth

Whenever you attain something, the GM reveals that it's not as good as your character thought it would be. The spouse of your dreams turns out to be a very demanding boor and makes you wish for an annulment. After bringing back all that treasure, not only did the local tax man demand his 10% but he assessed it at 1000% of its value. You gained glory by saving the city, but your celebrity leaves you with no rest -- autograph hounds, marketing people who want a piece of you, STDs contracted from all those fans.

45) Rhyming

You must speak only in rhyme. (This is great fun! I did this as a character in a LARP for two days...)

46) Garish

Your warlock powers only function when wearing an outlandish costume. The sort that gets you pointed at and laughed at.

47) Cream curdles

Dairy products sour if you are nearby for too long. Likewise flowers wilt. And dogs bark. This tends to get you found out, and gets the villagers with pitchforks running after you. (Minions with torches and pitchforks! Wooo!)
48) Demon-Monkey on the Wing! You see servants of your master that others do not see...

49) Environmental: Fey pact have headaches in urban areas, Infernal near holy ground, star pact in daylight, etc.

50) Shhh... it's a secret: You must hide the fact that you're a warlock. This, to some, could include the ooc effort to disguise the character as another class to prevent metagaming bleedover.... but that's hard given 4e mechanics. Kudos to any who pull this off.

51) Soul Dealer: Assuming #4 (which I assume for Infernal anyway)... You're on the hook for more than just your own soul, you also owe the master the souls of others for continued power gains. Failure to deliver could cost you now, or could you in the afterlife... and your master may make that come soon if you don't keep up the numbers.
52) Opps...: You just happen to stumble upon a ritual designed to give someone else the Pact. However, your mistake costs the original owner his life, yet the Pact is still yours. But...That doesn't mean the Patron is done with you...

53) Evil thoughts mean evil deeds: A Lawful Good character doesn't always think good thoughts...And neither do you. Everytime an evil (or good!) thought crosses your mind, you subconciously consider this thought, seriously. Even though you may not want to kill the evil baby, your mind will say otherwise.
(Fun to play both ways! Evil characters thinking good could start shifting their alignment towards the light!! Fun times for all!)
Even though you may not want to kill the evil baby, your mind will say otherwise.

It's a specifically evil baby? I wanna kill it!

54) Palm Demons: Whenever you (and only you) look into your palm, you see terrible and unspeakable horrors being enacted on your loved ones. Unfortunately, because no one else can see them, people think you're a bit loony when you shriek in fear every time you happen to see your palm...

55) Attendance Required: Once a month you need to show up to the monthly meeting and warlock support group... or else!

56) Permission to Speak: Whenever you're spoken to, you must ask the little demon on your shoulder (which nobody else sees or hears) what words are allowed in this situation.
57: Birthright; There are no catches, since you were born with your power due to a generations-long contract.

58: ...And Birth-death; Same as above, only with generations-long consequnces. See above for potential catches.
57: Birthright; There are no catches, since you were born with your power due to a generations-long contract.

I could see that working with an Eladrin, Elf, or Half-Elf Fey Pact Warlock.
I could see that working with an Eladrin, Elf, or Half-Elf Fey Pact Warlock.

gnoll/tiefling hellock, drow dark pact. could work with anyone and the star pact, your family will probably just have a reputation of being not quite right.

on topic:

58: Extreme discomfort; that itching rash, those cold sores that just seem to pop up, a constant soreness in your whole body. Every day you pay the price for your power.
This is the happy swamp. Love it. I am red/blue, I think logically and act impulsively.
59. "Vengeance Unlimited": Your Master gave you your pact boon in exchange for a favor. ANY favor. At any point in the future. He hasn't collected yet, but you live in the knowledge that, at any moment, Don Corleone could show up at the morgue. . .

60. Visible Markings: You now have a giant pentagram carved into your forehead. Explain that to the local Paladin.

61. Audited: At the end of every month, your manager shows up from the Pit and audits your performance, critiquing the quality of the souls you've sent to them.
60. Ravenous: You are always hungry or thirsty. Nothing sates your constantly grumbling stomach, nothing quenches your parched mouth. You have the feeling something out there could do, you crave it and in your dreams you almost see it...but you can't quite figure out what it is.And something tells you it might almost be worse if you could find out what it is and get your hands on it.
61. "The gods will drink." Every day, every week, or every month, you must offer blood sacrifice in a particular ritual performed wearing the ceremonial mask (or perhaps nothing) at midnight. If you do not sacrifice the blood of a living creature, they demand your blood. Perhaps some. Perhaps all of it. They are not always equally thirsty, but they must always drink.
62. "THE WAGES OF IS...!": Your patron requires you to exterminate those that would harm, or otherwise annoy it. This could be something as serious as tyranny, or something like beggars, gold farmers, ninja looters, gold spammers, bots, guild invite spammers, cyberers, mailbox dancers and super roleplayers! Your patron may tolerate them for a certain amount of time, but when pushed too far, you'll be there, and you will invoke swift, and deadly justice!
63: A Knight who Says "Nee": You made a deal for power, but now there is one word you cannot speak, and when you hear it, it just drives you crazy. You also have a fondness for shrubberies, apparently.
Require more vespene Gas: The entity that hooked you into your pact periodically requires some rather odd materials, to be shipped back to him at regular intervals. Some of these things might even be impossible to procure such as the liquid dreams of those never born, or the bottled kindness of a demon, but that's your problem, not the patron's.
You must construct additional pylons: Your pact dictates that you must build, or see to the creation, of a certain edifice. These could be observatories, graveyards, temples, gardens, stonehenge, or anything else that your patron wants built, both practical and impractical.
However, one thing that bothers me is that by the rules they aren't sacrificing anything.

Who ever said that the Warlock was the one who had sacrificed?

66. Powered by a forsaken child: You bought your power by giving an innocent child to your master. Well, maybe. You didn't use the whole thing. Hopefully someone doesn't come along to right that which is wrong and to repair the torn curtain of time itself.

67. Powered By Love: Your master gave you incredible powers that are fueled by love. Every time you use a spell, the divorce rate increases.
I'm actually playing a warlock with this one...

68: Memory : You have no past. You have the future, but once events slip through the pinch of the hourglass, they're gone. If you're lucky, you will sometimes remember the people with whom you travel, where you are going, and where you are. The world has an endless power to astound, but also an endless power to frighten: when you are alone, you have no choice but to sit where you are, or wander directionlessly until you stumble upon something you know you need in the present, like food or water or warmth. For all of your power, you are helpless to ever change your life.
67. Powered By Love: Your master gave you incredible powers that are fueled by love. Every time you use a spell, the divorce rate increases.


69.) The Power of Love: As it turns out, that great guy/girl you've been going out with is a being of incredible power. As long as the flames of love burn bright within the both you you, you're significant other can grant you great Arcane Powers, perhaps that he/she could not use him/herself.
Actually played a 51 in 3.5, guy trying to outsmart the infernal system and get instant promotion for his work in this world.

70) Vessel: Your patron is bored, and you're his new videogame. Every so often, your actions aren't quite your own. He has to give up some of his powers so you can do what you do, so is it so wrong that your patron wants in on the fun?

71) Spiral Nemesis: Overusing your powers would tear your mortal form apart and send everything within several miles screaming down to your master's realm. He even told you this to make you sweat. So, you could stab the orc with your pact blade to little effect, or you could use hellish rebuke and risk smashing a hole in the fabric of reality with your rear end as the focal point.

Your call.

72) Not a people person: You just radiate bad vibes. Nobody wants to talk to you, bunnies would rather attack than run from your approach, etc.

73) Point of interest: You've become extremely absent-minded, but one thing will always hold your attention, usually to the exclusion of everything else. This could be a painting, certain colors, the desire to solve every odd arcane mystery you find, what have you.
74. Weirdness magnet - Like often attracts like. You will tend to be drawn into unusual situations wherever you go, or else the unusual will be drawn to you. Makes the "quiet life" impossible, but at least you'll never be bored (or boring to be around...).
"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is ARRRGGGHHH THE SUN!!!" *PHOOM* -- Vampire theatre
I'm actually playing a warlock with this one...

68: Memory : You have no past. You have the future, but once events slip through the pinch of the hourglass, they're gone. If you're lucky, you will sometimes remember the people with whom you travel, where you are going, and where you are. The world has an endless power to astound, but also an endless power to frighten: when you are alone, you have no choice but to sit where you are, or wander directionlessly until you stumble upon something you know you need in the present, like food or water or warmth. For all of your power, you are helpless to ever change your life.

Actually, this sounds very much like a character in an epic fantasy series titled "The Symphony of Ages". There are three women, each born of a dragon mother and fey father. The eldest had the gift of the Past, remembering everything that has happened in the world but forever barred from seeing the future. This of course made her bitter and cruel (she was the only sane sister). The middle sister was the Present, with the exact same ability as your warlock. Everything slips past her, all experiences ephemeral. The youngest was mad with mirror eyes that sees all possible Futures with no respite.
75) You got a contract by signing something you thought was just mundane. The exact words are "I accept the consequences of my choices.". You then got these strange powers. What that exactly means is a mystery for the moment. (any guesses on what inspired that ?)
76) As helpful as Yallery Brown: Displays of gratitude are an invitation to bad luck, so never thank anybody, and don't accept thanks.
77. Thou Shalt Only Love Thy Master a.k.a. I Am A Jealous God

You are no longer allowed to have romantic, sexual, or intimate relationships with anyone. Your master demands total admiration, and anything less may cause powers to be denied until you prove once more that you love nothing more than the being who gave you power. Even if you have no relationship of the sort with your master, you're still not allowed to have any sort of meaningful relationship with anyone. Often times your master could care less about you...until you start to show affection for someone or something else; then you're in trouble.

78. Identity Theft

The fact of the matter is that you didn't give up anything...somebody else did! You just managed to somehow convince the higher power that the name on the dotted line belongs to you; unfortunately for the other poor sap, their life is somehow mystically connected to the contract, so every time you violate whatever terms were agreed to that person suffers for it while you get off scott free.
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79. I got what?

You woke up one day and were suddenly able to blast things with your mind.

I wonder what the cost will be...
sorry if these have already been mentioned.

80. Serve a mission for a few years. every decade
81. first born
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Perhaps you could elaborate on them a little?
Perhaps you could elaborate on them a little?

I'll try

sorry if these have already been mentioned.

80. Serve a mission for a few years. every decade

while your pact doesn't interfere with your normal everyday life, once every few years you must go on some kind of quest to satisfy your patron.

81. first born

you have promised your first born child to your patron. possible Rumpelstiltskin clause.
82. Lineage- An ancestor or group of ancestors of yours made a deal with some unsavory entities many years ago. Suddenly, everything started going well for your family. Moreover, some of you are born into certain additional "gifts". But the family elders are very strict, and they seem very intent that you follow certain designated plans. You're beginning to wonder who made all these plans, and what would happen if you ignored them and went about living the life you want.
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