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Ok, so I had a fun thought. Build yourself. Include a race, a class, and stats. The kicker is you have to have a sentence or two on why those are the way they are. I will start. This is a RP helper imo cause its simple yet effective in making you think.

Tiefling- it just fits me. I <3 the darkness =)
Warlock- I like to be sneaky, but I know im not a rogue for the simple fact that I am just not so nimble. I would be a CHA fey lock. Trickster style
Str-10- not that strong
Con- 12- I would like to think I can take a hit. probably not 3
dex-10- average. I don't like yoga
Int-16- I know I am smart, to the point of audacity
wis -12- Sometimes I lack common sense. I am decent at reading people
Cha- 16- I have a force of personality, and I am confident
um... so let's say

Eladrin - I'm a pretty genuinely aloof and "odd" person, so alien mentality fits.
Wizard with stealth training - I pride myself on my knowledge, and continualy take opportunities to learn new things because I enjoy the gaining of knowledge.

Stealth training because I constantly manage to sneak up on people on accident.

Str - 12 at best, I'm not average because I actually try to keep a regular work out schedule, but definately not too far from average.
Con - 14 sounds right, I have a lot of natural endurance and a decently high pain tolerance from a lot of athletic and stupid physcal activities.
Dex - 12 at best (again), I am a little bit quicker on reactions than most people... but I'm not sure that is from dex - probably safer to say a 10
Int - 16. I'm smart and have a natural aptitude toward learning stuff, so I feel it fits.
Wis - 14 most likely, I have good perception and am pretty good at reading people as well.
Cha - 14 at best, I can wrangle together a group and get them working together or something - I'm the DM most often because I'm good at it, and when I'm a player I thrive in a sandbox with the other characters.

It's a lot easier to "stat yourself" for me in systems like the World of Darkness and Shadowrun that feel more "realistic." This was fun though, so good idea Zillah

ATTENTION:  If while reading my post you find yourself thinking "Either this guy is being sarcastic, or he is an idiot," do please assume that I am an idiot. It makes reading your replies more entertaining. If, however, you find yourself hoping that I am not being even remotely serious then you are very likely correct as I find irreverence and being ridiculous to be relaxing.

Half-elf: I'm hearty, likeable, and have split my life fairly evenly between urban abd heavily forested places to live. Plus I like having nifty tricks. (Dilettante: Twin-Strike)
Fighter: I want armour, I want a shield, and I want to be able to beat you over the head. But I grab the Sneak of Shadows feat, cause sometimes I'm mean and sneaky.

STR: 13 - I'm no 14, but I'd say I'm above average with the potential to be quite strong.
Con: 16 - I'm very hardy and healthy and... stable...
Dex: 12 - Better than average. Too bad I'm in heavy armour.
Int: 14 - I'm clever. Fear the fighter with brains.
Wis: 10 - At best. I am also chaotic neutral.
Cha: 14 - But I'm so likeable it doesn't matter!
Ha! the perfect answer for my writers block

Str -16 - very strong, played D1 football in college and have continued to get stronger in the years since
Dex - 14 - pretty nimble for a big guy. Was one of the quickest guys on the team regardless of position.
Con - 16 - hardly ever sick and high threshold for pain. Found out I've had a broken bone in my foot for two years. Had been running on it regularly the whole time... it hurt but not enough to go to the doctor for.
Int - 14 pretty bright. Pick up new concepts quickly and rarely make same mistake twice. A cracker jack at math and statistical analysis.
Wis - 10 tend to be a bit too trusting and a bit too loose with my tongue for my own good. Probably a bit too honest too...
Cha - 13 good looking and likable guy who people like to please but am not a rah rah guy who people will die for. A little impatient and bull headed to boot.

So what am I?

Race - dragon born
Class - fighter
Alignment - Good

Kind of an stand out in a crowd because of my size, extremely competent physically and would want to take advantage of my strength and dexterity. A natural adventurer at heart who is prone to take up a cause to help those in need. Will grudgingly obey all laws but complain incessantly about the ones of which I disagree.
Haha very nice thread. Good for some fun before hitting the hay tonight :D

Cleric of Avandra
I have a strong belief in personal freedoms and spend a lot of time traveling between places. I'm also usually the first to stand up for someone who is having said freedoms encroached upon, justly or not.

Str 9 - Definitely below the average strength line for the average person. Not enough to warrant an 8 though.

Dex 14 - I've always had quick reflexes and in some cases shown cat-like dexterity that has saved me from humiliating situations plenty of times.

Con 16 - High pain tolerance, rarely get sick and it's usually not serious if I do.

Int 12 - I'm clever, but have no head for numbers.

Wis 16 - People are easy, I'm always aware of my surroundings, and have very good "general" smarts. Common sense ALWAYS applies.

Char 12 - I'm confident in the fact that I'm a likable, decent looking guy but don't have much presence of personality.

If I had to pick a race I would probably just go with human. I'm fairly social and adaptable.
Sounds fun. Here I go...

RACE: Human - I really can't think of any other D&D Race whose general traits describe me.
CLASS: Wizard - I'm really more at home thumbing through books than doing stuff like skiing and skydiving. I'd definitely take all the knowledge skills... or most of them, at least. I also enjoy making blocks of wood taste like chocolate while polishing them at the same time. :D
ALIGNMENT: Unaligned - I believe some things, and other people believe other things. Only a moron would believe that one side was completely in the right, without any flaws whatsoever.

STR: 12 - I can lift some heavy things, yeah.
CON: 10 - I can handle some pain, but I get headaches frequently, so it balances out.
DEX: 8 - I find myself repeatedly hurting myself. ... Ow! I banged my finger on the keyboard!
INT: 16 - I'm pretty smart. Not Valedictorian smart, but I've aced some AP Tests, so... yeah.
WIS: 12 - I'm not that perceptive about my environment, but I can empathize with people, see their side of the story.
CHA: 12 - I can be introverted, but chatty when I open up to people.
Neat idea! Here's a go at it.

Race: TIEFLING - Being distinctly different to a point of notice even before introductions is something I'm familiar with, having Tourette's Syndrome and all. I may not be demonic, but there's a shared culture here.
Class: FEYLOCK - Cunning, clever, manipulative, and having the ability to blink from one place to the next without notice? Sounds like my skill set as a Waiter. I basically signed over my soul when I donned my apron anyways.
Alignment: LAWFUL GOOD - I'm a stickler for rules, and helping the less fortunate... usually against my own benefit.

STR 8 - I'm not very familiar with the gym.
CON 12 - I'm rarely sick, but don't have a high tollerance for pain.
DEX 14 - Nible I am! I rarely bump into other people, nor do I drop precariously stacked dishes as I'm rushing through a crowded store. I'm also an artist, which requires a fair amount of manual dexterity.
INT 16 - I've always had an easy time picking up on concepts, especially in school. I went through the Gifted and Talented program up until high school.
WIS 10 - Wisdom has always been my dump stat. You know what they say about smart people and common sense? It goes double for me.
CHA 18 - I'm very much a people person. I'm charming, suave, sometimes manipulative, and downright convincing in my arguments. I almost always start conversations when standing in line at the store or simply examining choices at the bakery.

I'm a non-optimized half-elven brutal scoundrel who succeeds because my player knows that the best strategy of all is to bribe the DM with sex.
Half-Elf Paladin of Bahamut and Pelor (a combination of the virtues of both, with an emphasis on mercy and second chances)

STR 12 (but with potential)
CON 14 (good general health)
DEX 10 (Agile? In my dreams, alas)
INT 15 (I can think things through well, but I'm not going to win many chess comps)
WIS 16 (Advice comes easily and I roll well for Perception and Insight)
CHA 16 (people rock and I've always the time for them)
For myself ...

Race: Eladrin - I'm fairly detached and easy-going, and I have a strong aesthetic sense.
Class: Tactical Warlord - I'm not a natural leader, but I'm good at organizing and getting things done. I always try to find a more efficient way of doing what I have to do.
Alignment: Good - I'm basically ethical and try to do the right thing. I respect rules and authority, but I treat them with a grain of salt and I'm not above questioning anything.

STR 10 (I'm stronger than I look, but that isn't saying much)
CON 13 (I have a high pain tolerance and don't get sick often, but I'm really out of shape - and getting old enough to feel it)
DEX 14 (I have decent reflexes and a fair amount of manual dexterity)
INT 18 (my learning curve tends to be off the charts)
WIS 14 (I'm extremely observant and notice details most people miss, but my self-discipline is a little lacking)
CHA 12 (I'm likable, self-confident and have a good stage presence, but I'm not really good around people)
Race: Half-elf (I used to see my self more as an elf because I was more dexterous and relatively frail and thin as a rail. Now that I'm older, I've put on some mass but I'm still sickly so no dwarf, which means human or half-elf. I went with the latter due to my initial statement.)
Class: Warlord (I'm good at telling people what to do, erm, I mean instructing and coordinating others on the best way to accomplish goals. LOL)
Alignment: Good - I'm basically ethical and try to do the right thing. I respect rules and authority, but I treat them with a grain of salt and I'm not above questioning anything. I just copied Rikiji, cause I'm pretty much the same.

STR 10 (I don't work out that much and I eat horribly, but I can usually hold my own when I put my mind to it.)
CON 8 (I get sick a lot, I've worked GY for 12 years and it's taking its toll)
DEX 13 (I have decent reflexes and a fair amount of manual dexterity. I'm good at manipulating objects and the like, but I have some minimal arthritis - this would have been easily 2 points higher when I was younger)
INT 17 (I'm the guy people go to who know me to figure things out - I've had mensa members tell me I'm smart, but I don't apply myself so my education is more than a bit lacking)
WIS 17 (I'm a people-watcher and a sociologist by nature if not by trade. I find that understanding people's motivations will almost invariably let you predict their actions and responses)
CHA 13 (I'm really good with persons one-on-one, but I hate being around people and have more than a bit of social anxiety syndrome)
Ok, I'm in.

Race:Kobold, Most people expects one thing when they look at me and are surprised at the end.
Class.Paladin of Bahamut, The online thing put me at monk but 4e doesn't have that yet. I have a code I live by and faith in my god.
Alignment: Lawfull good. Trust me it is what all my friends tell me.

Str:16: I often carry 70+ pounds around for 9 hours a day.
Con:18: Take meds to lower this in real life because it is to high so to speak.
Dex:15: I'm pretty fast and accurate whe throwing.
Int:16: Nothing I can't handle with enough study and time.
Wis:12: I'm a bit to truth some times and trusting also.
Cha:11: About average on this one.
Tiefling, easy. I can fit in with time, but in general I defy norms and expectations because of my background.

Monk/warlord- Martial arts training for monk (not great, but not bad either) and many of the things I do seems to be based upon helping others. Bit more tactically focused than inspiring.

Good, I like helping others even if how I help isn't necessarily by the rules (which I often dislike).

Stats will be interesting... (very subjective)
Str 13-I'm stronger than a lot of people my age, but I don't strength train or anything.
Con-16-I know I can take a hit, but mostly this high because I recover from tough physical activity and injury very quickly.
Dex 16-Very agile despite my size

here's where it gets iffy
Int 16- A pretty smart cookie
Wis 12- I don't really get people that well, but I think I have a lot of common sense, am aware of my surroundings and know when not to talk... sometimes. Sorta balanced out
Cha 13-I have a very forceful personality and despite my being oblivious, I love talking to people.
Race: Eladrin - Unusual and confusing for people unused to my mindset, just a slight offness to me
Class: Wizard with strong Feylock leanings - Intellectual to an extreme, except when I'm intuitive and the occasional urge to introduce chaos and disruption just to see what would happen
Alignment: Good - Very humanistic, everything is about the intentions of the action

STR 8 (A academic childhood left me underdeveloped, especially upper-body)
CON 14 (Almost never get sick, resiliant, just complain a lot to complain)
DEX 14 (Ballroom dancer, enough said)
INT 16 (99th percentile ACT score when I was 13)
WIS 10 (Decent at observing the world around me, watching for movement and change like a hawk, clueless with people)
CHA 14 (Derived more from force of personality than appearance or social skills. While aloof and off-putting at times, unforgettable aura and occasional stage presence; when I'm on, I'm on)
Are we restricted to raw?
I am Blue/Green
I am Blue/Green
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I am both rational and instinctive. I value self-knowledge and understanding of the world; my ultimate goal is self-improvement and improvement of the world around me. At best, I am focused and methodical; at worst, I am obsessive and amoral.
Are we restricted to raw?

Not sure what that even means. I didn't even ask for a 22 point buy limit even though I went by it lol. But yea, pick a race and class and stats from the 3 core. Hell, it would be more creative if it were monsters. I don't care. This is to have fun with RPness
R.A.W. Rules.As.Written! In 4e you can be any monster as a races. So if you see a monster that would fit who you are in real life just post it.
Race: Gnome - Mechanical and Logical, yet when trying to explain to others its completely insane. Also somehow able to stay unnoticed without meaning too.
Class: Artificer multiclassed into Cleric of St. Vidicon - Take something out, tweak it, fix it, and pray the thing works. Or that it finally blows up when you throw it at the target in a fit of rage.
Alignment: Good - Much to my dismay. Every held a wallet full of cash, and returned it without reward. While scrounging for gas money. Argh.

STR 10 (Not to great, but playing soccer occasionally does keep one fit.)
CON 12 (Don't get sick often.)
DEX 10 (Family of clutzes that either learn or end up in a wheel chair. Just average after all that work.)
INT 18 (800 in the Math section of SAT)
WIS 16 (Like to find the motive behind certain speeches, love finding 4-leaf clovers that aren't bred.)
CHA 12 (Usually the follower rather then leader.)
Are we using point buy?

Which race is known for being jerks?
RAW with 22 point buy is a bit optimistic as the average person is not above average, but the game itself is about giving optimism and even a touch of magic to the everyday world. With that said, my somewhat optimistic self is:

Eladrin. Not belonging to this world, having phased in from another realm or been placed here. Perhaps a changeling from classic folklore. Perhaps half-Eladrin, but having inherited my mother's alien nature rather than my father's human heritage.

Cleric of Ioun. Having a love of learning that is informed by a deep love of deity. Not a saint by any means, but very aware that I'm watched over, that there could be some personal individual pact from which I'm benefitting. Multiclassed Starlock might work; but only for flavor of having pact, as Cleric rather than Warlock.

Lawful-Good. Definitely a being of good, but also interested in fair play. Will operate from an assumption that others are being fair and will always be fair with others. The Honest trait from UA, but a little more so. Very merciful and forgiving of others, should be more so of self.

Str 10. Average; not deficient, not great. Physical ability enough to sustain military service, but sedentary lifestyle.

Dex 15. Above average. Not a dancer or martial artist, but graceful when I have to be. Eladrin heritage comes into play here; many times this grace has been more luck than otherwise. This often has turned out to be fortuitous positioning rather than intentional use of gracefulness.

Con 10. Only normal. Again, sedentary lifestyle does not agree with inherited human potential for physical fitness.

Int 20. Very High. Something I enjoy but not something that our culture encourages one to enjoy. Our society's reaction is odd, because Int is just a stat, no more nor less important or impressive than Str. Eladrin heritage works here as presumed Eladrin mother had also enjoyed a great love of learning and thought.

Wis 13. High normal, nothing great here. Flavored as an awareness of another reality rather than as any common sense. "Hi everyone, I'm Leo and this is my invisible friend."

Cha 8. Low Average is being optimistic. This and the nature of how the divine works with me make me more comfortable as Eladrin rather than Tiefling. Not a dark figure at all, nor with any force of personality.

Skills include:

Religion (RL graduate studies were in this field)
Diplomacy (Survival skill developed in RL to counteract low Cha)

Eladrin Skill includes:

Nature (personal love of nature, the outdoors and animals)

Feat includes:


In RL speak English, French, some Hebrew and Classical Greek, very little Latin and German.
In game speaks Common (English), Elven (Greek), Draconic (Latin), Dwarven (Hebrew) and Goblin (German)

This person is certainly not an optimized character as a Cleric, so let's play with him a little.

Since we're not in the real world, we don't have to have followed the same path, so instead let's make him a Wizard who happens to follow Ioun and at Level 2 give him Initiate of Faith (Multiclass Cleric). At Level 1 give him Dungeoneering instead of Religion, as he will get Religion, so to speak, after advancing a level. Also, I would urge this person to have at least average Cha. surely an 18 (20) Int isn't that important, especially if you're going to multiclass into Cleric.

"But it's who I am; my character isn't of this world. He's not comfortable with it and it isn't comfortable with him."

"Perhaps but you're not top-out-of-sight intelligent. Mensa member or not, there many, many are others more intelligent. Since you're spending extra attribute points anyway, why make yourself operate at a penalty in non-combat encounters? You don't have to be a cleric in this world, and you don't have to have sub-average Cha."

"Okay, but when does this stop being a tweaking of the character and start being a rebuild?"

"Only change class and bump the Cha a little. The rest of the concept is great, and this is only optimizing the character a little, while still working with the Eladrin-as-alien."

"Okay, but if I can't even win an argument against myself, doesn't that say a little about my Cha?"

*wry smile*

Okay, so revisioning Leo for a DnD world:

Leowulf of Faerie. LG M Eladrin Wizard.

Str 10
Dex 14
Con 10
Int 19
Wis 14
Cha 11


Religion - Level 2




Linguist - Level 1
Initiate of the Faith (Multiclass Cleric) - Level 2
Hmm, this is harder than it seems at first...

Well, first things first.

Race: I would be either Shadar Kai, for my sense of style (Dark and gothic, with all sorts of cool designs and a few piercings) and for my affinity to nighttime and darkness in general. However, my personality more befits that of an elf - Emotional and expressive. As far as stat boosts go, Dex doesn't matter as it comes from both (and fits) but between Int and Wis, I would have to go with Wisdom. (Actually as far as stat boosts go, the best match is Drow with a +2 Cha, but that's all they have going for them) So I'm an elf with a preocupation with the night and dark things.

Class is a bit harder to pin down. I'd like to say I'm a ranger, (my favorite class to play) but that would be an outright lie. I would probably say an Artful Dodger Rogue - Quick on my feet and generally a charming talker, with a sneaky side, and a talent for swashbuckling (I fence a bit). Honestly, despite my general dislike for the 3E version of the class, I have more than a fair share of bard in me - I'm an actor and a generally artsy guy, however I don't have the rules on that class, so Rogue it remains.

My Stats:

Str: 10 - I'm not a total weakling, but I'm no He-man either - absolutely nothing special here.
Con: 9 - I've got no stamina. I'm not sickly, but I mark (read: scar) easily and I'm pretty pale too - not to mention slender to the point of rail thin.
Dex: 15 - I move well. I'm great for short bursts of speed, and I have good hand eye coordination.
Int: 13 - I'm a pretty smart guy, although I tend to rely more on intuition than logic.
Wis: 15 - I'm observant and good at reading my surroundings, epecially people. I'm pretty good on the whole common sense thing, and I rely quite heavily on gut feelings about things.
Cha: 17 - I have a very...large personality. I'm quite good looking (or so I've been told) and I am an extreme extrovert. I'm quite charming, (and only occaisionally manipulative) and can get people to trust me quite easily. Also I'm a performer (as mentioned above) and because of my affinity for black, and my rather sharp features (and despite my slight build) I am apparently fairly intimidating.
(Note: I used the 22 point buy on this)

Alignment: Good (in 3E definately Chaotic Good) I like to help others, especially my friends, but I put little stock in strict laws or government control. Personal Freedom is very important to me.
Shadar-Kai - I have a bit of the fate complex, and I tend to take lots of inane things as signs and omens (when it suits what I want to do).
Rogue (Artful Dodger) - No question.
Unaligned - Yeah, I'll probably do whatever I want at any given moment, but I dislike (and try to avoid) hurting others.

Str 8
Con 10
Dex 15
Int 18
Wis 13
Cha 15

Feats: Initiate of the Faith

Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Insight, Perception, Religion, Stealth, Thievery
Alright. I'll take a stab at this.

Doppelganger Feylock. I find one of my talents is taking on a role in a situation, and I think the doppelganger fits that pretty well. Feylock is for the fun I have with playing with people's heads.

As for my stats... let us see...

9 Str I'm not that weak, I ain't that strong. So yeah, I think that fits.
12 Con I don't get sick a lot, and I can take a few hits.
13 Dex I like to think I'm quick and bendy and good with my hands. There's a reason I'm a pianist
16 Int And I am not going to be modest here. I know I'm smart.
12 Wis I tend to think I have more common sense that most. Besides, I'm pretty perceptive.
18 Cha I am good looking and I have a strong personality. It's hard to find people who don't like me. Besides, I can be intimidating, diplomatic, as well as a good bluffer.

I'm very socially based. So skills will definitely be the social ones, probably stealth as well.
I'm a kobold.

"We love you!"

EDIT: More seriously, going by point-buy first, I'd stat myself out like so:

Str 11
Con 8
Dex 16
Int 16
Wis 10
Cha 13

So unless I want to be subpar, I better go wand wizard.

Eladrin seems a fitting choice, both conceptually and mechanically, so I'll go with that. I seem to fit most of the eladrin's characteristics, and it gives a boost to both Dex and Int, which I need as a wand wizard.

Final stats:

Eladrin Wizard

Str 11
Con 8
Dex 18
Int 18
Wis 10
Cha 13

Skills: Arcana (class req.), History (I know my history better than a lot of people), Insight (I may not be wise but I'm generally perceptive), Religion (lots of online debates), and for my eladrin extra skill, Endurance (to round me out).

Feat: Toughness, to further round me out.
RACE: Gnome. I'm Gnomish.
CLASS: Rogue (I can't really say that class aptly describes who I am, but I think Rogue is the closest)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good (Seeing as I play one of the three Neutrals usually, I was leaning towards Neutral, but seeing as I don't believe in the law at all, I went for Chaotic in the end)

STR - 12 (I'm not weak, I'd describe myself as having a +1 Mod accurately)
DEX - 13 (The same, I'd say I'm very dextrous, especially with my hands, but not as far as +2 Mod)
CON - 10 (I'm very prone to sickness, but I'm pretty hardy, so no minuses)
WIS - 15 (I don't think I could accurately say I have a +3 Mod, despite my unnatural wisdom)
INT - 12+ (I've never liked the INT stat in D&D, or any other measure of intelligence known to man. I don't think I could accurately represent my intelligence with numbers, though I'd say it's definitely above 12)
CHA - 11 (I've never been particularly charismatic, though I'd say that my looks are slightly above average, so thus I put my CHA slightly above average)

*Unmodified by racial bonuses
Hmmm ... lessee ...

STR: 10
DEX: 13
CON: 8
INT: 17
CHA: 12
WIS: 9

I'm not in very good shape, and I'm always getting sick, so STR and CON are pretty low. I'm usually kind of off in my own little world, so WIS is dumped too. I like to think I'm a bit more agile than most people, and on my last IQ test I got a 135, so I guess those are my two good stats. Those fit being a Rogue, which suits my personality well too. As for race, I'm gonna be boring and say human.
RACE Halfling easy choice, food comfort and socializing is me And I am sadly short already so I am used to it. But I'd be a tall Halfling at least.
CLASS Rogue for all the wrong reasons I suppose.
ALIGNMENT unaligned, my views and attitudes are "odd".

STR: 8 I am likely not even an 8
CON: 8 here as well, I won't pretend to suggest I like pain.
DEX: 16, but it's an artisans dex eh, I make things.
INT: 18 and I am not one bit afraid to claim it.
WIS: 15 would be higher, but I suffer from a lack of tact.
CHA: 16 it isnt looks, but I seem to have the ability to influence people. I just never seem to make any money out of it.
Sounds fun, might as well try
Race: Eldrein - I am mostly like this because I dont sleep alot, a A-B student, and have high reflexes, along with a strong will. Donno about personality wise though.
Class: Swordmage - Well, to put it bluntly, I am intelligent... and... SWORDS [Favorite Hand-and a half or Claymore]!!!! Need I say more?
Alignment: Good - I fand it hard to do somthing bad and leave someone in need. I just can't find it in myself to cause pain while I am knowingly doing it. Although, it seems to me I am the only one with this veiw in my school.
STR - 15 - Real world, I can carry about 154 LB. weight w/out feeling over encomberd and move normaly [mostly on my back].
CON - 12 - Well, I have Cronic Bronkidus and get sick very easy. I can take a hit however.
DEX - 13[Race] - Ok I'm not that Dextarius, but I do have a quick reaction time and able to run fast, just not that fast, so I give my self a 13.
INT - 18[Race] - Ok, I'm not a Straight A+ student, but I do get A-B grades, not to bad. Only subject I suck at is English, and my speach isn't perfect [I dont take PE for people how think I take that for an easy A.]
Wis - 14 - Ok, I'm not the best judge in character, and I am very gollible at times, but I have a high perseption and very good at noticing the little things. Also, I know how to put 2 and 2 togeather [that snake wont bight me in the butt.]
CHA - 8 - Ya, I know, "How could anyone be that bad in realy life to have an 8?!" Well, other then my DnD group and two friends, I really dont talk to people much. I really dont feal comfortable. I tend to stick to the background and not be noticed all that much. This isn't showing my force of personality, just what other people think when I try talking to them.

[u]Trained Skills[/u]
Perseption 9 - Like I said, I am very good at looking around and seeing what is going on, so it seems apropreate for the Eldrein Bonus Trained I get.
[Humans get one from there class, Eldrein get any from CH 5 in PHB.]
Endurence 6 - Ok, well it isn't the best chouse sence I get sick alot, but it does show my tolorence for pain.
History 11 - Bo-ya, I know alot about history, Greek, Roman, AZ, America, Eropean.
Arcane 11 - Well, not the best to fit me, but like histroy, I know alot about there Mythology to, I guess thats what it would be, Arcane or Religion.
Athletics 7 - I can run, and I can jump fairly good, not the best in the world, but sertainly not the worst, I think it seems appropreate.

Alertness - I am not easily suprissed and, like I said before, have a good perseption.

Using a real world to Stats generator, I have 13 STR, 11 INT, 12 WIS, 13 DEX, 8 CON, 6 CHA

STR, INT, and CON I feal kinda cheated, because I am only in high school, how can they as me is Beer effects me like it would a 21-25 year old guy? I am 16, never have taken a sip of Beer in my life, and how do they expect me to react to beer? Stay sober longer then I should?

STR - Again, I am 16, and am working out, I can bench-press about 210 LB, however, whel lifing somthing from the ground of carrying it on my back, I find it alot easyer, all my STR is in my legs, my arms however, no so much.

INT - ... Come on, a 16 with a Bachular Digree? How many people think that is posible.
Just posted on another thread, but bears repeating here. A fun little stat generator/converter to find your real D&D ability scores. I found it but I didn't make it. Link Here, all credits to the authors on the destination page.

Me: STR 11, INT 13, WIS 13, DEX 15, CON 8, CHA 14 (before applying racial mods.

Halfling Rogue/Warlock.

Yeah, that's about right, except for Int - the questionnaire is completely inadequate for that stat. There's more to intelligence than how much school you got through. Hard sciences maybe, but there's a lot of useless crap that you can get higher degrees for.

Human wizard, since I'm a bookworm and can spend hours sitting on my butt painting or reading. I don't qualify for rogue cos I'm a fatass.
None of the 4E RAW race/class combinations adequately reflect me. I'm a Tolkien-style hobbit commoner with a dash of Gandalf the White. I don't go anywhere outside of my comfortable life and I like it that way. I'm right, and I know it. I may try to convince you of it, too. But ultimately if you don't see the nature of it...the truth doesn't need you to believe in it in order to be true.
None of the 4E RAW race/class combinations adequately reflect me. I'm a Tolkien-style hobbit commoner with a dash of Gandalf the White. I don't go anywhere outside of my comfortable life and I like it that way. I'm right, and I know it. I may try to convince you of it, too. But ultimately if you don't see the nature of it...the truth doesn't need you to believe in it in order to be true.

I have no Idea what you ment by that ^^;;;
Race: Shadar-Kai - I'm not a big guy, have an interest in death and grim things, tattoos and piercings fit the bill
Class: Wizard multiclassed into Warlord - I like seeing and understanding the big picture before delving into the details, I enjoy tactical challenges
Alignment: Unaligned - I take decisions after considering potential consequences, doing good deeds for the sake if it is not my forte, and the notion of community has no value for me (but that's a cultural issue)

STR 9 - around 135 lbs, very powerful legs but weak arms
CON 13 - high pain threshold, very good at sustained effort (I used to do marathon), but several injuries of ankles, knees and elbows years ago limit my physical ability to practice sport now. Pollen allergies
DEX 14 - 7 years of aïkido, rollerblading, good at manipulating small objects (miniatures painting, foam replica weapon building, armor buidling)
INT 16 - quick wits, ability to think out of the box and conceptualize things
WIS 12 - good vision, sometimes confused between what people mean and how I interpret what they're saying
CHA 10 - Although I'm quite comfortable in a group setting, can speak up for the group if needed, my natural role is the power being the throne

Arcana (prerequisite, but I'm actually quite intersted in magical theory, and knowing how things work generally speaking, so that would be the equivalent in a magical setting)
Athletics (used to do a lot of sport, still does when I have the opportunity)
Endurance (high level of resilience)
Diplomacy (making people talk together and reach a compromise is part of my job)
Stealth (I'm sneaky)
I have no Idea what you ment by that ^^;;;

In short, it means I shouldn't be allowed to post on any forums when I should be long in bed, hehe.
Race: Human
Because it's the closest race in the handbook that fits me.

STR: 21
I am a professional bodybuilder. I once lift a small car.
INT: 20
I am a professional scientist. I once proved Einstein wrong but it didn't get out because politics.
CON: 18
I am a professional mountain man. Would normally be higher but I have a cold today.
CHA: 17
I am a professional model. You may have seen me in the jewelry section of catalogue.
WIS: 16
I am a professional consultant. I warned the president about Omaha beach.
DEX: 17
I am a professional acrobat. I can juggle chainsaws.

Well since the 21st century has no use for Fighters or Rogues, Magic isn't real and flaunting religon will get you shunned by the masses and killed by other religous people, I am left with Ranger.
But not like Legolos or somesuch, more like my main job is making sure that Yogi stays out of everyone's pick-a-nick baskets.
Race - fuzzball

Level 4 Electronics Technician

Str - 10; I can pass the Navy's PRT, that's about it
Con - 10; the ground broke my collar bone... but I can pass the PRT
Dex - 14; Sharpshooter with the 9mm
Int - 20; I'm a friggin' genius, but I lazy
Wis - 10; I haven't gone to mast yet...
Cha - 10; I haven't gotten pushed down any ladderwells, but I'm not the most popular guy on the ship.
STR 3 - I can carry a 40 pound box at work for a little bit, but it gets heavy FAST.
DEX 12 - Pretty good video gamer, fairly steady hand
CON 6 - Chronic illnesses, out of shape, overweight, easily fatigued
INT 14 - Do well on IQ tests, friends call me 'creative' a lot
WIS 8 - Little ability to plan ahead, frequently fail to consider consequences
CHA 4 - Constantly depressed, pretty antisocial, short temper, capable of incredible rudeness when provoked

Not sure about race, but class would be, basically 'monster chow'. Completely unsuitable for an adventuring career. In a D&D world, I'd be a professional victim.
Another day, another three or four entries to my Ignore List.
Are we using point buy?

Which race is known for being jerks?

Yeah, im kind of an *******. Maybe This:

Race: Human. I can't see myself as being anything else.
Class: Warlock (Starlock), with Rogue MC feat.
Alignment: Unaligned with slight good tendencies

Str: 10
Con: 12
Dex: 12
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 14. Im a fairly charming guy.

Wow, im totally not OP at all.


Race; Dragonborn. Have a fairly strict code of honour and crave perfection
Class; Wizard. Hanging back from the fight using sheer knowledge to produce win suits me but I have a tenacy to run in crazy so I'm multiclassing as a ranger
Strength 9
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 12
Charisma 11
Dragonborn: I am honorable to a fault.
Fighter: After 15 years in the Army, fighting is all I know.

Str 11: I am not strong by Military standards...
Con 15: But I am able to push through to get the mission complete

Dex 12: I sometimes trip over my own feat... while juggling 5 objects. Go figure
Int 13: I try to learn as much as I can, as often as I can

Wis 14: I have lived on the streets. I have lived by my wits alone.
Cha 7: I do not like social activities. I do not like People in general.

Arcana: Mysticism has always facinated me
Endurance: I have a tendancy to push myself beyond what I should for the sake of the mission
Healing: Combat Lifesaver in real life
History: I constantly study the past
Intimidate: There is a reason my callsign in Iraq was Father Hatred
I will defend the Clan and Coven with my last breath, until the blood flows from my veins no more.
Wow. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks about this stuff on a regular basis. This is tough though.

All in all I'd say I have the heart of Dwarf Paladin, the mind of a Gnome Artificer/Wizard, and the life of Human Bard (I can't stay still, I'm a hopeless romantic, and music is a major influence on me). My ability scores don't really reflect my class and personality, though.
If this were WoW, I'd say I was a Dwarf Paladin that always wanted to be a Gnome Mage engineer.

Ability Scores- Strength: 11 (I used to lift in high school, but I've kinda slipped out of it as of late)

Constitution: 16 (I actually laugh when I'm in pain. No joke. A lawnmower accident took off the back half of my right leg when I was young. That and a whole schlew of freak injuries has left me with a really high tolerance for pain. Ask me about it sometime.)

Dexterity: 8 (Alas, I'm not a ninja. My thievery, stealth, and acrobatics just aren't up to snuff. I'm pretty good with a bow and rifle though.)

Intelligence: 17 (I might not be the smartest guy, but I can promise you I'll always have a different perspective on things. I have really tough time thinking inside the box.)

Wisdom: 15 (Philosophy Major-comes with the territory :rolleye2: )

Charisma: 13 (Pretty good at persuading people and winning arguments, and I've had more leadership training than you would believe while I was in scouts. But I was never the popular kid in high school.)

Skills- Endurance (I can hold my breath for 3 minutes, I've done two 75 treks over the Laurel Mountain trail, I'm perfectly at home in cold climates, and though I can't sprint for miles on end, I'll kill myself trying before I quit)

Insight (I've got a knack for catching liers. This has less to do with wisdom and more to do with intelligence and manipulation, though.)

Diplomacy (Go to

Dungeoneering (I started up a club in high school in which we would explore the hidden parts of the school (sand pits beneath the gym, boiler room, extended storage rooms). Also, my friends and I are always looking into old, abandoned, and possibly haunted places.)
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