Advice on a 3.5 FR campaign backstory

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Alright, I'm starting a new campaign for the first time tomorrow, and I've been spending the last day or two trying to cook up a back-story for my character.

We're doing an Underdark campaign to take place Menzoberranzan sometime after the Time of Troubles. The group is going to consist of nobles from a lower-ranked house in the city.

I want to play a telepath-psion for the campaign, but my DM needs a sensible background story explaining a Psionic heritage. It would help if I received some comments from people that are knowledgeable of FR/Menzo lore, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm thinking something along the lines of:

My character (formerly by the name Elknet'tra Oblodra) was a young psionic noble of House Oblodra, currently in training by the illithid companions of the house. He spent most of his days in an Underdark cavern of the illithids, learning the psionic ways with some of his fellow Oblodrans. Shortly before House Oblodra was struck down by Lolth's avatar, Elknet'tra overheard a precognition given by one of his illithid teachers to Methil El-Viddenvelp (Matron Baenre's chief advisor, who was visiting). This precognition given by the illithid foresaw the downfall of House Oblodra.

Upon hearing this news, Elknet'tra promptly returned to Menzoberranzan. Being the ever-pragmatic drow that he is, and realizing that there was nothing he could do to stop the impending doom on his family raided the magical storeroom of the Oblodra compound, stealing several high-level scrolls that might aid him in his life as a renegade. He then retreated from his home before anyone realized what might have happened, and took refuge in the Underdark for several weeks, until he was sure that his former house had been obliterated.

Using a spell scroll of Disguise Self, he returned to Menzoberranzan once again, to try and start a new life. Falling to roguehood, he turned to Bregan D'aerthe who was more than happy to take in a psion of noble heritage. For several years he did assorted jobs for the rogue guild, becoming more and more dissatisfied with a life that held no real purpose other than monetary gain. However, Elknet'tra continued to train in the Psionic arts under his former mentor, Kimmuriel. He was eventually hired by Barrison Del'Armgo to spy on, and assassinate Ned'drakein Vandree, the secondboy (as well as the House Wizard) of a rival house.

Elknet'tra, used to assignments like these by now, but never having a solo assassination before, was more than willing to rise to the occasion, thinking that this could, perhaps, be his big break to escape from the life of roguehood. He had a plan, and took the last scroll that remained from the stash he had stolen from his boyhood home, which was, in fact, the most powerful scroll that he had obtained from his thievery, a scroll of Polymorph Any Object.

He used his connections in Bregan D'aerthe to arrange a meeting between himself, and Ned'drakein, feigning himself as a merchant to sell Ned'drakein a powerful magical ring. While the wizard was distracted, assuring the the ring was indeed, what it was said to be (it wasn't), Elknet'tra unleashed an assault on his victim's mind, knocking him to the brink of death. Once Ned'drakein awoke, the psion spent many hours delving into the mind of Ned'drakein, fully comprehending the knowledge of the wizard's position and duties in House Vandree, the names and attitudes of his brothers, and sisters, and the other nobles in the house.

Finally, once he obtained all that he needed to know from the wizard, he psionically suggested that the House Wizard take the scroll of Polymorph Any Object, and use it to change Elknet'tra into the secondboy himself. Once it was done, Elknet'tra eliminated Ned'drakein and disposed of his remains. Hardly able to believe his luck at being able to work his way out of roguehood, the split double of Ned'drakein now returned to House Vandree, ready to take his place as House Wizard of the seventeenth house of Menzoberranzan.

I'm thinking that I can use false sensory input in order to give the impression that I'm doing arcane magic, if I ever have to prove my wizardhood. If I'm ever revealed by one of the high priests who use True Seeing or something, I think I'll be able to work a deal with the Matron Mother that will give mutual gain to both myself and the House.

Does anyone see any gaping plot holes in the story? If so, how could I remedy the story to erase the hole?

Thanks in advance.