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I went through the 4e PHB tonight and made a list of feats I would love to have at each tier for my Dragonborn Defender. It ended up looking like this:

Heroic Tier (get 7 total)

Astral Fire (DEX and CHA 13) (+1 damage with fire or radiant power)

Healing Hands (add Cha modifier to damage healed with Lay on Hands)

Durable (n/a) (increase # of Healing Surges by 2)

Blade Opportunist (STR and DEX 13) (+2 to Opportunity Attacks w/ Heavy Blade or Light Blade)

Dragonborn Frenzy (Dragonborn) (+2 damage when bloodied)

Enlarged Dragon Breath (Dragonborn) (Dragon Breath becomes blast 5)

Wintertouched (n/a) (Gain Combat Advantage against foe vulnerable to cold)

Quickdraw (Dex 13) (Draw a weapon with attack action, +2 to Initiative)

Weapon Focus (n/a) (+1 damage with chosen weapon group)

Armor of Bahamut (Must Bahamut) (Turn a critical hit against a friend in range into a regular hit)

Paragon Tier (get 5 total)

Devastating Critical (na) (extra 1d10 on a Critical)

Armor Specialization (Plate) (Con 15 & training in plate)

Blood Thirst (na) (+2 damage to bloodied foes)

Empowered Dragon Breath (Dragonborn) (Dragon Breath uses d10s)

Great Fortitude (na) (+2 to Fortitude Defense)

Heavy Blade Opportunity (STR and DEX 15) (When you make an Opportunity Attack with a heavy blade, you can use an at-will attack that has the weapon keyword instead of a basic attack)

Lasting Frost (na) (Target hit with cold power gains vulnerable cold 5)

Iron Will (na) (+2 to Will Defense)

Improved Second Wind (na)(extra 5 additional damage healed with a Second Wind)

Evasion (Dex 15) (No damage from missed area or close attack)

Lightning Reflexes (na) (+2 to Reflex Defense)

Fleet Footed (na) (+1 to speed)

Epic Tier (get 6 total)

Epic Resurgence (na) (regain encounter attack power on critical hit)

Font of Radiance (na) (Target illuminated with critical hit, takes radiant damage)

Triumphant Attack (na) (Target at -2 to attacks and defenses after critical hit)

As you can all see there are quite a few feats I would LOVE to have at the heroic and paragon tiers but not so much at the epic tier thus far. My questions is this: Is it possible to choose a feat from a lower tier than what you currently are in? So for example, if I am in the epic tier and I would rather take a feat from the heroic or paragon tier am I allowed to so per RAW?

To elaborate slightly, read the little blurb under the "Heroic Tier Feats" heading on page 193.
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Not seeing this blurb you speak of.
From pg. 193:

Any feat in the following section is available to a character of any level who meets the prerequisites. Heroic tier feats are the only feats you can take if you are 10th level or lower.

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