How Would The 4E Races Fit in A Modern Setting?

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Well, more like a near-future setting, really, but...

Basically, I want one of my 4E campaigns to take place in a world that has advanced in technology as well as magic, so it isn't that uncommon to see, say, Dragonborn-manned hot dog stands, or Tiefling warlocks driving trucks.

Anyway, I've already thought of how some races would fit in this new world, but I don't trust my homebrews unless someone else likes them (I want to know if my players might actually enjoy what I do before I go into a campaign), and I want to see other people's ideas, in case I like them better than my own.

My ideas:

Humans: "Calling John Q. Somebody! Is there a John Q. Somebody in the house. Besides you. And you. And you and you and you...

Eldarin: "Yo G, check out those annoying rich guys. Let's mug them!"

Dragonborn: "Does anyone want to join the Teamsters? We need someone to help us bury Jimmy Torin-er, protest low pay and working conditions!"
I imagine society would be highly structure with the more intelligent and charismatic people having risen to the top (Tieflings holding a clear advantage here). Getting a job could be an incredibly difficult task for certain races, as I'd imagine certain jobs would actively look for certain races who are outright more suited to the completion of that job. Modern society runs much more on the mental stats than the physical stats, so any races with mental stat bonuses would thrive over those with none and those with all mental stat boosts, like the Tiefling would likely be valued above all else as far as any job or workplace went.

Humans could be seen as either inferior because they're all so different and therefore unpredictable whereas the other races are much more standardized and predictable as far as capabilities and stats go (for the average member that is) or humans could be seen as a great asset because they're more versatile and therefore capable of tackling a variety of different tasks. This ones up in the air.

As it becomes more and more possible through technology and testing to prove races as superior or inferior over others in general terms I imagine strong racist sentiment would beging to develope. I see Dwarves and Elves being the two least useful races in a modern setting, Dwarves lagging behind Elves somewhat. I see Intelligence and Charisma as more important in general than Wisdom in a modern setting like ours. Physical stats arn't incredibly important, although Dexterity is slightly ahead of the other physical stats, only because it would allow a person to type faster and more accurately than other stats. Through tests (think IQ tests, surverys, anything) it could be quickly determined that certain races were on average superior to other races and peoples lives would be decided in large proportion based on what they were born as.

Magic might actually be the source of all technology, everything working with powerful enchantments, which could make ritual casters very important to society for the maintenence of all technology. It's really all up to your imagination, take an idea and just expand it as far as it will go.
i would reccomend looking at the game ShadowRun (not the console game the TTRPG) it should give you a few good idea's

Its a TTRPG set in the future and its a d6 system, but you can probably just use some idea's they have
Oh, believe me, I know about Shadowrun.

Amethyst looks interesting and appears to cover this very setting, but I haven't examined it in-depth.

Imagine what would happen if a fantasy world of dragons, elves, and fairies suddenly appeared in our real world. How would humanity truly respond?

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