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Alright so im just writing out my mage (i dont care if you all say the suck, i want to play one and well thats about it). Im making his background and fleshing him out (or atleast trying to) and wanted to see what you guys would do. It is very basic ATM but just tell me what you think and any ideas you have.

Edward Teach (not the name he was born with but the name he goes by now, will explain later)was born and raised on a pirate ship, learning pretty everything you needed to know about ships and how they worked (cant really think of what skill that would be or if it would even be a skill).

He knew he was on a pirate ship, but he didnt care, he loved the water and loved being with his father, the Captain of the Nights Anger. One day after they had ransacked a ship one of the survivors noticed me. (what im about to type might not go with 4th edition, but i havent seen anything in the book about how magic is used so im doing the 3rd edition sorcerer where i was born with the gift to wield magic) He told me i had a great power within me, and he could teach me to wield it, if i could convince my father to spare him. As the days went by, he taught me how to use and wield magic. That man stayed on the ship as my tutor for the next year, Then he died.

On that night when my tutor died I told my father there was still things that i didnt understand, i wanted to know more about this world. He told I could go and learn what I wanted to, but when i did finally learn it i had to return and take over his ship and become Captian Edward Teach. So now i travel the world, experiencing life as Edward Teach, and when i have learned enough that is when i will become Captian Edward Teach.

i know my grammar sucks

Tell me what you think and any constructive criticism that you might have.

-The Dread pirate JediPiiman
well then, 80 views and not one person has said anything
I'll just throw some questions at you that might stimulate ideas.

  • Why did he change his name exactly? Was his pirate name well-known enough to get him in trouble if he continued to use it? What made him choose the name Edward Teach?
  • How did Teach's tutor (who could do with a name) die? Could it possibly open up plot possibilities in the future that your DM may delve into? Perhaps Teach accidentally killed his tutor during a magic experiment. Were other crew members affected by the tutor's death?
  • What stance does your character take on the ransacking of innocent ships and the murdering of their crew? Was he a born-killer or a peaceful boy caught in the wrong circumstances?
  • What happened with your character's mother? Was the magic he posseses passed down through her, or perhaps he is not even the real son of the captain?
  • Does Teach have some experience with wielding a blade? If not, why? Do his strength and mannerisms reflect his adventures as a pirate?

Hope these questions stimulate ideas. Your character's history is interesting already, but could be enthralling given some more depth.
  • Why did he change his name exactly? Was his pirate name well-known enough to get him in trouble if he continued to use it? What made him choose the name Edward Teach?

Clearly because that was Blackbeard's real name?
Any knowledge on board a ship is purely background in 4e. DM might require an intelligence or wisdom check to get specific details if needed. Are you gonna multiclass(go rogue here) or take any weapon prof feats? Your history would suggest a little bit of nonmage training. Is your Character a half elf? This could fit nicely and explain why no mother is around, perhaps even the name change too. Also, the half elf racial ability would grant an off class attack power, simulating your nonmage career. I would suggest deft strike or sly flourish.
Gangway, gangway! Stand aside, ye lot, this requires the advice of an expert of all things concernin' the sweet trade.

Alright, lissen up, ye swab, if ye want t' live up t' th' name ye 'ave taken! Or, harken me, live at all, fer 'tis a dangerous life indeed, e'en tho' it be worth the life o' a thousand gutless merchant captains!

Now, bein' a mage onna ship makes ye some o' a loose cannon, which can be quite a dangerous thing. So, mayhap yer father was indeed quite eager t' send ye off on a long shore leave, fer it 'd make the crew a little less restless uneasy about yer talents.

Now, if ye 'ave been raised and trained aboard a ship, ye probably pick'd up some skills useful t' those what go on the account. So, speaking of Skills:

- Being a bright lad, ye surely must 'ave pick'd up some knowledge - be by yer own reasoning, mere perception, old sailor's tales and lore - about the very Nature of the seas.
- Mayhap ye 'ave learned a bit of History listenin' to the tales spun by the crew and applyin' yer wits t' filter truth from yer average seaman's exaggerations, also yer father's books might 'ave been of help 'ere.
- Even more so, with all those blaggards and superstitious louts aboard, ye probably got some interesting Insight into human or humanoid nature.
- On the other hand, not bein' the type of brawny brute what excels a' boarding and hauling loot, ye might 'ave developed a quick tongue t' get what ye wants - or at least get away when things go 'orribly wrong. After all, Diplomacy is the continuation of warfare with other means, or was it the other way round?
Curse me rum-addled brains and curse ye fer not filling up me cup when I 'm 'ere t' help ye get started!

On skills ye might have picked up by other means, there be plenty t' choose from:
-Havin' tread water a lot and faced the perils of storms ye might be more athletic or enduring than yer average Wizard or some bookish fellow.
- And there surely were those times ye spent in the crows' nest, and with a keen Perception of yers, ye might 'ave spotted some worthy prize.
- Runnin' about in the streets of some shanty town when the ship lay at anchor, ye may 'ave become Streetwise.

There be some question ye 'ave t' answer first, before this olde pirate can lend ye more advice.

So, what 'bout yer family? I know of many a ship with a crew o' mixed genders, so what about yer dear olde mum?

How did yer father and that crew of his treat 'em prisoners? How did 'e and how does ye see the world? Ripe fer taking whate'er strikes yer fancy? Did 'e have a love fer mischief and mayhem, revelling at strikin' fear into the heart of his enemies? Or did 'e sign the Articles first fer all the wrongs done unto 'im by holier-than-thou merchants what abused their common sailors and treat 'em worse than a dog?

And why indeed, does ye want t' take Eddie Teach's name, mate? Be ye not afraid of the fate what the Olde Roger 'ad in store fer 'im and 'is ilk?

And of course, what about a round? Me mug could do with another refill...

Better to fight windmills than become a miller!

thanks for the help, to anwser some of the questions,

my dad name was edward teach and he gave it to me, it might cause me some problems but i wont let it go, its very dear to me.

Violence for the right reasons is fine, fighting and killing is ok by me, but i do have some morals, killing people for no reason then just to kill is bad, i would rather rob them and leave them

My father was captain of the ship so, i grew up with pirates. Being a mage on the ship didnt affect me much until my tutor came on the boat and taught me, and even after he came it was kept very hush hush from most of the people on the ship

Im not sure if my tutor had any other relationships with other crew members but he died of scurvy. We ran out of oranges.

Not really sure what happened to my mom, all i can remeber is being on the boat with my dad.

and i was thinking of giving my mage some strength just to reflect me being a pirate, as also thinking about being a eladrin for the long sword prof
also this is my character and his stats

Str 10 Con 14 Dex 14 Wis 16 Int 16 Cha 10
(i gasve him good wis and int just cause i want him to be a good mage, the dex is for intiative cause when living with pirates who always had to act quickly, it be for food or an attack, con is ok also because living with pirates you had to be strong of body, some of your food might be rotten and so on)

He is an eladrin

At will powers Encounter Power Daily Powers
Magic Missle Icy Terrain Sleep
Thunderwave Flaming shpere

Skills Feat
Insight Imp intiative
Looks good, so far, tho' I rather take Wis 14 which is sufficient fer a mage in me book and pump Int to 18 - trust me on this, matey, ye'll need it. I assume ye 'll be using an orb fer yer main implement, which is still viable at Wis 14.

If ye wish t' keep that high wis, ye probably should consider multiclassing into cleric to learn some useful cleric attack powers.

Eladrin is a good choice, but then, Eddie Teach jun, meaning Blackbeard jun? Fancy that...


Captn M.

Better to fight windmills than become a miller!

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