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Hi, I'm a DM generating some NPC's, and I ended up with an Exceptionally Ugly Dragonborn. Could someone help me describe one?
Start with the same things that make anyone ugly. First, lack of symetry. Describe it as having a drooping lip, and off center snout. One eyerigde could be smushed down a bit.

Second, add blemishes. Discolouration if the frill behind the ears and a bumpy scale or two.

Third, go after personal hygene and self grooming. Yellowed fangs and grungy hair-tenticle thingys. Maybe, even some extra pounds to make them appear dumpy.

Finally, go after an expression. Maybe it looks creepy when it smiles or dumb when it laughs.

All that is a good start.
just give him a huge totally boss scar.
like one that encompasses most of his face and has destroyed his lips so you can constantly see his teeth and he has to periodically wipe away the near constant drool that makes everything smell like his breath weapon.

thats what i would do.

also a speech impediment.
Nice ideas! I'm not intending on the speech impediment though. These ideas will help more DM's though, because I'm probably not the first to wonder what an ugly Dragonborn would look like.
This is actually one of the reasons they're presented they way they are, with breasts and everything. We have specific traits that are culturally identified as ugly/abnormal and/or common gender traits. That way, we look at an ugly human and we can apply similar aspects to the dragonborn. Some other good ideas, non-standard gender fat deposits (i.e. manboobs for males, and relatively flat chested for females), over bites, underbites, buck teeth, ears that stick out, ridges on the snout (a Roman snout?), etc.
Assuming dragonborn molt, like snakes, this ugly one could be in a constant low-grade molting cycle, so that there are always bits of dead sclay skin hanging off all over him. Plus, the new skin would never be able to really take on that healthy, unified sheen that is so admired by fellow 'bron and humans alike.
To add to enlightened one's response, perhaps this ugly dragonborn could pick at said loose scales...maybe even eating them if you want to be really disgusting . When asked why he/she can just say "keeps me healthy"
This guy could even be missing a few scales or have discolored patches of them - think along the lines of a mangy werewolf... :D

Or he could have snaggly scales, that aren't all uniform in shape...

If he's truly fugly, he could just be covered in chitinous bumps, rather than true scales...

On a scale from one to FUGLY, one is probably just a nasty scar or two that interrupts or crosses a facial feature.
Two or three is probably a deformed crest or facial plates, or maybe a twisted horn or teeth.
Four or five is probably the slight snake-like molting or shedding.
Six is the really bad skin and several bad or disgusting habits.

Anything beyond that probably has him looking either A. horribly scarred and mangled or B. increasingly non-dragonborn looking, more like a lizardman or the Thing...


I am the Magic Man.

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I am the Lawnmower Man.



I am the Skull God.

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There are reasons they call me Mad...

A lot of really good ideas here. All, I come up with is how to make a dragonborn MORE charismatic.. and that's making them talk like Sean Connery.
Some good suggestions there.

Remember, a low Charisma doesn't necessarily mean ugly, it just means no one wants to be around him or listens to him.

I've got a dwarf with 8 Cha who I play as uncouth, unkept, unclean, stinky, dirty, and usually with various stains on his clothing from food and alcohol (as well as bodily fluids), and the occasional leftover from dinner in his beard he munches on as a trail ration or midnight snack. Plus he drinks, belches, and farts a LOT. And he's loud and boisterous. Not a mean drunk, but a really annoying one who wants everyone to sit next to him and drink with him, which no one wants to because of the stench regardless of the free drink.

Point being, he doesn't have to be ugly, it could be his personality or hygene that causes his Cha to be so low.
Ever seen The Dark Crystal? Imagine one of the skeksis, slightly bulkier, much scalier. There's an ugly anything for you.
You know, with those scaly dreadlocks, if you gave a dragonborn a cleft palate it would basically look like the Predator. And to quote Dutch from the end of the only good Predator movie... That is one ugly mother er
How did you "end up" with one? Is their an appearance chart somewhere?
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