Arjhan Dragonborn Paladin of Bahamut

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In response to the question of why he adventures.

I adventure and put myself into combat situations for myself, my family and my lord Bahamut. For my lord, I spread his teachings and act as a living example of his strength and honor. For myself, I gain honor, and stay true to my oath as a Paladin. For my family I seek to end the curse. Hundreds of years ago, there was a curse laid on my family... the details of how it happened have been lost, but the effect of the curse is the same. Every generation one of the clan will die in battle. His sacrifice keeps the curse from affecting the rest of his generation. And should the battle master live to the age of 75, and not die in battle, the curse is broken. I have chosen to take upon myself this burden. The rest of my family that has done so were soldiers. I am the first to follow the path of glory, light and truth of the Paladin. With the support of my lord in my service to him, I hope to break this curse and set my family free.


Arjhan is a 2nd level Paladin with MC to Cleric. Has a +1 Flaming Battleaxe, and has flame for his breath. I was looking for a reason for a character to adventure that was a little different than the norm, and came up with the idea of a curse.

The sketch is from one of the guys in the game group.
Nice one!

Tell whoever made that drawing that I think he really has captured the essence of dragonborn.

I'll let him know.

He took about 5 minutes to look through the PH, and used the DB on the cover as a model. The sketch took him about 15 minutes. The guy is just awesome good.
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