My Dragonborn Paladin/Cleric

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So he's a first lvl Paladin with Initiate of The Faith:

Str - 16
Con - 12
Dex - 14
Int - 8
Wis - 13
Cha - 17

Important Info:
1. He was born into a warrior-priest tribe, but found himself at odds with them.
2. He is quiet and aloof during the day, but often more outgoing in relaxed settings. When everyone is around a fire he can truly be at ease.
3. He is slow to pick up information, but insightful about what wisdom he has.
4. He simultaneously longs to see his tribe, and let them know that he's okay on his own, but knows that the meeting would be too difficult and awkward and hurtful to attempt.
5. He stopped worshipping bahamut when he left.
6. His experiences involving the Pit of Ascension (how the tribe determines hierarchy) and his breath weapon are described below. He now despises combat. He will fight because he is trained in it, and is the muscle in the party, but he will only do so very grudgingly. He'd much prefer to heal. The only exception is when he can unleash the cleansing fire of his breath weapon.

His Goals:
1. To meet his tribesmen as equals without the shame of apostasy.
2. His "David/Jonathan" (ambiguously romantic) best friend was killed in the Pit of Ascension. His goal is to avenge the death.

Secrets(the first one he knows but keeps to himself. The second one he is unaware of):
1. His best friend was killed for being too close to him.
2. His tribesmen had once hoped that he would ascend to lead. Now they despise him.

1. Arbat, his best friend who was killed in the Pit of Ascension
2. Sardea, his uncle who killed his best friend and is aware of the grudge harbored
3. Dyre, a human Cleric of Pelor who took in and trained him to love his breath weapon again, for it is cleansing fire.

1. The glee of playing with his tribesmen as a youth
2. The horror of first showing his breath weapon and killing an animal that was a de facto tribe pet
3. Seeing Arbat murdered.

Does this stuff seem compelling/interesting (as a straight dude, I think it might be weird to play a possibly gay character, but it's also pretty rare I think, and I thought it would make a cool twist, especially to keep it ambiguous)? Does it mesh with his stats? I mean, if you were to play him, how would you do it based on these stats? I don't know what to ask, exactly, so I'm just trying to get some ideas to flesh him out but keep consistent with his numbers.