Mortiky: Tiefling : Warlock

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These black horns encircling my ears; this ruddy tan skin which hardly receives the Sun's kiss; these opalescent silver eyes; are ever present reminders of my bloodline. My ancestors desired the power to heighten their influence on the world by making pacts with the demonic forces, only to have their empire stripped from them and their kin resented and subdued. It was not my ancestors place to have let greed overwhelm them and the belief that the empire of Bael Turath needed to extend to all corners of the world. This was their mistake, not mine. I have forged a new pact with the Feywild and will not let greed overcome me. My destiny is to restore the respect given to my race without letting tyranny or greed sway my actions or corrupt my soul.

Sounds like a wonderful start to a character! One question I would ask is how Mortiky reconciles these desires to avoid tainting his soul with the capricious and sometimes cruel nature of fae beings? I look forward to seeing what kind of background you design for him.
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