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Can anyone think of a way in which the idea of a kender warlord could possibly be rationalized. I mean kenders pump down his opponents, they don't pump up their allies. If anyone can think of a real way this could maybe possibly be argued I'd like to hear it. I mean the idea of a kender being "a accomplished and competent battle leader" whos "ability to lead to victory is a direct result of your history".
I think the best way to inspire your allies as a kender is NOT say "Oops"
The best I can think of is hurling insults at enemies to distract them so fellow party members get to close in or have a better opening or what-have-you, or making fun of fellow party members by pointing out clear opportunities. "Um, I got this side already. You thought of scooting behind this stinkball? They did teach you to move your feet and swing a sword, I hope. Yeesh." A kender's natural pluckiness despite the odds might explain in part features like Commanding Presence and Inspiring Word.
KEnder Warlord= distraction while other kender steals all valuables from the stupid people thinking about a kender warlord.
"Kronin Thistleknot (? AC - 385 AC) was known to have been once the Grand Marshal of the Kender city of Kendermore, but born in the village of Legup. It is unknown who he married, but together they had three children; Paxina Thistleknot, Kronn-alin Thistleknot, and Taywin Kroninsdau. Kronin was known to stand back for a moment and assess a situation rather than rushing straight in. He was also known to have been very deadly in battle." --- from The Dragonlance Nexus.

Sounds kinda like a warlord to me.
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