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I have noticed that monsters get a huge bonus against AC, i cant find out where this comes from, is it the weapon (if so then why don't the players get this bonus)?, Please help me or refer to the core rulebooks.

EX: Human Rabble get a +6 vs. AC with his club
EX: Kobold Skirmisher gets a +6 vs. AC with his spear
EX: Goblin Hexer gets a +7 vs. FORT. with his blinding hex

The main thing i am looking at is if the players get any bonus related to this, thanx for any help.

(sorry this is'ent really about damage)
Monsters are made under different rules to PCs entirely.
ok i knew that, so there is no bonus like this for PC's?, mabe due to weapon?
The attack bonus of PCs = 1/2 level + relevant ability modifier + weapon proficiency modifier (if applicable) + enhancement modifier (if applicable) + class modifier (if applicable). +6 isn't a very large bonus, most level 1 player characters who use weapons have a comparable bonus.
THANK YOU, i have been looking all over 4 that, can u tell me what page of which book that is on?
nevermind i found it on page 274 thankyou for the help:D
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