Clerics: Haunting Strike & Punishing Strike

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Hi folks, I'm not an usual D&D board lurker but since I bought fourth edition recently I've tried to come here every now and then to see the discussion going around .

Recently, my brother pointed two powers that seem out of place in the cleric's suite. I belive he was mentioning Haunting Strike and Punishing Strike.

Hauting Strike is an encounter power of level 23 and Punishing Strike is an encounter power of level 27. Both powers are standard action, use a Strenght +2 vs AC and deal 4[W] + Strenght modifier on a hit. However, the 23rd level power also has an added effect: The next attack roll you make against the target gains a +2 power bonus; thus making the lower level power a better choice than the 27th level one :P.

Have any of you noticed this before (I'm sorry if I'm being redundant)? Is there any other class with problems such as this one: a low level power being obviously better than one of a higher level? Maybe it's time for us to start making a list .

Thank you all for your attention .
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well, the only real justification i can think of is the combination of the two that makes the higher one better. if you are primarily melee dmg cleric, having a daily power to follow up haunting strike that also has a +2 is a potent combination; two attacks that deal 4w dmg, the first one at +2 and the second one at +4.

though that case is tenuous at best. seems a bit off, unless you consider how much damage you could do with both.
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