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Question... if I wanted to say... put a template on something in 4E, how would that work?

Are there any 4E templates yet?

And yeah... pretty much all I wanted to know. Thanx

Bleach d20 Classless

The Bleach d20 Classless project is a homebrew, fan-made project honoring Tite Kubo's

Bleach series. It expands on his universe with new races and prestigious feats beyond

the series as a whole. Click the link to join our community!

DMG, page 175, 'Templates'. They are very simple and self-explanatory; simply apply the template as the template directs. One template on a Standard to make an Elite; one template on an Elite to make a Solo.

Unfortunately, most of the templates are for humanoids, with only one for Beasts and some for Magical Beasts. However, some can still be cross-applied while still making sense.

There's also class templates for quickly adding classes to NPCs. I havn't tried them.
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