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So if I understand correctly, Upon creation,Each character chooses certain skill to be "trained in granting them a +5 to those checks. From that point on all character skill in all areas go up 1 per 2 levels.

Can a person get more training later? I'm thinking of the rouge. Will he always just be 5+ability score higher than the fighter in his trained skills.

I realize that certain chosen powers give +X bonus to this or that skill check.

You can take the Skill Training feat for additional skills. But yes, training is a flat +5 boost. See p178
You can also choose Skill Focus as a feat which adds an additional +3 modifier to that one skill. There is a reasonable chance your rogue has a better dex bonus than the warrior as well.
The DM is now fully in control (excepting one or two explicit limitations, such as avoiding falling damage via acrobatics or using arcana to detect magic) as to what is and is not possible to do without training. Several skill descriptions do suggest the DM limit it, such as with thievery, but it is ultimately the DMs choice.

As a DM, I'd never let someone without training in thievery try to unlock a door or disarm a trap (at least not with that skill... the warrior is welcome to try smashing it open with a strength check).
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