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One thing I'm trying to figure out (and I may just be missing it in the book) - Can you substitute Paragon Powers for similar powers of a lower level?

You can do this with the normal powers gained from a class. For example, a Warlock can select Iron Spikes of Dis (Attack Daily 9) for his 9th level power - or instead he can select Avernian Eruption (Attack Daily 5) instead as his 9th level power.

So if this same warlock took the Life-Stealer paragon path, could he instead of taking Soultheft (Attack Daily 20) select Iron Spikes of Dis?

I tend to think not, since the power descriptions in each paragon path describe the power with the paragon name rather than the class name - such as in the case of Soultheft, the first line describes it as 'Life-Stealer (Infernal) Attack 20' rather than 'Warlock (Infernal) Attack 20'.

In any case - I couldn't find a specific reference to this question, and I wanted to post this as a query. Anyone seeing something I'm not?
I only just learned about this today, and am disappointed by it. Unfortunately, it looks like it's true. You're stuck with your paragon powers, you can only swap out the normal class ones.

This table has more info:
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