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So this is an idea I've been toying with since 3.5 and I figured what better time to implement than now:
The basic idea is that each race would have a number of options available to it when it hit both Paragon and Epic levels.

It adds more depth to the races without cramming them into specific roles to badly by giving them multiple choices for what to do. Also, these would probably be used in slightly high powered games.

Static bonuses to stats should NOT be in stats the race already boosts. The idea is to expand the races abilities. Ideally each race should have one or two possible selections to make otherwise suboptimal class choices a bit more viable. Not sure if I've got it here but let's see what we can do.

Let's start by fleshing out the options of the different races at Paragon level:
1. Tough as Nails: A permenant +2 to the characters constitution score.
2. Scales of Iron: Permenant +2 bonus to Armor class.
3. Preferably a third ability that is an actual triggered ability, haven't hammered it out yet. In any case, for the third I want to avoid just another static boost. Perhaps an upgrade to the breath weapon?

1. Fast Healer: Choose either Constitution or Wisdom when you select this option, you may add that ability modifier to you're healing surge value. At level 21 this bonus increases to you're ability modifier X 2.
2. Improved Stand Your Ground: Once per encounter when an effect would push, pull or slide you, you may choose to not move instead (Encounter Power).
3. Not sure what to put here. I was staying away from giving Dwarves a static stat bonus because I don't know what would fit them without putting them even more solidly in the "ultimate Fighter" role. Thoughts?

1. Eladrin Wisdom: +2 wisdom bonus. (They could probably use this for the whole wizardly angle).
2. Feywild: +2 Charisma bonus (Not an even spread between the races, but I'm hoping to get a chance to balance these so all options are relatively even. Eladrins are the only class with two +2 bonuses to choose from but I think both fit well enough)
Eladrin need some more abilities.

1. Strength of the Forest: +2 strength bonus.
2. Fleet of Foot: Every time you enter difficult terrain you can treat a number of squares equal to either your dexterity or wisdom modifier as normal terrain. You choose either dexterity or wisdom for this power when you select it and cannot change it afterward. (not sure, this might be overpowered or this might be completely useless, I can't tell).
3. Improved Elven Accuracy: When you use your Elven Accuracy encounter ability roll 2 dice and take the most favorable result. If you have the Elven Precision Feat apply the +2 bonus to hit to both rolls. (not sure if this stacks up, might need to up the bonus to hit when using Elven Accuracy, or perhaps give it another small bonus)

1. Child of the Elves: +2 dexterity bonus.
2. Child of Humanity: Not sure what this could be, but it seems to fit.
3. Improved Diletante: The ability chosen for Diletante (spelling?) now functions as an at Will ability rather than an encounter ability. (or alternatively, choose another ability to use as an encounter ability, not necessarily from the same class, thoughts?)

1. Halfling Luck: +1 bonus on all saving throws. (too powerful compared to the other abilities?)
2. Small Weapon Mastery: When the character wields small weapons they gain a +1 bonus to hit and a +1 bonus to damage on roles made using that weapon. (Figured I'd give Halfling Fighters a bit of a boost.)
3. Tricky Bastard: +2 Intelligence. (always had the clever opportunistic halfling stuck in my head)

1. Human Versatility: Another +2 bonus in any stat.
2. Lucky: When you use an action point, you may role 1d20. On a role of 15 or higher you gain the benefits of the action point but do not lose the action point (this may be a bit too powerful, let me know)
3. Resourceful: You gain an additional daily item use. (this one is a bit odd, but I like it, how does it balance out with the other options?)

1. Infernal Strength: +2 strength.
2. Improved Blood Hunt: In addition to your +1 attack bonus against bloodied foes, attacks you make do an additional 1[w] damage. (too powerful?)
Tiefling needs more as well.

I'd also like to do a set of abilities for use at epic as well. Thoughts and suggestions? Feel free to make your own.
I find it strange that WotC didn't do something like this to begin with.

It was one of their major selling points after all that your race selection would play a huge role in your concept / build and would give options in relation to your class. I remember a quote from the development team stating that a 12th level elven ranger would look and act much different than a 12th level human ranger.

On a positive note, the racial powers in the PHB look really well balanced. It just seems that the scaling with racial abilities that was promised fell a bit short.

All in all I really like your suggestions and wish that you would have had a word in the development phase