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I'm working on my own character generator for 4.0. Currently there isn't much to it at all except some basic information input and an ability score generator. I was hoping you guys could take a look and just give some feedback on the ability generator.
On the first screen just hit Create Character
On the second screen just fill in whatever u want for anything, although everything must be filled in to go to the next screen. The only important thing on this screen is your race, which is important for the ability generator.
The third screen is the Ability Score Generator (which I plan to make standalone at some point)
The fourth screen is the Skill Selection screen.

Download: D&D Character Generator
Mirror Download:

The program is written in Java for ease of programming, GUI and cross platform capabilities. You will probably need a current version of the Java JRE which you can get at If you have that installed all you have to do is run it as if it is an executable and it should work.

Choosing "3d6" and hitting roll will simply roll 3d6 for each stat and plop in the values
Choosing "3d6 choice" will do the same except put the values in the lower boxes. Choose the bubbles next to them to place them in order into str, con, dex, int, wis, cha. Reallocate will let you reorder the stats you were given.
Choosing "4d6 drop lowest" will just like 3d6 does except it rolls the 4 die and drops the lowest of them.
Choosing "4d6 drop lowest choice" is just like 3d6 choice
Choosing Points lets you choose a point value from the box next to it. 22 is at the top because that is the standard for 4.0 based on the players manual, I included the others for whatever custom campaign u want to make characters for. The Point Count box keeps track of how many points u have left. The Up and Down buttons underneath the lower boxes will raise and lower the stats which u can then place as the base stats just like if you were doing 3d6 choice or 4d6 choice. Hitting reallocate will let you play around with the stats again.
Choosing Free just lets you use the Up and Down arrows to in the middle to make the stats whatever u want them to be.
Reset makes it as if you have done nothing.
Apply and Next do nothing as of now, havn't gotten that far as I just started this whole thing last night.
Human Ability Choice is specific for humans as they get to choose which stat to put 2 points into, just make a selection from the drop down box if u have chosen human as your race, pretty self explanatory.
Once you have the ability scores applied the way you want hit the "Apply" button and then the "Next" button.

Skill Selection now works, although it isn't that big of an advancement. I know the GUI sucks, but I'm trying to get functionality right now, not form. Simply check the boxes next to the skills you would want. Next button doesn't do anything yet as I havn't programmed selection of feats yet.

Leave any comments or suggestions here. I'll update this thread whenever I have something significant added.
I was thinking of doing this with Visual Basic (6, not .net) so it should be compatible with OS X (through Parallels) and Linux (through Wine) but time will tell, I guess.
OS X 10.4: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/swing/GroupLayout$Group
OS X 10.4: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/swing/GroupLayout$Group

Hmm. It's possible that I'm using something that isn't supported by whatever version of java that OS X 10.4 uses natively. I'll try to look into it.
can you host up a different mirror, for whatever reason I can't get that code correct to download from RS.
It took me about 6 tries to get it right.

Apparently, I'm a computer.
can you host up a different mirror, for whatever reason I can't get that code correct to download from RS.

Added mirror. Make sure you have a new version of Java or it probably wont work. Also bear in mind that that file isn't the code it just contains class files, if you have a newer version of java you just need to run the .jar like an executable.
I tested it and it worked very well.
I'm awaiting eagerly the final realease .
I tested it and it worked very well.
I'm awaiting eagerly the final realease .

Especially since the official character generator is MIA.

Okay, what's there works. It's not the most intuitive process for applying stats, but it works. Looking forward to seeing what else is on the way....
Alright I updated the links to a new version. It now includes a Skill Selection screen. Nothing too special and sorry about the offset crap and the bad GUI, but I'll admit im not too good at making graphical user interfaces and am really working more towards functionality.
Anything new yet?
Doesn't making character generators for 4e violate the GSL now?

I love fan-made generators, so I hope not.
This new forum is terrible. Try again Wizards.
Don't require a Deity. I rarely have one for my characters.
Neceros' Character Sheets
Many sheets for many systems.
Those were some mighty annoying download links. One kept popping up windows for "Adult Friendfinder" and the other wouldn't work at all.
Both download links definitely work as I've tested both of them. The first one is pretty simple. The second on you need to type the 3 letters at the top into the box and then wait like 50 seconds and then you can download and it does have some >18 content on the site but it does work. Sorry about not progressing very fast on this, I just had surgery last week so I've been kind of out of it for a while. I'll try to get working on feat selection soon.
Nice generator. Definetely looking forward to the completed work!
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