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One of my players brought this up. A warlock gains the standard Two at will powers at first level: Eldritch Blast and the power granted as part of their pact.

Where would a human get the bonus at will power granted by race?

I have done a prelimenary search on the boards and seen the comment that they would pick another pact at will power, though this is not backed up by the class description for pacts on page 130 "Pick one of the following fey pacts...."

Of course this could leave a space for a possible addition to the rules or an expansion to the pacts themselves via DDI but as it stands, the Human Warlock seems to be losing one of it's racial abilities.

The price of power as they say?
You are not limited by your pact. For example, a human warlock who chooses the star pact can still select eyebite or hellish rebuke.
So for example a Human Star Pact Warlock would have Eldritch Blast, Dire Radiance and could for example take Eyebite as it's bonus at will power, but not be fey pact in any other way?

Would a teifling star pact warlock be able to select a different at will ability to Dire Radiance?

I had thought that as the abilities specified the subtype of warlock they would be unavailable to anyone that had not the required Eldritch Pact. In game terms I'm sure it is fairly balanced, but I'm not certain this is how the rules are written, which would be useful to know for "official" characters.
No, the warlock is not limited to choosing power of their pact, except for the at will abilities, the only caveat is that humans do get another at will power, and thus can take one of the at wills from another pact. Down the road this may change, as there is always a possibility that more powers per pact, or more pacts may be added to the warlock's repertoire.

Also note, that when you read the powers, a warlock may want to choose the powers related to their pact, because many offer advantages with the corresponding pact, however they do not have to.
PHB pg.131

Warlock Powers

"... Each power is associated with one of the three eldritch pacts, but you aren't limited to choosing powers associated with your pact."

So yeah, go ahead! But I'd assume you'd still only choose one Pact, regardless of how many At-Will Powers you are granted.

Guys, I don't think you're reading this correctly.

A Human Warlock who choose the Star Pack has 2 of his 3 at will powers picked for him automatically. Dire Radiance, and Eldritch Blast, the third one is his choice...

Anyone else such as a Tiefling has NO choice, if he picked Star Pact then he gets Eldritch Blast and Dire Radiance no questions asked. Read the pacts carefully. It clear says which At Wills are obtained when you pick them.
Aren't you allowed to retrain your at-wills when you lv?

It appears that a warlock could indeed retrain out his eldritch blast at 2nd lv.
Aren't you allowed to retrain your at-wills when you lv?

It appears that a warlock could indeed retrain out his eldritch blast at 2nd lv.

Yes, but you can't retrain class features, and you're pact is a class feature, a feature that dictates what at wills you have, hence I'd have to rule you can't do that. Though I can see this is something that will take a Sages ruling.
While it may be beneficial to take the powers related to your pact, it clearly states in the PHB in the warlock section, that these are only "suggested" powers. You are therefore free to choose whatever power you wish. While they are crafted to apeal to a certain pact. There is no restriction.
There are "suggested" powers for the different types of warlock, but:
Eldritch Pact
You have forged a pact with mysterious entities that
grant you your arcane powers. Choose one of the following
pacts: fey pact, infernal pact, or star pact. The
pact you choose determines the following warlock
At-Will Spells: Your pact determines one of the at will
spells you know.

Fey Pact
You have forged a bargain with ancient, amoral
powers of the Feywild.
Eyebite: You know the eyebite at-will spell.


Infernal Pact
Hellish Rebuke: You know the hellish rebuke at-will

Star Pact
Dire Radiance: You know the dire radiance at-will

These don't appear to be suggestions. They are class abilities.

I think Kurama Youko is correct on this.
You have to know Eldritch Blast; it's a class ability.
You have to have a pact, and having a pact means you have to have another specific at-will power.

Beyond that, you can pick whatever you like.
I wish I had a PHB available, but alas I do not at this moment. I am certain you are correct in your qoutes. I saw that as well. There is another area on the left side of the left page that states powers that are suggested. Perhaps they meant Daily, encounter and untility powers. The only way to get another at-will power then would be to have the extra power feat is that correct?
You are correct Jon. A warlocks at wills are determined by his pact. His encounter, dailies, and utilities don't have to be chossen acording to his pact.
Every class has two suggested builds with suggested powers. That language just carries over to the Warlock as well, and the suggestions aren't particularly binding. Having to take Eldritch Blast and your pact at-will power, however, is.

(Also, if you look closely, the 'suggested at-will powers' are easily explained away once you notice that each build recommends two pact choices -- Fey or Star for the deceptive and Infernal or Star for the scourge warlock --, but, naturally enough, only provides a power list for one of them. So while you could nitpick that Eldritch Blast isn't really a 'suggestion' because you can't choose not to take it anyway, the second power listed in the build could change if you chose the other pact instead.)
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