Look its a bird, its a plane, no its a flying dragonborn? Or lack there of

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Ok in the Monster's Manuel it talks about a flying dragonborn. In the preview races book it talks of dragonborn with wings and that can fly at higher level. However in the players handbook when my brother goes to create the dragonborn that can fly he quickly asks me how? I too then took upon the book and for hours searched and could not find any indication of a dragonborn being able to fly.

Has anyone else found these rules?

Or were they just forgotten about. It is okay for the monster dragonborn to fly but not he player dragonborns to fly.
There are high level Cleric and Warlock powers which give you wings.
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And yet the MM has a Lvl 26 Dragonborn champion with Flight as an innate ability... with the other racial feats for dragonborn improving their abilities, you'd think they'd get some sort of at least Epic level feat to allow them to fly on their own, if Clumsily.

The whole Clerics and Warlocks-only temporary flight just seems like kind of a kludge.
I don't think the designers wanted to make permanent, at-will access to flight an option for players... it results in DMs having to throw flying monsters and ranged attackers into every encounter just to keep the flying char from breaking his game.

Its kinda like how you can't play a large size creature anymore.
The Monster Manual doesn't say where the dragonborn champion's wings come from. You can't say they were born with wings just because their fly speed is noted directly in it's stat block. Everything a creature can do is noted in it's statblock, regardless of where it comes from.

Monsters aren't constrained by the rules for player characters. The explanation for the dragonborn champaion's wings is left open. The dragonborn champion could have wings because she's a champion of Bahamut, and her deity granted her wings. If a PC wants wings like that, then she'll have to earn Bahamut's favor as well, by becoming a cleric of Bahamut. The dragonborn champion doesn't have any particularly cleric-like powers because monsters don't have to use the player rules, and because the dragonborn champion is a more interesting encounter the way it is already.
The Expanded Psionics Group You don't have to be psychic to join, but it helps!
I'm sure when they do the racial books next year we'll have a tonn of dragonborn feats, and probably racial options.

Wings I see as a trade-off for the breathweapon. You get the encounter ability to fly (clumsy) for 8 squares or so. With feats increasing this.
This is about equal to the teleport ability of eladrin.

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