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Here's my conundrum...

I have 2 Campaigns on the horizon that are now slated to use 4th Edition, and my planned characters have been completely buggered for both.

One was a Monk based off of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton who did a sort of slapstick fighting style. I know monk is planned for a future release but is there anything I can do for him NOW?

The other was a Secret Agent posing as a Mercenary who fought with 2 Rapiers. He was a Swashbuckler who depended on Intelligence, Charisma and Dex to win the day. But with Int no longer contributing to skill choices and not being useful for many classes, what can I do with this character? He had a 2 page back story and a pretty well developed character so I don't want to just discard him.
The second guy could be a Ranger (I think they get stealth) or Rogue, with the right power choices. The first...I don't know. Maybe see if the DM will let you use your 'fists' (mechanically warhammers)?
I dunno, he wasn't that stealthy, he was more about deception... I've thought about both options though and I think Rogue looks like the right call so far...
For your swashbuckler, Rogue would put the right emphasis on the right stats. But he couldn't wield two rapiers. Multiclassing into Ranger would give you a reason to wield two weapons, but not the ability to use a rapier as an off-hand weapon.

You'd be better off with a dagger and a rapier anyway. The TWF Ranger powers all use Str, so you'd want to go for the ranged Ranger powers which use Dex instead. Obviously you can't use a rapier with ranged powers, but you can use a dagger with them. Magic daggers all return after each attack roll, so it's not like 3e, you only need one +1 dagger.

The benefit of wielding two weapons wont be more attacks per round, or more damage. It'll be versatility; the ability to switch from melee to range without using up half a turn switching weapons. The Two Weapon Fighting and Two Weapon Defense feats are nice gravy though.

You definately want Artful Dodger. Check under Rogue Tactics at the start of the Rogue class entry. You can decieve people into letting you walk right up to them with a blade pointed at their neck (or fool them into looking away while you make an escape). Also make sure to look for Rogue powers which say "artful dodger" under them. Those give you extra options based on your character's charisma.
The Expanded Psionics Group You don't have to be psychic to join, but it helps!
Thanks for the hint, I don't really like ranged combat as a primary, but with a single weapon melee rogue I think I'd be happy. Thanks for the hint.
Modify your background or save it for later and think up a new concept.

Did you really think the first 3 books would allow for any character concept to be mechanically viable?
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